Submit to My Dog

Submit to My Dog

John had such an attachment to Bear his german sheppard that I would sometimes become jealous. He was more into keeping the dog happy than working on a relationship with me.

I questioned John about being more attentive to me and he just laughed and reminded me that I was his slut/slave and I had no right to demand anything from him. I thought about it and decided maybe my submissive role wasn't working with John.

John liked me dressed in hardly anything when we were at his house. I was to wear a half bra to hold my large breast up and perky. I was to never wear panties and usually he liked a sheer little apron on me. At times he liked to collar me and leash me. I thought this was all I could ask for having not found a man that truly dominated me.

He liked to tie me to the wall and use different instruments on my ass, pussy and tits to stimulate them and at times punish them. I submitted to each with a want to please him completely. I was just getting a bit bored with things.

Friday came and I was chained to the bed by the leash and he was explaining how things would be tonight for his little party. As the flogger came down over my tits he ask did I understand to submit completely? "Yes Sir" "You will deny me nothing tonight is that understood?" "Yes Sir." "Don't make me have to punish you in front of my friends but I will if you deny me or my friends pleasure."

Tonight he was having some of his golfing buddies over and I was to prepare and serve them snacks and drinks. I also was to show them how well trained I was for John. He had already punished me to remind me of my submissive nature. I was feeling very submissive and willing to do their demands as well as John's.

The first guest arrived, Tom a tall lean older gentleman. I ask what he would care for and he grinned and said the usual. I immediately took him to the sofa and knelt before him and pulled out his cock and sucked it. I heard the door bell ring and John answering the door. "Where is this slave you say you have. Why are you answering the door?" "She is taking care of Tom. Come on in and join the party."

I continue sucking Tom off and the others begin to talk and laugh around us. I focus on Tom and his needs till he is completely dry, lick him clean, and zip him back up. I ask if there will be anything else and he smiles and says a gin and tonic.

I stand and turn to see a group of men watching me. I ask if anyone would care for a drink? I take all their orders and go to the kitchen to prepare the drinks.

"I hope you are serious about this evening. I have never seen or experienced anything of this nature but am anxious to see it happen," says George, one of John's favorite buddies.

I am returning and wondering what John has promised them. I guess it will be one of John's buddies gang bangs is what I am thinking. Some of them get a bit rough and ugly but on the most part they like me fucking them in every hole they can find and then some.

After handing out the drinks I return to the kitchen and put out the snacks on a tray. As I am bending over to put the tray on the table I am fingered in the ass and it feels like a lubricant is being applied to the ass hole. I don't move but allow the use of the ass hole and then here the command. "Go to the room and prepare for the chains in a doggy position tonight."

I go to our play room and slide out the board he has anchored with tie downs and a rug for my comfort. I place it on the floor at the foot of the bed. I stretch to the leg clamps so my legs are spread nicely. I go to my elbows and wait to be secured in this position.

The group enters the room as does Bear who is following his master. Damn dog I think, to myself. I feel the clamps secure around my arms which keep me on my elbows and arms in front. The rear clamps are put around my ankles. Seth always likes to take opportunity to use the flogger on me. This time it is encouraged by John. I feel the mask go over my eyes and think this is strange when normally that would only be put on when I am to service people who don't want me to know who they are. The flogger warms my ass but at the same time it is warming my senses.

I feel one male mount me and take me annally. Another is pinching my tits and moaning as he shoots his load in my face. Others are shooting their loads on my back and ass. All are calling me names from whore to slut.

I feel something cold on my ass rubbed. I feel it being licked off but suddenly it occurs to me it feels too rough to be human. Is that stupid ole Bare licking me clean back there. A gag is shoved in my mouth. I feel the dog being led over me. I can't believe and squirm a bit. John leans down and says, "deny me nothing, tonight."

I just nod my head and continue to feel the dog being encouraged to lick me. I feel some really cold liquid being poured on my ass and again the tongue is licking it off. Suddenly I hear the group hollaring that he is ready to fuck the bitch. I instantly know what is going to happen. Bear is going to fuck my ass hole. This has been John's plan all along. He pushes against my tight ass and I try to release and relax for the insertion. It is beyond my wildest dreams the pain that is happening as he pushes hard against me. Suddenly he is moving inside me. He seems to be leaning over my back.

I can hear John talking softly to Bear. "Fuck our bitch, come on you can do it just a little more up her ass."

All at once the force is enough to make me fall over if I weren't secured to the board for the fuck. The entire length is inside me and it is hurting but at the same time each stroke gives me a pleasure with pain. I am melting to this fuck. I want it hard and rough like he is doing. My ears are ringing and I don't hear any of the chants around the room.

"That a boy fuck the bitch good. Fuck her, fuck her," I hear John saying.

Some time during this pleasure pain episode I too am wanting him to fuck me hard. I don't care if it hurts because it also feels so good. I am riding another wave of pleasure as a tremendous feeling that sends so much pain up in me I almost feel like I will faint. It feels like a fist just plowed into me also. Then the wet liquid which is flowing into me is strong and forceful mixing with my juices of cum too. The dog yelps and then tries to move but is lodged inside of me.

John is calming Bear down and speaking words of comfort to him. He is stroking the dog as well as me. He leans close to my ear, "you have made me very happy tonight."

Bear finally is pulled off of me and he lays down and rest as I am pulled out of my restraints. The gag is removed and I am led to the bathroom, as I feel the cool tiles on my feet. The mask is not removed but I am led to the toilet and told to sit. As I sit I feel the gush from my ass which is apparently dog cum and my juices. Shower and return to us.

I remove the mask when the door is heard closing. I gingerly stand because my legs are not all sturdy at this time. I walk over and begin the shower. Scrubbing myself clean and taking a douche bottle and rinsing myself in both holes with warm water. I finally feel clean and get out and towel off. I see a new robe to put on. It is sheer and black.

I check the make up and then dry the hair to return to the party.

I go in to find all sitting and watching something on the tv. To my horror it is the video of the event I just went through. They are all enjoying it. John gets up and walks me to the kitchen. He covers my mouth with a kiss. "You have made me so happy tonight. I care as much for you as I do Bear and I wanted you to provide him his needs too. Tonight you did and it makes me very happy that you did this for me."

"I would deny you nothing. I will service you and your dog if that makes you happy."

"I was hoping that is how you would feel after tonight. I expect it regularly and hope you really mean what you said. " I look at him puzzled? "You will deny me nothing?" "Yes Sir, John and Bear are my Masters I serve sexually."

He just laughed and told me to return with drinks for everyone.

As I was making the drinks I could hear the group talking and praising John for having such a good slut. I just smiled because I knew he just went up a notch in the eyes of his friends and I helped.

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