The tales of Baron Von Herrmann Part 1

The tales of Baron Von Herrmann Part 1

EThe Beginning : April 14th 1912

The long table could seat twenty five.Often when the Von Herrmann's were entertaining it did.Usually it was a party of four.Since the Baron and Baroness had been away on holiday it had seated just two.Their offspring Alessandra and Paul.There was no love lost between the siblings.They detested each other and had since early childhood.Alessandra,watched her brother eat with disgust..She placed her knife and fork neatly on the plate before her.Dabbing at her mouth with her napkin.Alessandra,cleared her throat with a ladylike forced little cough wanting to grab her brothers attention.He looked up at her and she twisted her mouth in disdain at the gravy,running down his chin.She sighed.He was such a slob!

''Surely,you don't have to wolf your food down?Nobody is going to steal it,Herr Doctor,Baron Paul Von Herrmann!'' She emphasised the word Doctor ,showing disparage to his title.Paul had recently finished Medical School,graduating top of his class.His sister found it hard to stomach.Paul,felt his cheeks redden.''I am showing my gratitude to the culinary skills of Frau Bauer''.He was not in the mood to argue tonight.He smiled at Frau Bauer,who stood to his side.Alessandra,wouldn't let it go.''You show your gratitude to her cooking by eating like a slovenly pig?'' Paul had lost his appetite.She had that effect on him.'' Frau Bauer,it appears we will not partake in dessert tonight.Would you be so kind as to excuse us?'' Frau Bauer,nodded and left quickly.When the woman closed the large door behind her.He rounded on his sister. ''Who do you actually think you are Alessandra?You a worthless dumb bitch!'' Alessandra feined shock and then giggled mockingly.She had always loved to deride her younger brother. ''A worthless dumb bitch?You sure,Paul?Maybe but I'm Daddy's,dumb bitch!Never forget that.He loves me and hates you.He sees you as a failure and no matter what you achieve.His mind will remain unchanged!''

She always hurled that at him and what hurt most of all,was that they both knew it was true.Their father doted over Alessandra.She was his pride and joy and Baron Gregorius Herrmann,made no secret of it.He would always comment how she had inherited his late mothers good-looks.How beautiful and elegant she was.On the other hand he continuously found fault with Paul.Paul would never forget how when he was ten and Alessandra twelve.He had lost any iota of love or respect he may have had for their father.Alessandra,had been given a one of a kind porcelain doll by the Baron.She had been playing with it and it had fallen landing on something hard.It's baby-face had broken into pieces. She had screamed and run,crying to their father.''Daddy!Daddy!'' She had yelled and Paul playing with his toy soldiers had wondered what all the fuss was about.He had left his favourite Prussian minatures on the carpet and gone to see.By chance his was standing over the shattered doll when his sister arrived sniffling hand in hand with the Baron.She had pointed at him and howled….''He broke it Papa!He grabbed the doll from my hand and smashed it!'' Paul had looked at her,astonished.Their Father's face had turned an angry red and the purple veins on his face stood out sharply.The Baron who was easily twenty years older than their mother was fond of his liquor.When angry his huge moustache would twitch from the movement of his upper lip.Paul,stared in terror as his father bounded over to him.He grabbed the boy by the ear and tweaked it viciously.He led Paul by his ear back to his room.When they entered with Paul pleading innocence the oldman had seen his beloved Prussian's.The Baron,had stomped them under his boots,destroying the figurines.Paul had begun crying and he stuttered between his heavy sobs….''I …I….I….didnnnnnnt……break….thhhe……..d..doll!'' His father believed in the use of corporal punishment when it came to Paul.He had taken off his belt and thrashed his son's hide.Paul,traumatized by the unfair treatment for something he didn't even do.Wet himself.The beating had hurt but he would never forget or forgive the injustice of it all.His father shook from rage when he noticed that the boy had peed himself.''You are not my son! You take after your Mother's family,RUNT! You are an embarrassment to the Herrmann name….Get out of my sight and clean yourself up,IMBECILE !'' He had shoved Pauli to the floor.Alessandra,standing in the doorway had witnessed it all .When Paul,looked up at her through his tears she gave him a taunting,satisfied grin. ''Don't worry that filthy little coward won't break anything of yours again! Papa,will buy you another doll.A even better one! What do you say my,Angel?''He had gathered her up in his arms and as they walked away she had stared coldly at Paul.Eyes mocking and superior.It was just one of many injustices he suffered at her hands.One though that would always haunt him.

