B-Movie babefest (part2 of4)

B-Movie babefest (part2 of4)

The car was hot with energetic bodies, the young stud's mouth devouring Miss Crome's ruby red lips. His hands caressed her half dressed body, loose teachers blouse, grey short skirt and high black heels. Her sculpted hair, cut into a 30's bob was as black and shinny as her stilettos. Her sucked in cheek, fashion model face stared lustfully into the jocks excited eyes. His hands stroked her butt then the length of her thigh. Her hand in turn clawed his back under his shirt, the other hand unbuckling his belt.

"Oh god, it's going to happen!" He thought to himself with growing disbelief.

It had all paid off; his embarrassing flirting, his longing looks, then that stolen peck on the cheek. He'd stuck his neck out, but had come through. Now he was reaping the spoils of the victor. She'd told him not to worry about a thing, just follow her lead. And boy she was really leading.

"Mmmm, uh, yes that's it uuh, lets get those pants off you honey." She cooed.

Miss C flicked his belt buckle loose. A move she'd perfected through many encounters in the back seat of a car. As her hand groped inside his fly tugging his hardening cock out, she gave a practiced yelp of delight guaranteed to send the hormones pulsing in any young man who heard it.

"Oooohhh you are a big boy aren't you." She teased coyly; her dark eyes like oily pools; bottomless devoid of true feeling. Her nails traced up to his cock's tender tip the jock continuing to kiss and slobber over her mouth and neck.

She'd removed her knickers long before getting in the car; another trick learnt from experience. And the boys hand surprisingly felt her bare ass, the grey skirt riding up to show a dark triangle of pussy.

She pushed him back away from her as she jerked his cock. Admiring his firm length, then his strong physique up to his face, she winked and smiled her brilliant white teeth sparkling in the dark cab.

Miss Crome was tall and very slim. Too slim for her own liking, she didn't rate her own small breasts and bony butt. However she made fantastic use of her long shapely legs, jet black vamp hair and her mesmerizing mouth and eyes. Her preference for bending over at the waist to pick low objects while pushing her butt out legs straining, was almost legendary at college among male students and teachers alike. So was her dominatrix manner, even the most self assured buck going weak at her critical tone.

She also knew from experience this young man wouldn't be up for much foreplay, his body already easing in between her legs eager to bury himself.

She slid down the seat, her crotch rising, her hand guiding him.

"Slowly," she coached, her fingers gripping his ass tightly. "That's it slowly uhh, ooh, ahhhhhhhh mmmmnnnnnnn!"

He felt his shaft pushing at her body as she guided. Then out of nowhere the flesh gave way his cock finding a moist hot hole that sucked him inside.

"Urrrrrrrrrr Miss, oohh fuck yeah uuhhhhh!"

He whimpered as her legs gripped his back, pulling him deeper into her. The young man poked his cock as far as he could go them began to withdraw.

"Uggg, uhh, uh, uh, uh, uuhhhh!"

He began to pump at the first opportunity, her pelvis rising up with each thrust to meet him, her eyes wide with delight, yet another virgin scalp for her.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! That's it honey, that's it, uhh, ahhh!"

The car was rocking, Miss C moaning more for affect than ecstatic delight, encouraging the inexperienced teen mounting her. His was banging with all the energy you would expect of a college kid, more animal frenzy than refined technique. Her heels kicked the windows then the roof as he pounded down into her; and neither heard the latch click or the front passenger door slowly open a few inches at a time.

Back at base camp the Major gave a satisfied grunt. "About time! God dammit!"

Another convoy of trucks and Humvee's approached him, the troops inside dismounting as orders were barked. The men all in full battle dress and face camouflage unloaded their kit; each one stopping for a moment to glance at the shimmering shield. Then every man doubled his efforts, realizing this late night mission would be no practice drill. The troops from A company site sentry battalion adjusted their night vision mounted M16 weapons; the scopes turning the night green revealing its secrets.

The Site sentry battalion was tasked with the protection of restricted government buildings and research facilities. Their motto was 'See no evil here no evil.' As much a description of their ignorance of the contents of the top secret sites they guarded as it was of their willingness to use deadly force to stop others seeing inside. Their commanding officer approached to receive his orders. He had been responsible for the security at the Major's Labs and was annoyed that his men had been rallied so late.

"Sir I should have been informed earlier, this situation could compromise the facilities we have just come from." His men were already taking up defensive positions along side the existing squad and the Major didn't respond to his complaint; instead he just took the man's rifle from his hands.

He raised the telescopic sight pointing it into the shield.

"Hmmm got them." He mumbled, cigar still in his mouth.

The alien fog had been penetrated and he saw the glow of the warm disc many insect bodies around it, the house cold and black beneath it. Nearing the scene was the unmistakable shape of two human figures their size bulky in heavy protective clothing. It was Capt Fin and her aid. Behind the saucer another dark object appeared to be under construction. Its shape looked to him like a leaning tower slowly tapering to a 3 foot tip. Then it reminded him of something far more in his field. He turned back to the green and black faced painted officer the situation suddenly just getting much more threatening.

