Afican Slave Queen (Jungle Kidnap)

Afican Slave Queen (Jungle Kidnap)

The theatrically over decorated general gripped the podium tighter and tighter as his highly orchestrated news conference began to turn sour. It had supposed to have been his moment on the world stage; to impress and show everyone what a great and generous leader he was; but now this.

All the cameras continued to focus on his glistening black forehead.

“I’ll repeat my question,” said the young reporter. He narrowed his gaze at the attractive white woman and gave a forced smile.

“Please do.”

Rachel enunciated the words clearly and concisely for the media filled hall.

“You say there is no evidence of your army using chemical weapons against northern separatists groups, however why did you house and pay for the 3 top ex soviet research scientist who specialise in chemical warfare to stay in your country last year? And can you explain the site of mass killings I visited yesterday north of the Butta River?”

Once again he paused before replying then gave a bitter yet revealing answer.

“Miss Goodbody, you have taken my hospitality and use it against me. As a guest of my daughter you have unfairly used the relationship presented to you.”

The audience of news hacks cursed under their breath at her luck at the same time noticing that this was hardly a denial from the bloated General, long serving president of his country. The media scrum then erupted in questions, none the general would answer and as he stormed from the podium he glared back at Rachel as she fended off questions of her own.

Outside the government building Rachel and her news team congratulated themselves on their scoop.

“I got the lot,” laughed Jack her camera man; the sound man nodding in agreement.

“Good,” smiled Rachel wiping her brow in the intense African heat. “The guys back home are pretty pleased; we can syndicate this story all around the world. The UN has demanded that we all see the alleged massacre site tomorrow. We’ve got centre stage!”

As they talked a long black limo screeched to a halt along side them, dust billowing up on the shabby streets. It flew the presidential crest.

“How could you?” Yelled the Western educated voice of a young woman.

Stepping from the limo in a flowing gold dress was Koko; the general’s daughter.

Rachel gave a gulp of embarrassment her face going red. She’d been in this third world country to see her old college friend and do an exclusive on her father. General Mobana the long time ruler of this small east African state was vain and arrogant. He had welcomed the chance to parade in front of a camera. Over the last few week Rachel had being given exclusive access to the general’s inner circle. Koko had never realised her friend had a bigger plan; to unmask his crimes in the civil war that had been raging for nearly a decade.

“Koko I’m sorry but your father; he has to be stopped.”


Rachel went flying Koko’s own bodyguards pulling her back to stop more of a beating.

“Get out of my country bitch,” she hissed getting back in the limo, “before I have you thrown out.”

The car sped off her team seeming a little uneasy.

“I’m sorry Koko,” Rachel shouted in remorse as the car sped away. Then looking to her worried team she smiled. “Relax guys, now its out in the open we’re perfectly safe. Ok, let’s get ready for the flight tomorrow, remember I want to get back to those killing fields we exposed before CNN do.”

The next morning the team sat in the rickety Cessna plane double checking their equipment. Jack looked out of the grime window at the stifling heat haze. Across the runway a figure was approaching. In her mid twenties Rachel Goodbody was making a name for herself as her channels feistiest reporter. It helped that she was blessed not only with the tenacity of an alligator but she had the looks any TV station would drool over.

She walked briskly in her heeled sandals long legs hidden just above the knee with a khaki skirt. Her slim waist and schoolgirl like frame were covered in a white baggy linen shirt; but as Jack remembered at ambassador receptions across the world her waif figure beneath had bewitched many a dignitary.

As she reached the plane Rachel adjusted her tied back long blonde mane feeling the sweat already trickling down between her cleavage. Her full lips were dry in the oppressive heat her blue eyes hidden behind designer shades.

“Everyone here? Great, then let’s go boys.”

The view from the plane was spectacular. Deep lush green forest for as far as the eye could see. They were heading north following the Butta River towards the prearranged media site. Today the worlds press would see for themselves what the general was capable of; mass graves of villagers poisoned with mustard gas.

The local pilot suddenly began ranting in excitement then explained in broken English. He had radio traffic hailing him. He pointed to the west and the news crew peered out at an approaching black speck. The black dot grew into an aircraft which approached rapidly and passed directly in front of the tiny plane.

Rachel could see it was one of the countries squadron of Mig 21 fighters. The Mig was an ancient Soviet plane however still fast and deadly.

The air force jet made another slower pass.

“It’s requesting we follow it!” The pilot said in a concerned voice

“Damn general!” Jack hissed. “He doesn’t want us to be there toady.” He looked at the pilot suggesting a solution. “Ignore him.”

The pilot’s eyes widened in fear.

“Jack you can’t escape a jet.” Rachel said frustrated with how the day was going.

“It’s just the generals little game, we’ve already done the damage why is this going to make any difference?” Looking at the two missiles slung under its swept back wings she added. “Let’s not provoke it.”

The Cessna turned east for 30 minutes under the supervision of the air force before a landing strip became visible cut into the dense jungle.

“We must land here,” the pilot shouted over the engine din and he began to descend.

The crew gripped anything they could as the tiny plane bounced along the makeshift dirt runway. Overhead the Mig continued to circle, watching.

There was a flurry of panic in the plane as a group of armed soldiers appeared from shanty huts running towards the parked aircraft.

Shit!” Jack cried, the sound engineer looking pale.

“Keep calm!” Rachel said gripping both men’s arms. “They’re just trying to spook us.”

The door opened and a smiling officer peered inside.

“Ah Miss Goodbody please forgive me but my general requests he meet you at his personal residence.”

“Rachel scoffed back.” We have nothing to discuss with the general, now can we please get under way.”

The officer continued to smile as a rifle was pointed over his shoulder at the shapely reporter.

“Miss Goodbody I’m afraid he insists.”

Rachel climbed from the plane demanding answers, her team following her. The officer held them back inside the plane.

“No need gentlemen, you must return to your media event. The general only invites Miss Goodbody. Please we have only delayed you a short time you can be back at the site within another hour.”

The young reporter turned and looked at her two team members. “I guess I’ll be along in a bit.” She said a little nervous. Jack was about to explain his concerned when she just held up a hand and nodded.

“Yeah I know I’m on my own but at least you’ll be able to let our channel know where I am.”

Jack nodded. ”Damn right I will.”

Rachel took her bag and strode across the runway towards a waiting limo. She turned to see the Cessna lift into the sky bank and begin to head north again. As the plane became a dark spec she felt the situation quickly change

The polite officer gripped Rachel’s arm firmly. “This way miss; in the truck.” Rachel looked at him then at the army truck and limo ahead of her. She was not impressed.

“It’s about 90 in the shade and you want me to ride in a truck! Forget it! And by the way don’t man-handle me again.”

The officer began to pull her towards the vehicle. Rachel gave a yelp then dug her heels in making the dust billow up. But she still slid towards the vehicle. He shouted orders to his platoon of men and they began to climb in. She reached the rear of the covered truck hair all over the place sweat already covering her face and saw a cage in the foot well about 4 foot square.

“Get in there Miss!” He demanded, burly soldiers grabbing her arms pulling her up as she kicked her legs.

Rachel gave a shriek as her blouse tore the men pushing her into the cage before bolting it closed.

“How dare you, this is outrageous!” She shrieked trying to kick at the steel bars.

The officer closed up the trailer gate obviously taking the air conditioned limo for his ride and then the truck began to head off. Rachel rolled onto her side in a foetal position feeling claustrophobic surrounded by twenty seated jet black skinned soldiers. She called out to them but they all just smiled and grinned chatting amongst themselves in their own tribe language. She recognised them to be from the generals own tribe, his loyalist troops and as she had remembered calling them in front of camera his most despicable.

The journey seemed to last for ever she was dehydrating the sweat covering her skin her clothes sodden with it. One of the soldiers eventually noticed bending down to feed her a water bottle through the bars.

“Drink,” he said gruffly.

She coughed and spluttered then looked up at him. Rachel had wide expressive eyes the light blue of them and small pupils giving her a sensuous piercing stare.

“You have to let me out,” She said more of a plea than a demand now.

“Miss,” he said in a stern heavily accented voice. “You don’t tell people what to do anymore. Understand!”

She was about to reply when the truck came to a halt. The canopy opened and the humid air flooded in to mix with the sauna like conditions inside the truck. Fours trooper slid long poles inside the bars allowing them to lift the cage out. Rachel gripped the bars blinking in the brilliant sunlight her sunglasses crushed somewhere back at the runway.

She was in a concreted compound with guard towers and high walls; the dense jungle closing in around the general’s hidden fort. No doubt from here he conducted his war against the rebels without the prying eyes of foreigners.

She gave a moan of horror as she saw captive rebels hung from nooses or impaled on large spikes.

“Jesus it’s a hell hole,” She screamed feeling her stomach turning.

She was grateful by the time the cage had been carried across the courtyard into a cell block. The cage was placed on the floor then unbolted. Rachel crawled out unsure what to do. Fight, run, both were ridiculous. She gingerly stood straightening her dress adjusting her ripped blouse covering her sweaty heaving chest.

The officer was stood in front of her.

“Listen you piece of shit,” Rachel’s anger now uncontrollable. “I’m an American citizen in this country with my news team. How the hell do you think you can just abduct me? When I see the general he’s going to know who he’s dealing with.”

The officer adjusted his black beret then gave a wide African grin.

“In the cell please Miss the general will be along at his convenience.”

The cell door slammed shut behind her and she found herself in a meagre concrete room. There was a wire bed and a hole in the floor for toilet but nothing else. High above was the ceiling with dirty roof lights. The whole place was dim and incredibly hot and humid.

