a friendly farewell part1

a friendly farewell part1

We’d been neighbours for at least 14 years now and good friends for most of them. Tegan being a year younger than me had just turned 18 and I was getting ready to leave home to attended uni. Since high school we’d had started to drift apart so we decided to catch up the weekend before I left to make sure that we were still friends.

I arrived at her place to find it was just her and I so we decided to camp near her dam. We had tea talked a bit and started drinking to relax ourselves and to let our convocation flow. We headed to the dam put up the tent; I set out a blanket for us to sit on while Tegan went back to the house to bring down some more drinks. While she I was gone I lite a fire near the edge of the dam, it looked very romantic as the sun was setting and reflecting off the water.

When Tegan got back we drank a bit more and talked of old times. While she was talking I was amazed at how beautiful she looked and what effect she was having on me. I brushed the thought aside thinking “it’s nothing im just glad we’re good friends again”. Tegan suggested that we go for a swim since I was starting to get really turned on by her I said yes hoping that the cold water would wake me up.

“Have you ever skinny dipped?” Tegan asked me with a wide grin on her face.
“No, why?”… I was sure by the look in her eyes that she was feeling the same as me and wished I had enough guts to reacting to it.
“Well you want to? Like I mean I never have and I think tonight’s a great night for it!”
“Sure if your game I am” I couldn’t believe my luck that I was going to be swimming naked with her! Don’t get me wrong I’m not a lesbian or even bi it’s just with Tegan it’s different. Like they say most teenage girls have a crush one at least one of their friends and for me it was Tegan and now I was heading off to uni on Monday and I was about to go skinny dipping with Tegan!

Since by now it was dark we couldn’t see each others bodies that well, just the outlines. Even so her breast looked amazing. As she walked past the fire to get into the water my heart stopped, it was brilliant her body was perfect. Her nipples were erect as it was cold her smooth belly and her long curvy legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Lucky for me she turned her back and didn’t see my starting eyes at her arse as she entered the water.

I followed and went straight under the water to cool myself down. I wanted her so badly but didn’t know how she’d react. We splashed round for awhile, she moved past me and her breast brushed my back. It sent shivers through up and down my whole body; she swam round and stood in front of me. Her nipples just near my mouth I wanted to such them to lick them just to touch them would have been enough.

Tegan grabbed my face and pulled me up leave with her. “You want me don’t you Nicola” it was all too much for me I kissed her hard and passionately she responded with just as much passion. I ran my hand down her back across her stomach and then back up to her breast I brushed against her nipple seeing how far she would let me go. She let out a soft moan which I took as “don’t stop”. I then grabbed her nipple in between two fingers and squeezed I wanted her so much that It wasn’t enough for me. I lifted her up so she her legs where wrapped around my waist. I placed her left breast in my hand and lent down and licked round the nipple flicking my tongue across it. With this she let out a loud moan “I’ve been wanting this for so long, but I never imaged that it would happen”.

Knowing that Tegan wanted it as much as I did I placed her whole nipple in my mouth and sucked, I nibbled it while I ran my other hand over her right breast and played with her nipple. I stopped and kissed her again this time more slowly. We pulled apart “do you think it’s about time we dried off?” I asked hoping that we could see each other by the fire so I could enjoy this experience fully.
“Only if I get to dry you”

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