"Find me a way in son."

The officer briskly saluted; recon was what his men did best.

It was Miss Crome who felt the cold metal tip first. The jock had her almost flat on her back her knees pressed down on her chest, high heels making a mess off the car ceiling. In this crushed position her vaginal canal was shortened and the lads thrusting cock was nudging angrily against her cervix. Her clit was hardening as she felt his fat waist stretch her thighs painfully wide.

"Oh, oh, ooh yesss ugghh ah, ah, ah, ah." His efforts were having effect. Anymore of this and she'd definitely come.

She gave a yelp her voice hoarse her eyes surprised. Something was pushing into her up turned ass. Had the teen a dildo? If so this was really starting to get interesting. The intruding thing suddenly twisted and she felt her anus busted painfully, her rear shaft filling rapidly. She convulsed in horror.

The boy gave a triumphant grunt as her hands clawed his shoulders. Her face was contorted a howling groan filling the interior. He gripped her harder as he fucked; he was better at this than he ever imagined!

Then he too gave a shriek as a metal tentacle tip buried 4 inches up his own sweaty rectum; his pinned lovers butt probe already beginning to buzz.

Captain Fin and Jackie felt hot and cramped in their suits, the small window for vision making them feel terribly claustrophobic. Ahead towering above them was the underside of the saucer. They looked for signs of propulsion as they neared, but it was perfectly smooth even the crash didn't seem to have made any scars or pits in its shell.

Jackie fell behind as Fin neared the hatch. Bugs were everywhere though none seemed to notice her as they scurried back and forth. She'd noticed the large tower shape on the other side of the ship standing in the farm yard and she made a decision to quickly have a look. Fin and the other bug didn't see her edge back until in a flash she was out of their sight tracing the edge of the ship with her hand, peering into the courtyard. She clicked her com.

"Captain, keep them busy I've taken a detour!"

Fin spun around then back to look at the leading bug. It hadn't noticed. She gave a quick confirm message back and continued to follow up to the ships entry hatch, hoping the escort wouldn't turn around.

In the courtyard more bugs worked oblivious to the young Jackie near by. The tower was about twenty five feet high. A lattice work of metal, it had a long cylinder raised through the middle. The base had what appeared to be stabilizers the whole erection been some way off vertical, pointing to the sky. Jackie didn't need to have spent a life time in military to realize what this was. It was some kind of huge artillery piece.

What had just been a secret lustful encounter had turned into panic and horror. The jock couldn't pull out of his sexy teacher, the probe already far too deep, threatening to drive into his gut if he pushed back. The tip was vibrating the sensation rattling his pelvic bone his balls juddering like he had electrodes attached to them. Miss C was still clawing hold of him, her face pressed onto his chest as she gripped him tight in terror. Her shitter was full of sickeningly deep vibrating metal tip, her experienced pussy still full of cock.

"Awwwwwww help ooh god what arrrrrrrrrrrr!" She screamed.

The lad was also crying out, his ass burning with the alien phallus. The tip seemed to be searching inside his body to put pressure deep near his cock base.

"Ooohh what uhh argg, argg aeeeeieeeeeeee!!"

He felt his balls tighten his cock ejaculating into her. Miss C sensed the hot spurts but could only scream as her butt probe began to stab up and down her shaft like she was been fisted by a whole arm.

"Aggg, awwwwwww shit, shit shitttttttttttt! Awwwwwwww Ugh, ugh Uggghhhhh!

She struggled to breath, the young man almost collapsing on her. His eruption almost over he too also screamed, and she realized it was also buggering him hard. The probe was making his emptying cock vibrate against her fleshy walls and Miss C's pussy muscles gripped him tight as she came herself with a deafening primeval scream.

"Ooh aaarrg, argghh. Aeeeeeeeeeeeeiiieeeeeee gghhhhhhhhhh! Ug, ug, uggggg!"

The tentacles now writhed more, lifting him from her soaking twat, the man trying to grip the interior as his face pushed against the roof. The anal intruder was stuck up him pulling him out of the door onto the earth. The sexy teacher, still moaning was also been removed and as if she was some kind of glove puppet on a pole; lifted out into the night air.

Her face was drawn her eyes rolling and he knew she was mercifully unconscious. He gave a thankful groan as the tentacle removed itself from his burning anus. He only had a second to decide if to make a run for it before a web of hot sticky steel strength thread began to enshroud him and his leggy date.

Fin, once inside the ship felt very alone. The bug didn't seem to care it had lost one of its guests. She also had no way to communicate with it unless it chose to; which it frustratingly didn't appear to want to do. The corridors and the sub structure of the craft didn't appear to be very complex. This thing seemed to be able to contain maybe a hundred bugs but where were the engines, the fuel, and the avionic stored? The craft appeared more of a container than a space ship, and she sensed she was nearing the middle, probably the flight deck.

