Pushing Master

Pushing Master

Megan walked back down the hall, waiting was driving her nuts. She had done it, she had pissed her Master off and now he was making her pay. She had once told him that she would never want him pissed at her, but today she had done it, and on purpose too! Where the hell had her brain gone?

It had started of simple enough, she had made him cum and then she let it go straight to her head. She had done "good", pleasured her master, and in doing that, pleasured herself as well. Then it had all gone back. She kept pushing at him, but alas she didn't read the warning signs. She had pushed to far.

She turned back down the hall, grumbling at herself for her actions. Her Master had counted her, and she was unable to resist bringing that number up to three. She had told him that the temptation was great. Still, she should have ignored it. It got to the point that the third time, the words that slipped out were not even what she meant or wanted to say.She had asked him what would happen? He answer, want to find out was the single most tempting thing he could say. Before she knew it, she had done exactly what she was trying to talk herself out of doign! It was as if something had possesed her. Something had, her childish antics had gotten her.

Her master left her here as punishment. The hall. There was nothing overly scary about it, just a long, empty hall. There was no way out, that wasn't even scary. She knew her Master wouldn't leave her in here for too long. Still…… it all depended on how angry she had made him.

She sat down on the ground and thought of her master. She wanted his hard cock. She wanted to hear him telling her to cum. There was so much she wanted, and her pussy grew damp. She could still taste him on her tounge and she savored that taste. Remembering sucking on his hard cock. Remembering playing with it, and as she remembered she brough her hand down to her pussy. It was already wet and her finger slipped in easily.

She pulled her finger out of her pussy and was happy to see it was glistening wet. She slowly sunk it into her ass, using another finger in her pussy. Niow she fucked both holes with one steady rythemn. She felt her finger in her ass rub through the wall and touch her finger in her pussy. Meanwhile her thumb brushed against her clit.

"She didn't make a sound, fearful tha tsomeone would hear her. She fucked herself harder, faster, buring her fingers deep inside herself until her knuckles hit against her skin. Her other hand was playing with her tits and nipples.

She pulled on her nipple, they were already sore from her Master, but she pulled hard anyway, relishing the pain. Her breathing heavy and ragged she trembled and moved against herself, desperatly seeking her release.

Her Master was mad at her, she stopped playing with her tits. She didn't have his permission to cum, and she couldn't ask either, he wasn't around. She slid her finger out of her pussy and ass, careful not to touch her clit. She had to cum so bad that touching her clit was enough to send her over the edge.

She had played with herself for him not even ten minutes ago. She had showed her body and spirit off for him, trying to make him happy. To pleasure him. She had and in doing so she made herself hot. And now she would pay for her mistakes. The only way she could. She would suffer.

She leaned back against the wall, closed her eyes and waited.

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