Rachel undid her blouse slightly her bra poking from the open fabric. Her whole body was dripping in sweat the insides of her thighs hot and sticky her knickers tight in her ass crack. She tightened her pony tail keeping the hair from her beautiful face then bent down to feel her sculpted calves massaging the bronzed skin to get the blood flowing again.

She felt ridiculous in her heeled sandals as she stood in a concrete cell but the floor was too coarse for the soles of her soft western feet so she left them on.

In her head she thought through what would happen. She’d have to be released within a day there no way she could be accused of any crime. Sure injustice happened all the time here, but it would have had to have been before she let rip and told the world about his exploits. The crew had been scared to death for the last three weeks of just disappearing on trumped up charges. But now the entire world would be in uproar.

“TV reporter arrested after finding out truth,” she muttered the head line to herself. If she wasn’t handed back soon this was the kind of shit that could start wars.

She heard footsteps they sounded strange not military at all more like heels. The cell door opened and two huge guards entering holding batons; behind them was Koko the general’s daughter. She was dressed in a tight high heeled cat suit her dark brown skin looking flawless, her long black hair plated into a tail. She always was the athletic type tennis swimming even represented her country in athletic a few years back. Her firm large tits were pressed tightly together held in place by the fabric her cleavage showing as the zip had slightly slid down.

“How are you enjoying your new home?” The arrogant daughter teased. “Not as cosy as our college dorms but well, after all we are in some chicken shit third world country as you would say.”

Rachel shook her head looking at the intimidating group.

“No Koko I’d never said that, why are you being like this?”

Koko gave a sneer of satisfaction. “My father is a powerful man, no one crosses him. I wouldn’t dare; why would you expect to get away with it.”

Rachel felt her anger growing again.

“Because I can Koko; I’m a journalist. I come from a country of free speech.” She then added sarcastically. “Remember you spent years getting educated there.”

Koko didn’t rise to the bait instead paced around the room in her boots like a WW2 German commandant; hands behind her back.

“You think you will be released don’t you?”

Rachel felt her knees buckle at the question. She’d never considered otherwise. She gulped then put back on her business like reporter manner.

“You know full well Koko there’s no way you can keep me here.”

Koko smiled and nodded. “Very well Rachel my father will be arriving soon. We probably won’t get to speak like this again, so just remember I am not the one who betrayed a trust.” And with that she snapped her fingers and led the two guards from the cell.

Fine by me bitch,” yelled Rachel as she heard her ex friend marched away.

She decided friends like that she could do without.

Rachel tried to sleep that night but the heat made it difficult. It must have been early morning when the cell door clashed open again. Standing there was the large uniformed figure of general Mobana. Once again Rachel began to demand her release.


She nearly feinted; her body flung towards the wall the world spinning.

“You do not demand anything from me.” Mobana growled keeping his anger on a short leash. He then took a deep breath calming himself.

“Rachel you have abused the trust of myself and my family. You have dishonoured my country and shamed me in front of millions.”

He had a newspaper in his hand and he flung it towards her.

Rachel gave a long moan as she read. It said that a TV crew, including up and coming star Rachel Goodbody had crashed deep in the jungle after been hit by a rebel missile.

Rachel looked up “But it’s not true we, I…” She paused slowly realising what it meant.

“My Mig blasted them from the sky once it had steered them as far North as it dared. The wreckage is deep inside rebel territory. The rebels will deny the atrocity but without anyone seeing it the world will have to assume the worse.”

Rachel’s eyes widened

“Yes, interfering white bitch you are dead along with your news crew.”

Rachel began to cough in panic. The general gave an amorous groan.

“Oh Miss Goodbody you have such a debt to pay but don’t worry over time you will. How you serve depends on how you live. Pray I don’t bore of you in years to come.”

“Bore, years to come?” It wasn’t adding up or the young woman didn’t want it to.

The general smiled. “You have the attitude of a she devil but the body of an angel. How I have admired you while staying at my palace. Remember you are now believed dead, no one to rescue or even protest about you predicament. Do you realize what that means Rachel?”

He bent down with a child like manner his eyes full of glee. “Can you imagine what depths I can sink you to?”

Rachel began to gag and shivered with terror. “Jesus no, no, no you can’t please oh God helpppp!”

The general looked back over his shoulder at the two muscled African thugs she had seen earlier.

“These are two of my finest interrogators. They’re going to educate you into what is required and teach you how to obey.”

Rachel looked at their grim faces, barrel chest, biceps bulging as their black skin glistened in the heat. The general backed out of the cell.

“Bring her to the medical cell for examination!”

The feisty blonde reporter was dragged from the cell her legs locked straight as she tried to resist her heels sliding on the concrete floor. The medical cell was about 30 feet down the corridor and as she went she caught glimpses of the other rooms. They were decked out in different ways. One looked like a dungeon with chains and ropes, another like a grand bedroom and others she could only just catch sight off.

Rachel didn’t know what to do. How could she fight back or get away? The situation was impossible and she gave a shudder of horror remembering what he told her about her colleagues and the little Cessna.

“Please General lets talk about this you don’t need to do this.” She stammered as she was almost lifted through the door into a white tiled room.

There was an African woman dressed like a nurse standing patiently. Rachel was allowed to stand unaided the two Herculean guards stood either side of the lithe diminutive woman. The brutes were massive and even in her high heeled sandals they towered over her panting body.

“Now Rachel,” The general said almost apologetically, “I don’t think you understand your situation yet do you?” Rachel’s expression of disgust answered for him. He nodded, “hmm very well I will allow your insolence for the time being.”

The walls were dull with grime and dust. There was a row of trolleys with sheets over them and a large whickers chair like from the 60’s probably still the fashion in this backward country. The chair had two bamboo poles pointing up from the arm rests with carved faces on the top. They looked like voodoo dolls or some other crazy religious symbolism either side of a wicker throne.

He signalled the guards who moved her towards the chair. The reported gave a yelp as one guard pulled her dress over her shoulders the fabric falling around her cute ankles. The other took both his hands and snapped her Bra tie then ripped the white under garment of her body. She stood there in a thong, heels and no bra her hands now over her 34B chest.

The group admired her figure. She was small but proportioned well, her legs slim and shapely accentuated by heels her ass full and slappable. Her curved back was drenched in sweat her blonde hair now more bedraggled pulled out of the ponytail in the struggle now cascading around her bony shoulders.

“What are you going to do you filthy bastard,” she growled her blue eyes blazing.

The general sighed. “Miss Goodbody I regret to tell you although you will find me a loving master I have some deviations that you may find difficult to accept at first.”

Rachel gave a moan of despair,” oh shit this can’t be happening.”

The two guards suddenly gripped her hands and she began to struggle. They spun her around pushing her into the wicker chair. It was deep and as her ass hit the seat her legs flew up and at angles the guards grabbing a tiny ankle each with huge black hands.

They lifted her ankles pushing her legs wider and higher Rachel now more on her back than butt her hands desperately trying to loosen the grip on her ankles. The nurse grabbed her arms pulling them behind her chair backrest binding them with rope.

The general watch until finally she was in position. The leggy blonde half laying in the chair her arms tied behind it, her legs open and high her ankles bound with rope around the tops of the two bamboo poles. Her breast heaved with effort her thong panties soaking her crotch which was embarrassingly wide open.

The general barked an order to the two mesmerised guards and reluctantly they left the cell.

The nurse traced her finger over Rachel’s tummy hooking the thong panties and in one tug ripped them from her crotch.

The general took a seat on another whicker type chair and unbuckled his belt. He slowly pulled his fat black cock out of his pants and drew back the foreskin with a satisfied groan. Rachel’s eyes widened at the sight of his cock and how unashamedly he exposed himself. The nurse was smearing gel along her hand the skin glistening and Rachel gave a whimper of understanding.

Outside the cell the two guards could hear the woman shout then horrified groans. In their pants their cocks hardened in envy of what the general was watching his slave endure.

The blonde waif stunner couldn’t do anything to stop the black witch, she was completely trussed and open. The nurse’s fingers were formed into a cone and she was gently but firmly pushing her cone shaped hand into Rachel’s blonde pussy. Rachel gave a shriek of discomfort the sweat of the day lubricating her pink hole but still not enough to allow constant yielding entry.

Rachel couldn’t believe what was happening.

“No, no you mustn’t! I ..uhhhh!”

She looked at the general then at the roof in discomfort and embarrassment. What could she do? The woman was using her fingers to twist inside the young blonde’s private space, Rachel feeling the soft feminine fingers caress her inner flesh.

“Oh God!” She gave a despairing cry as she looked down. The woman’s hand was moving inch by inch deeper and deeper her pussy wall burning with effort of resistance.

Uggggg oh god no no uhhhhhhhhhhh!”

She arched her back as the nurses hand opened her up almost to the knuckle, but not enough.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh no no ugggg It won’t go oh God stop!”

The general moaned in pleasure, the nurse nodding to his questions gibbering back in his native tribal tongue.

“Is the white bitch too tight? Push harder, more grease on your hand.”

He looked Rachel in the eye.” Don’t fight it, relax your body. We have all day; by evening you will have learnt how to accommodate even my hand.” He flexed his fat fingers Rachel horrified at the size of his fist.

The general tugged at his prick as his nurse’s hand twisted and probed at the blonde bitches’ hole. Rachel groaned and thrashed her head still trying to reason with the insane man.

“Uggggg stop, please general I’m sorry I’ll say what ever you what uggggggg there’s has to be…uggggggggggggg!”

“When I first saw you,” the general said shaking his head, “I marvelled at how slim and delicate you were.”

The general paused to admire her panicking beautiful face; then he continued his vulgar thoughts.