''You may be beautiful,Alessandra.However besides your looks you have nothing!'' She chortled and it was derisive and conceited…….''Tut,tut poor little Pauli!So jealous of his pretty sister.When father returns.Baron David Von Richter,intends to propose and we will announce our engagement.You know David?Oh,of course you do.So dashing,tall and handsome.Unlike you,Father adores him.I'm sure he wishes he were his son and not the insipid horrid little boar sitting before me'' She smiled at him from across the table with hate filled eyes.Paul,felt his temple beating with anger.Baron Von Richter,had bullied him incessantly during his school days…..''You two suit each other,Alessandra.I fear for humanity what evil will spawn from your comming together''She laughed off the insult…..''Oh,I see! Now I know why you so cross ! I made fun of you in front of your Mother-in-law.Silly me'' It was a long story and nothing like she made it out to be.Frau Bauer's son Adrian had been his closest friend since childhood.

Adrian,was the son of one of the workers on his Father's estate.Fritz Bauer,had been a bitter and violent man.An incurable alcoholic he had abused both Frau Bauer and his son.The constant beatings,bestowed on Adrian had left their mark.Adrian,was a bit slow and what some would consider a halfwit.He was teased by the other children and like Paul felt like an outcast.For his wife and son.Fritz Bauer's, passing when Adrian was eight came as a relief from years of hardship.Paul's,Father scorned their friendship.Saying it was improper for a young Baron to be so friendly with a peasant child.Despite his Father's objections the two young lads became inseperable.They would spend hours together exploring and playing in the woods.Adrian,on weekends would wait for him in the kitchen huddled by the stove.The boy was not allowed to venture any further than that into the castle.The best of mates they never spoke an angry word to each other.With Adrian.Paul had first discovered his intrest in medicine and more specifically anatomy.Once as they made their way through the wald on the pathway they happened apon a Robin with a smashed wing.Adrian,broke the little birds neck to end it's suffering.Enchanted Paul had taken his small pocketknife from his pants.Cutting the birds chest open he inspected it's inner workings.He found the animals tiny heart and was mesmerized by it.Having read a book on the Wild West.Paul had told Adrian about the Red Indians of America.They were fierce warriors he told the boy excitedly and sometimes they would take an oath and become blood brothers.The idea appealed to the youngsters and Paul remembered how they had each made a small cut on their finger.They had grasped each others hand,letting their blood mingle.The act would tie them together forever.They were a strange match.Where Paul,was dark,short and stout.Adrian,was blonde,tall and athletic.Paul,thought back to the day when in the hot summer sun they had stripped naked to swim in a small cool brook.It was the first time he saw his friend without clothes on.Although the same age.Adrian was far more developed.Paul,had found his eyes drawn to the boys groin area.He felt both awestruck and jealous all at once.Where he had a mere tuft of pubic hair his companion had a rich mat.Between Adrian's,legs dangled a huge bratwurst like penis.Paul,was horrified by it's size as it seemed to reach the boy at mid-thigh.

Paul smiled wickedly at his sister.He imagined what havoc that organ would wrought on her virginal vagina and anus.''What are you smiling at fool?'' She asked with a scowl.Alessandra,clicked her tongue at his nonreply and got up.''Asshole!'' she said loudly as she banged the door behind her.At twenty one Paul,had never been with a woman.His groin ached from the vivid picture in his mind…….Adrian,poised to ravish the lovely,Alassandra.

Paul poured a few cognac's.He did not miss his parents.In fact he loathed the thought of their return.His Mother had always been cold and distant.Not really caring.He wondered if they were enjoying the maiden voyage of The White Star Line's,Titanic.

