In a hot hole (roadside ravishing)

In a hot hole (roadside ravishing)

Michaela gave a yelp of surprise and at the same time dropped her mobile phone into her lap. Her gut churned as she realized the next few seconds were already predestined and the only option she had left was to slam on the brakes in desperation.

Within seconds her open top Camero had come to a spinning, crunching halt.

The big grey box wagon in front of her car had crumpled the fenders and lights without even shuddering. Her car had bounced to one side and now its damaged nose pointed out across the sandy, cactus covered plains.

She relaxed her body the shock subsiding, her nails slowly extracting themselves from the soft steering wheel leather.

"Ugggghh shit!" She groaned rubbing her long aching neck.

The interstate had been almost deserted and she had seen the truck waiting to merge, when it had obviously miss-timed its entry and shot out in front of her. The fact she had been half watching the road and half talking on the phone made little difference to her. It had been a call to her agent; as an up and coming ad model she always needed to be pushing for that next big break.

Michaela climbed awkwardly out of her damaged soft top the desert dust swirling around her car. Her little car was drivable but in a real state. She raised her hands in disbelief always one to overact any situation.

"It's ruined. It’s totally ruined!"

The trucker was climbing from the cab and she marched angrily towards him. As she approached the sheepish looking man she gave a glance along the trucks side.

"Oh typical!" She thought." Just typical!"

The truck billboard had a picture of an elegant curly haired blonde. She was semi naked, the woman's arms folded covering what Michaela knew were ample and perfect breasts. The woman's long legs were kicked high, black stocking and heels on, advertising the companies' latest hosiery product. It had been one of Michaela's first big assignments, and as the man looked at her then back at the ad she nodded annoyed he'd noticed the bizarre twist of fate.

"Yes, that's right dumbo;” she said hands on fantastic hips. That's me up there."

The trucker was a mid aged Mexican dressed in a blue chino shirt and dirty jeans. He fumbled with his cap apologizing sincerely, a little distracted by the tall woman who he had admired many times before while filling his truck with gas. She was still recognizable even clothed. Heeled sandals, a light blue dress, her hair still shoulder length and curly. Only in real life her blue eyes were mean and angry.

"You stupid wetback" She shouted, "I'll have your job for this."

The man shook his head trying to calm her.

"No, no we can sort this miss, so sorry, so sorry."

He had been here 3 years with no problem now this woman was going crazy. He had no official documents and this bitch just wouldn't shut up. The blonde model shook her head in total disinterest and began to stomp back to her car.

"Just one phone call mister and we'll see how sorry you are."

The road was still deserted both vehicles on the dirt rigged side. The afternoon heat was making a shimmering haze, no one had witnessed the accident as this stretch of long highway was ghostly sparse with traffic.

He put his hands to his head in frustration as the stunner did a quick about turn and strode with purpose back to her car.

"Now, how long will it be for the stupid local cops to get here?" She thought searching for the phone in her card foot well.

Suddenly Michaela gave her second startled shriek of the afternoon as the man pulled her waist back. He then picked her up kicking and screaming carrying her like a bride over a threshold.

"What the hell are you doing you crazy dago?" She hissed totally amazed by his actions.

Struggling he lifted the rear roller shutter of his truck pushing her inside as she tried to kick and wrestle; slamming the steel down behind her. She was in the hot dim hold of the truck, two small ceiling lights showing a virtually empty space. There were only a few boxes strewn around, the delivery obviously complete, empty racking pinned to the sides.

There she stood suddenly trapped arms folded stamping her feet in frustration.

"Boy he was really in trouble now." She told herself.

Outside the man paced back and forth as a car sped by, getting just half interested glances from the occupants. His boss was looking for any reason to get rid of him, this would be ideal. He knew he was through here in the states, no more sending money back to his family across the border. He made his decision. Take the Camero to the border and hitch a lift with the day workers returning to Mexico. No one would check them leaving the country.

He heard Michaela banging on the side of the truck and looked up at her larger than life advertising picture.

"But one thing to do before I go," he decided, the anger building.