As she entered the domed room, she gave a nervous gulp. Ahead on what must have been the command chair was a much larger alien. Its segmented body was attached by pipes to consoles, its many tentacles and arms animated like it was performing a dance. Knelt beside it arms behind her back was a beautiful naked woman. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her large tits. Her skin was goose pimpled in the chilled room, her luscious plump butt and hour glass waist making almost a caricature of female loveliness. Sheriff Vale as Fin correctly assumed was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling as she tried to calm herself. It was also instantly clear that the captive stunner was breathing the atmosphere without any problem. Fin didn't know how or if she should react and was relieved when this apparent queen alien spoke in her head.

"Welcome Captain Finzzz. I'm sure you have many question you would like answeringzzz"

Fins mind was filled to the brim with questions and the queen provided almost instant answers. The psychic link was an overwhelming flood of images and data. It was like trying to drink through a fire hose; too much too quickly.

The creature in front of her claimed to be their leader, their mother, pilot and queen all in one. They were a nomad race whose crafts, themselves bio metallic creatures, were powered by the bug races considerable mental powers. The ship around them was part of a much bigger living craft still in orbit. Their landing was not how they had anticipated, the mental powers of the queen and her crew almost at exhaustion.

Fin tried to speak but the bug answered before she could open her mouth.

"Yes is it safe to remove your protective clotheszzz. We have been a vagrant race for countless centuries and therefore take our protectionzzz very seriously. We have learnt to defendzzz and dissuadezzz intrusion more than be confrontational."

The captain removed her heavy hood her face sweaty, black hair matted to her face.

Sheriff Vale called to Fin, arms still pinned. "Who the fuck are you? And what the hell's going on?"

The creature spoke to both of them.

"We require your assistance for which we will gladly repay with technological informationzzz."

Fins eyes lit up. This is what she'd worked for all her career a chance to make history. Candy shook her head

"Its bullshit they've done obscene things to a farm hand and God knows what they've doing to poor Daisy Cummings."

The Queen continued. "This womanzzz is only restrained for her own good. Clothes are an irrelevance to us and we did not mean any offence by stripping her. It was necessary for our researchzzz."

Candy shook her head again cussing the huge insectoid.

"Be quiet!" Fin snapped impatient at the sheriff's lack of vision. "This is now under military jurisdiction. I'm in authority to make negotiations."

Candy let of a volley of expletives in disgusts. "What the fuck was this woman thinking of?"

The bug finished it request." We believe your racezzz has the mental capacity to recharge our ships batteries. The strength of energy wave you produce when in sexual arousal could be enough to power our machineszzz. Without your help we are marooned here."

Fin felt the pride rising. This was bigger than some farm teens and hick sheriff. She was making decisions for all of humanity. The sheriff looked with growing dismay at the science officer in front of her. Once again she disagreed; this time with her own menacing hiss.

"No fucking way soldier girl. I'm not getting hot for any fucking alien to plug me into his ship.

Fin was approaching the Queen almost dismissing the woman. "You're a government employee; you'll do what is required by your country." The bug raised itself to its full 12 feet height in delight.

"Excellent, I knew we could come to an agreement. I hope we can use your expertisezzzz."

Fin nodded, "off course I've spent many years of research in to…" The queen stopped her. "No thatzz is not required, it izzzz your expertise at been a woman that interests us."

Outside, a quarter of a mile away six camouflage webbed figures were following the contours of the corn fields. The men, in pairs, were advancing along the rim of the shield stopping then covering the next two as they leapfrogged along the perimeter. They scanned the ground hoping to detect a half covered drain or gulley through which they could enter the shield.

The sergeant above all was concentrating on well drilled routines. Observe, cover, advance, and observe over and over, on and on. He could see through his night sight the ship and house, and he wondered if the sexy young redhead scientist he had recently started dating was safe or desperately in need of his help.

Jackie felt very exposed standing in the courtyard. "Why would they need some sort of cannon?"

She repeated the question over and over in her head. Her com line hissed and she realized her link with her captain must have been blocked by the silver craft. She began to turn and move back when she saw the mass of bugs flowing from the ship. Over twenty of them moved inexorably towards her. Their tentacles waved clawed hands raised, teeth chattering menacingly.

"Oh shit!" She squealed as they flooded over her, the tide of shells sweeping her along like a fast flowing river into the large barn that Sheriff Candy had looked in earlier.

Miss Crome was beginning to come around.

"Had it been a dream?" She thought as she tried to move.

She saw black, her body rigid. She went to scream realizing her face was covered, but she couldn't open her mouth. She knew she was laid flat traveling at speed, but how and where she didn't know?

The 3 foot wide bug tunnel echoed for miles as a scurrying noise increased ever so slowly like a closing train. The walls were glass smooth and the human cocoons slid easily along, a bug pulling from the front another pushing from the rear. The creatures hadn't had time to widen the route and made a mental note that one way traffic was only possible. All their forces must be at the target before the harvesting could start.

