Jason's Diary

Jason's Diary

Jason’s Diary

Hey my name is Jason, you can call me Jay. I’m a straight man, having a girl friend, and everything was going on normally unless for one day, that day changed my whole life forever, it warned me that I was living an illusion, I realized that my whole life, my whole idea about my self that I am sexually straight was a big lie.
It all started at one day, me with my girlfriend Jena, and Buddy my best friend with his girl friend Traci. We all together decided to have group sex at Buddy’s place. Everything went on so normally, I fucked my girl’s pussy (Jena’s), Nena sucked Buddy’s cock, then we exchange the girls, I fucked up Nena , Buddy licked Jena’s pussy, stuffed his fist inside her pussy, everything was going on so well, at last of the party, me and Buddy stood up the girls were at our feet, we started scrubing our cocks, until it comes out , we washed those bitched with our cum and they were so pleased and satisfied with that, the cum was streaming all over their faces, then they went on sucking our cocks that were oiled all over with cum.

At the end the girls took shower together then they left. Now alone in the appartment me and Buddy laid on the sofa so tired, so numb. Then I stood up and went to have a shower to refresh myself, when I was naked in the bathroom suddenly the door opened and Buddy’s face came out, he looked at me curiously while I stood staring on him, there was a silent moment then Buddy quickly pulled his head out from the opening door space and quickly apologize, kept on saying ‘I’m sorry, I am so sorry I didn’t know you were inside’. Only then unconsciously I said : “ it is ok, why don’t you come in ? to have shower together”, slowly the door reopened and Buddy came in. he looked at me then he said: “ are you serious?” I answered “ yes, why not?” he said “ well…why not? there is nothing wrong with that?!”
Then Buddy began putting off his clothes, his shirt first then his pants, finally we were both naked together, unwillingly I went on my knees and I began sucking his flabby cock, but as his cock touched my lips it erected and became like a rock , my hand was doing the handy job, my tongue was licking his cock up and down continuously, my saliva covered his cock making my lips slipping on so easily. After all that sucking and licking, Buddy pulled his cock out of my m outh, he stepped to the bathroom cabinet, opened it and took a small white can, I didn’t know what was inside it or what was Buddy doing? Until he opened the can, it was a skin care crème can, he took some of it with his hand then polished his cock with it until its color became all creamy white, he took some more with his hand, stepped behind me and I was still in the kneeling position, he greased my asshole with it, then he took his rightful position, put his hands on my hip and with a single push, Buddy slipped his creamy cock all inside my ass, we both yelled with extreme ecstasy.

That was just the beginning, Buddy, gathering his strength to continue pulled out his cock a little then pushed it in again and so on, pushing in and out in and out again and again, I was sighing all the time as Buddy was doing his job.

At first he was soft and calm, pushing his cock so softly, but later he began to accelerate, spanking me brutally, then he became so wild and aggressive pushing in so deep and so fast the words just came out of our mouths,” AHH, YEAH, OHH YEAH”, but later as Buddy continued his wild sadistic fuck,all what I was able to hear was the sound of his testicles spanking my ass periodically, I felt so sick, I sighed all the time just waiting for him to stop that torture, but he didn’t, I felt that if Buddy continued any more that my ass wanna explode,I said to myself that, I’m not going to bear this anylonger, I hardly could spell the words” PLEASE STOP, PLEASE, ENOUGH, ENOUGH, STOP IT, PLEASE” but Buddy refued to listen to my appeal, he went on doing his nasty job.

Insensable time passed on in that way, me knees on the wet floor and Buddy behind me fucking my ass. Times, he is so calm and so cool, others he is so wild and furious.

Suddenly he stopped,I realized that when he pulled his dick without sending him in again as usual.

I turned my head back towards him and looked at him curiously, he was sitting on the wet floor,his white creamy dick is now bloody red.

I gathered my strength miraculously, I stood up, limped towards Buddy, my cock was flabby, I grasped his long sexy hair, pulled his head towards my cock, but Buddy amazingly chose the testicles, he licked them, he squeezed the scrotum from behind, so my testes swelled forwards, he put them inside his mouth like the bitches.

By that time my cock had become rocky,I shook it wildly, then I asked Buddy with a calm voice to suck my cock and that was what he did. He spot some saliva on my glans,hold my cock with his fist then he began the sucking.

