Watching The Teachers (Part 2)

Watching The Teachers (Part 2)

“I hope this isn’t another one of your stupid jokes” moaned Jenny, as she clambered over a pile of old carpet that lay in the middle of the store-room floor. “If Mrs Elliott discovers that I didn’t have a dental appointment this afternoon, I’ll be in detention for a week.”

“Don’t worry” said Mick, “You’ll be thanking me later”. But secretly he had been having misgivings. What if Mr Johnson and Miss Ford couldn’t get away that afternoon? What if one or other of them had had second thoughts about meeting up again – although after the way they had carried on last week, he doubted that very much. But anything could happen to put a spanner in the works, and he didn’t fancy having to explain to Jenny why he had dragged her down to the old school store-rooms that afternoon if nothing happened. He’s been deliberately secretive about what he wanted to show her – he knew she couldn’t resist a mystery – and in any case if he had told her, she either wouldn’t have believed him, or got cold feet at the last minute. But if the two teachers did meet up again, he suspected they may see more than just the finger-fucking and blow-job that he had witnessed the week before. He had been fantasising all week about the sight of Miss Ford’s tits running with spunk; remembering the way she had tucked them, still covered in cum, back into her bra, had kept him wanking practically every day since then.

So what exactly is all this about?” insisted Jenny again. “If you think this is just an excuse to get me alone and cop a quick feel, you can think again!” She and Mick had only been going out together regularly for a couple of weeks; she had let him kiss her, of course, but so far she hadn’t let him go any further than touching her little breasts through her shirt – and to give him credit, he hadn’t tried to force her. But she did fancy him, and wasn’t averse to taking things further in due course. She wasn’t a virgin either, having lost her cherry some time before with a previous boyfriend, but she wasn’t going to fuck just anybody, as one or two of the girls in her class were known to do.

Just in time, before Mick needed to think of an answer to her question, he heard the sound of the door opening next door. Quickly, he hushed Jenny, and manoeuvred her towards the gap in the sliding doors through which he had witnessed the previous week’s sexual encounter. With a gesture, he indicated that she should look through – hoping to himself that it wasn’t just the caretaker popping in for a quick nap.

To his relief, it wasn’t. Peering over Jenny’s shoulder, he saw Mr Johnson and Miss Ford, already in each other’s arms. Jenny turned and looked at Mick with her mouth open, and her eyes bright with shocked delight. She was clearly about to whisper something, but Mick quickly put his hand over her mouth, and turned her back to the gap.


This time, there was little hesitation between the two teachers. Miss Ford was already unbuttoning her white blouse; this time she was wearing an even more revealing bra, which allowed her large pink nipples to peep out over the top. Mick assumed she had worn this to tantalise Mr Johnson during the morning. The games master had taken his shirt off as well; Miss Ford ran her fingers over his chest, her breasts heaving as she slipped one hand down towards his erect cock, which she rubbed through his trousers. He licked the top of her tits, then fumbled with her skirt, trying to remove it.

“Here, let me” Miss Ford smiled, as, reaching behind her, she undid the zip and with a wiggle of her hips let the skirt fall to the floor. Mick and Jenny saw that she was wearing a tight little thong, which barely covered her pubic mound and clearly showed the outline of her labia underneath; she was already sexually aroused and there was a small damp patch around her pussy. Standing there in her underwear, she began pulling down Mr Johnson’s trousers. As his erect cock sprang into view, Jenny couldn’t suppress a gasp. By this time, Mick had his arms round her from behind. The sight of Miss Ford in her sexy bra had caused his own dick to stand to attention… Inadvertently, Jenny leant back against him, pressing the cheeks of her arse against his stiff cock. Mick held his breath; half expecting her to pull away, but to his delight she wriggled her arse against his erection, rubbing it against her firm, rounded cheeks. Encouraged by this response, Mick gently undid a button on her shirt and slipped his hand inside, caressing her flat, well-toned stomach. Jenny let out a little sigh of pleasure, but she was obviously equally engrossed by what was going on next door.

Mr Johnson had kicked his trousers, socks and shoes off, and Miss Ford had her hands under his boxer shorts, caressing his arse, while he tickled the tips of her nipples with his tongue. She slipped his boxers off, and gripped his cock, slipping it under the front of her thong, and rubbing it against her pussy. It quickly became slippery with her vaginal juices. Mr Johnson was rubbing his hands over her breasts; he pulled gently on the little ribbon that secured her bra at the front, letting the cups fall away and freeing her gorgeous tits.