He recieved a telegram the following afternoon.The ship had sunk and his parents were missing,feared dead.Paul,fought to hold back his delight at the news.He retired to his Father's study and sat in the sturdy leather chair.He banged his fist on the table and burst into fits of laughter.Laughing heartedly tilled his eyes filled with tears.Baron Paul Von Herrmann,instantly became solemn with the thought.Feeling his gall rise.What would the will contain?The old bastard in all probability had left the bulk of the estate to Alessandra.What with the dairies and business intrests in Switzerland his Father was worth millions of Deutschmarks.The door was suddenly flung open and Alessandra looked in a state………''What's happened?What of the fate of Papa and Mama?'' she screeched at him.''They dead!'' Paul responded coldy.She swooned and fainted at his words.At that moment in the twinkling of an eye,Baron Paul Von Herrmann hatched his evil plan.

Paul,sent word to the family physician,Dr Albert Neumann.

Dr Neumann,closed the door of Alessandra's room and looked at Paul,worriedly…..''I'm afraid she is in deep shock at the depressing news.I have given her a sedative.She will sleep now and needs to be monitored at all times!'' Paul,was acting the part of the grieving son.Dr Neumann was ancient and living on borrowed time.He saw the young Baron as his replacement.He placed an arm on Pauli's shoulders.For the first time Paul,noticed the abundance of liver spots on the old man's face.''Herr Baron,i'm going to leave some sedatives with you.I know you are going through a torrid time but please be vigilant and keep an eye on your sister''Paul,sniffed…..''Of course Herr Doctor.Frau Bauer,will be at her bedside at all times!''

Frau Bauer,sat across the desk.The matronly woman had always been kind and almost Motherly to him.He remembered sitting in her modest kitchen in the small workers cottage.The smell of delicious food almost intoxicating in the confined space.In the winter she would dish up huge plates of dumplings and dripping for the hungry boys,fresh from playing in the woods……..''Frau Bauer,you are a good woman.With my Father's death things have changed.You will be my head of the household and I will see to it that your remuneration is more than generous.As you know Adrian and I have always been close.I intend to make him my Groundskeeper and he will be more than well looked after.All I ask in return is that you leave the care of my sister in my hands.Pauli studied her intently.Frau Bauer,smiled thinly…..''Am I dismissed,Herr Baron?Can I go home now?'' Paul sighed deeply….''Yes,Frau Bauer…..hurry along''

Alessandra,looked beautiful as she slept.The blankets and startched white sheet,folded under her arms and across her chest.Her arms above the covers at her sides.The white nightdress,ended in chiffon frills at the wrists.The woman's blonde locks were fanned out on the pillow her head rested on.Her long hair looked soft and sleek.Paul,realized that he had'nt seen his sisters hair loose in years.The even breathing told him that she was in a state of deep slumber.Paul,recovered the hypodermic syringe from his breast pocket.The hippocratic oath forgotten for the moment.Gently,he lifted her left arm by it's slender wrist.He pushed the material of her sleeve back,bareing her arm as he sought out her vein.After roughly rubbing her soft skin he gave her another sedative with shaking fingers.He wiped at the perspiration on his brow,starting to feel hot and uncomfortable.Pauli,unbuttoned his waistcoat and tossed it aside.Glancing down at his sisters perfectly clear skin and long eyelashes.Removing his shirt he bent down to take off his shoes and socks.His pants followed and lastly his underwear.Revealing his strutting,painfully erect cock-stand.

He grasped his member in his hand and squeezed it firmly.It felt warm and moist with the days buildup of sweat.He toyed with his cock till his hand was thick with his scent.Drawing back his foreskin and rubbing the crown.He placed the hand gently on Alessandra's lips and under her nose.Useing his middle finger he opened her luscious full lips and felt the grooves of her perfect white teeth.With a life of it's own his prick twitched markedly.The Baron moaned as he rubbed his hand over her pretty face.Following the contours of her jaw.She lay on a four poster and he tied her wrists and then the twine to the posts.Alessandra,groaned deeply and swallowed audibly.Her hands bound he pulled back the covers.He gasped at the sight of her and his knob began to throb steadily.She had her legs together.With the nightdress covering her to just below the knee.He studied her lower legs which were shapely and cleanly shaven.He found that her naked feet with their long toes both excited and angered him.Paul,felt a rush of blood as he inched the nightdress up.When the material rode up to her milky inner thighs.Paul,realized that Frau Bauer,had put her to bed without knickers…..''Damn!'' He intoned loudly with unrestrained glee.Hastily and having lost all control he uncovered her snatch.His body went into raptures of delight that made him near double over.It was far beter than he even imagined it to be as her pubes were laid bare before him.Alessandra,was a natural blonde and her fanny sprouted fine golden pubic hair.In medical journals he had seen pictures of female,genitalia.They looked nothing near as mouth-watering as the cunt he was now eyeing lecherously. At twenty three,Alessandra,was unexplored and unchartered between her legs.Her sex was still excruciatingly tight-lipped and still had it's teardrop shaped charm.Paul,bundled the rest of her dress up.Uttering expletive curses at her taut flat tummy and pert tits.He cut the nightdress from her with scissors,hard as a rock.