The roller shutter rose slightly Michaela expecting a grovelling apology and she was already thinking how she would make him pay. Then to her surprise he also climbed inside, slamming the metal blind back down. He had a rope in his hand and a stern look on his face. The truck container was getting very hot and stuffy, and the sweat had already started to appear on her fine turned legs and plunging neckline.

She stepped back in confusion and mounting worry. She began to mumble something suddenly feeling out of her depth. ”Listen I… I mean we can…ohhhh!”

The man showed no emotion as he lunged at her and they began to grapple. She struggled protesting loudly her voice echoing around the box. The man was binding her hands and pressing her against the truck side hooking the rope around a high wall bar. He pulled with all his strength and she jerked back against the wall her arms raised above her, pulled high towards the wall racking.

"Aggggg! Stop it, spot it at once. Who do you think…Ugggg!”

Her chest thrust out and the man instantly ripped the dress open and let it pool at her ankles letting her bare tits pop out proud and sweaty.

"Oh! Ahhh! Noooo! Please what are you doing? Ohhhhhh!"

He cupped her breasts with his dirty hands, pinning her kicking legs with his thighs. Her white flesh felt soft but firm as he squeezed her assets.

"Get the fuck off me," Michaela screamed twisting her hips, her hands held tightly above her head." No, you dirty little man. Uuggghh ahhggg!"

His mouth encircled a nipple and he chewed hungrily. He sampled her tit ends and between taking long sucks he spoke.

"You would finish me?" He asked. "Slurp! So be it. Slurp!" He looked up at the taller beauty. "But first I'm going to teach you respect you white bitch. Slurp!"

She shook her head her tits now wet with sweat and his saliva.

"Oh please no, I'm sorry. Just go and we'll forget all about it." Her manner was changing her arrogance slipping like her dress.

The man also shook his head twisting both nipples looking straight into her eyes.

"I'm afraid its too late miss."

The driver stood back wiping his brow to view his captive. The inside of the truck must have been in the nineties; the woman standing there bound, her dress around her ankles, her legs tight together sweat pouring down them. Her body curved in at her waist, and the above head lighting cast the shadow of her round melons over her flat tummy.

He began to unzip his pants as she begged. "No stop, lets sort this out, uh no, uuh"

The sight of his fat brown cock springing upright made her gasp. He was roasting with the humidity and decided to strip fully his small muscular frame hairy and overweight. Yes he felt an inadequate specimen apposed to his statuses captive, but revelled in the revulsion he could see in her eyes as she realized this fat dirty man was going to fuck her without mercy.

"Oh God, no… Aggg, shit, shit."

He yanked down her thong panties, pushing his hands between trembling thighs to her lightly haired pussy. They began to struggle again as he held her waist, raising her, his cock slapping against her crotch.

"No, no, nooo!" She screamed kicking and writhing, her hands burning at the wrists.

He gripped her butt lifting her onto his cock.

"Hold still you bitch, uggh that's it uggggggghh!"

Her sweaty pussy yielded gulping his dick as he lowered her butt. "Ugghhh!" She groaned hooking her catwalk legs around his waist in an attempt to control his entry.

"Ooooohh you dirty bastard." Her eyes crossed as his cock curved like a banana up inside her flesh tunnel.

Although trying to relieve the thrust, her wrapped around legs allowed him to let go of her fabulous ass and grip her waist instead and then he began to pump like a jack hammer.

"Ugh, ugh, ugghh yeah, yeah!"

Michaela was gobbling the air not knowing what to say as he fucked up into her. Her fleshy butt was slamming against the metal wall and if you had been standing outside you would have heard a rhythmic thumping noise as something slapped against the trucks inside over and over. The sweat was now in her eyes as her head lolled from side to side the long curly hair now dark and matted with perspiration.

"Oh, oh, oh, ooh!"

The thrusts were electric the friction on her inner walls making her give little yelps, which she instantly felt ashamed of. The man grinned and angled more against her clit realizing the sensations he was having on her. Her mouth opened again her lips wet her eyes tight shut in concentration.