Still unable to tear her eyes away from any of this, Jenny’s right hand had gone behind her back, and she fumbled with the belt on Mick’s trousers, trying to loosen it enough to get her hand down the front. Mick took his hand out of her blouse and helped out. With his trousers now loose, Jenny slipped her hand down the front inside his boxers and caressed his erect cock. Mick began to undo the other buttons on her blouse, revealing her firm little breasts enclosed in the usual regulation white school bra. He ran his hands over them, feeling her nipples becoming hard. Leaning over her shoulder, he gently inserted a couple of fingers down the front of the right-hand cup, pulling the cup downwards and away from her breast so he could see the pink nipple. He edged the cup further down right over the soft flesh, letting it swing free in the warm air. He cupped it in his hand, running his fingers gently over the skin, first circling the nipple, then tickling the rock-hard button and pinching it gently between finger and thumb. Jenny was breathing hard by now; she had got her hand right round his cock and as he pinched her nipple, she squeezed it hard, making him draw in his breath sharply.


Next door, both the teachers were completely naked. Miss Ford sat on the edge of an old table, spreading her legs apart. Her pussy had been shaved, and she pulled her labia apart so Mr Johnson could see her pink glistening hole.

Fuck me now” she said, looking him in the eye. “I need to feel your dick inside me”. Mr Johnson held his cock, and rubbed it around her pussy, tantalising her as the bulging purple head became coated with her juices.

“Oh fuck” she moaned “Shove it in my pussy, quick, I can’t wait any longer!”

But Mr Johnson was going to make her wait. Slowly, the tip of his cock edged between her outer labia, and he paused as they stretched to accommodate his thick cock-head. For a moment he seemed about to pull out again, but then relented and slowly pushed his whole length inside her vagina. Miss Ford had been holding her breath, now she let it out with a sign.

Shit, that’s good, so good” she gasped. “I want you all inside me – I want your dick, I want your balls, I want your cum”.

Mr Johnson began to thrust his cock in and out, taking his time to prolong Miss Ford’s pleasure. She began to rub her clit, feeling his cock as it thrust easily in and out.


Meanwhile, Mick had pushed Jenny’s bra down off her tits and was mashing them roughly with his hands. He let his right hand travel further down, slipping it under the elasticated waistband of her skirt and then inside her plain white panties. Her pubic hair felt rough, and he twisted it round his fingers as he rubbed around the top of her slit. He wondered if perhaps she would pull his hand away, but she was obviously as excited as he was by the situation. His finger gently parted her labia and slipped into her soaking wet slit. At this, she couldn’t resist a low moan of delight, and he rotated his finger in her hole, smelling the delicious scent of her arousal.

His finger slipped out as she turned towards him, letting go off his cock which she had been fondling and pulling him hard against her, mashing his cock against her crotch.

“I want you, Mick” she whispered seriously, looking him in the eye. “Fuck me, please”.

Mick kissed her softly on the lips. She began unbuttoning his shirt, but her hands were trembling too much to manage. With a smile, Mick took over, while she slipped off her blouse and unhitched her bra. He couldn’t believe how sexy she looked topless, her bare breasts offset by the plain grey skirt and sensible shoes. She smiled at him, and rubbed her own hands over her soft mounds. “Do you like them?” she asked.

Mick quickly removed the rest of his clothes. His erect cock stood out proudly in front of him, as he knelt down in front of Jenny and slid her skirt over her thighs. Her tight white panties were stained with a damp patch around her slit, and he could see the outline of her lips, surrounded by a light pubic fuzz. Slowly he slid the panties down, breathing in the scent of her juices. Now she was completely naked too, and with his tongue he gently licked around her labia, now tasting her juices properly for the first time. With his fingers he spread her outer labia apart, revealing the full pink depths of her sex. Her little clit was red with excitement, and he sucked it slowly.

“Please, I want your prick inside me” whispered Jenny. She lowered herself onto the carpet over which she had stumbled earlier. Bending her knees, she spread her legs wide. Her small firm breasts stood proudly upright as Mick lowered himself on top of her. She took hold of his cock and guided it slowly to the entrance of her hole. Mick wondered if she would have trouble taking it all, but her pussy was so wet that he slid in without any problems.