There would be no Baron David Von Richter for his sister he would see to that.Instead he reserved her for the pleasure and amusement of him and Adrian.Paul,fetched a bowl of hot water,shaving cream and a cut-throat razor.With her feet he spread her legs.The feel of his sweaty palms against her narrow instep only increased his longing.He opened her so that her mound was slightly raised and he could get a good peek at the crack of her ass.Feeling to pull her cheeks wide and stretch out the little pink star between them.Instead he shaved her clean.Peeling back her carpet of pubic hair.Opening her labia he was keen to see her cavelike entrance.Paul,forced himself to halt any further investigating.Fearing that he was dangerously close to fucking her silly.Instead he decided to save himself for later.It took all his willpower.As a last insult he stopped Alessandra's mouth full with his underwear and taped it off.So that the Baroness,was well and truely gagged.A few hours later she was still sleeping but showing signs of awakening.Paul,administered yet another sedative and placed fetters around her ankles.They were separated from each ankle by a long length of chain.He wished Adrian,would hurry!

Adrian,eventually showed up well after dark.Placing a bottle of cognac between them.Paul sat him down.Explaining the situation and having to repeat himself for Adrian,to grasp it all…..''Huh?Alessandra tied up upstairs?You mean for us to……'' He did'nt finish his sentence instead he smiled sheepishly.''Drink up and I will show you!'' Paul chided.They emptied the bottle quickly.

He was happy to see her wide-eyed and staring up at the ceiling in her constraints.As they entered her eyes darted to them and then down at her naked body.She shook her head and renewed her fight to free herself.Finding her efforts fruitless she sagged onto the bed with heaving breasts.Although Adrian,laughed at the bound Alessandra.Paul,caught a gleam of base animalistic lust in his eyes ……''Hello Alessandra!How is our bitch feeling tonight?Ready for some copulating and torture?Don't feel lonely it will be our first time too'' Adrian howled with dumb laughter at his friends words.

His arousal acute Paul,stripped down.Her look of terror as she caught sight of his tormented erection,pleased him……''Undress,Adrian,don't be shy.We all friends here'' The tall man smiled broadly.Showing a mouthful of rotting and missing teeth.Unlike Paul who was flabby and soft.Adrian,an apprentice blacksmith was particularly well built and muscular.His abdomed rippled with taut muscle.When the man got his trousers off he wore no underwear and the sight of his groin made Paul,grow silent.His penis was nothing short of obscene.As a Doctor Paul,knew he was a freak of nature.He had seem similar well preserved organs in jars of formaldehyde at Med School.His thoughts were disturbed by Alessandra,thrashing like a fish out of water.Mumbling,incoherently into her mouth restraint.All he could make out was a repetitive…..''NO!NO!…..NO!'' as her eyes rolled in alarm.The woman's moving body had caught Adrian's attention and he unashamedly had his focus on her twisting minge.Steadily his monstrosity of a cock mushroomed.Paul and Alessandra watched open mouthed.It resembled the double barrel of a shotgun.The thing was halved by a thumb thick vein which ran it's entire length.The foreskin was long,meaty and tapered.Covering a peach sized crown.Paul,looked down at Alessandra's virgina and back up at the displayed cannon…….''Impossible!'' he said sharply.

Paul,bent over and placed his mouth against her ear…..''See that thing?Oh,how it must scare you,gorgeous Alessandra.I'm going to have to stitch you after….sure you know that…..Don't fret you have a Doctor on hand…..A evil and wicked little Doctor….Who wants you to suffer…UNBEARABLE PAIN!….Enjoy it sweeheart!''

