Lost in L.A.

Lost in L.A.

I’m a 39 year old white male who loves both women and men. women are beautiful and really turn me on and I love all the romantic and little aspects of a woman. however, I don't have any of those feelings towards men. I look at men as buddies, somebody to hang out with. but the feelings I do have for men is purely sexual. basically, I love to suck dick, eat cum, and get my asshole fucked. that’s it though. no kissing or licking asshole's, just sucking dick and getting my asshole fucked. I do like to lick the balls though. so I guess that makes me bi-sexual.

I first found out about my love for dick back in 1990 when I was 24 years old. I was on my way to visit an old girlfriend who had moved to California the year before. I had to transfer to another bus at union station in down town los Angeles. the bus I was on arrived late so I missed my connection and had to wait 12 hours for the next one. well, I didn't just want to sit around twelve hours, so I decided to explore the city a little bit. I never been to la before but I heard of this place called, "alvarado street" where you could buy stuff at cheap prices.

I asked somebody at the station and found out that avalrado street wasn't far from there and I got directions. however, I got lost and never found that street. what I did find was a Mexican gang. five members of a gang anyway. their ages ranging from teenagers, to mid-twenties I would guess. I didn't know about la gangs at that time otherwise I wouldn't have ventured out. but I did. so here I was walking down a street in a residential neighborhood when I saw the five cholo's hanging out on a porch at a house in front of me. I knew they were gang members by the way they dressed and presented themselves. I didn't want any trouble, so I didn't even look at them as I tried to walk past them as fast as I could. but they started cat whistling at me as I got close.

by the time I was in front of their house, all of them had come out and surrounded me. I was scared so say the least. they were talking in Spanish among each other, but when they spoke to me, it was in English. one of them said, "I think your lost white boy.' another said to me, "ya! you fucked up essay." and yet another said, "your in the wrong neighborhood vato." as they said that, I was being lightly pushed back and forth into one of them. then one of them pulled out a knife and waved it in my face and said, "lets cut this white boy." I was scared and didn't say anything. I just kept on thinking how I could get out of that situation alive.

but then I begged. I said, "please. I’ll do anything you say. I’ll even suck your dicks if you want. just let me go." one of the other's said to the guy with the knife, "put it away homeboy. lets takes this hoto inside and have some fun with him." he put the knife away and stepped up all the way and put his face in mine. he took his hand and grabbed my ass cheek and said, "I’m going to fuck you in your coolo you little bitch." I had a pretty good idea what that meant. I knew he was going to bust my anal cherry. I said to him, "like I said, I’ll do anything you guys want me to. I just want to be able to walk out of here." one of them laughed and said, "you'll be walking out of here "bull-legged""

as he put his arm around my neck and led me inside, all I could think about was how I was about to pleasure all their dicks in hopes that I could out of there and get back to the bus station in one piece. I knew that I would have a better chance of that if they enjoyed it. so I kept thinking that I better do the best I could servicing their cock's. I had never done anything sexually with a man before nor did I ever think of doing something like that. I just hoped they would like my mouth and butthole. when we got inside, I was still scared, but I had already set my mind on their dick's. right away I got down on my knees and said, "who wants their dick sucked first?"

the guy that had the knife grab me by the arm and pulled me up. then he said to me, "no hoto! let me tell you how this is going to work. first, im going to make you my little bitch. when im done breaking you, my homeboys are going to pull a train on your coolo puto. your going to suck and fuck until we are tired of you. then, if you can still walk out of here, you can leave. now take your clothes off and get on your knees."

I knew I was going to be hurting when they were done with me, but it was far better than being dead I figured. so I did exactly what he told me to do. when I was completely naked and on the floor, it was then that he started to take his clothes off in front of me, like I was waiting in anticipation or something. when he took his pants off, my jaw just dropped and my eyes were wide open. this guy's cock was huge. I mean, not only was it long, it was hella fat man. my asshole hurt just looking at it. I knew I was going to get ripped from that thing. and it wasn't even fully hard yet as the foreskin of his uncircumsized cock was still covering the mushroom head of his dick.

he saw the look of surprise and disbelief on my face and just smiled at me. then he stepped up in my face, making sure to put his fat cock against my lips. I took my hand and grabbed his dick, pulling back the foreskin, and then stuck it in my mouth and began sucking it. it wasn't like I thought it was going to be like. his dick kinda felt good in my mouth and I like the way it tasted. I took my other hand and held his balls and stroked on his dick as I sucked it the best I could. I was actually enjoying it. he seemed to be enjoying it as well because he was getting into it, trying to push his whole dick in my mouth.

he was hard as a rock when he told me to stand up and go bend over the back of the couch. as I laid bent over with my ass in the air, I was really scared of how his huge cock was going to feel when he ripped my butthole open. he got up behind me and lubed up his cock and put the head of it against my asshole and said, "you want me to make you my bitch, don't you?" as soon as I said "yes", he thrust his cock all the way in my butthole until it hit my prostrate. I let out a loud yell as I felt my little butthole get stretched so far open from his huge cock that I thought I had a baseball bat up my ass.

he held my hips and began to deep fuck my asshole with long and steady strokes. I was moaning with every thrust as his homeboy's cheered him on. he began saying things like, "damn your tight!" and, "you like that bitch?" getting butt-fucked by him hurt, but for some odd reason, I liked it anyway. I was getting some pleasure out of the pain. the longer he fucked my asshole, the more I liked it. I began to mumble under my moans, "yes! that’s it" that seemed to turn him on. he began to fuck my asshole harder and harder making me scream almost.

then without warning, he pulled out and said, "suck my dick bitch." I turned around and dropped down on my knees and began sucking his dick again. but this time he held my head tight and fucked my mouth. then I felt his cock tighten and swell up, then before I knew it, hot cum was hitting the back of my throat. he said, "swallow that jiz hoto" as squirt after squirt kept shooting down my throat. I swallowed every drop his dick gave me and I liked it. I thought it was a different taste, but a taste I really liked.

my butthole was pulsating as his homeboy's grab me for their turn. all I could see was a bunch of hard dick's around me as they pushed me down on all fours and positioned themselves’s up to both my holes. they were speaking to each other in Spanish as a dick went into my mouth and another in my butthole. from that point I don't really know who was doing what, where. all I know was that they all took turns fucking my mouth and my asshole. I don't even know how long I was gang banged. but I do know that all of them shot cum in my mouth because I swallowed five time that night.

when they were done having their way with me, they told me to get the fuck out of the house. I was barely able to walk anywhere more less run. I was still lost and it took me forever to find the greyhound station but I manage to at least. I missed the second bus and had to wait a few more hours, but all I did was stay in the station trying not to let people know that my asshole felt like it was on fire. I manage to make it my ex girl's place and I told her what happen. it turned her on and she had a guy friend she said who would fuck me in the ass if I let her watch. I went with it and it felt really good that time. from there on out, that is how its been.

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