"Ah, ahh, ahh!"

He held the arch of her back with one hand pulling her slightly from the wall her tits rising towards his neck. His other hand he gripped a big handful of ass flesh helping support her as he fucked harder and faster, her wet hole squelching legs starting to weaken around his waist. The truck driver was a good family man, always sent his money home, always polite to the gringos. But this bitch had pushed him too far. He was sick of scraping at these arrogant Americans feet. The women especially; who flaunted their bodies, there pale toned flesh, teasing his kind.

"Yes, yes oh fuck. Uggh, ugh, ugh, ride me, ride me you bitch." He growled, taking long fast stroke his thrust making her bounce, as if on horse back at a canter.

Michaela had stopped trying to resist and gasped as his cock was used like a ramrod clearing up a drainpipe.

"Aww, aw, aw ugh uuggghh!"

She felt her inside hot with the friction, her ass red with the mauling. From time to time he gave her tits a long hard suck and there was nothing she could do to stop any of it. She was been taken like never before, selfishly, embarrassingly, her body hanging like a doll in a toy shop for eager hands to touch and play with.

Her senses were dulling as the room seemed to shrink the heat and ravishing making her sense she would pass out.

The man increased his speed and lengths of thrust even more. The little grunts she was making told him he was hitting the right spot and he felt himself nearing climax. With the control of someone filled with hate he stopped and pulled away from her. Michaela struggled to stand her legs collapsing, arms pulled straight holding her frame up.

"Oh please, no more." She gasped her body twisting on the taut binds.

The Mexican was panting, the room now over 100, humid and stifling.

He looked up and standing on a box punched one of the roof lights out, allowing the dry afternoon air in. Michaela felt her head clearing a little as fresh air filled her nostrils. The driver moved closer to her again his wet cock glistening in the dusky room. She twisted her body; head turned away as he cupped her tits then moved his hands up to her bounds.

"Be still," he snapped, "stop wriggling." He was unbinding her ties.

She felt her hands freed and her arms could begin to relax. But only for a moment before she went to swipe him; but he gripped her wrist yanking her onto her knees.

"Convince me I should let you go." He grunted his hands running through her hair.

His cock was close to her trembling lips, his hands pinning her, kneeling. She thought of trying to lunge for the shutter. But it would be too heavy to lift quickly and once outside what then? She must have only seen ten cars in the last 100 miles of her trip. He pushed his cock against her mouth and the decision was made for her.


He groaned as her lips and teeth pushed his foreskin back allowing his tender head to feel her hot mouth.


Her high cheekbones gave the impressing she was doing one continuous suck as her head began to push carefully up and down on his pole. He pulled her hair to one side eager to see his cock disappearing between the models lips. She was knelt, long legs together tucked under her. Manicured hands on the dusty floor in an obedient sucking posture. He cursed her as she blew him, Michaela nodding in agreement as he ranted desperate to keep him calm.

"You dirty white bitch, does it taste good. Now who's in charge? You deserve this don't you? That's it keep sucking you filthy whore. Who did you fuck to get into modelling? Yes I bet you had to suck real deep then too."

Michaela's mouth was beginning to dry and her jaw ache.

"Mmmmff, mmmmmff!"

She knew she could bite make him writhe in pain, but what would he do then?

She didn’t dare imagine.

"Have you had enough?" He grunted. She nodded once again, coughing as if to demonstrate she was struggling to keep his cock in place.

He pulled her head up off his dick so he could look at her red face. "Not so sure of yourself anymore are you? Good. Now I want to come up inside you."

Michaela moaned shaking her head. "Oh please just leave me. God I don't care anymore, I won't report you. I don't give a fuck about your stinking job, its over you've done your worst."

The man didn't listen just pulled her onto her feet mumbling to himself. "Such amazing legs, yes fantastic, still in heels too! Great!"

He looked around, and then pointed. The wall racking came almost down to the floor and the last horizontal bar was only a foot high.

"Stand there," he ordered," bend down; hold the bar with both hands."