His words made her cry and begin pleading into the gag.Paul,didn't want to hear or know…….''Do it Adrian!''… he said without emotion.Handing the man a jar of pig fat.A novice and dim,Adrian,went about it crudely.He lifted her fettered feet and placed the chain over the back of his neck and shoulders.Her cute feet rested on him.He moved himself forward between her legs,till he felt comfortable.When he had lifted her tied ankles,Alessandra,had spasmed.Blurting out a cacophony of faint pleas and sounds.The woman was blatantly stupefied with terror by the repugnant looking monster-cock.

Adrian,looked at Paul,aghast…..''I don't know how!'' For Paul,the sight of the truncheon looking monster encroaching on Alessandra's womanhood made him want to cum.The last thing he wanted was the moment spoilt……''Here let me''….Paul took the pig fat jar from the man and filled his palm with it.He then inundated her sacrificial,virginal pussy with it.The touch of his hand on her secret folds made her recoil.Angering the Baron…….''Fuck her Adrian,COME ON!''

He watched in sheer bliss as Adrian,took some of the lubrication and masturbated his shaft with it.Paul,caught sight of the dangerous looking large head as the foreskin,rolled back.It had a mammoth spout.

The dong brushed against her shaven mound and cunt lips.Drawing hysterical cries from Alessandra.It was music to Paul's ears.They were wretched yelps of dispair and forebodding.

Adrian,stiffened and moaned….''Ahhhhhhhh''……His eyes lolled in their sockets and his eyelids fluttered.Paul,looked down to see the bulbous head messed against pussy.A peasant against the haughty cunt of a Baroness.

Adrian,held his shaft and grunted as he forced open her doors.Moving his dick from side to side.Desperately trying to get a foothold on her entrance.It took him a full five minute of manouvering but somehow he managed to insert the cone.The effect on Alessandra,was apparent.She screamed blue murder in obvious pain as he stretched her apart.She started to perspire heavily.Her clevage bathed in sweat.Adrian,was also sweating profusely it ran in rivulets from his chest and forehead as he fought for leverage.The man's body odour was thick and musky in the air.

Just watching made Paul,abruptly spew his load all over Alessandra's tits and tummy.It gushed out of him and arched through the air and he was happy when it sprayed all over her.It made her fight like a tiger.She pulled fat the bedpost,outraged.She tried to disengage from her rapist.Her lower lips,though were entwined around his head and he held her steady.Her movements heightened Adrians,pleasure.

Paul,took a heavy pair of gnarled pincers and snapped two of her long toes.Riddled with pain she tried to sit up as her body rocked.Her eyes became glassy and she collapsed onto her back.Adrian,took the opportunity to claim more of her canal…..''I liked the sound of them breaking.Do more!''…..he yelled.Paul,snapped the other three.Noticing how the toes on her good foot curled.

The pain of her shattered digits and stretched vagina made Alessandra,whimper and her body convulse violently.Her fighting spirit crushed for the moment she just snivelled and winced under the pressure of the great cock.Paul,witnessed the tearing of the tender and soft skin that seperated her pussy and ass.Like a road that splits during an earthquake.Little red,lightning strikes opened as she was torn asunder.Alessandra's,hymen was crushed by her meaty invader and she grumbled in a low murmur as it was snatched from her.Adrian's,face was flushed and he panted,stoping to rest……''Paul,it feels so tight and hot!''……..Paul,could eye the impossible girth stuffed into her entrance.It was accepting him so grudgingly.There was still so much more cock to give……''Start moving it in and out of her,fast''….Paul,urged.Adrian,followed the instructions and soon was groaning with deep pleasure whilst his victim sreamed from the gruelling coupling.

The grunt was loud and unmistakeable.Adrian,was coming and he forced himself further in causing more damage.He drained his heedy,heavy balls as Alessandra, arched her back.He filled the bitch with his hot spurting peasant seed.Eventually,pulling out with a wet plop.A glance from Paul,told him she needed at least three stitches down below.The gashes appeared rather deep.Adrian's,jism was streaming out of her gaping vagina.He must have cum like a bull,judging by the flow.Paul,thought.

End of Part 1.

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