Fin frowned in frustration. "Why was she making it so difficult?" Officer Vale was kicking and shouting her long toned legs slipping on the metal floor. Four bugs were wrestling with her, pinning her onto a metal dentist type chair. The Captain felt uneasy, the queen instantly reassuring her.

"She won't be hurt. Please get her to relaxzzz."

But Fin couldn't. Candy was pushed back onto the reclined seat a metal strap wrapping across her shoulders and neck holding her in place. The bugs spread her legs placing her fine calves in metal clamped stirrups at an exposed, embarrassing 45 degree angle. Fin gulped seeing the woman spread eagle her bare slit visible, flat stomach tensed, huge tits like two cathedral domes pointing skyward. Candy's hands were loose but unable to unfasten the metal strap her nails tapping on the metal frame of the chair.

Below the secured beauty, between her strong thighs was a machine. It was a pyramid of pipes, tubes and canisters. Both Fin and the desperate Candy saw the segmented conical appendage at its tip. Like a cone it was 6 inches wide tapering over its ten inch length to about an inch at its glowing tip. The thing wriggled like a maggot the slimy segmented metal adding to the likeness, the tip humming as it pulsed with blue light.

The Queen impassively scanned the pair. Both women knew what was about to happen. Candy filled with revulsion, terror and a slight sexual perverse horror. Fin worried, but in control, eager for knowledge, putting misgivings to the back of her head. And wait something else; a slowly unearthing delight. Feelings she was trying to subdue as she watched the spread blonde about to be penetrated.

The first house on Love Creek's main street was the Sweetheart's residence. Their two storey wood building was painted red with matching shed and picket fence. The rear garden lawn bubbled for a second the land disappearing down a man wide pit the grass singeing at the rim. Two tentacle visitors snaked up and out towards the wall, one knocking a trash bin, dog barking a few fences down.

In the hole an antennae searched then paused, the black shell of its owner rising up its four legs pulling it out onto the lawn. The town was blissfully unaware that it's first ever visitor from out of space had arrived.

The sergeant gave a hand signal to freeze. Ahead where the fields changed height there was an old broken wire meshed fence. The post holding it was snapped, but still half vertical the mesh keeping it in place. The alien shield passed straight through at this point and the bent wire glowed and sparked. The recon team edged closer. Private Goater was closest, half lying on his belly he reached out with his gloved hand.

"I think this wire is acting like some kind of conductor Sarge."

The soldier pushed his rifle under the sparks and apparently under the shield. The Sergeant came closer to inspect. It was definitely a way through. Radio contact was prohibited in case it was been monitored, but the wire was very unstable no time to waste.

"Tomesson, Goater, Pacsal through now, move!"

The soldiers slid carefully under, the wood creaked, the wire coming dangerously close. The Sarge then followed next watching his equipment didn't snag. As he went the next man came closer and his rifle touched the fence. There was a hiss and sparks the man slipping the fence coming down. The Sarge reached back desperate for the man's pack, he in turn reacted with trained speed flinging it through the collapsing entrance. Four men were through but two of them remained on the other side. No sound was able to pass the shield and the soldiers signaled they would return to camp while the entry team headed for the ship.

The Sarge nodded and sighing with relief he picked up the precious pack, taping the C4 explosive to his thigh.

Candy could see down over her magnificent breasts to her spread pelvis. The metal maggot cone was curling and sniffing her bare slit. As its throbbing beacon touched her flesh she felt it trail a thick slime in its wake.

Fin was now out of her NBC suit dress in shorts and t-shirt. She came closer her mouth quivering a little.

"It's important you have an orgasm. Please don't resist."

Candy snarled back spitting in her direction. "Fuck you bitch."

The captain sighed and nodded to the bug with black delight. "Yes I think I may be needed to assist."

Jackie was in panic, her suit! The creatures were ripping it from her! She cried out begging them to stop the cold nigh air filling her nostrils. She would choke! But to her relief it tasted fresh, pleasant compared to the filtered muck she had breathed for the last hour. There was no time to assess the situation the scurrying mob of insects dumping her in the middle of the hay strewn floor, a scene conjured from Dante around her.

"Oh my God!" She gasped red hair ringlets framing her freckled pale face.

The repulsive cone was gut churning in its dedication. The slime tip widening Officer Vale's pussy lips, the thing twisting into her slowly.

"Ugggggghh uuhhhhhhh!"

The blue tip sent shivers along her wall nerves, Candy pelvis already tightening. She felt she was been explored by some maniac gynecologist the probe pressing searching for her g spot the metal warm and slippery.

"Ugghhhhhhh fuck, awwwwwww!"

The thing was three inches in and already she was beginning to groan. Fin was wide eyed; amazed at the technology and the debauchery by the same degree. She ran her finger along the robot maggot's length to the point where it met the woman's hole.

"Get the fuck uuuuuuuu off me you witch." Candy snarled her back arching as the tip pulsed deeper and deeper.

Fins fingers spread the captive woman's clitoral hood circling the bud. "She can be stimulated here as well." She instructed the bugs, her finger tip pressing in a slow firm circular motion flattening and flicking Candy's clit.

