My Favorite Aunt Fantasy

My Favorite Aunt Fantasy

My Favorite Aunt Fantasy

This is a pure fantasy that I developed many years ago and concerns what some might consider incest… this fantasy helped to produce many loads of hand-pumped cum in my early 20’s, and actually came about as the result of a real-life experience. Through high school and my early college years I did some part-time work for an uncle who was in the home remodeling business. During Christmas break of my sophomore year of college he was working on the home of his sister. Since he was my uncle through marriage to my dad’s sister, his sister wasn’t actually my aunt… but since we all lived in a small town and everyone knew everyone, I called her Aunt Sarah from the time I was a tyke.

At the time this happened, Aunt Sarah was in her early 40’s. They were turning the garage into a den, and I was there during the day cleaning up, running errands for the carpenter, that sort of thing. Sometimes they’d even let me drive a few nails. The job was at a point where we were waiting on some materials that had to be special ordered, but my uncle sent me over several times to make sure the place was cleaned up enough so that his sister could use the room for Christmas entertaining if she wanted.

Being alone in the house, I couldn’t resist… I went to the bathroom and searched the hamper, and found what I was looking for. Sexy, feminine, worn female underclothes… things that held her scent. She was a largish woman… not fat, just big boned. Again I couldn’t resist, and I tried a few of her things on. They felt so good and smelled so good that I just had to jack off!

A few days later I went back to the house, on the pretense of making sure the room was in order, but during the day when I knew both Aunt Sarah and her husband would be at work, hoping I could again dig in the hamper and try on some of her sexy feeling, sexy smelling things. I was a bit disappointed when I got there and her car was in the drive, but since I’d left my house saying I was going there to check on the job I figured I’d better go on in and check on it.

Aunt Sarah wasn’t expecting me, of course. I knocked, then walked in to the garage/den, and called out. She didn’t answer, so I went to the door leading into the kitchen and called out again. Still no answer. So I stepped into the kitchen and looked around. And there was Aunt Sarah. She’d been drying her hair and hadn’t heard me. She was off work because her office was having their Christmas Party that afternoon and she was getting ready to go to it. She stood there in her bra, garter belt and stockings, and panties (remember this was the early 70’s, and many of the older women hadn’t made the change to pantyhose yet). We stared at each other for a moment that seemed like an hour, then she said “oh, my” and turned and hurried back to the bedroom, and I backed up into the garage/den… but not before I got a good look at her… a look at her in the sexy things I had been trying on… a look at her that fueled some very sexy fantasies for me. Here is one.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but I couldn’t resist. I was in my Aunt and Uncle’s house while they were at work, and I was digging my sexy Aunt’s soiled underclothes out of the hamper and trying them on. What if they came home early? What if someone else came over? How would I explain what I was doing?

But, like I said, I couldn’t help myself. Her clothes were so sexy! Lacy bras with matching garter belts and panties… stockings to attach to the garters… full slips with lacy cups… all of them soft and silky and oh so sexy! And the scent clinging to them was pure ambrosia! The slips and bras smelled faintly of her perfume and sweat. The stockings held the faint musk of her sexy feet. And the panties… well, they were the best! Most of the panties matched the sexy bras and garter belts, and had cotton crotch strips that were usually stiff with her dried juices… strong and musky, with a hint of sweat and pee mixed in.

The best part was that my Aunt was a big woman… not fat, but big boned… tall, with big feet. Her clothes fit me without my stretching them like when I wore my sister’s things. I could even squeeze my feet into her sexy high heels pumps! I made up my mind that I wanted to marry a big boned woman so I could play in her clothes while she was out of the house! Of course at that time of my life I never imagined I could find a woman who would allow me play in her clothes while she was at home!

It was bound to happen. One day I snuck into their house and got dressed in a sexy black bra, garter and panties, tan stockings, and a black slip, all pulled from the hamper. I pushed my feet into a pair of black patent leather pumps with 2” heels and walked around the house. I even got really brave and went out into the back yard. I went back in and admired myself in the mirror, thinking how sexy I looked. By this time the bulge in the front of the slip was obvious, so I decided to lie back on the bed and take care of it. I lay back on the bed and pulled the slip up over my belly. I pushed the panties down just enough to get to my rock hard cock. I imagined that my aunt was there with me, that I was sniffing and kissing her crotch as I jacked off. I tried to picture her naked, and in her sexy clothes, and having sex with my uncle, and having sex with me! Very quickly I spewed a large load of white, creamy cum on my belly. Some of it hit the slip. When I pulled the panties back up over my softening cock and pulled the slip back down, both soaked up the creamy liquid and large wet spots appeared.