The thought did cross Mick’s mind that they had better be quiet, but he needn’t have worried – yet. Next door, Miss Ford was squealing with delight as she began to climax, at which Mr Johnson thrust harder and faster. “Cum inside me” gasped Miss Ford; “I want to feel your spunk in my cunt”. He didn’t need any encouragement, and with one final thrust pumped his semen far up inside her, Miss Ford meeting him with thrusts of her own groin. Slowly he stopped pumping and pulled out his still hard cock with a slurping sound. “Christ almighty” moaned Miss Ford “I’ve never had so much cum inside me. It felt as if you were pissing up my cunt”.

She sat up and they kissed again. “I guess we’d better get moving” she said, and began to pull on her skirt, without bothering with her thong. “Where did my knickers end up?” she smiled, looking around her – then she paused.

“What was that noise?” she whispered urgently “There’s someone next door”. Quick, make yourself decent”, and she quickly grabbed her blouse and began to do it up.

But Mr Johnson, pulling on his trousers and shirt, had noticed the gap in the sliding doors. “Hold on a second” he said, and peered through. “Shit, just look at this”, he said, and pulled her over to have a look. Peeping through, they could see Jenny lying on her back, with Mick’s cock pumping in and out of her slit. She was trying not to make any noise, but couldn’t suppress the occasional little moan, one of which had alerted Miss Ford. Mick was pumping hard, and they heard Jenny say “I want to see you cum”. As they watched, Mick pulled out, and they watched his spunk splash over Jenny’s chest, coating her little titties in warm creamy liquid. A large globule hung from her left nipple, while the last few weaker spurts fell onto her stomach. Miss Ford grasped Mr Johnson’s hand. “Christ, that turns me on” she whispered, “I know what I want to do”, and she stepped forward, pulling open the sliding doors.


Jenny’s breathing began to subside to a more normal level. She reached for Mick’s cock, and sat up, intending to lick the last few drops of cum from its tip. But as she did so, her heart fell into her stomach. For standing behind Mick were Mr Johnson and Miss Ford.


Jenny screamed, and tried to clutch for her clothes, as Mick spun round, giving the two teachers a full-frontal view of his wilting cock. He was about to stammer out some sort of an excuse (although in the circumstances there wasn’t really much point in denying anything), when he realised that far from being angry, both the teachers, who he now realised were themselves still only partly dressed, were smiling, and Mr Johnson in particular seemed to be enjoying the sight of Jenny’s cute little arse sticking up in the air as she fumbled on the carpet for her clothes.

Miss Ford was the first to speak.

“Why, Jenny Morgan” she said, “Don’t worry. I’m sorry we interrupted you; you were clearly having such a good time.”

“As were we too, of course” said Mr Johnson. “I guess you could see us through this gap here.”

Suddenly Jenny’s eyes filled with tears; she looked as if she was about to cry. Quickly, Miss Ford ran over and sat down next to her on the carpet. She put her arms around her. “Hey, don’t worry” she said. “You were only doing the same as us – it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Obviously we’re not going to tell anybody – we’re in the same boat as you. So come on, Jenny, why don’t you calm down and relax?”

Jenny was clutching her skirt over her bare breasts, which were still running with Mick’s cum, while trying to cover her pussy at the same time. Gently, Miss Ford took hold of her arms, and pulled the skirt away, looking at the sticky breasts. “And just look at your little titties” she said, “You don’t want to get your skirt all messy. I think we need to clean you up”. And to Mick’s amazement she leant over and began to lick the cum off Jenny’s breasts. Jenny was too shocked to try to push her away, or to protest when Miss Ford’s hand slipped between her legs, easing them apart and massaging her pussy lips.

“Well Mick”, said Mr Johnson, “I hope this doesn’t mean that us men are redundant here”. Slipping his shirt off, which was already unbuttoned, he went over and knelt down next to the two women. He kissed Jenny on the lips, and began to massage the bare breast which Miss Ford had just licked clean.

Jenny tried to push him away at first, looking at Mick with an expression that seemed to asking him to help her. But Miss Ford hushed her with a gesture.

“Come on Jenny, the fun has only just begun” she said. Licking the rest of Mick’s cum off Jenny’s other little boob, she leant over as if to kiss Jenny on the lips, but instead opened her mouth and let Mick’s cum slide off her tongue into Jenny’s mouth.

