Jason's Diary-Chapter 2

Jason's Diary-Chapter 2

So bored so wearied, that was Jason’s feelings.

He (Jason) worked in a farm in Texas, he spent most of his time with the horses and cows, there were no more Gay’s adventure, no more sex, just working and farming…

And when he thought of having sex, he could find nothing but his dildo….

One day Jason, was in the stable washing Horsy, a horse, a male horse, as he leaned down to moisten the washing sponge, he noticed something that he didn’t see since along time ago, it was a cock, not like that dildo, it was a fleshy huge cock.

At that moment Jason had an idea, it was weird, but at the same time was so good, he decided to have sex with Horsy the horse.

Jason quickly, without any hesitation, took off his Jeans and all his clothes. He kneeled underneath Jacky facing his huge dark cock, then he began sucking his cock, it was so big and so long.

He began sucking and licking Horsy’s cock, some of Horsy’s precum came out as Jason was doing his nasty job, then he switched to the balls, He sucked, licked them one by one, his tongue licked all the way from the horse’s balls to his anus.

Jason was able to feel the change in the taste, but it was OK for him. As he was licking Horsy’s ass hole, a sound came to his head saying “ it is now the time for real sex”.

Jason looked around him, he found a small, low table, that was nearby him. He pulled it towards him, and put it underneath Horsy. Jason went up the table and kneeled over it, its height was very proper, Jason’s ass hole became at the same straight with Horsy’s cock.

Jason, holding Horsy’s cock with his right fist, tried to push it inside his anus, but he failed it was very difficult for him.

Suddenly and amazingly, Horsy “ smart horse” took the intiative, the horse took a step forward, stuffing all of his cock violently and brutally inside Jason’s ass. It was very painful for Jason, for months nothing had been stuffed inside his ass, except that rubber dildo.

But Horsy’s job wasn’t finished yet, he began shaking his butt forcing his cock in and out, “I personally think that Horsy thought that he was fucking a female horse”.

Jason tried to stop that torture, he tried to pulled horsy’s cock out but in vain, by time Jason lost his conscious partially, he became so numb.

Suddenly, Jason felt something was pumping inside his anus, it was hot and dense. Jason quickly realized that it was Horsy’s cum.

That was something the Jason couldn’t miss, he was so thirsty, as Horsy pulled his cock out, Jason picked a small pot that was on the ground nearby him and crawled away from Horsy. He put the pot on the dirty ground under his ass, leting the cum to drip out from his ass, as the last drop was dripped in the pot, Jason took the pot and poured it inside his mouth.

As he was gargling Horsy’s cum, the stable door opened and three men came in, they were, Tomy, the farm manager, fat Jimy and Jackson, a strong, tall nigga.

Jason didn’t know what to do, but the three men knew what they should do exactly. With out saying a word, the three men stripped and walked towards Jason.

Tomy grabbed Jason from the hair and pulled him to the middle of the big Stable.

Jason was in big shook, he didn’t realized what was going around him.

The three men gathered around Jason and they began pissing over him. He was washed up all over by the pee.

After finishing their pissing, fat Jimy asked Jason to raise his head up and began his sucking assignment.

Jason did like the idea, eventually he was a Gay. He started sucking Fat Jimy’s cock, Jason’s saliva with Jim’y pee made a bizarre mixture.

Tomy, slipped under Jason’s body and began sucking Jason’s cock, for Jackson, he took charge of Jason’s ass, he spanked Jason couple of times then he slipped his black cock inside his anus, his cock slipped very smoothly because Jason’s ass hole was so stretched by Horsy huge cock and so slippy cause of Horsy’s cum.

For Jason it was another Gayful adventure, he thought that those three men were Gays or bisexual, it didn’t matter for him, but his thoughts were so far away from reality, infact, those men were twisted, sadistic men.

Suddenly, Fat Jimy, pulled his cock out of Jason’s mouth, he disappeared somewhere in the stable, then he came back, holding a tool bag in his hand, inside it there were some needles, wires and a cord. Nearby there was a brazier, Jimy lit fire in it, took two needles and put it on the brazier.

Jason didn’t realized what was Jimy doing, he even didn’t care.

Abruptly Fat Jimy said “ let’s do it”, Jason didn’t understand that, but for Tomy and Jackson it was a sign to start their real job.

Above Jason, there was a cord hanging from a movable pully that was hooked in the roof, the other end of the cord was attached to another hook on one pillar of the Stable.