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhhh!" Candy groaned her face flush, massacred eyes ablaze.

The slopping noise of her own juices began to be heard, the machine thing now six ecstatic inches in.

"Ooh fuuuuuuck ugghh n nooo awwwwwwww!"

The woman s body was burning the extra clit pressure making her see spots. Fin pointed to Candy's pink nipples; erect and wanton.

"Applied pressure there will also help."

Candy gasped between pants as bug tentacle tongues snaked across her waist cupping her tits the strong muscled mouths clamping down on a teat each.

"Ooooh shit ugghh agghhhhhhhhhhh!"

She felt the conical tip now humming against her upper wall. The knot of nerve ending there fizzing with passion. It twisted again eight inches inside her, pussy lips now accommodating a 4 inch girth. She could see the blue glow through her flesh the thing horrifically deep. Fin was still pressing hard on her clit stroking the insides of her legs.

Fin felt a repressed urge grow stronger and stronger. Her embarrassment seemed so much less in this strange bizarre situation. "Do it!" She thought to herself, "In the name of science!" She added still not able to accept her darkest desires.

Candy moaned in disgust as the prim military bitch bent to lick Vale's entrance with her tongue; fingers still pressing expertly. Fin's tongue circled and gripped on the woman's bud the sheriffs revolted grunts adding to the scientist's first long self denied but dreamed of lesbian experience.

The machine's tubes and cylinders began to glow, the Candy's sex waves generating a visible energy. Fin looked for approval.

The queen was unimpressed. "The woman is nearly fully arousedzzz but the energy is still not strong enoughzzz." It complained.

The queen bug then towered behind Fin its head bending down under the woman's arm so its face looked up at Candy's probed hole her sweaty sphincter winking in the robot cocks conical shadow.

"Revulsionzzz mixed with sexual frenzy appears to have the best effectzzz." The queen announced; as her long pale tube tongue suddenly shot a full 5 inches up Candy's anal canal.

Candy gave out a schoolgirl yelp the sensation of a slimy snake like tube deep in her fabulous rear.

"Ooooooooooo! Noooo ugh, ugh, ugh, ugghhhhh!"

Fin jerked back in surprise her mind in visual overload. Officer Vale was coming, her hands gripping the metal chair, shoulders and neck tensed. Her face was contorted, eyes so wide you would think her eye balls would pop out. Her mouth was a perfect inflated oval, an ecstatic wail coming from it.

The bugs sucking her tits rocked in unison with her, their spittle tongues like pumps stretching her on fire nipples. The maggot was all ten inches in, her pelvis glowing blue; Candy squirming on the ever so wide base as slime and come mixed to form white foam. All the while the queen was sucking her backside dry, her tongue vacuuming deep into the woman's rectum.

"Jezzzzzzzzzgggggggg uhhhhhhhhhhugh, ugh, eeeeeeeeiiiieeeee!!!"

Candy screamed with carnal pleasure. She was ejaculating fluid out around the metal base. The orgasm was like nothing she ever imagined possible; her juices literally pumping out onto the floor below.


The device was flashing a brilliant blue. The tubes filling with light the energy thick in the charged air. The sound of power fizzing in the air.


The room began to brighten the walls feeding off the power. It had worked!

Jackie knelt on the hay strewn floor her eyes taking in the scene around her. The barn was occupied by eight rectangular open topped silos. These were made of glass or some other transparent material the contents an apparent clear thick slime; filling each about three quarters of the way up. Each silo stood maybe 15 feet high their width large enough to contain the full body of floating cow. Jackie felt her heart beating inside her torn t-shirt, her bare legs covered in dirt the chemical suit now in tatters around her feet.

The bugs appeared to be directing the metal tentacles into the silos; the tapered metal tips flipping open to pump the slime into the containers. The cows floating inside were rigid probably dead and Jackie could see that rapid decomposition was already starting the slime appearing to be dissolving the flesh from the carcasses.

Back in the ship Fin felt the walls hum with energy, the light they were generating feeling warm and comforting. Candy was continuing to buck, her back arched like she was receiving an electric shock. The maggot probe was still making her inside scream, and she rocked hard on it trying to push it deeper.

"Ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh!"

"What the hell was going on?" Fin could only think watching the woman continue to come. She'd been having an orgasm for over a minute, no wait more like two. But the sheriff continued to thrash her head in ecstasy, blonde mane waving, her teeth clenched, her eyes tight shut.

The giant Queen bug now retracted from her ass was also watching intently.


Candy gave a final long gargle as her body shuddered, then she went limp and passed out. The room and machine were still glowing with energy; less brilliantly now but still visible. The captain rushed to check the collapsed woman's pulse. She was ok, though clearly exhausted. Fin looked back at the Queen.

The head bug felt the hidden lust and ambition in Fin's heart. "You have helped well Captain. All our knowledge is yours for the asking. But first we require further tests." Fin looked back at the Sheriff shaking her head.

"But this woman can't take anymore she's exhausted."