And then I dozed…

I opened my eyes when I heard a noise. I had to think a bit to remember where I was. And then I remembered! Not only where I was, but how I was dressed! I started to jump up, to run to the bathroom to change back into my own clothes before I was seen… but as I looked up I realized it was too late. Aunt Sarah was standing beside the bed, looking down at me with a grim look on her face.

“I was wondering where the stains on my dainties were coming from,” she said. “I thought that slug Howard (her husband) was whacking off in my panties. Now I know better.”

I sat up and tried to talk. “Aunt Sarah, you don’t under… this isn’t what it…” But I had nothing to say, really, and I sank back on the bed.

“Oh, I think I do understand,” she said, finally smiling. “And I think it is exactly what it looks like. Let me see if I have this right. The person who I thought was my nice little nephew is really a depraved little slut who has been sneaking into my house and wearing my lingerie and making stains on it. Am I close?”

I couldn’t look at her. I felt hot tears on my cheeks. I wanted to die. I felt my aunt sit down on the bed beside me. I felt her soft hand on my arm. “But it’ll be okay,” she said gently. “This will be our little secret.”

I finally looked up at her. The face that just moments before had seemed hard and angry now looked soft and pretty. I really looked at her for the first time in a long time, and realized what an attractive women she was. She had beautiful eyes that were expertly made up… and smooth skin with very few wrinkles… and full lips that were tinted slightly red and were now curled in a smile. “It will?” I asked timidly.

“Yes, dear. This isn’t the sort of thing we want the family or neighbors knowing about is it?” As she talked her hand slowly moved down my arm, then to my satin covered belly, then down, finally resting on the wet spot at my crotch. “Oh, my, you’ve made quite a mess of my things, haven’t you? Well, if we rinse them now, maybe it will all wash out when I do the laundry. Come on, now, let’s go and rinse these things out.”

She stood and took my hand and literally pulled me to my feet. We were both wearing heels, and we were about the same height. She led me to the bathroom and told me to strip the slip and panties off. “You must have done this a lot,” she commented. “You walk really good in my heels.” I didn’t know that to say or do, so I just stood there, until she prompted me. “Come on now, dear, don’t be shy. If you want to learn to be a good little girl, you have to learn to take care of your nice lingerie. Take the slip and panties off and rinse them in cold water. Don’t worry, dear. We’ll find you something else to put on when you get these properly taken care of.”

I slowly pulled the slip over my head. I felt silly standing there in her bra and panties, especially since the cups of the bra were empty. I put the slip in the sink and started the cold water, trying to concentrate the spray on the wet spots. When I had the slip thoroughly rinsed, I shyly slipped the full cut satin panties down my legs and did the same with them. I felt more than naked standing there in her bra, garter, stockings and heels. Naked would have been an improvement over what I was feeling.

When Aunt Sarah was finally satisfied that I had properly rinsed my cum out of her silky underclothes she instructed me to hang them over the shower rod to dry. Then she led me back to the bedroom and opened the drawer where her sexy things were stored. I stood by meekly while she rummaged about in the drawer until she held up another black slip. “Put this on and we’ll try to find you some panties that we like,” she said. I put the slip over my head, glad to be more covered, humiliated that I was doing it, even more humiliated that I was enjoying it, and thoroughly confused by her actions. She dug in another drawer and found some panties she liked and handed them to me. I sat on the edge of the bed and kicked the heels off to pull them up under the slip. I didn’t know what to do next, so I just sat there.

Aunt Sarah didn’t say anything. She just stood and told me to wait right there, that she’d be right back, and went into the big bathroom/walk-in closet. I turned and looked when I heard the rustle of her stockings when she walked back in the room, and gasped. She’d taken her skirt, blouse and jacket off. She was wearing only her bra, half slip and, I figured, panties and garter belt under the slip, with black stockings… and her heels. Her tits were huge, overflowing the lacy cups of her bra. I could clearly see the outlines of her hard nipples even through the black lace bra. She walked around the bed and stood in front of me.