“You were so confident in that news conference. I will enjoy looking into those arrogant blue eyes when I have my hand deep inside your pussy.”

The girl gave an oval pout of shock as her pussy lips did indeed at that point relax just a fraction allowing the nurses greased hand almost to the knuckle. Rachel screamed as the woman tried to push again, but her lips wouldn’t open any further.

“Jez stop! Stop please uhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The general snapped an order in his native tongue the nurse slowly removing what hand she had managed to burrow inside the woman.

Rachel gave a pant of relief and was about to speak thinking her negotiation was working when she saw what the nurse was doing. The woman had opened a large jar of plant grease and was carefully drawing the slimy fluid into a big bore syringe until it held maybe a beer bottle full.

“Some extra lubrication Miss Goodbody,” the general explained.

The reporter tried to wrestle free as the thick point was pushed into her slit. A second later she felt the surge of liquid inside her canal the syringe plunger forcing every last drop into her cunt.

The nurse re-greased her hand and started her mission again.

Outside the confines of the concrete fortress the jungle choked the humid air. It was mid day the temperature somewhere in the nineties and so was the humidity. The cell block of the military base baked like a huge oven. From the sky the whole site was only visible if you flew directly overhead the dense inhospitable jungle 200 miles in each direction.

Rachel knew all this but even knowing she still couldn’t accept this was happening. In her head she went over the same thoughts again and again.

“Someone will come, they will, they must!”

She’d heard about abductions, but that was always the locals, not a foreigner, not a journalist, not an American! But her rational mind kept telling her what she didn’t want to hear.

“Everyone thinks you are dead, you are alone imprisoned in the jungle, and your captor has the power over a country.”

The general caressed his bell end his cock eye weeping juice. He was rampantly erect now; the veins bulging on his glistening black trunk of a cock. The woman in front of him was drenched head to toe in shimmering, bronzing sweat. Rachel had a pale English rose complexion normally; however now she glowed greasy and wet like a lap dancer her long heeled legs pointing to the sky giving her more of that contorted pole dancing look. Even her hair had dulled from brilliant blonde, black sweaty streaks in the cascading mane. Only her blue eyes remain pure and angelic the pupils widening at every slight push of the nurses hand.

The humiliated TV babe looked down at her abused hole seeing her oiled lips slurping and yielding slowly. She realised this time the woman’s hand was going all the way in.

“No please, you uggg don’t ugggggggggg. Its not ugg right I..I..can't ugggggg!”

The general groaned in pleasure. “No more resisting my dear, you’ll find your body is capable of many astounding feats.”

The trussed blonde gave a series of high pitch grunts the nurse’s knuckles disappearing slowly.

The general leaned forward the sweat dripping from his forehead

The black bitch twisted her wrist a little and…Pop!”

The nurse gasped with the effort Rachel screaming as her lips suddenly yielded, the hand sliding past the widest point into her void her lips closing tightly around the sweaty greased wrist. She could see her tummy bloated her skin moving as the hand twisted inside her ultra slim body.

“Oooh God nooooooooo!”

The hand felt enormous, like a creature, a mole or something wriggling inside her body. It was like some fucking alien, her flat groin seeming to move with the motion of the fist.

The nurse with her right hand inside the bound woman was pouring a vial of lubricant onto her wrist and as she pumped into Rachel she delivered the grease along her tight tunnel.

“Ug, ug, you, you ugggggggggggg filthy ugggg ohhhhhh!” The reporter gasped through clenched teeth.

“Oh God she’s going to split me open!” She thought wildly the pumping hand making disgusting slurping and belching noises.

Rachel struggled to concentrate the sensation of a hand inside her private place almost unbelievable. The embarrassment was overwhelming the woman looking up into her wide eyes twisting her fingers seeing Rachel’s faces contort her lips purse and nip.

Rachel didn’t want to add to their enjoyment but she couldn’t stop herself grunting and groaning. The nurse listened for the highest most indignant noises to decide where to press and twist the most.

Rachel spat in disgust at the nurse, she in turn gave Rachel a swipe across the face her large white eyes staring into Rachel’s. She shouted in her own language and Rachel guessed it was an order to behave and stop fighting if she knew what was good for her.

The general stood up and stepped out of his pants. His thighs and butt were massive, a product of years of military service before he led the coup that made him the countries leader. He looked ridiculous in shoes and socks, no pants but still a military shirt with elaborate lapels his cock waving around like he was about to hang a flag from it.

He could hear her pussy squelch and Rachel grunted indignantly over and over. Her light skin accentuated the black arm buried in her hole and her lightly haired blonde pussy gave her slit an almost shaven look.

The general began to unfasten her ankles from the bamboo poles. He took each small foot and hooked her legs on the outside of the poles until she was sat with her thighs even wider her heels almost touching the floor legs unable to close. Rachel felt her sexy pins ache but was thankful that they could now rest more easily. But it was not an act out of kindness she almost instantly realised her pussy shaft had now straighten allowing the nurses hand to push deeper without restriction.

“Ohhhhhhhh God no uggggggggg!” She thought the woman was going to keep going all the way to her throat.

“Please general uhhhhhhh!”

He laughed in amusement. “Please feel free to ask anymore probing, embarrassing questions about my life. After all you will have a ring side seat to my darkest perversions from now on.”

The nurse was now touching Rachel at the top of her slit with her free hand. She could feel the feminine fingers searching for her bud.

“Ugggg no, no!” Rachel cried horrified at what the woman was attempting to do.

“Rachel,” the general said sweetly,” I am not a monster, your life with me though challenging will have its pleasures. It is important my slaves know how to climax in their job.“

Rachel gave an animal groan of refusal shaking her head, hair flying everywhere.

The fisting went on for what seemed ages until Rachel’s pussy felt numb the slime of juice and grease dripping from her slit as the wrist twisted. The nurse had pressed a small vibrator against Rachel’s clit and slowly but expertly she had brought the cursing woman to near climax.

The blonde had tried to forget she was here, fall into a humid sea of half dreams. It had almost worked the sensation in her pussy had dulled; she was back home with her fiancé.

“Her fiancée!” Rachel gave an anguished cry, “Oh God Simon; help me please.”

The general was instantly distracted from the mesmerising view he had be enjoying.

“Simon? Oh yes Simon Wiez; head of your news channel.” The general recalled the picture in USA today, tall, chiselled, mature, powerful. Very powerful. “He’s was your betrothed wasn’t he?”

Rachel snarled back teeth gritted the tiny buzzing stick working its magic on her bud.

“He ugh still is you fuckkkk!”

The general grew angry at her outburst gripping her hair pulling his face close.

“Not any more, you are dead; remember? He has lost his long legged trophy wife for good. You prefer the older man don’t you, richer more appreciative? That’s good you’ll get to meet many like that over the coming years.”

The climax kept building but the nurse seemed to sense when Rachel was on the brink and removed the vibrator stilling her buried wrist always at just the wrong time for Rachel.

“Ohhh God! Do it, finish me for Gods sake I can’t take anymore.”

Rachel didn’t know what else to say. If she came they’d stop wouldn’t they? She didn’t really know if she meant make her cum or kill her. At that moment she didn’t care.

The general pushed the nurse to the side and roughly pulled her wrist out of Rachel. She gave a yelp of sensation her hole gasping the air filling into where it should never see. She felt like she was dripping her body’s fluids out of a gaping wound.

“Ugggggg no I feel sooo…” She didn’t know how to describe it.

The general did. “You feel like a dirty submissive whore about to ride her master’s hand like a glove puppet.”

And with that he began to push his own fat hand into her soppy hole. Rachel groaned but didn’t scream it was more out of humiliation of how accommodating her pussy now was than actual pain. His large fat fingered hand was sliding inside any second her exhausted muscles would swallow his knuckles and he would be up to his wrist inside her.

“Oh Rachel you bad girl,“ he said huskily his hand feeling like it was wrapped in a slimy hot towel.

He moved his fingers opening his palm Rachel biting her lip, her eyes glazing over. Her feet tapped on the chair her thighs quivering he noticed her tits were fuller nipples hardened; the nurse had brought her to peak quite satisfactorily.

The nurse pressed the vibrator onto her clit once more and the general began to pump in and out her tunnel lips bulging as his hand tried to remove itself but just as her pussy hole parted he pounded back to her cervix.

Her juices were running down his arm dripping at his elbow the arrogant reporter arching her back thrusting her tits out shrieking in sensation overload.

“Look at me Rachel, look into my eyes.”

She shook her head’ so with his free hand he twisted her cheeks making her pout in his direction.

The slopping noise added to the disgusting scene, the vibrator humming the people grunting, gasping, taunting.

“Yes you bitch come on my hand, I want to feel you come.” Her walls seemed to be tightening as her back arched more and more.

“Ukkkkkkkkkkkk ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh awwwwwwwwwww!”

Rachel began to buck; her calves flailing her butt bouncing on the wicker seat. The pussy convulsions were squeezing his hand so much he felt it would go numb. She was thrashing and screaming in orgasm her pussy so wet that even his burrowing began to slip and as she jerked her hips in a disgusting thrusting movement she ejected his glistening hand along with copious amounts of frothing juice.

“Jeeeezzzzzzzz nooooooooooooooo!”

The spots took a while to clear from her eyes the humid oppressive air almost suffocating now. She was exhausted after hours of attention; she couldn’t think straight and was in a daze.

The general stood up his cock still pointing straight out. Suddenly the cell door opened. It was one of the guards

“General you are needed in he command building.” The evil dictator snarled back at his charge telling him that he didn’t want to be disturbed.

“But its USplanet News sir; a Mr Weiz; urgent.”

