Woman On Top

Woman On Top

You watch her take the last sip of red wine sitting on the grass, looking at you. The sun had warmed our bodies as we picnicked on the banks of the river. Now patches of shade were creeping over us, cooling the air, but not our internal heat.

You are lying on your back, topless, with your arms over your head. A smile plays on your lips as you watch her come closer, lean down and softly kiss. Her hands are either side of your head; her hair is falling over your face, brushing lightly as the kiss progresses. Without breaking contact she shifts position, and you realise that she is straddled over your abdomen. Your hands rise up and caress the curves of her waist through the cotton blouse, then journey under her skirt to feel the smooth thighs beneath.

The kiss suddenly stops. You open your eyes and stare. Her eyes are blazing green with animal intensity and you can feel your own instincts stirring in your pants.

She lowers herself while looking into your eyes and you feel her nipples brush against your chest. Your skin tingles and your hands move further up her thighs. She smiles, taking your wrists and traps them under her knees. Ah, you think, and smile back in anticipation.

You can only watch as she raises up onto her knees, enthralled by the sight of her, her flame red hair shimmering in the warm sunlight. She seductively pulls her top over her head exposing the pale flesh of her belly and breasts. Your eyes are drawn to her pink nipples, erect, calling to you to touch them. Your arms are stilled pinned, so you relax and let the adventure unfold.

Her hands slowly slide the skirt up over her thighs; more and more is revealed until finally you can see a hint of red hair – and then the vision is gone. You look up at her, a cheeky smile on her face, the skirt sitting back on your belly again. Your arms struggle to break free, but you’re helpless as she raises a single finger to her crimson lips, and your must obey.

She bends back down above you, her perfume intoxicating. She takes hold of your wrists, but you’re not free yet. She holds them above your head and pushes them into the grass. You realise that her breasts are lying on your chest, and her hips are stroking the strained zip of your pants.

The kiss is more forceful this time. Your mouth opens to accept her tongue as her body moves against yours. You can feel, rather than hear, a low moan in her throat, and your hips rise to meet hers. The minutes pass. You don’t hear the birds chirping or the leaves rustling; you hear our quickened breathing, smell our passion. She finally releases you and puts a soft breast in your mouth. Your tongue darts across the erect nub, your lips suck at the warm flesh. One of your hands fondles the other breast and then it is gone.

She sits astride you again, this time over your head. Her skirt has gone and you look down at her trimmed red bush. As her succulent clitoris comes closer your lips first make contact. You make a gentle opened mouth kiss, kissing her clit with a little more intensity and sucking it. Your tongue gets more and more active, trying to wrap itself around her tender button. The taste is divine and it's so wet so you begin sucking up the horny juices, then continue licking licking licking.

A shudder passes through her body but you don’t stop. She gets up, turns around, and allows you to continue administering to her while she undoes your belt and zip. Your hard on jumps free, then you feel warm moistness envelop it. Her tongue strokes its whole length, her lips suck it to the very tip, her hands envelop it, moving to fondle your balls when you’re fully inside her mouth. Our bodies begin to pleasure each other to the same rhythm, licking, sucking and thrusting. There is nothing else in your world save for the bliss of this moment while she gyrates on your mouth and cock at the same time.

With your tongue inside her, you can feel her orgasmic contractions, taste the salty juices, and hear her moans of ecstasy. She pauses for a moment suspended above your mouth, and then turns again. She licks your lips and kisses you deeply. You kiss back as her hips lower towards yours. She uses one hand to guide the sensitive tip of your dick to the hot eager opening. The kiss stops, and you feel tight warmth…as…SHE…SLIDES…OVER…YOU…

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