“Doesn’t that taste good?” she said. Jenny rolled the sticky liquid around her mouth, savouring the salty tang before swallowing it. “It does” she replied with a cheeky smile.

Miss Ford stood up and came over to Mick, brushing her hand over his semi-hard cock.

“It’s Mick Hampton, isn’t it?” she asked. “I’ve seen you eying me up in the corridor. How about a closer look?” She began to unbutton her blouse, and Mick realised that she hadn’t put her bra back on. As she did so, she pulled the edge of the blouse over her left breast.

“What do you think of my tits then?” she asked. “Not bad for a teacher, don’t you think – although I can see why you fancied Jenny’s little boobies as well.”

From what Mick could see, Mr Johnson rather fancied them too. He was suckling one of Jenny’s bare breasts, while playing with the nipple of the other. Jenny caught Mick’s eye and smiled; she blew him a kiss, which he took as a sign that, having got over the shock, she was enjoying herself again.

Mick took this as a tacit sign that he could get to work himself. He took Miss Ford’s nipple in his mouth, as she finished undoing her blouse, shrugging it off her shoulders. She was now topless, and had her hands on his cock, which was starting to stir again. He grasped her arse with one hand and squeezed the cheek, pulling her against his erection. She quickly slipped off her skirt.

“Just look at me” she laughed, indicating her legs; a mixture of Mr Johnson’s sperm and her own vaginal juices had dribbled out of her vagina and run down the inside of her thighs. “I didn’t even have time to put my knickers on, and now look what’s happened! If you were a gentleman, you’d offer to clean it up.”

Mick took the hint, and knelt down, as Miss Ford spread her legs slightly to allow him full access to the mess on her thighs. He was so aroused that he didn’t have time to think about what he was doing – licking up another man’s spunk – but in any case it was so intermingled with Miss Ford’s own juices that the combined flavour was unlike anything he’d tasted before. Miss Ford was giggling as his tongue tickled her thighs; she rubbed her hands through his hair, which had itself acquired some sticky gobbets of male and female cum.

“Up a little, up a little” she instructed. Mick did as he was told, and began to nuzzle around her labia with his mouth.

“Oh yes, that’s good” she cried. “Stick your tongue right in – oh God yes” – this as he sucked on her clit. Her pussy smelt quite different to Jenny’s, thought Mick, although this may have had something to do with the fact that some of Mr Johnson’s cum was still oozing out of it.

Jenny herself, meanwhile, had lain back and begun to enjoy Mr Johnson’s attentions. Leaving her bare titties alone for a moment, he ran his hands lightly over her nakedness, the touch of his fingers sending a tingle through Jenny’s whole body. He let his hands slide down her legs, then up again towards the top of her thighs. Without thinking, Jenny parted her legs to allow him to caress the sensitive insides of her thighs. Her labia, still puffy and moist from their stimulation by Mick’s cock, stuck out delightfully as Mr Johnson stroked the tender area of skin around her slit. Jenny moaned as his fingers parted the lips and slid inside her vagina. Suddenly, she let out a squeal of delight as he found her g-spot, and a delicious thrill coursed through her.

Mick heard her cry out, and, coming up for air, he looked over to where Jenny and Mr Johnson both now lay on the carpets. He and Miss Ford watched as Jenny rolled over to face the teacher and pulled off the rest of his clothes. His cock was sticking up proudly and Jenny bent over and took it into her mouth as if she had been doing it all her life. It was not quite as long as Mick’s, but thicker, and it filled her mouth completely.

Jenny’s arse was sticking up in the air facing Mick, and he could see that she had three of her own fingers up her slit, and was thrusting them in and out.

Miss Ford was rubbing her own clit. “Go on, Mick” she dared, “She looks as if she needs a hand – or a dick”.

Mick got up and knelt behind Jenny. Grasping her arse cheeks, he pushed her hand to one side and shoved his cock into her slit. He began to pump in and out. Jenny felt her vagina filled for the second time that afternoon, and the thrill made her suck even harder on Mr Johnson’s throbbing member.

Miss Ford regretted her rash suggestion: she was beginning to feel left out. She went over and pulled Mick away. His cock came out of Jenny’s cunnie with a squelch.

