Young Bonin

Young Bonin

So, there it is.

Her itty bitty little tiny…pussy. What should I do with it? It's right here in front of my mouth, my nose, my eyes. I'm going to eat it. What does that mean, 'eat it'? Well, I'm going to do things to it that will make it feel like someone had actually chewed on it, sandpapered it out and swallowed it entirely. Piece by pussy little pussy piece. And the strange thing is, it will feel great getting it to that state. I've worked a pussy over several times and I know just how to make her cum. She doesn't even know it yet but she'll be sleeping in the afterglow of an especially strong orgasm (maybe even a few) courtesy of yours truly and my friend here…my dick. Oh and don't forget the balls. They get jealous…

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Tits get the same way. That's why there are two. They warrant attention because their role, while not directly involved in the act of drilling out the "O", they are most definitely players that add the extra pump in the participant hips that take it down that path. The path that begins with a thought…

I'm going to start by thinking back to when I saw her standing naked in front of her mirror. Innocent and pure. Wondering why the boys wanted to see what she was looking at. She looked first at her black patent leather shoes. They were the only actual clothing that she had on really. You could count the white socks that covered her shins and you could count the ribbon in her hair but those…they didn't really count. What counted and she found herself throbbing when she noticed, was the curve of her body. A bunch of curves really. They made her sexy…and sexy just means 'reminiscent of sex', 'inspired to engage in sex' or 'to define in one's sex'. The bottom line: Sex.

The clothing items didn't count because if you got past the somewhat big ass, sexy, curvey and yes quite tempting, but a little big. Her hips were fantastic handles for me to grip her torso and drive my shaft deep into her snug little box. I imagined both from behind and with her riding saddle sunk over my long and rigid pole. You would have to be dead or obscenely gay to have issue with the feminine curve to her hip.

Beyond that (and who could really get over such a sweet, young and virtually flawless booty?) the barely there but noticeably born of her youth, the slight hint of baby fat that made you hard thinking of the cum you'll splatter there later. But nevermind that for now. Go past her curly black hair with the deep blue and white ribbon tied up in it and you will see the busty form of a 18 year old girl who is now a fuckable number ripe for the grind of my thundernuts.

A solid set of geometrically sound 38C cups that still bore the impression of her underwire althought they truly needed no support at all. Gravity hasn't even become aware of those firm mounds of yummy. They barely give under my grasp as I walk up behind her and scoop them into my hands. They are something to see. They are even more impressive to hold. Her silver dollar nipples were instantly rock hard as was my cock but…as I pressed it against her lucious rump, she whispered. "Let it get soft. I want to feel it when it's not quite so rigid. Like it gets after I suck your…"
"That kind of talk is not going to help."
"Give me a minute. Lay down and I'll massage your shoulders. Maybe think about Baseball or something."
"hee. ok"

I could talk for a minute or two about my exploration of her taught young frame but that would be a distraction that served a purpose. Just not the purpose of my story to you.

Needless to say, my massaging began as wide kneading and slowly, as my cock drooped down to touch her back, to concentrated fondling of my favorite parts. My mouth began to join in and my lumbering manroot painted a light trail of precum over her smooth and sensitive body. I circled my way to the space between her legs until my shoulders were slightly beneath her thighs.

So now, the pussy.

I opened and then gently closed my mouth around the mound of her little…itty bitty, tiny little pussy. I swear I could get her mound, her entire flower and her pucker in the circle of my suckling. The heat that it held was still centered between the soft and somewhat coupled little lips. Just a touch of moisture right there where my tongue teased her and then much more. My dick pulsed. I told her she'd better get at it while it lasted. I was in for a hard-on my dick feared. The kind that hurt because the shaft was as fat and as rock solid as would get. So full that you wish you had more dick to accomodate it. Balls…gone. Completely sucked up against your shaft like two triggers cocked and ready for firing. For now, I somehow managed to stave off the urge to flex my muscle into fuck mode. It wasn't fooling anyone though. My dick is one of those when it's hard, it's long and when it's soft, it's 'reeled in'. I was about 3-4 inches soft but nearly 8 when at full mast. My girth would double as well although I have no idea what the actual measurement is. It fit nicely in her stroke, snugly in her mouth and perfectly in her pussy and that was all the measurement I needed.

She loved it when it was at this stage. My cock actually stopped being my dick. It was becoming a tool for her pleasure. Her pleasure always began with what it became right at this moment. Hung. Soft, full, throbbing man-meat. The kind of flesh that told a story just like this one…

I'm going to fuck you proper.
And you are going to like it every bit as much as I am.

I nibbled at her mound and poked my tongue into her folds, nodding, moving her whole pussy in my mouth and exploring her…slowly and intently. I gave her clit a reason to stand up and be noticed. I could feel it nubbing my upper lip. Just like it gave my cock a reason to drag across the blanket as I lifted her leg over my shoulder and pushed my naked hips between her soft, smooth and slightly shivering legs. My tool somehow still semi-flaccid, semi-erect, remaining a prelude to what was building.