The bug agreed. "But there are otherszzz here we can continue withzzz." It explained making Fin remember her mission in the first place." Will you help us with themzzz?"

Fin felt a shiver down her back. What other depths of depravity would she see in search of her dreams of fame and fortune?

"Yes." She answered feeling waves of fear and arousal coming over her.

Miss Crome was becoming very drowsy, the webbed shell she was in having a chemical effect on her skin slowly drugging her. She knew she'd stopped moving at speed and was now heading vertically; then she lost orientation.

"It must be a dream. It must be!" She thought her mind numbing.

The two cocoons were pulled from the pit up into the farmyard the bugs not stopping to rest or seeming to slow. As they pulled their prey to the lattice tower the pit entrance was surrounded by another fifty or so alien. They paused for a second as if in deliberation then the shell clad army flooded down the tunnel scurrying at speed towards the town.

The Major didn't see the bright light clear the dome, but heard the sonic boom as it thundered into the sky. He spun to see a star with a trailing tail arch up into the stratosphere, within seconds it was out of sight already free of the earth's gravity. He'd already seen what he thought was a cannon through his night sight, now the deafening crack of a shell confirmed it.

The recon officer looked at his Major. He knew the man had not informed the authorities yet. In fact the Major had transmitted that his team were still investigating the possible meteor crash, and that no assistance was needed. Now his face was shaken his cigar hanging down impotent from his lips.

The officer picked up the radio phone. "Sir we need to inform the Pentagon," then added resolutely, "now!"

Inside the dome the flash of light from the tower had been seen by the recon team. They instantly froze the crack of the launch echoing inside the mile wide bubble like rolling thunder. The men tightened their grips on their M-16's, crouching in the dense corn field. This mission looked like it had just gone weapons hot.

Jackie didn't care about the barn shaking noise. She was screaming above the roar as her naked body was been grappled into the top of one of the silos. She tumbled head long splashing into the goo instantly sinking. The slime was like a current whipping around her lithe body and she screamed again with a flurry of bubbles as she realized it seemed to be alive. Her curly red hair spread out as if on end, like she was a latter day medusa, her ash white face already looking lifeless. A few moments latter there was a second boom from the cannon.

Miss Crome felt herself been laid at an angle, the cocoon had slowly shrunk forcing her into a fetal position and she gave a pitiful moan half conscious half in nightmare. A split moment latter the tremendous G-force hit her and she lost consciousness completely. The second cocoon left from the cannons muzzle the blue trial like a huge firework, the hard shell glowing red as it traveled at incredible speed. Its destination was predestined; a point somewhere in orbit.

Jackie was drowning. She was sure of it, the final bubbles escaping from her mouth. She screamed again and the slime flooded in filling her throat. She felt she would vomit, but instead breathed in the oxygen been emitted from her fluid host. She was breathing with a little difficulty the fluid distorting the view of the outside world. She floated about two feet from the bottom; the sentient liquid holding her in place. It was almost calming, free of gravity, a warm safe feeling.

Then she felt the pressure on her pussy. The fluid pressed purposefully trying to open her hole. She mouthed silent screams as the fluid penetrated her; the liquid feeling hard, becoming rigid even. It was tugging, active in some way the sensation uncomfortable even a little painful. Her thighs were widened and she saw 3 thin pipes descending from above her, gently swimming down her thin like body like eels towards her ginger pussy.

Fin watched as Candy was carried away still unconscious. The bugs were gentle with her, the pale beauty dazzling against their jet black hides. The queen bug touched Fin on the shoulder her head moving close to science officer.

"See what we are doingzzz to your inquisitive young assistantzzz."

The captain's head filled with floating images and sounds and she struggled to concentrate the continuous insect hum when in mind link with these creatures proving very distracting. She focused harder. It was Jackie! She was totally naked suspended in a huge pool of slime.

"Our living shipzzz." The bug explained. "The fluid is neither metal nor biologicalzzz. It is Nano-technology; billions of creatures at atomic level formingzzz a whole. They permeate the hull and use the many tentacles to interact with the worldzzz around them. But like anyone they must feedzzz."

Fin was appalled. She could see Jackie legs apart her pussy wide three tubes God knows how far up her. She had a glazed look in her eyes, her mouth speaking but no sound coming out of it.

"You're going to let them eat her!" She cried, trying to break the mind link.

"Don't be foolish earthzz woman," the Queen answered, contempt in her voice. Then the bug explained what they were doing to her cute assistant in scientific jaw dropping detail.

The four man team had slowly edged closer and closer to their target. The huge disc was still not visible with the human eye, but through their green night vision they could see it now towering above them some hundred feet away. The strange cannon was now also more discernable and the Sarge began to make his assault plan. The cornfields were silent, no wind to make them sway and it was a slight rustling that attracted the point soldiers attention. He scanned through his scope, finger on trigger. He could see the corn moving in four different places; the movement coming closer and closer.

Tomesson's adrenaline began to pump, his mind focused on the job in hand. "Sarge, we've got incoming at twelve o'clock."