The general’s eyes lit up. He looked at the spread eagled slit dripping woman, her head hanging limp. Then down at his angry cock.

“Hmm I’ll enjoy it better if she was a little more conscious anyway.” He said to himself then barked an order to his guard. “I will take the call in my office in ten minutes, bring this bitch.”

Fifteen minutes later Simon Weiz finally got through. He’d not had any answers in the last 24 hours. As an experience news hound he knew never to accept other people’s stories. His darling girlfriend just couldn’t have died in such a way.

“These fucking third world shit holes don’t know their ass from their elbows. How the hell am I going to get answers? Jez no one has confirmed they’re dead; certainly not this news channel.”

The phone was a little crackly but he could hear the preening voice of the fat dictator on the other end.

“General Mobana I need your help only you can bring this nightmare to an end. Please I deplore you call a truce so we can send out a search party to the crash site.”

He could hear other voices and sounds over the phone. Clearly the general had it on speaker phone allowing his aids to enjoy the grovelling from a big US news mogul.

The general spoke sweetly almost sarcastically. He couldn’t help; it was out of his hands the rebels were not into any negotiation.

The American was growing frustrated the general seemed distant a little distracted and from time to time took seconds to respond as if confused or concentrating.

In his ornate flag draped office he indeed was distracted. A large fan spun in the ceiling drawing cooler air into the room. Below it was a large teak table on it his speaker phone and a impressive golden statue of a lion.Also face down bent over the deep wooden furniture was his latest trophy; Miss Goodbody.

He had her hands tied even tighter behind her back making her shoulder pull back forcing her neck and head to look up. Her tits were pressed flat onto the soft wood top the small of her back filled with a pool of collected perspiration. The table was high so as her ass pointed to the ceiling her long legs even in heels only just touched the carpet. He had her ankles tied together then again at the knees allowing her little opportunity to move.

Rachel wanted to cry out; she could hear her fiancée pleading desperate to find her. If only he knew the truth. But she couldn’t speak. Her mouth had been filled with a rubber ball then tapped over. She could grunt but the speaker phone faced away from her so she had no idea if she could be heard.

The general was seated one hand on his cock the other stirring a pot of Vaseline. As he spoke he took great globules of grease and gently smeared them over Rachel’s ass hole. He’d been kind enough to explain he would fuck her in the ass since she needed time for her pussy to strengthen again.

His fat greased fingers pushed inside her ass putting jell deep along her rubbery shaft.

The conversation was going round in circles, this Weiz fellow wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Please Mr Weiz your fiancée was a personal friend of my daughters.”

He said this so sweetly Rachel’s stomach turning in revulsion. ”I have the up most respect for your excellent reporter and the up most admiration.” He stroked her back his admiration not as professional as Weiz might expect but more lustful.

She could hear the frustration and resignation in her fiancés voice. “He wasn’t giving up already was he?” The phone crackled and she heard his distant voice become a little more assertive.

“I’m sorry general but I need to see for myself. I’m getting that next plane out.” And with that the line went dead. The general paused a little indignant the man had dared hang up. He slowly extracted his finger from the bound woman ass ring and massaged a fleshy butt cheek as he deliberated.

He then pressed his intercom. “Send Koko in.”

Rachel looked up as the door opened. It was her old friend the tall athletic daughter of General Mobana. The woman didn’t seem fazed by her half dressed father his cock standing to attention and hardly gave Rachel a second glance.

“Father?” She said in obedience.

The general was climbing onto the table so he straddled Rachel’s back. He lowered himself into a squat his fat cock pointing forward rod and ball hanging like an undercarriage. Rachel tried to wriggle feeling his cock tip slid between her ass cheeks the general using his hand to point his cock down and press her sphincter. He gave orders to his daughter.

“Contact Mr Weiz at USplanet News, I believe you met him?” Koko’s eyes widened and she finally caught Rachel's eye.” Indeed I have.” She purred.

“Good,“ grunted the general rocking his enormous butt, finally allowing his cock relief, entering the tight rubbery passage of Rachel’s anus.


The woman could only gargle; her eyes open wide staring ahead insanely, lashes like blooming flowers her pupils showing the gut turning sensation.

The general gave a gasp as he lowered his pelvis; sliding the full length into his bound witch.

“Get him on the phone. Make a personal invitation, he plans to come anyway. If you are his escort he can spend a few fruitless weeks in your charming company.”

Koko gave a wicked smile. “Indeed father.”

She was about to turn and leave when he stopped her.

“No; do it here, on the speaker phone now, while I bugger his darling fiancé.”

Rachel nearly swallowed her gag. His cock felt like a giant pole in her ass. She’d had anal before once with an ex and she hated it then. Her Simon was now called back on the phone as the black bastard twisted and slid back and forth inside her. Koko had been put straight through and Rachel could hear his voice as the general’s daughter cooed seductively to him.

“Simon I know how you must feel. Please anything I can do. She was a great friend, etc, etc.”

Her fiancée was a little taken aback. This woman seemed to be saying all the right things but she sounded cold. He assumed it was the way with these people. Africa breeds cold hearts.

“Koko I’d be happy to have your help, thank you so much.” He replied diplomatically.

The general was grunting faintly getting a rocking motion going his cock fitting as tight as a piston in an engine.

Phut, phut, phut!

The table was rocking a little, Rachel biting down on the gag. She began to moan loudly and he pulled her hair making her head snap up.

“Silence bitch!” He hissed in a whisper.

Koko sat on the table legs crossed finishing her long distance call. She stroked Rachel’s rocking head with long nailed hands smiling and acting as if she was having a normal conversation. Her father was grunting more loudly his thrusting becoming harder.

Fuck she’s so tight!” He growled; Koko putting her hand over the phone set looking with a glare at her father. She put a finger to her full lips telling him to “ssssh.”

The man at the other end of the line once again got the impression something was happening in the room. He could hear noises like machinery repeating over and over maybe a pump or something.

Phut, phut, phut!

Rachel couldn’t bear it. Her lover so near yet so far she could hear his confusion in his voice. He knew something was wrong but he couldn’t tell what. The general was pounding so deep it made her nearly sick; she could feel his cock deep in her gut.

Koko finally with a sweet goodbye hung up, her father instantly groaning in satisfaction.

“Take it you tight ass bitch.” He began to pump even faster.” And talking about her firm round ass he added. “By the time I’m finish with you we’ll be able to drive a train up there.”

Rachel screamed on her gag he was hammering into her with abandon. She felt like her ass would explode the friction burning red hot. And the horror, what was in store? What more did he have planned for her sweet tight holes?

Koko turned to leave brushing her long hair with her hand. She gave a cute look back over her shoulder at Rachel and her father both looking like two rutting sand beetles the table shuddering under the hammering.

The general didn’t want it to stop; he could have fucked her tight ass for eternity. She was under him subservient; obedient finally she was getting the message.

Rachel couldn’t have resisted if she tried his weight enormous, his piercing cock and her binds stopping her from moving. She felt his cock finally thankfully unload inside her rear tunnel.

“Oh God this can’t be happening!” She said over and over as two, three then four spurts of his thick African come filled her for the first but definitely not the last time.

Twenty minutes later Rachel stood to attention in the general’s office. She had no choice she was still tied at the ankles and knees the binds behind her back holding her wrists. She had the gag and tape still over her mouth and she was totally exhausted.

The general sat relaxing in his chair smoking a fine cigar. Rachel felt like her knees would buckle and she nearly went over on her ankle before managing to remain upright and to attention.

The general had enjoyed her ass even more than looking into those baby blue eyes as he fisted her soaking pussy. He looked at her fabulous rear. He could keep her ass tight he supposed.

He chuckled to himself, knowing full well his perverse desires. “Yeah of course you could Mobana,” he thought to himself sarcastically.

Eventually he spoke to her.

“Rachel I will be leaving this evening, affairs of state etc. I hope today has taught you the realities of your future life.”

Rachel was silent but her eyes answered for her. The message was getting clearer and clearer.

“Hmm you understand but do not accept. This is to be expected.”

He pressed for a guard to take her back to her cells.

”Koko and I would love to stay to see your training however it won’t be possible. The two guards you saw today and the nurse are fully briefed.”

He came up close to her and gently peeled off the tape then opened his hand allowing her to spit the mouth ball into his palm. The blonde coughed and spluttered her mouth dry her lips swollen a little from the tape.

She began to sob shaking her head saying she was sorry begging him to release her.

“Tut, tut,” he said gently, “be a brave girl it’ll only last a few weeks.” He smiled and added, “by that time you’d fuck your own father if I asked you to.”

Rachel began to cry more and as the soldiers entered she feinted from despair.
The General showed no remorse, “drag her away,” he said looking at the limp beauty supported between two red beret wearing troopers.

Back in her cell she curled up on the bed. She heard the noise of a departing helicopter the general leaving her here. What was going to happen?

Rachel found out very quickly. The two guards and nurse spoke no English so her pleas fell on death ears. She was awoken about 2am in the night by a bright light the two men towering over her. They tugged her from her cell down the corridor into a room she’d glimpsed before. Inside it was like a dungeon the nurse there already. In front of her was a wooden horse type device. It was a plank of wood waist height with four legs. Pointing up from the wood encased in a leather saddle were two vibrating nodes. The nurse had attached 6 inch dildoes over the metal tips; however they were interchangeable with many phallus shaped devices hung on the walls.

Rachel tried to resist but the men were massive. They lifted her over the horse the nurse directing the dildoes until they finally let her drop onto the beam. She was impaled with rubber anal and pussy cocks her long legs touching the floor on either side; just. The rubber cocks were so stiff, the metal rods inside them adding to the rigidity.