“Sorry, Jenny, but you’ve already had Mick’s cock once today – it’s my turn now!” she said, and fell back onto the carpet herself, pulling Mick with her. They rolled over together, she laughing as she playfully tried to stop Mick from getting at her tits. “That’s enough foreplay” she giggled, “I just want your dick. Come on, stop mucking about, and stick it in my cunt”, and she lewdly opened her legs wide and spread her labial lips apart. Mick didn’t really need persuading. He lowered himself between her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his arse and pulled him towards her, his cock slipping easily between her labia and into her vagina. She kissed him roughly, sticking her tongue into his mouth, then nibbled at his shoulder as he pumped her harder.

Jenny could hear all of this going on, and missed the feel of a cock up her slit. She stopped sucking Mr Johnson’s cock, and wiggled herself up until she was crouching over it. “I want your prick inside me now” she said with a grin, and lowered herself onto his erection. It slid in right up to the hilt. Mr Johnson grabbed her hips and helped to bounce her up and down on his lap, and she tickled her clit as she did so.

It wasn’t long before Mr Johnson felt himself ready to cum again. What with the sight of Jenny’s cute little tits jiggling up and down and her little gasps of pleasure as she speared himself on his prick, he was having serious difficulty in holding himself in check.

“Jenny, do you want me to cum inside you?” he asked.

“Don’t worry” she giggled “It’s ok, I’m on the pill. Fill me as full as you like”.

Mr Johnson needed no more encouragement. As Jenny bounced up and down, he felt his balls tingling, and his cum spurted out into her vagina.

Jenny rolled off Mr Johnson as his prick slid with a slurp out of her now very sticky cunt. She was glowing with excitement, which made her look prettier than ever. As she lay with her legs still wide apart, she rubbed her pussy gently and felt the sticky mixture of cum and cunt juice inside her snatch.

She sat up and looked at the sight of Mick still pumping his cock into Miss Ford’s cunnie. Miss Ford saw her watching. “Come here Jenny” she said, “Sit next to me where Mick can see your cunt.” Jenny crawled over and sat next to Miss Ford and spread her legs, pulling her labia apart with her fingers.

“Can you see the spunk in my cunt, Mick?” she asked. Just using such crude language made her feel sexy and good, and she looked down to see a mixture of juices dribble out of her slit.

Miss Ford could see it too. “Fuck, Jenny, that looks so rude” she laughed. “Do you want to see Mick cum on my face now? Do you want to see his spunk running all over me?”

“Oh yes, yes” gasped Jenny, and began excitedly frigging herself at the thought.

Mick pulled out, and crouched over the teacher’s chest, his cock in his hand. But Miss Ford had other ideas. “You do it Jenny” she ordered. “Pump his fucking dick and make him cum”.

Jenny did as she was told: Mick’s cock was slippery with Miss Ford’s juices, and she only needed to pump it twice before he cried out and great streams of spunk spurted out of his cock. The first shot went into the teacher’s hair; the second hit her above the right eye and dripped down onto her cheek. She opened her mouth and caught the next spurts. A few more drops fell onto her tits and over Jenny’s hand; she let go of Mick’s cock and licked these off.

“Kiss me Jenny,” said Miss Ford; Jenny leant over and did so, the cum on the teacher’s cheek smearing over her own face. She licked the cum from round Miss Ford’s eye, and kissed her again so the cum mingled with the saliva in their mouths.

Mr Johnson had watched all of this with his cock in his hand. “I hope you’re going to clean yourself up a bit this time” he commented. “Even the kids might notice if they saw you going home with cum running down your cheeks”.

Miss Ford rubbed the spunk into her cheeks and over her breasts. “They do say it’s as good as moisturising cream” she said. “I do hope you can let me have some more sometime, Mick,” and she smiled at him. “But I think we’d all better get a move on, before the caretaker comes to lock up”.

“I’m sure Mick and I wouldn’t mind being locked in here all night with you two” said Mr Johnson. “But I think my cock needs a rest – I can’t keep going like I could when I was Mick’s age!”

Mick smiled at the thought. He rather fancied that Jenny would be ready for more before very long. “We’ll have to think of another excuse next time, darling”, he said, as he put his arm round Jenny’s shoulder and tweaked her right nipple. “You can’t have a dental appointment every week.”

“Just say you’ve come to help me” said Miss Ford. “That is, if you and Mick fancy seeing the two of us again”.

Jenny giggled. “Yes please” she said, “if my pussy can stand it!”

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