Tomy helped Jason to stand up on his feet, Jackson took Jason’s hands and tied them tightly by the cord.

Fat Jimy, a strong man, pulled the cord from its second end, as he pulled, Jason raised up slowly and gradually. When Jason feet became 30 cm above the ground, Jimy wrapped the cord around the pillar’s hook, leaving Jason swinging in the air.

Tomy took a wire from the tool bag. He coiled all over Jason’s penis with that wire except the glans. Then he took another wire and wrapped it around Jason’s balls.

Then Tomy hugged Jason’s legs tightly, Jackson squeezed Jason’s left nipple as Fat Jimy, took one of the needles that he left on the brazier, it was very hot.

Without any warning, Fat Jimy pierced Jason’s nipple with that hot long needle, Jason screamed loudly but no one seemed to care about him, Jason cried “ ohhhhhh, Noooo, Ahhhaaaaa”. Jason tried to kick with his legs but Tomy was a strong man.

Jimy pushed the needle in until it came out from the other side of Jason’s nipple, because the needle was very hot, Jason’s nipple didn’t bleed.

Jackson switched to the second nipple, again Jimy took the second needle and pierced Jason’s right nipple with it.

As Jimy finished his job, Jason was like a dead fucking whore hanging from the roof.

Jackson went to the pillar and cut the cord, Jason was so dead that he fell down violently.

Fat Jimy said “ let’s have sex with this bitch”, Jason was unable to move or to say anything, Tomy laid on the ground, Jackson and Fat Jimy left Jason up, Jackson from the arms and Fat Jimy from the legs, they both left Jason up and put him over Tomy. Jason’s butt was over Tomy’s cock.

Tomy asked Jason to spread his legs, but Jason was unable to do anything, so Jimy spreaded Jason’s legs by himself as Tomy managed to push his white hairy cock inside Jason’s ass.

Fat Jimy kneeled on the ground in front of Jason because of his fatness, it was difficult for him to push his big cock inside of Jason’s ass. At last Jimy put Jason’s legs on his shoulders, and successfully joined his cock with Tomy’s cock. It was a double penetration.

Tomy and Jimy synchronizely fucked Jason, as Tomy pumped his cock inside, Jimy pulled his cock out and so on…

What was left for Jackson was Jason’s mouth. Jackson kneeled upon Jason, his cock faced Jason’s mouth.

As Jason opened his mouth, Jackson stuffed his dick inside, for Jason, the taste of Jackson’s dick was so bizarre and sharp.

Ofcourse, Jackson’s cock was covered with a weird mixture of, Horsy’s cum and Jason’s shit, this mixture formed when Jackson fucked Jason’s anus which was oiled with the horse cum. In addition to Jackson’s precum, All these three materials gave Jackson’s cock a unique taste. It was really, from ass to mouth cock.

The situation remained the same, Tomy and Jimy were fucking Jason’s ass and Jackson was fucking Jason’s mouth.

Eventually, Jackson reached his peak, he spreaded his cum inside Jason’s mouth causing Jason to choke, by that time Fat Jimy pulled his cock out and started scurbing it accelerately until his cum fired out from his cannon cock, it washed Jackson’s black back.

Tomy, refused to surreneder, he kept on fucking Jason’s ass.
Tomy was so fast causing Jason’s body to shake forward and backward violently.

As Tomy was doing his job, Jimy and Jackson loosened the wires that was wrapped around Jason’s balls and penis.

Jason’s balls were so swelled just like a big balloon and his penis was purpled. Jimy and Jackson began scrubing Jason’s penis. It took them about 15 minutes until Jason’s cum went out. It took them such long time cause Jason’s penis was so numb and badly damaged by the wires.

Jason’s cum sprayed out, washing Jackson black face and Jimy’s heavy bear. Jason’s penis was like a cum fountain, spreading the cum everywhere.

As Jackson and Jimy finished licking Jason’s cumy cock, they stood up waiting for Tomy to finish his job. They stood watching Tomy as he was working out with Jason.

Moments later, Tomy pulled his cock out of Jason’s ass hole, he pushed Jason aside and stood up facing Jason.

Tomy began scrubing his cock, sighs came out of Tomy’s mouth as the cum jetted out, washing Jason’s chest.

Eventually, the three men spitted on Jason, and left him there, laid on the ground, with the cum everywhere covering his dirty numb body, needles were still there attached to his nipples.
He was so helpless.

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