Her arms were tied behind her back and the nurse adjusted casters on the four legs. She felt herself lifted higher her groin pressing down more firmly until finally only the very toe edge of both her sandals touched the floor. It was now impossible to lift herself off or even adjust her weight that much.

She just whimpered with resignation the guards smiling in lustful delight.

The nurse turned a dial on the wall and the dildoes began to buzz and twist. One soldier held up his hand signalling six. Six hours of this!

She came much more than once, each time screaming in climax and with hypersensitive burning flesh just after. Her ass had eventually given way and she’d farted and spat watery shit over the rear of the horse. By the fifth and sixth hours she grown more and more weak her ass and pussy becoming numb until eventually all she felt was a constant movement in her soaking wet slits. She was a moaning mess by the time the guards appeared again.

They said nothing just threw her in her cell. She collapsed on the bed into a troubled sleep.

It was six hours later sometime just around noon she was shook from her sleep. Both guards signalled for her to stand and then they took her hand and gently led her from the cell. This time it was back to the steamy oppressive heat of the medical cell. She began to panic and beg; the guards being gentle talking to her calmly in soothing African dialect. They knew after this first time it would be much harder to get her here the next.

Rachel was made to lie over the wicker throne her hands tied to the totem poles. She gave a cry of disgust as she saw what was going to happen. A pint and half bucket of engine oil was moved over her by a pulley in the ceiling. Rachel began to sob the bucket had a half inch wide Perspex tube snaking down to a strange nozzle. The end was like a black golf ball maybe larger the nozzle hole running through the middle to a small tip.

The nurse wasted no time she pressed the tip against Rachel’s ass the woman bucking a little but the men had tied her ankle either side of the rear legs of the seat. The ball was slimy and with some effort it popped into her anus her ring closing tightly around the tube. Now the tubes end and the contents it would deliver were almost airtight sealed inside her.

The nurse adjusted a valve on the tube and rather like controlling a medical drip she regulated the flow of oil down the tube.

Rachel began to feel liquid in side her ass slowly filling it up. The tube was wide enough to allow tiny air bubbles to flow the opposite way up into the bucket.

“Awwww you dirty fucks!” She yelled the men smiling the nurse looking stern but satisfied with the procedure. The blonde’s ass was pointing skyward the highest point of her bent body and she made a good receptacle for the liquid flowing from the roof high bucket.

As Rachel groaned in disgust and wriggled her beautiful upright ass the group began the next stage. The nurse was pushing a device from the corner of the room. It was covered in a canopy and it looked like a little pointy tent about 3 feet high. Rachel could see a lead trailing from it and the captive woman moaned in worry.

The nurse pushed the thing to within a foot of her face, Rachel gritting her teeth now as her ass farted up body gas into the enema tube.

“Oh my god!” Cried the blonde as the cover was pulled away.

The device was on small wheels set in a sturdy plinth. It was a massive completely upright rubber cock. Cock would have been a poor description. Yes it had veins and a head like one, but it was about 2 and half feet high and as fat as a man’s forearm. At the head it narrowed a little with a big finger width spunk hole at the tip.

Rachel looked down its length at the bottom it sat in a bucket which appeared to be full of slimy porridge type liquid. It looked disgustingly like semen.

The guards plugged the cable in and the machine came to life. Rachel gave a horrified yelp as the tip began to pump the dirty white fluid. It was like some crazy spunk fountain. The slime was spurting out then running down the rubber cock back into the bucket to be eventually pumped up the rod again.

As Rachel thrashed trying once again to break free a collar was fastened around her elegant neck. It had a lead running down to the cast iron base of the cock fountain.

“Oh God please no I can’t please!!!” She realised they wanted her to take the thing in her mouth

Eventually, after a struggle her captors where happy. Rachel’s mouth was open as wide as it could her face looking down her lips slurping around the massive tip of the cock. As they had pushed her mouth onto it they tightened the collar lead so she couldn’t pull back. The stunning woman was now bent over the wicker chair; bound ass high, an enema tube in her rear her mouth forced over an upright monster dildo.

They turned the machine on and her mouth began to fill rapidly with foul smelling synthetic spunk. She gargled and swallowed a little but most belching from the sides of her lips back down into the bucket. The ejaculations were constant every two seconds or so enough time not to overwhelm and choke her. Her ass was beginning to bloat her sphincter under pressure, but there was no where for the liquid to escape.

The nurse spoke a word in English. “Six,” she shouted in a thick African accent.

It was late evening the hot humid night shrouding the camp before the captors came back. Rachel was only half conscious. Her mouth was numb from having to accommodate the monster head for so long. She’d found a way of resting it on one cheek so a constant gap was created at the other side of her mouth allowing the come to dribble from her mouth without effort. She’d needed to do this as the ass void had filled to such a point the cramps were driving her crazy.

The pulley bucket had nearly emptied the pint plus of liquid before her body had finally had enough. The fluid had filled and lubricated her so much that after the fifth hour her sphincter had with some effort given way, allowing her to shit the golf ball size plug out.

She had groaned in pleasurable relief as her ass spurted filthy water and for a few moments she looked like some crazy human water statue, liquid frothing around her mouth more ejecting in a delightful arch from her upright ass onto the floor.

The nurse inspected the semen bucket. It was nearly empty. Although ejected come had dripped from her mouth over the hours she had gulped bit by bit most of it down her throat. Although disgusting in taste it would supplement her food for the coming time.

Back in her cell she found food and water to wash the stink away, though she didn’t feel that hungry. The nurse had showered Rachel’s sweaty dirty body in the medical cell and the slim stunner felt clean for the first time in three awful days. Once again she thought it might be out of some minute speck of humanity but she was wrong. In another six hours time she would find out why they wanted her so clean.

When they awoke her she realised how this was going to work. The guards looked tired themselves as if they’d just awoken. They were following the same pattern as her, sleep; training, sleep; the days and nights would merge into one for all of them.

This time they didn’t bind her just pulled again by the wrist to the cell adjacent. It was the one draped out like a bedroom. There was a very big master bed at four corners ornate bamboo totems. The head board was a carved image of the countries flag, a lion over an AK47 rifle. The room had a large chest, high backed chairs even a sink.

Rachel sat on the bed, naked her hair looking brilliant blonde for the first time in days. The nurse walked in and closed the cell door with a crunching slam. Rachel then noticed that they all seemed to be in different degree of undress. The nurse unbuttoned her white uniform allowing it to drop away underneath she was naked. She was not a stunning woman but in shape for a forty something. Still lean but curvaceous, her large black breast like two chocolate buns. Her short hair accentuated her hips and bust making her a fabulous full figured mature woman.

The two men were half that age and as they disrobed Rachel could she their firm muscled physique. They stripped fully their cock already firming up at the sight before them.

Rachel put her hand over her mouth in despair looking at the nurse.

“Six hours?” She said pitifully looking at the witch with puppy dog eyes.

The woman gave a brilliant grin and answered in her thick accent


The rape started with fucking. Rachel was banged doggie style by the eager men. They took it in turns like a tag team even the nurse getting in on the act with a strap on dildo. Rachel could only comply like a wanton animal, on her hands and knees taking one cock after another. As they came near to climax they would rest allowing the next in.

They were experts at control and after what was ages the first came inside her aching pussy his big fingers kneading her glowing ass. They change positions laying her on her back head over the edge of the bed. The nurse rode her pussy from the top her tits bouncing over the pure white tummy of the reporter. The other guard pumped into Rachel’s mouth. She found his cock though impressive far easier to take than the monster fountain one and allowed him to bang against her cheek as she had learnt, her lips wet and quivering around his black shaft.

When he came she couldn’t twist her mouth to allow the come to escape so had to swallow his load. Something she now found almost as second nature to her.

With both men needing a rest, this left the nurse to stuff the wet stiff dildo in and out of her hole as each man gripped one of Rachel’s ankles pulling her feet back towards her shoulder her cute toes almost touching her ear. Rachel grunted her head hanging upside down from the bed the nurses cock ramming hard against her cervix

“Ug, ug, ug, ugg, uggg!”

She felt her bud hardening with the friction from an hour’s long abuse. The men where exhausted so spread her legs wider roping them around the bed posts. The nurse pulled Rachel’s hands in front of her squeezing her small mounds together into a deep cleavage and held them like reins riding the blonde tart like a snow white mare.

Eventually she too was exhausted, the black strap-on turning the woman’s pussy into a soppy wet hole. Rachel was near climax her arms killing her, her legs numb from been stretch wide and back so long and her neck stiff from hanging over the bed edge so long.

The men untied her, lifting her up in their arms lovingly carrying her to one of the chairs. The sweaty messy nurse fell onto the chair her dildo pointing straight up. They lifted Rachel over the nurse making her face the witch and lowered her onto the cock. Rachel was eye to eye with the nurse and she blushed gripping onto the woman’s shoulders.

“Ride!” the nurse ordered. Rachel nodded in resignation.

As Rachel began to slowly rub the cock along her walls she could feel the two men with their fingers at her ass one pushed a new buzzing vibrator into her as her hole easily swallowed the strap-on rod. The new intruder thing pulsed and twisted making the blonde pout in sensation.

“Ooooooooohhhhhh ug, ug,ugggggggggg!”

It was only a matter of minutes before she came bouncing on the dildo the vibrator hitting her nerve endings making her go crazy with pleasure.

As she collapsed with fatigue her orgasm complete she was once again lifted back to the bed. The men where stiff again; time to bugger her. She was pulled back into doggie position and to the sound of Rachel’s despairing screams they started to repeat the process.