Four or so mile away Monica Sweetheart stirred in her bed. The girl was dreaming again of the county cheerleader trials. This was her year and she cuddled her pillow as she saw the face of that white trash farm girl Daisy Cummings as Monica received her pendant. How anyone could rate Daisy over her she just couldn't believe. Monica was roused by a noise and she stretched feeling her thigh.

"Oh damn she'd fallen asleep in her blue cheerleader kit again. Her mother would flip if she came in."

She sat up rubbing her eyes. The room was dark, black in fact, the open window now masked by something. She turned on her lamp.

The bug squirmed for a second in the bright light. Monica was sitting upright on her bed. It admired her strong tanned thighs, white training shoes still on. Her pleated ra-ra skirt was matched by a tight wool jumper with firm tits straining the fabric. Her wide lipped face was topped with a high dirty blonde ponytail, a blue matching tie holding it in place. The hive mind was now having sensations of its own. Newly acquired, they were earth feelings. And it was those of lust!

Monica screamed with terror, the thing in front of her defying belief. About her own height, its pale body was undulating, the greasy large shell as black as tar. Her room was covered in white cob webbing, like she had just woken from a hundred year sleep. The monster had numerous bone like arms and coiling tentacles all pale and shinny; covered in some unimaginable spittle.

Monica screamed again.

The cornfield was erupting in automatic fire. Tomesson was the first, releasing controlled bursts just ahead of him. Pascal came to his aid and was hit by a fast moving metal tentacle, his body been thrown backwards to the ground. The Sarge opened up, weapon butt hard into his shoulder the bullets ripping into the segmented attacker. The tapered end exploded in fluid and metal splinters the thing dropping lifeless to the ground, its contents spilling into the soil. Goater was now also firing as the corn rushed towards him.

Through their night scopes the outside camp could see the flash of weapons. They could see the men were in a tight defensive circle apparently been attacked from all side; but they were powerless to help them.

The Sarge let of another burst missing a third flailing tip. It snaked back and shot straight into Goater's chest the metal spearing him, ripping his body almost in two.

Tomesson unclipped a grenade and was about to throw it when two coils swung into him sending him flying. Pascal turned to react, only for the grenade to detonate at his feet. The blast knocked the Sarge off his balance his head crashing to the floor, his thigh hissing with shrapnel inches from his strapped C-4.

He felt his leg been tugged the pain coursing up his body, Tomesson now firing in all direction as he tried to retreat. There was a scream, then silence. The coiled tentacle dragged the Sergeant its only living prisoner slowly along the ground. The pain was unbearable and within moments he had passed out.

In the fluid silo Jackie could hear the crack of machine gun fire far away. She prayed the troops were coming. She felt she wasn't going to be able to take much more of this. Her insides were been manipulated for what reason she couldn't imagine; the gut wrenching tugging making her feel feint.

Monica's father sat upright as he heard the screams from up stairs.

"What the?"

He leapt to his feet rushing for his pantry. Monica screamed again and he gut wrenchingly knew there was an intruder in his daughter's bedroom. The double barreled shot gun snapped open as he rummaged for the cartridge box. Clicking two red shells into the barrels he cocked the weapon. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he saw it was full of webbing. It was as rigid as steel and formed a dense wall of white which he couldn't force open.

Monica cried for help again and almost in hysterics her father burst out into the garden intent on climbing the side of the wall. He never had chance to get there. The hole in his garden was spewing enormous insect like creatures. He gave a cry of shear horror as they thundered over him, his finger pulling the trigger, the twin barrels erupting into an alien's soft underbelly.

Monica heard the cry and the shots but she had no time to look. The bug was on the bed pinning her with numerous claws and tentacles its stinking segmented tongue waving near her young face. Back in the ship Capitan Finc was standing rigid. The Queen was sat back in the flight chair the tubes around it glowing. The creature was in command of the town invasion the images coursing trough her brain. Fin too was linked like it or not to the Queen's sensations and sights. Monica was petrified beneath the slimy creature as its four legs straddled her bed, the girl twisting and was pushing away as the creature drew closer. Its pincer arms sliced through her tight fabric, her clothes been shredded from her body.

"What's going on?" Fin's mind wailed; the answer once again immediate.

"The experiment has workedzzz; we now need humans to power our shipzzz."

Fin felt sick; she'd only assumed they needed power to leave. She never expected this. The buzzing in her head felt more soothing now, her thoughts struggling to remain independent of the Queens. She realized her mind was been indoctrinated, weakened to their will but she couldn't fight it. Her hidden lusts were rising up to aid the invading thoughts, her morality and compassion weakening by the second. In her head she groaned in lust and fascination, the sensations of the teen cheerleader about to be ravished by the hive collective making her knees turn to jelly.