“Now, if we’re going to have a secret to keep, let’s make it a really good one,” she said, smiling. She sat on the bed next to me and ran her hand over my nylon-clad thigh… all the way up to the crotch of the sexy black panties she’d handed me moments earlier. “I think we can both really enjoy this secret if we try to.” Her voice was husky, barely above a whisper. “Would you like to try?”

Would I???? Of course I would! I could already feel a stirring in my panties. I nodded, meekly, though… still unsure of all of this.

“If you would like to try, the correct answer would be ‘Yes, Ma’am’,” she told me. I tried to say it, but my voice cracked. I tried again.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I finally managed to say.

“Good girl,” she said quietly. “I’ll teach you to be a good little slut girl.” She gave my crotch a hard squeeze, then took her hand away. “Let’s start with letting you get to know me a little better. Why don’t you take my shoes off for me? My feet are so tired after being in these heels all day!” I slid off the bed and knelt at her feet. My hands were trembling as I slipped the shoe off of one sexy foot. “Ah, yes, that’s better,” she sighed. “Now the other one.” I took the other shoe off and started to stand up, but she stopped me. “Wait, girl. You’re not done down there yet. As long as you’re there handy, I’d like to have my feet rubbed. And kissed.”

I felt a definite stirring in the crotch of my panties as I slowly pulled one sexy foot to my face, rubbing the insole as I brought the sexy, nylon-clad toes to my face. I inhaled, enjoying the musty scent. I brought the other foot to my face with my other hand, and held them both against my nose and mouth, inhaling, kissing, rubbing, savoring, running my tongue over her sexy, musty toes.

“Ah, good, you like doing that,” Aunt Sarah giggled. “I think this is going to be fun!” She pulled her feet away from my face and stood up. “Now take my slip off of me.” I was on my knees in front of her, looking up at her. I was in love. I hooked my fingers in the elastic waist of the slip and slowly pulled it down her legs, trying to memorize every inch of her as it came into view. As I had suspected, under the slip were panties and a garter belt that matched her bra, and the garters were connected to black stockings. The contrast between the black stockings and the milky white skin of her thighs was… breathtaking!

“I’ll bet you’ve been getting my soiled panties out of the hamper and sniffing them, haven’t you,” she asked, a hint of giggle in her voice. I nodded. I was staring at the sexy intersection of her white thighs and black panties, mesmerized. I could see dark curly hair curling out around the elastic leg openings. Suddenly I felt her fingers tangle in my long hair and pull my head back so that I was looking up at her. “And how are you supposed to answer when I ask a question, young lady?” This time her voice was harsher.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said quietly.

“Yes Ma’am, what?” she insisted. “Tell me what perverted things you’ve done with my panties when I’m not home.”

“I… I smelled them,” I said hesitantly.

“And did you like how they smelled?” she asked. She was still holding my head back so that I my face was pointed up at her, but I couldn’t look into her eyes. My gaze was on the underside of her massive tits. “Tell me if you liked how they smelled!”

“Yes, Ma’am, I liked it,” I admitted.

“And then what?” she asked. “You put them on? And you played with your cock until you made a mess in them? And then you just stuffed them back in the hamper and hoped I wouldn’t notice the stains?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I admitted quietly. “I did all that.”

“Did all what?” she demanded. “Tell me everything you did in my panties.”

“I… I put them on… I rubbed myself until it felt really good… then I took them off and put them back in the hamper.”

“Okay. Good girl,” she said. “Now, would you like to smell these panties I’m wearing right now? Right now while I’m wearing them?” She stepped a little closer. Her sexy feet were on either side of my things, her crotch only inches from my face. I tried to turn my head down to look at, to sniff, her crotch. But her fingers in my hair kept my face pointed higher. “Answer me, girl!”