By the time she had to straddle the chair again, this time on one of the men’s cocks up her ass facing away from him, she could hardly lift herself. The other man, the nurse and the seated man all gripped her body to help her bounce up and down on his cock. The nurse got down between the woman’s open legs and thrust the vibrator in again. She rubbed furiously at Rachel’s clit and eventually after some time and patience Rachel came milking the man anal buried cock that showed true resilience not to erupt until the final seconds.

How much more of this she had to endure she couldn’t guess her head was swimming. All of them were now sweat drenched and panting with effort. It was time for a rest they all lay on the bed sandwiching Rachel’s making her open and bend her legs over the mass of black limbs and torsos. She tried to push their hands away but it was useless they mauled and groped her tits, ass and holes at leisure; thrusting sticky dirty fingers in her mouth and nostrils.

As they lay one by one they took it in turns to push their hands into her twat. Rachel gritted her teeth and gasped as they gently fisted her wide exhausted pussy, making her look down and savour the view as they pumped.

“Oh God uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhh!”

She was rolled over and the nurse poured oil on her ass a soldier’s hand still twisting in her pussy. The woman wiping the sweat from her eyes reached from the bed flipping open the trunk. It was full of devices and sex toys she pulled a strange pipe and balls from the box. The soldier was flexing his hand making Rachel groan the other groping her ass cheeks pinching her nipples.

The small ball was like leather and it easily slid into Rachel’s anus the tube dangling from her rim like a black tail. It was a rubber balloon attached to a hand pump. The nurse began to squeeze the ball at the other end and the balloon inflated inside Rachel’s ass.

As she squeezed the nurse gritted her teeth it was getting hard to inflate, the woman’s internal walls pressing down. The non fisting soldier took over his powerful hand inflating the rubber balloon to the size of a big apple. Rachel’s body would go no further a hand in her pussy an apple size balloon up her ass. The rubber tube was incredibly strong and it sprang taut as both the nurse and the soldier began to pull at the buried balloon.

“Nooo agggggggggggggg!”

She screamed as the thing tried to escape the hand in her pussy pushing with its fingers against her thin walls dividing her cunt and anal tract. They tried again pulling harder Rachel arching her back clawing the wooden headboard.

“Eieeeeeeeeeeeeee pop!”

She delivered the greasy wet ball onto the bed the thing instantly deflating. They repeated over and over until satisfied. Then they rolled her onto her back removing the fisting hand.

Rachel then had to deliver the ball from her pussy again and again each time the thing getting bigger and bigger until as the fifth hour near it was the about 5 inches wide before it popped from her greased pussy lips. The men stuck their cocks in her ass one at a time enjoying the pressure from the inflation then extractions until they finally spunked with the pressure of gripping pushing pussy muscles.

The final hour was left for the nurse to enjoy. Both women lay groins touching their legs scissored together the nurse gripping Rachel's ankle to stop her pulling away a soldier pulling the nurses ankles to make her twat press against Rachel’s. In their pussies were a two ended vibrator set on full its tip pushing hard against both women’s cervix’s. The nurse came three times before finally allowing the thrashing Blonde westerner to relax.

As Rachel was carried to her cell and laid on her bed she groaned incoherently. Her blue eyes slightly opened to see the face of a very tired guard. He raised his hands showing six fingers.

“Oh God! No! Nooo!” She wailed in her head before falling into a nightmarish sleep.

And that’s how it was for day after day. First the dildo horse, cocks getting bigger and bigger each time.

Then to the medic cell more and more synthetic cum filling the cock. The enema become larger and larger in quantity; the anal ball valve getting bigger and bigger; so it was always around the fifth hour before her strengthening anal muscles could shit it out.

Then finally; the gang rape. The fuckings were constant and almost choreographed. The inflatable ball grew bigger, the vibrators more aggressive and horrific. They began to stimulate her with low voltage dildoes and nipple clamps, then incredibly high speed vibrating power tools.

It was just over two gasping, screaming weeks later before the general finally returned.

Mobana felt his cock stiffening in his pants as he walked towards the cells. He listened as the nurse explained how things were going. Along side him there was a slight built bespectacled German man, in his late fifties with grey hair an educated manner about him.

The General opened her cell to see Rachel sat there silently. Her eyes were crazed her hair bedraggled, but they had put makeup on her, washed her and even made her wear her tatty golden heeled sandals.

He looked at her quivering Barbie pink lips. She knew he was coming today she’d been awake over an hour and had not been taken to one of the rooms. She couldn’t remember which room was due all the indignities now seeming to blur. They had told her; well given her a note from the general saying he was inspecting her performance today if she satisfied him she would be moved to his private residence to begin her service.

“She is a beauty,” the German man said entering the room.” Stand up please,” he asked. She responded to her first request in English for two weeks.

“Hmmm very nice,” he said turning her around. He cupped her tits examining the nipples, Rachel not resisting. ”They are very firm and healthy considering.” He added.

“Gggeneral please no more.” She stuttered.

The Big black dictator folded his arms in an arrogant stance.” Let us see how much of a whore you have become.” He said smiling. “First let’s demonstrate you’re riding skills.”

In the dungeon the German man gasped. The wooden horse now had two enormous cocks on it. Both were pink rubber their length covered in rubber hairs. The tips had long rubber storks like a snakes tongue the whole things slightly curved and as fat as forearms, 10 inches long.

He marvelled as she was gently lifted onto the cocks her pussy and ass swallowing inch after inch. She grunted as her pelvis slowly ever so slowly neared the base of the cocks. Her toes just touched the floor and the group could see her eyes look to the ceiling in concentration.

”She can just swallow all 10 inches,” The nurse explained, “just.”

The general waited for the men to finally release their grip and her arms fell behind her gripping the horse her tits jutting out. The switch was flicked and both monster cocks erupted into a frenzied vibrating battle with her insides.


The general couldn’t help but touch his groin through his pants the sight was electric. After five pulsating minutes the room hot and sticky with perspiration he shouted.

“Enough! Take her to the next room.”

Rachel gave a grunt of fear her first sign of resistance the soldiers having to heave her off the two wet furry ribbed cocks.

“I can see you enjoy this next one Rachel,” he teased seeing her panicking face.

In the med cell she was bound double over the chair. The German looked to the ceiling there was a drum maybe a gallon plus full of liquid. Another one was above her head.

Tubes hung down and were inserted into the captive woman.

One was put in her ass with a massive ball plug. She shook her head screaming in refusal as a bit was put in her mouth. It forced her teeth apart allowing the end of the other tube which also had a large ball on it to go into her pink painted mouth.

The general watched as the nurse released the valves on both drums fully.

Rachel’s mouth began to spew white spunk substitute onto the floor her eyes wild as she guzzled as much as she could down her throat. Her rectum flooded with oil the extra sized from the drum creating more of a pressure hose affect, in seconds she was 2 pints full of gut retching fluid.

“You’re choking her!” the German shouted in horror and delight.

The general pulled his colleague to her rear showing her wobbling ass and growing, hardening tummy.

“Push Rachel before you do,” he laughed agreeing with his colleague’s diagnosis.

The man was amazed the massive black ball was appearing from her anus it grew wider and wider till finally.

“Pop!” It farted from her the torrent of oil belching in desperate pumps from her rear.

The general immediately signalled for the mouth one to be stopped and removed.

“Cough splutter uggggg please Mobana stop I’ll do what ever you say!” She gasped come dripping from her chin and nostrils.

He gripped her hair pulling her face up.

“You address me as master from now on do you understand?”

She nodded looking submissive.

The general undid her ties himself.

“Wash her and bring her to the final cell. I will do this alone.”

In the ornate bed cell the general waited for the door to close before he spoke.

“Rachel,” he said sitting next to her on the bed. “From now you will have only one purpose as my slave. You no longer exist in the outside world, just in my private heaven and hell. Once you are finished here you can begin to serve me and my family until old age turns you into a hag.”

He laughed. “I will no doubt be dead by that time and as your usefulness recedes let’s hope my sons keep you as a cleaning maid. Well who knows; that is a long, long way away.”

“Gggeneral, she said sobbing, I..I..” the general put his finger to her lips.

“Ssssh slave now lay back and open your lovely long legs.

He greased his hand then the other as she whimpered spreading her thighs. He pushed his cone fingers at her anus opening her up. He smiled in satisfaction his hand with some effort slowly disappearing until he was wrist deep.


“Good slave now your cunt. Use your fingers spread your lips for me.”

Rachel sobbed as she drew back her lips with her long fingers the generals second hand burying easily in to a large loose pussy. His first like a incredible dump up her rear.


“Uuuuuuggggggg!” She grunted at the double hand penetration.

He began to flex and pump enjoying been inside her places feeling the tiny wall of flesh between his different hands.

“Rub yourself,” He ordered, “come on my hands.”

She began to rub her clit obediently as he pumped in and out. There would be no fooling him he would know if and when she came. The training had made her body so responsive and the indignity; she embraced the humiliation like a comforting blanket. Her own arrogance had gotten her here and now she accepted her punishment.

“Ohhhhhhh Rachel;” her mind gasped, “you stupid fucking girl!”

Within minutes she was screaming in ecstasy her ass biting on his wrist her pussy flooding making his hand a soaking mess.

“Yes bitch yessssssss I can feel you in spasm, excellent!”

His hands slipped from her with disgusting pops and animal grunts of relief.

He stripped fully sitting on a chair his cock upright. Rachel stood and came towards him slowly. At arms reach he pulled her onto him telling her to ride his cock. He spun her around locking her legs together with his shins pulling her round ass onto his dick.

She began to bounce up and down, his cock pistoning into her rear hole.

“No slave, sit on it fully.” She stopped and complied till her ass was on his lap his rod buried up her tunnel. He cupped her small cup tits feeling the texture.