"I want to hold it." She hadn't taken her eyes off of it since our first round of sex when I allowed her to pull it from my boxers. She was fully dressed then. Complete perochial schoolgirl get up. She went for my package surprisingly out of nowhere when I told her that I had a dream about her last night. A 'dirrty' dream I said. Almost without a blink, she spun, dropped to her knees and begged me to show her my 'thing'.

"pleeeeease, I need to see it grow. It fuckin turns me on."
It was growing already. So rather than lose my chance, I nodded. She pawed at my belt and pants until they dropped to the floor. Somehow, my member stayed in this state. The state it's in right now; full, floppy, elongated, and smooth. Just begging to be slurped into her mouth. Once she had it in her hand, it immediately, within one or two strokes, was fully hard and erect. Just like the muscle it was intended to be and every bit as proud as it was impressive.

"I love your cock." she really did. "I can just look at it and my pussy gets wet."
She wasn't lying about that either. My mouth was bathing her sweet lips but her pussy was pushing back into my mouth as I darted my tongue into her holes. First her little opening just below the swell of her pussy lips and then into her sweet bung. As tight and as clean as it was, I spent a little extra time there, pursing my lips around the two holes, taking her whole genitalia into mouth and laying the flat of my tongue over her with a slight quiver that made me involuntarily flex my member into a massive and rigid 'cock'. She squeezed it in response. Pulling it toward her open mouth.

My balls hung down against her pinky finger and she nudged them. Her free hand kneaded them into my shaft as it grew to capacity. Her pussy became two swollen lips and an open pool of juices for my consumption. I could fuck her right now but I wouldn't deny my tool the tongue bath she was about to bless it with.

Nothing, and I mean, _nothing_ compares to a woman sucking a dick that she _wants_ to suck. And let me tell you, this young, tender, completely naked teenager _wanted_ to suck, no eat my cock. She didn't just stroke and bob it, she licked and swallowed it in a full massage of my man muscle. As if it was the tool that I was going to use to fuck her into delirium. And it was…

Oh yes…I was. But _after_ she treated it to her adoration. She somehow got her index and thumb around the base of my shaft and rolled the remaining three digits over my tightening sack. She used them to tug at it almost as if I had instructed her. I _love_ when a girl pays attention to my balls and she clearly knew how to play with them without hurting me. She pulled my cock into her mouth until her fingers reached her lips. I don't know how much of that was actual deep throating but who cares…it felt like she inhaled all 8 inches and pushed her grip down firmly against my pubic bone as she slid the length of my shaft out of her mouth. She twisted her grip around my tool adding even more sensation to the act. She stopped at the head. Keeping it in her mouth to swirl her tongue around my dickhead. Spending ample time to address my own sensitive area, her pinky finding its way past my balls and against my anus. I flexed it to show appreciation. She hummed at the girth it pumped up into. My cock was full on ready and, judging by the flow of her juices on my mouth, so was her pussy.

I stopped eating her and began kissing her entire area. She let go of my tool. She kissed my stomach, caressed my ass and guided my mouth to hers. I could feel her lips were swollen from my big fat cock making it's way through to her throat. Her mouth slightly lucid from its state of total acceptance. Mine heated from working over her box. It reminded us both that we had just eaten the others junk and that it was time to put our readied bodies to work.

My tool was rock hard and ready. It goofily poised over her clit, dripping precum over it, sliding down then back up the short length of her pussy. I dipped my hips so that the length of my long hard cock would run over her parted lips. She moaned as she felt the girth of my wet tool parting her swollen lips over her throbbing clit. She pressed against it, running her pussy the length of my cock. As much as she could as she looked down to admire it.

"You're a stallion! That is one helluva cock." She loosely stroked it as I arched my back, leaning into her handjob and flexing into my fullest hardness. She loved it. I then arched my back forward so that I could suck her nipples. Her tits were classic 38C's that rested neatly over her ribcage. I gently bit her nipple in between my lip-covered teeth. She stroked harder and moaned "You are soooo sexy."

"You…sweet thing…" I said between kisses and nibbles over her chest. Simultaneously poking my dickhead into her open pussy. "you…are…the sexy one."

I pressed my body against her teenage frame. I could feel her hips, her belly against mine and her parted tits against my chest. We could both feel the heat of my cock and the wet of her pussy begging to join in ecstasy but I paused.

"Do you want me inside you?"

"Oh, so much"

"how much do you want?"

I pushed my swollen cock head against the doorway of her hot, moistened, teen pussy. It was so new that it felt tighter than her mouth. Even when I pushed my thick cock against the roof of her mouth and further towards the back of her throat. Her lips still held some slack even though my girth forced her jaw wider. I know because she wrapped her lips further over my shaft in an attempt to suck down more. God love her for that.