I don’t know why, but her calling me “girl” sent a chiill down my spine. Here I was, wearing her slip and panties and garter and stockings… my hair was longer than a lot of the girls I knew (remember, this was the early 70’s)… I didn’t have much of a beard or much body hair… so I knew I looked fairly feminine. I’d looked at myself in the mirror, trying to imagine myself with some make-up, maybe some earrings. Hell, I thought I’d look better as a girl than some of the real girls I knew! But to have my sexy aunt standing there in her underwear calling me “girl” still sent a chill down my spine.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said quietly, finally looking up at her face. “I’d like to smell your panties while you’re wearing them. May I please?” I was beginning to understand what she wanted… and I wanted to give it to her.

“That’s my good girl,” Aunt Sarah said softly. She stepped closer and, with her fingers twined in my hair, pulled my face to her sexy crotch. The scent was almost overwhelming… thick, musky, a mixture of her natural lubricating juices, sweat and pee. She pulled my face hard against her lacy crotch, and I inhaled deeply, savoring the heady aroma. “Oh, my,” she gasped as my breaths pulled air across the crotch of her wet panties. “My little girl REALLY enjoys that!” When she said the word “really” it was almost a growl instead of a spoken word.

I didn’t wait to ask permission. I didn’t even think about it. My tongue snaked out of my mouth to lick the moist crotch, to taste the wonderful scent. Aunt Sarah immediately jerked my head back, hard, pulling my hair. “I didn’t tell you that you could lick!” she said sharply. “Just sniff.” Then she pulled my face back to the sexy vee where her creamy thighs joined her full, sexy hips. I relaxed and breathed deeply, savoring the scent. There was no long a stirring in my panties. I was rock hard.

“You want to lick, my little slut?” she asked, pulling my head roughly away from her hot crotch. “Do you want to lick my panties? I’ll bet you even want to lick my bare, naked pussy, don’t you, my little girlie slut?”

I nodded, my nose buried in the lacy crotch of her panties, my voice muffled as I said “Yes, Ma’am, please.” She jerked my head back from her crotch and released her grip on my hair.

“Ok,” she said. “Take them off. Take my panties off of me.” My fingers trembled as I hooked them in the waist of the panties and slid them down her legs… those oh, so sexy legs, clad in black, sheer nylon from the toes to mid-thigh, creamy white above the tops of the stockings. I slid them down slowly, looking closely as I finally had the opportunity to see her sexy pussy bare.

It was just as I had imagined it would be… a dark triangle of curly hair, big outer lips swollen with lust. I slid the panties down her legs and she stepped out of them. “Ok,” she said. “Lick the crotch.” She was looking down at me, smiling. I turned the panties inside out and looked at the cotton strip that had just moments before been wedged between her swollen outer lips. The cotton strip was soft, moist and hot… as opposed to the ones I had sniffed in previous visits that had dried out, were stiff. I looked up at her and extended my tongue. I rubbed the moist panty crotch across my tongue, savoring the scent and taste. I had gone down on a couple of girls my age, and it was hot. I loved their musky scent. But this scent was more, much stronger. The scent of a woman.

“Oh, yeah, you love that, don’t you, little girl?” she giggled. Suddenly she grabbed my hair again and pulled my face tight to her pussy. Her feet were apart, her thick thighs on either side of my face. My nose was tight against her course, curly hair. “Lick it!” she hissed. “Taste it! Smell it!” Her hips were moving, grinding her wet hole on my face. I extended my tongue lost myself in the wonderful feel, taste and scent of her hot, mature pussy. “Oh, that is nice,” she moaned. “Howard won’t do that for me. He thinks it’s nasty down there. But you love it, don’t you little girl?” I nodded as I tried to lick as far inside her hot hole as I could. I was disappointed when she roughly pulled my head away from her crotch.

“I need more,” she gasped. She turned and got on the bed, on her knees, with her big, round white ass, framed by the garters running down to her stockings, pointing at me. I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but I knew I wanted desperately to please her. So I crawled on the bed behind her and slowly lowered my face to her soft, fleshy cheeks. She gasped again when she felt my hot breath on her ass, and moaned when I ran my tongue along her musty crack. “Oh, my, you are a nasty little girl, aren’t you?” she laughed. She lay her head down on the bed and reached back to spread her cheeks for me. “Do it!” she said. “Lick my ass! No one has ever done that before!” She moaned and wiggled her hips when I tentatively licked at her puckered hole. I toyed with the course hair ringing the musty opening. It smelled of her natural juices and sweat. It was wonderful! I put my hands on her cheeks to spread them even wider and drove my tongue hard against her puckered hole. Aunt Sarah groaned loudly and pushed her ass back against me. “Oh, yes! My sweet little girl! Oh, yes, yes, that is so good! Mmmmmm.” She had moved her hands and the fingers of one hand were rubbing her clit while I licked her.