“Use your ass muscles to milk me.” He ordered.

Rachel began to squeeze her now considerably stronger anal muscles the general groaning and occasionally thrusting up of his chair.

“Hmm very good slave so strong down there.”

Rachel continued to concentrate massaging his hard rod till finally.

“Ug, ug, uggggggggg yesssssssss!” He climaxed inside her bouncing up and down on the seat Rachel like a rag doll tossed about.

He allowed her to lie on the bed as he dressed. Opening the door he called for the guards.

“Two more weeks,” he said calmly to the delighted soldier.

“Noooooo! You promised,” she screeched in horror.

“You still show too much free will and failed to follow my orders.” He snapped back.

“But I did,” she cried overwhelmed with confusion and horror,” I did.”

He shook his head, “you said general just after I told you to call me Master.”

Rachel shook her head in disbelief, “but, but, I, I Oh God no, noooooo!”

The cell door slammed shut the general walking out into the daylight. The German man stood patiently with the nurse.

“Another two weeks doctor then you can have her.” The man nodded. “Very well my discretion is assured.”

The general narrowed his eyes. “Doctor,“ he said menacingly, “my reach around this world is great you will find your discretion is guaranteed.”

The Doc gulped and nodded. “Of course general, now about my fee I would like a sweetener for the delay.”

The general scowled but the nurse explained the Doc idea. It seemed quite reasonable.

The general marched off as the soldier shouted from the door to the nurse. “It’s time to begin again.” She nodded and took the grinning German mans wrist. “We have a guest for the rest of the day.” She shouted back, leading the doctor to the gang rape.

The confident sexy reporter had been in the camp for nearly a month when the routine of sexual repetition began to go strange. She wasn’t sure if she was hallucinating, dreaming or dead but the world seemed distant, then she there was big stretches of time which seemed almost outside her body.

She remembered been in a bed with bright lights then blackness then glimpses of that German bastard who had raped her with the help of the soldiers and nurse. She sensed passage of time but didn’t experience it. In moments of clarity she realised she was drugged but only for that moment to go and Rachel to slip back into a sea of confusion.

She awoke after more than two weeks of drugged haze to find herself in the four poster bed rape cell; not her usual meagre confines.

She was dressed in a skimpy cloth nightie; her head aching with intoxication. She noticed the change in herself almost at once. Her nightie thrust out under her neck, she could feel the extra weight on her frame. Her hands moved up to touch two firm large mounds under her top.

“Oh Jesus.”

She choked, pulling the top over her head. Her new porn queen tits thrust out at 45 degree to each other. The things were perfect domes the nipples appearing constantly erect chaffing her on the inside of her nightshirt. They were fat and pink, inch long teats and each had a gold ring through it, like you might find on a bulls nose.

“Oh the fucking…” She stared in disbelief, the German, he was a plastic surgeon.

“Jesus no, this can’t be happening,” she screamed. They’d turned her into a pneumatic whore.

The tits were magnificent; though big they were not of a ridiculous size for her schoolgirl frame. Her slim waist now was topped by an impressive silicone cleavage. The tits felt a little tender but not painful, the woman being kept unconscious while the bandages were on. She cupped the round skin feeling the weight she would now have to get used to

She felt her back starting to ache a little, it would probably take some time.

She put her head in her hands in total sobbing despair and then heard someone approaching. Rachel pulled the nightshirt over her new obscene assets and waited. The cell door opened.

It was Mobana.

“Slave,” he said in a powerful voice.

“Y…yes master?” She replied in fear. One wrong word and she knew he would he put her through another two weeks of training?

“Your fiancé has left the country. He has accepted there is no more he could do.”

Rachel gave a little moan of realization not daring to react anymore.

He continued. “My darling daughter helped him so much, but he just kept coming up against barriers. In the end one of his team was shot near the battle line and he realised it was just too dangerous.”

Rachel new chest rose and fell in hyperventilation. “Oh God that’s it. I am dead!”

“But don’t worry,” He added, Koko consoled him through his grief. I think he just needed to release that pent up frustration when he fuck her that final evening. What do you think of that Rachel?” He asked provocatively.

Rachel paused gripping her hands into fists nails biting into her skin to stop her wailing in anger.

“I think whatever my master tells me.” She answered slowly and nervously.

He looked down at her nightshirt noticing the bulge created by her hidden breasts.

“Magnificent are they not?” He said with a beaming grin. I hope you appreciate the money I’ve spent on you.

Rachel slowly nodded her tearful eyes down.

The general looked at his watch. “I have guests here with me today. Tomorrow you’ll be flown to my private retreat far to the south. It’s almost as remote as this from prying eyes. But for tonight you will entertain our guests in the officer’s quarters.”

He closed the cell door and marched away as Rachel rolled on her side hugging her new enhancements.

That evening a long flowing gold dress was brought in for her. She gulped at the sight of it. She’d barely been in clothes for the last month. It fit her perfectly; long split up the thigh the plunging neckline just containing her new improve mounds. Along with the gown she slipped on the high heeled gold sandals.

She knew what would happen. She’d be introduced to some disgusting leering man then she’d have to fuck him or worse. Her mind was in turmoil with the feeling of helplessness. She didn’t want to do it but she couldn’t take another two weeks here.

She left her cell block escorted by two guards. Her heels crunched softly on the dust courtyard as the night air was full of buzzing and clicking insect noise. There was no where to run, it was pointless she was like a lamb to the slaughter she thought to herself. The officer block was a huge keep type structure the helipad on its roof. The sound of laughter and music could be heard as she entered and climbed the spiral staircase.

The general was sat reclined on a sofa sipping a drink. In the room were two other men. They were Arabs dressed in robes their faces dark and tanned their ages mid fifties.

“Ah Mustafa and Ali here she is,” exclaimed the general standing up arms out in greeting to his beautiful blonde slave.

The Arabs raised their eyebrows at the voluptuous woman who entered. Rachel was finding it difficult to get used to heels again especially with her new cantilever cleavage and she struggled to remain upright and still. But her shoes accentuated her long legs firming her ass making her shoulder pull back thrusting out her melons. She held her hands together apologetically her long golden hair down one shoulder, blue eyes looking into soulless dark pupils.

“What a beauty!” Mustafa declared in a loud voice then narrowed his eyes. “She seems familiar?”

“Maybe,” Mobana replied taking a sip of his drink, “She used to be a TV journalist before she crossed me.”

The men burst out laughing the Arabs nodding in understanding.

“Excellent! Excellent!” Ali repeated admiring the general’s style.

“I’m Rachel Goodbody!” She suddenly blurted pink lips quivering, “Please I just want to go home.” Then she gave a hesitant gulp seeing Mobana’s angry eyes.

“Oh shit!” She though to herself.

The General frowned for a moment then growled.

“Even after weeks of training this one’s still feisty.”

“All the better general,” Mustafa added, “why break all her spirit? I find the prospect of humiliating such a resistant slave so much more arousing.”

Ali nodded in agreement.

The general thought for a moment. He had slaves; lots of mindless conforming women. The Arab was right he would enjoy her so much better with a little life in her.

She looked as stunning as at those ambassadors’ parties she had attended. Still a little arrogant upturn in the nose but her trembling lips told him it was all for show. She knew who was in control. Reports from his nurse had told of spanking sessions till she’d feinted, tag team fisting and aggressive three hole raping

“I think we’ll let you keep your name Rachel.” He said after a pause.” So you will remember who you were in years come and reflect on what might have being if you had not decided to cross me.”

He curled his arm around her waist stoking her hair. “Now sit on my friend Mustafa’s lap and let him have a look at you.”

Rachel nodded with total fright of his next reaction and did as she was told. The Arab instantly put a hand along her thigh another inside her loose garment to grope a tits. He groaned in delight feeling the nipples with fat rings through and eagerly twisted them.

“Uggggg oh,” she gasped, her tit ends yelping. She felt his other hand inside her thigh stroking at her naked groin.” Please I don’t want to.” She said knowing it was pointless.

“Open your legs,” the Arab snapped pushing her knees apart with his hands.

Mustafa was pulling the dress open allowing him to see her open pussy. He looked on in fascination as his colleague opened an ornate travel trunk and produced a glass test tube about an inch wide with a ball pump on the end. The general looked into Rachel’s blue eyes.

“Listen carefully Rachel, my friends here are very important people. If by sunrise they have not been fully satisfied I will feel dishonoured and your punishment will be severe and long.”

With this clear message he saluted his visitors and left the room.

Ali closed the door still holding the tube and looked at the seated couple, the blonde wriggling on his friends lap. Mustafa was groping at will, Rachel’s long legs kicking out trying to steady her body. He moved in front of them his hands on her knees pressing them apart.

“Now miss first let’s see how much of a whore you are.” He said as he tested the ball pump on the end of the tube.” We want to see you come my dear.”

Rachel grunted and struggled as her knees were pulled wider apart. She could feel the bulge of the Arab on her seated bottom his fingers still twisting her nipple rings like dials.

“Please sir,” she said in an almost apologetic tone. “Please help me I’m with a news channel they will be very grateful I….”

The Arab sniggered cupping her tits feeling the weight like ripe fruit.

“Rachel Goodbody yes I know who you are. Not so cocky now my dear are you?”

His friend was waving the test tube in front of her face. It was another crazy suction device she was sure of that. She could see the chest it had come from there were many more bizarre things in it. A perverts workshop she imagined, thinking, “oh God what’s he going to do?”

“Oh! Uggggg!” She gave a surprise gasp of sensation.