"The whole thing. Give me all of your big fat cock. I don't want anything less than your entire meat stick deep inside my little pussy. Fill 'er up!"

"You mean one inch?" I dug into her snatch with the head and then some.
"Two inches?" I pushed and pumped just a portion of my member into her little cunt. It gripped my member like a scared little girl. Ooooh, it felt so good. Tender teenaged pussy over my fat tool.
"Three or four?" I pumped half of my dick in and out of her as if that was all there was. "This is what you get from your boyfriend" I humped her with my short stroke and she pushed down on my cock forcing 5 to 6 inches of working meat to fuck her.
"Fuck me like someone with a lot more dick." She looked serious as she reached for my hips and ass. "Like someone with your big fucking dick!" and I dropped into her fully burying my eight inches of thickest, hardest, slickest, and meanest man-meat into her tight little velveteen hotbox.

"hhhuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhHHHHHHnnnn!" Her air left her mouth and her eyes swept into the ceiling. I pumped all of my cock in…then out of her sweet and wet velvety box. I pushed into her cervix until I felt the flick of her womb door against my cock head. Then I picked up speed.

"How old are you again?"


"Are you sure?"




"aw, shit…why am I asking? titties like that? damn! I'd go to jail!" I nibbled on her bobbing tits as she clumsily pushed against my member. It pumped into her like an oil rig in overtime. It felt like I was fuckin the nicest pussy that ever opened it's lips to my cock.

"How….b–b-big is that t-th-ing?" She looked worried or concentrated…I wasn't sure. I swayed my hips so she could feel the ridges along the shank of my muscle. She moaned with a heavy "yeeesssss fuck me with your big fuck…ing…COCK…fuc..k…me..e.eee.."

So I fucked her. We sweat. We grinded. We licked and sucked. We switch positions and intensities. We fucked.

I backed off a little and fucked her creatively. With a sway in my hips, stretching her pussy lips out as the tip of my member probed her inside. I kissed and caressed parts of her body, pulled my dick out and rubbed it across her clit. Even gave it a little tap with my dickhead. Then I moved back and drove my shank deep into her open hole. I did this to prove that her pussy, no matter how small, would welcome my tool without warning. I also wanted to show how straight my rigid cock was as I plunged it in again. Her pussy lips gripped my big tool like a snug fitted sheath.

We stopped to enjoy the moment.
We both let out a sigh. I asked "can I fuck you some more?"
"most certainly. I'm counting on number 3."
"Oh yeah. The first two were almost one right after the other. When you lifted me up onto your thighs, I lost it. I still can't feel my legs."
"It doesn't look like junior is going anywhere." I glanced down at my reddened meat. Ragged from the pounding of this tight little snatch but going strong in his own glory. Fucking this teenager was so fun, who would even think of going soft.

Careful there soldier. Remember you'll pay for this dearly.

Yeah but can you think of anything more worthwhile. Look at that body! look at those eyes! Look at that pussy! and for God's sake look at those tits! She's not going to look like this forever. Shut up and let me get back to work!

heh. My dick is kinduva…well, a dick.
So I fucked her until the jaws of life had to pry us apart for lack of juices left in our bodies to lube us. My johnson fought to stay in there…and it was so tight that it felt like a rubber band wrapped around my dingaling. When I fell asleep, I felt a slight pop and cold air on my wet and softening cock.

I cupped her boobs one more time before I drifted off and I could feel the swelling return to the occassion. She quietly arched her back and allowed me to enter her yet again. We slept with our party parts interconnected. She held my tool even at half mast, she was that tight.

Awesome, simply awesome.
Needless to say, we continued every hour, between power naps, sleepily grinding and humping. I woke up once with my mouth on her tit and a hand over her ass. Another time with her sucking my meat with sheer veraciousness that it almost scared me. That was the time she hopped over my joystick like a pogo stick. She had her back to me and I could see the curve of her incredible hips and ass. Did I say big? It was fuckin awesome. I think she had her back to me because she was curious about anal. She may have been embarassed because I was watching her bounce on my cock when she suddenly slowed, reached down to my cock and guided it right up into her asshole. The veins on my cock buldged as she slid down onto it. Her ass was even tighter than her snatch. I guess that is the way it should be but I was drunk with ecstacy as she gained speed and fucked me into the biggest and most intense orgasm I have ever felt.

She came with me as I squirted my cum into her virgin ass. She grinded me to the hilt was I spasmed my jizz into her. I could actually feel her pussy lips pulsing against my balls. Which were about as high up into my body as they could be. My cock blasted like a shotgun.
"I could feel the cum travelling the length of your dick! that was wild! It sent me over the edge. That's 4! You hold a record my sweet and tender lover."

"Go for five?"
"you sure?"
"Gimme about 30 minutes. I'll meet you in the shower."
As I faded into slumber I could feel the throb pounding in my dick.
The shower was a whole new experience…because her sister was in it!

Next time…

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