He stuffed the glans inside his mouth, sliding his fist up and down over my cock, he seemed to me so focus, so satisfied in doing that.

Then a thought came to my head, I said to myself ‘ it’s my turn to stuff my cock in his ass’. I pulled my cock out, I sat on the floor, with my legs spreaded out widely, this time without telling him anything, Buddy with a fast intuition understood what was going on, I was trying to fuck him and that was what he didn’t mind.

He turned his back to my face then he began sitting down slowly, as my glans stuffed deep inside his asshole, we both felt a terrible pain, ‘AHH’ we both yelled, I was unable to stuff it any deeper, I turned around and I found the crème can just beside me on the floor, I picked it up quickly and asked Buddy to lift his ass up alittle, he slowly lifted it up.
I took some of the crème and put it allover my cock, then I took alittle more and anoint his asshole, then I asked him to sit down again. This time was different, as he sat down my cock went deep inside his ass so easily so softly, we both yelled again but not of pain but because of the tremendous ecstasy. Buddy based on the floor with his hands and I put my hands under his thighs then we proceed, I began lifting his ass up and let it down softly, up and down, up and down. It was a pleasant jumping game, we sighed all the time. We were too slow but so filled with ecstasy.

Then without a reason we stopped but that wasn’t the end, we just changed the plan, Buddy stood up, I creamed my cock again, Buddy turned 180 now we are facing each other. There were some towels hanging from the towel hanger nearby me, I stretched my arm and picked them, I lay on the floor, put a towel under my head and another under my hip, again without saying anything, Buddy sat on his knees, grasped my cock with his fist, pointed it towards his asshole, then he managed to balance over my rocky erected cock.

Too smooth, to easy, with one push, my cock stuffed deeply inside his ass, then Buddy bent his body over me, his chest became adjacent to mine, our faces were close to each other, we both were able to feel the hot breaths of each other, at that moment we began.

My hands were squeezing Buddy’s ass as it was moving up and down and my cock was sliding inside, Buddy’s cock was scrubbing my belly, our testes were hitting each other violently, I could hear the sound of his ass as it slided down over my cock spanking my laps.
Suddenly without and warning we kissed each other by mouth, my tongue licked his, our lips kissed each others so warmly, we shared the same saliva, for me that was the utmost moment.
Later while we were kissing, fucking, I felt something, I quickly realized that it was the time, I pushed Buddy a little backward and calmy said, ‘ ohh, ohh, now, now’, Buddy quickly understood the message, my cum was in its way out and that what Buddy couldn’t miss.

He quickly rose up, and took a step back, his knees on the floor and his face facing my cock, he began scrubbing my cock so fast, sighs were coming out from my mouth, and as the first cum shot went out I yelled ‘ ohhh’, a second cum shot came later , a third and so on. When I opened my eyes I found Buddy’s face completely washed up by my cum, his lips, nose, alittle on his hair. Without wasting any time, Buddy stood up, I kneeled in front of him facing his cock with my mouth widely opened, he began scrubbing his cock and it was a matter of seconds when the shower began wahing me up.

The first cum shot went straightly inside my mouth, the second followed it quickly, I closed my mouth gargling the cum, mixing it with my saliva, as I opened my mouth to have more some cum-saliva slavered over my chin, the third cum shot went over my forehead, the forth on my cheek, the last went over my upper lip.

When the shower ended, Buddy kneeled before me and we start kissing each other, licking, gargling the cum of each other.
That was ‘as they say’ the happy ending of the story.

That day changed my whole life forever, I was straight, now I am not, nowadays I am a bisexual person, I have sex with both men and women, young boys and chicks. But I usually prefer to have sex with men rather that with women.

May be you would ask, why Jason did that, why he decided to have sex with his best friend, Buddy, after a straight sexual festival?. The answer is that, Jason felt sick from fucking women, he fucked many women in his life, at last he became bored, it became too normal for him, for that reason he wanted to change, he wanted to try something new, something odd, that he didn’t have tried it before, for that reason he did sex with Buddy. It was a successful experience. My advice to you is to try it whether you’re male or female, for one day try to do something new, try to be a gay or a lesbian, and in case you are originally a homosexual try to be straight just for one time in your sexual life, you won’t lose anything and then you would have the choice to repeat the trial again or not?! It is up to you, would you try it???????

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