Michaela crouched, gripping the racking confused." Like this?" She said pitifully.

"No stand up, bend over from the hips. I want to see those legs stretched and taut." He demanded like he was one of her arrogant magazine photographers.

She did as she was asked her 40 inch plus legs needed to spread a little to allow her waist to bend enough to reach the bar. There she stood bent double her arse the highest point her hands now pressing on the bar helping support her body. The man groaned in satisfaction, it was like a one of her stocking poses though even more arousing and wanton.

"Be still," he hissed as he ran his cock up and down her thighs his hands kneading her ass. He rubbed his dick between her legs over her slit. The woman was sweating heavily and as he examined her butt, her cheeks parted to show a damp anus.

His mind raced with a new idea. He never done anything like that before; but the again this wasn't a normal day. She'd struggle for sure, her hands were free; but she was exhausted wasn't she? He felt his cock rubbing under her. He was rock hard, once in she'd get use to it, she'd have to.

Michaela was still feeling a little feint, her tired body a struggle for her weak arms to support. The man's cock was rubbing her mound and she imagined herself back in the car thirty minutes ago listening to the radio the wind in her hair. Then she felt him touch her tight sphincter and gave a little shudder.

"Uggh." She grunted almost in surprise a second latter she realized what he was thinking.

"Oh please, uggh nooo uuggghh, arrgghhh!"

Pushing hard against her butt with his body he forced her to bend further, her arms unable to push her up, her legs too busy trying to stay on the ground rather than buckle. He thrust hard and fast. Best get it over with he had decide, her ring busted in one go by his cock.

She gave a horrified scream as her muscles gave way the cock fully inside her in an instant. "Oooooooohhh ugghh." Her ass burned but the pain quickly eased until only a sickening feeling of her gut been full remained.

"Ahh, oh God!"

The man's cock felt like it was tightly wrapped with a hot wet bandage. She was so tight, her body eager to close up and squeeze his insertion out of her. He began to pump, the woman's anal muscles pushing his cock out only for his body to then overpower them and force it back in at the last moment.

"Aww, aww uggghhh!"

Michaela grunted and squealed her legs were giving way but that only put more pressure on her hole as the cock tried to point upwards in her bent over canal.

"Uggh, ugh, ugh"

The man was pounding back and forth the experience like a wonderful dirty dream, the grunts off despair from her heightening his pleasure.

"That's it bitch," he thought," squeal." She was gritting her teeth, face contorted feeling the cock bugger her, the slap of flesh echoed over and over.

"Phlut! Phlut! Phlut! Phlut!"

Her legs finally gave way and they both collapsed into a tangled mess of thighs, arms, clasping hands and moans. The man was still inside her unwilling to leave his newly explored place. She steadied herself hands placed on the floor, her tits pointing to the roof. The man was half under her gripping her leg under the knee spreading them to allow less resistance as he jabbed his frantic cock in her hole.

"Uggh, uggh, yes I'm coming uggh take my juice, take it bitch arrgggg!"

Michaela was shuddering, her eyes wide, now not caring how much noise she made or showing how much humiliation she was going through.

"Oh, oh, ooh, stop, stop, ug, uggh ohh, oohh God aggghhhh!"

As he came he thrust two fingers up her pussy to feel her muscles twitching, his dirty wetback semen filling her air tight shaft.

"Oooohhhhhh you can’t no, ugh, uhhhhh noooooo!"

She wailed with total despair, her ass thankfully numbing from the merciless invasion as he pumped what seemed like gallons of come into her tight hot void.


The driver sat on the quite street like normal waiting for his wife to finish in the store. Here the shops weren't as good as over the border; neither was the pay, but least it was cheap to live. His family appeared waving and he got up to meet them. An old ragged front page of a paper caught his eye and in the swirling Mexican wind it wrapped around his boot. The paper was one of those American trash magazines, “Bigfoot ate my breakfast” etc, etc.

He smiled at the two year old headline

"Supermodel car crash forced sex horror."

He shook his head in mock disbelief muttering as he discarded the trash.

"Whatever will they think of next?"

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