She gritted her teeth as the Arab pressed onto her slit pushing the open rim down onto her clit. Her eyes widened with a little horror, her clit felt swollen. The Arab sensing her surprise explained.

“A slight alteration here as well I think.”

He laughed pumping the rubber ball with his hand. “The doctor enhanced your clitoris as well as your breasts by the looks of it.”

“Oh God,” groaned Rachel the pull of the suction tube now creating an inch long pink clitty stump inside the glass.

The Arab could see her enlarge bud, like a fat cherry the air been sucked from the tube instantly tugging the fleshy lump up into the airless void. He beckoned his friend to look over the woman’s shoulder down to her groin.

“Look at the size of this bitch’s sex.”

The seated man did just that twisting her nipples as he did. “Maybe she should have a ring through that too?” He said, seeing the bud flesh grow redder as the air was sucked from the tube.


She gasped her hands reaching down to the tube just for the man’s much stronger hands to pull them away.

“Behave slave! Now open your legs wider; do it!”

The Arab was pulling her gold dress over her head so once again she was naked heeled legs wide apart her big tits arching upwards as the test tube thrust from her clit like a glass cock.

She began to pant and bite her lip the tube now totally devoid of air her clit like a two inch slug trying to pull itself deeper and deeper with each squeeze of the ball pump.


“Is that feeling good?” The seated Arab asked, a finger dangerously inside a nipple ring like he was about to pull the pin on a grenade. “Is it arousing; you dirty little American bitch?”

Rachel gave a yelp thinking he might tear her nipple. ”Yes, yes master uggggggg!” Then she gave a long sensuous groan as her clit grew hotter and hotter.


She felt him open his robe his long hard cock pressing snugly along her ass crack. He gently lifted her until it sprang upright between her thighs the sucking tube bouncing against its upright flesh.

“Feed me into your pussy,” he demanded. “Do it!”

Rachel’s hands went between her legs gripping the shaft and she raised her ass pointing his sweaty cock head against her lips under the clit tube. She was about to say it wouldn’t go when she felt her hole open, the long Arab member sliding up her deep tunnel the clit tube still firmly in place

“Uggggggg oh uh, uhhhhhhhhh!” She groaned with pleasure his cock inside her pussy, her clit under intense suction pressure.

The Arab s eyes widened feeling her chute instantly become lubricated; his cock a happy wet invader

“Oh Miss you are sooo welcoming.”

Rachel was unable to respond to his teasing as she gave a series of sensation filled grunts and groans.

He steadied her wriggling waist by gripping a hard tit. Rachel to everyone’s surprise including herself was already about to come. He took the pump from his friend, now he would bring her to climax on his upright cock the white babe gasping in embarrassment at her reaction.

“Ugh, no, nnn, nno, ugh, ugh oh god stop uhhhh uhhhhhhhhh eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Mustafa felt her pussy grip and massage his buried cock the juices slurping as he slowly pumped into her frenzied hole

“Awwwwww ugggggg!” She was climaxing intensely her fingers gripping the arms of the chair then gripping the clit tube as the sensation became too much.

“Uuuuuu no get it off uggggggggggg!”

The Arab was tugging at the tube trying to pull it off without releasing the vacuum causing her clit to stretch and bend. Both men gripped and pulled at the sucking tube.

“Eieeeeeeeeeeee… Pop!”

It came loose; Rachel screaming in relief and ecstasy. She gave another animal scream her back arching as she final began to come down from climax.

He lifted her off his cock the sweaty woman gripping him for dear life her body still tender and fragile. Both men were now stripping naked their fat bellies overhanging two rampant hard cocks; Mustafa’s glistening with the woman’s come. She was position on all fours Mustafa taking her head and sliding his dirty cock into her throat.

“All the way in slut.” He ordered, Rachel’s gulping but not gagging as inch after inch of come’d on cock slid down to touch her tonsils.

Ali wasted no time in mounted her from the rear pushing into her soppy hole his hands reaching around to grip her tits.

“I’m going to ride you like a thoroughbred.”

He began to fuck; long hard strokes into her twat at the same time Mustafa pulling her head down onto his cock so her lips pressed onto his hairy pelvic base.

Both large dark skinned men reminded her of bears, hairy and wild their fat frames looking out of proportion to her teen like figure. She was a stunning lithe beauty with tits to die for her eyes blue and innocent yet even pumping her at both ends she soon began to bore the men.

“We hear you can take a man’s hand?” Mustafa said gritting his teeth as the woman slurped on his rod. She could only cough and lower her eyes as she blew him.

Ali withdrew his cock pushing his fingers into her pussy hole.

“Yes easily!” He shouted excited by the sensation of her pussy lips slowly swallowing his wrist.

He pushed more twisting his hand. She was taking it!

“The prophets be praised I have never seen such a deep well of delight.”

His hand was buried to the wrist; Rachel’s ass beaded with sweat her head not flinching from the oral servicing she was giving. Both men growled with lust the humiliation of being able to touch her from within delighting them.

Mustafa felt his balls tightening his arousal heightened knowing she hand his friends hand inside her small curvaceous hips.

“Uggggggg! I am near release,” he groaned.

Ali was slowly pumping her yielding hole; the juice around his wrist.

“This white witch could take a cock the size of an Arabian.” He declared.

Mustafa imagined the enormous cock of one of his many white stallion horses. The image of this young American strapped and mounted by one was too much for his control.


He unloaded a torrent of come down her throat Rachel gulping it before it could froth up into her nostrils.


He pulled his cock from her mouth a trail of white hanging from her lips to his sore eye hole, but there was not let up for the woman. Ali continued to fist, harder and harder pulling her away from his friend so Mustafa could reach for the travel chest.

Rachel began to grunt and shake the fisting intense unaware that the other man had now brought out another device.

“Use this,” he panted. And Ali withdrew his hand to hold the pistol grip of a power tool. Where the chuck was they had attached a 6 inch long but 2 and half inch wide dildo. It was orange with knobbles along its length like a fat corn cob.

Rachel looked back over her shoulder.

“Oh God, no don’t pleaseeeuggggggggg!”

Ali thrust the fat can like cock into her hole the ribs pressing hard against her pussy walls. It felt like a hand at its widest but all the way from its tip to exit.

She was panting looking over her shoulder eyes pleading, her tits glistening in sweat.

“Oh God, oh God oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”


He pulled the trigger the drill beginning to spin the can cock at about 5 revolutions a second.

“Uggggggggggg!” She screamed at the sensation the men drilling her pussy with a hand size ribbed cock.

Mustafa pressed a hand onto her back to hold her in place and using his other hand thrust two fingers into her ass to feel the vibrations running through her body.

“Ohhhhh ugh, ugh please ugggggggggg!” She wailed her teeth chattering her vision blurring as her body vibrated.

Ali was a eager workman twisting and pumping the pistol drill her hole; rim frothing with juice whipped into a lather. Mustafa took over and between them they rolled her onto her back. She lay tits pointing to the ceiling her legs bent her mound raised the drill whirring in her bloated pussy juices spitting in all directions.


Ali straddled her chest his cock waving over her tits. She arched her back in uncomfortable convulsion her tits thrusting up and he cupped them together forming a cleavage like a mountain valley. He rammed his cock between her domes pumping hard and fast his thumbs teasing her sore ringed nipples. His cock head was popping out near her neck like a demented vole the eye weeping any second he’d…


The wads of come pumped onto her neck and chin the man releasing a bountiful load Rachel almost unaware her head flailing, hair whipping teeth gnashing as Mustafa drilled her hole for all it was worth.

“Jezzzzzzzzzzzeieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” She screamed nails biting the expensive carpet.

He withdrew the spinning cock her pussy left open and exhausted. She felt the stink of come on her face and chest her long fingers touching the spider web of white filth, big globs dripping from her finger tips.


The men were taking a drink one lifting her head to allow her lips to sip a glass of sweet tea. She drank slowly her long lashed eyes looking for any type of kind gesture to make her feel more human. She need not have bothered. Both men made ready for bed the evening growing late. Once they were ready they led her to the bedchamber a draped large bed in the middle of an elegant room.

She took off her shoes bending down stretching her long calves. The men admired her frame lustfully. Their will was strong bit their aging flesh weak; neither looking like he would become erect again.

They escorted her onto the soft bed telling her to lie down. She complied feeling the luxurious sheets under her. She looked forward to a soulful sleep. Then she moaned in resignation. Both men were putting on harnesses around their groins.

Each harness had a long, about 9 inch long black rubber cock. Her eyes widened as she saw Mustafa press a concealed pad and the cock begin to gyrate slowly.

Pleased it was working he turned it off.

Rachel tried to sit up but Ali was already behind her laid on the bed. He pressed her shoulder down making her head sit back on the pillow, Mustafa turning off the light climbing into the bed to face her.

That night she found it difficult to sleep. The men had sandwiched her as she lay Ali sliding his long vibrator up her anus, Mustafa doing the same to her pussy. Once both black banana type vibrators were in her they then lashed their harnesses together around her hips. She was unable to retract either cock the men’s groins pulled snug with her ass and pelvis.

The men had switched on the cocks and Rachel had felt the twisting burrowing ends deep against her cervix and intestine. The men settled down to sleep embracing her, hands caressing her hips and tits till eventually they were snoring.

“If you wriggle and make so much fuss that you wake us,” Ali had warned, “you will spend the night hung by your ankles from the ceiling crossbeam.”

The small blonde reporter lay there still abused even while they slept; her occasional aroused moans and climatic bucking stirring them momentarily from their slumber. Deep into the night the batteries strength began to weaken and Rachel’s s numb body allowed her to drift into a vibrating nightmarish sleep.

As her eyelids closed she knew tonight was the start of the rest of her life.

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