I had never knowingly made a girl cum before. I had read about it in the books and magazines from the adult book store, but as far as I knew I had never made a girl or woman actually get there. But I was pretty sure I helped my aunt get there when I put my tongue in her sexy ass.

“Oh, come up and fuck me,” she moaned. “I need to be fucked. Now!” I then noticed that my cock was rock hard in the sexy panties she’d given me. I stood on my knees behind her. I pulled the slip up and pushed the panties down just enough to get my cock out. I could feel the heat when my swollen head nestled between her wet lips. I wasn’t a virgin. I’d lost my virginity to a high school slut who did gang bangs by the lake when I was fifteen years old. I’d fucked two high school girlfriends and two more college girlfriends. I’d learned to hold back and go a long time. The girls seemed to like that. I was ready to slide it deep into Aunt Sarah and stroke until she moaned again. I was going to show her what a good lover I could be!

But it didn’t happen. I felt it start before I was fully in her. The excitement of everything that had happened was too much for me. I drove my cock deep in her and held it there, and Aunt Sarah knew what was happening. “No!” she almost yelled. “Not yet! I need more fucking than that!” But I couldn’t stop it. I held her sexy hips and shot my cum deep inside her, and then fell away, ashamed and out of breath, and lay on the bed. I wanted to cry.

But Aunt Sarah was not to be denied. She wanted more, and she was going to get more. “Okay, little girl,” she said. “If you can’t fuck me properly, you can at least satisfy me. I know you have a good, long tongue.” And with that she turned, put her knees on either side of my head, and sat down. She pressed her hot, sloppy pussy down on my mouth. “Do it,” she hissed. “Make me cum with your mouth.”

I tried to turn my head, but her strong thighs held me in place. She reached down and spread her hairy, sloppy lips. The smell was strong, the smell of hot, fucked pussy. The taste was stronger, much stronger than it had been a few minutes before when she pulled my face to her crotch. I realized it was because I was also tasting my own cum. I started to gag, but I was afraid if I threw up I’d choke, so I fought it. I had no choice, and started to lick her.

“Ah, that’s it my sweet little girl,” she moaned. “Yes, yes, lick that pussy, eat that cunt.” I’d never heard a woman talk like that before. The ones in the magazines talked that way, but I’d never known a real woman who did. And I liked it. Her words turned me on, and made me want to make her talk some more. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could. Big globs of liquid were falling into my mouth, and I had no choice but to swallow them. Aunt Sarah’s hips were moving. She was grinding her pussy down on my mouth, and moaning, and still talking. “Ah, yes, make that pussy cum,” she was sighing over and over.

There was no doubt in my mind when her orgasm hit this time. A huge flood of her musky juice filled my mouth, mixed with the last of the cum I’d shot in her. I drank it all down, and loved it!

Finally she fell to the side, also gasping for breath. She turned and kissed me tenderly on the lips. She flicked her tongue out to lick some of the mess off of my face. “Mmmm, we taste good together, don’t we?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I agreed with her. “I’m sorry I couldn’t do better.”

She kissed me again. “You’ll be fine, my little girl. This was new and exciting. As we do it more you’ll do better. And we will do this again, won’t we?”

“Oh, yes, Ma’am, I hope so!” I said eagerly.

Aunt Sarah rolled over and got on her knees. She lowered her head to my crotch. My sloppy cock was still hanging out of the panties, but the slip had covered it. And now there was a wet spot on the slip. “We’ll have to rinse this out,” she said as she pulled the slip up to expose my cock. “Later.” Then she lowered her head and took my sloppy dick into her mouth. I could tell it wouldn’t take her long to get me ready for her again! I just hoped she’d sit on my face again afterward!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I hope you enjoyed this pure fantasy! Oh.. and Aunt Sarah is a real person, really my aunt, and I really did play in and masturbate in her clothes in my younger days!

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