The Sarge came around slowly his leg numb the wound cauterized by the hot shrapnel. The barn was almost over his head now. He reached for his strapped pack tearing the bounds. Any second he would be captured. The pack came away and with a painful twist he flung the deadly plastic into foliage just before the entrance door. He'd narrowed his eyes the light bright and a few seconds later he was in the barn, huge silos around him, a smell of rotting flesh in his nostrils.

The tentacle released him and he raised his body groaning in pain. Then he froze his eyes becoming accustomed to the light. It was the first time he'd seen the aliens. There must have been well over ten of the bugs skittering to and thro. He was just laid in the middle of the floor the metal coils now hanging into the tops of a silo, their contents oozing out. He knew he had no weapon, but touched were his strapped explosive had been moments earlier.

"Maybe they don't realize what it was?"

He thought this openly not realizing their immense psychic powers. But none were scanning him, in fact they saw him as no risk at all, his leg useless his armaments gone. Then he saw her. In one of the silos was a beautiful red headed girl. She looked asleep, naked, floating peacefully. He knew exactly who it was; science officer Jackie, his beautiful angelic girlfriend.

The calls over the police band were confusing at first, the large contingent outside the dome hearing excited cross chatter between officers still on patrol in the little backwater town. But slowly with growing frustration the Major, Mayor and Officer Anderson's men realized something was badly wrong back in Love Creek.

"My god they're in the town," the Mayor cried; his fist clenching wanting to slam down on a patrol car bonnet.

Over the police radio band gun shots could be heard mixed with screams and people shouting. The Major was already calling his troops together, they'd have to split their force but he had no choice.

"Jesus," he said spitting his remnant of tobacco onto the floor. "looks like a God damn invasion!"

He'd just come off the phone after having a difficult stumbling conversation with the Pentagon. He knew in an hour or so this operation would be out of his hands, he needed to get that shield down now!

Fin was slipping in and out of consciousness her legs giving way as she fell into a heap on the flight deck floor. She was writhing in pleasure her hands caressing her own body under her tight t-shirt; her lips parted in a low ecstatic moan.

"Oooooh. Mnnnnn mmmmmnnn!"

Her eyes were closed; she didn't need them as her mind reveled in the carnal horror been acted out a few miles away. She felt the sensations of the bug, large and lumbering its body excited its claws and tentacles on the soft earth girl's skin. Fin's own body was diminished as in her head she became that bug.

The Queen too bucked and jerked the sensations new to the alien ruler. Both felt like they were there, the touch and tastes theirs, the sensations burning inside their bodies. Fin could feel the segmented bony cock of the bug snaking up between the cheerleaders firm toned thighs. She could feel the bug's body pressing onto the girl's half robed chest the soft ribbed under belly rubbing over the girl's sweater covered nipples.

Monica was screaming; terror in her eyes with her arms fighting back fiercely. But as the creature pinned her down she panted more and more realizing she was losing the battle. She could feel a trial of slime from its bony cock tip along her inner thigh, its numerous legs and tentacles spreading over her like the frame of a tent.


Fin gave a pleasured moan and wriggled as the alien forced it long elephant tongue into Monica's mouth. Her own mouth gulped as she felt it slide down her throat, the girl's eyes wide in panic her voice a spluttering choking gargle. Fin could also feel and hear the bug and Queen delighting in their ravishing. She tried to refuse, protest but just gave another lustful groan as she sensed the alien cock find the young woman's slit and ease up inside her.


Monica was nearly unconscious her throat full of oozing tongue her pussy splitting open as the hard stick like cock was shoved in. She pulled her head back the tongue springing from her mouth.

"Uggh oh, oh, ahhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh no, no, nooooooo!"

The bug felt her hot pussy walls clasping its rod and the feint erotic thoughts of Fin back at its mother ship. It edged itself higher angling its dick taking heed of the scientist personal knowledge of how to arouse and cause maximum sensation inside a woman's body.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh, uh, uh, uh oh, oh, ooooooooohhhhhhh!"

The cheerleader bucked as the rod pushed it tip to places her young jock boyfriends had never knew existed; and probably couldn't have reached if they did.

"Oh, ugh, ugh. Nnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!"

She shuddered her g spot been smeared in tingling hot slime the cocks tip pressing hard and powerfully against her flesh. She tried to squeeze her thighs closed only for tentacles to prize them apart pushing them flat.

"UMmmmmmmm yesssss," Fin moaned as she writhed on the floor her thoughts now unrestrained. "Uhhhh that's it, now pump the young bitch till she feints."

Officer Vale awoke finding herself laid on a raise metal block. It was like a solid table in an almost complete stainless encased room. She slid her long legs to the side sitting upright on her peach shaped rear. She was no longer naked, having been dressed in the shortest of tight pink plastic smocks, her tits molded nipples and all into the taut fabric; the costumes length hardly covering her butt.

She looked first at her dress then around the room. She could see no door only a row of cylinders half set into the wall. They were made of glass, each filled with a pink semi clear liquid. In the end one she had finally found what she had set out for in the first place.

Daisy appeared asleep totally submerged in the cylinder.

Candy could see the young farm girl's naked chest rising and falling and it appeared she was alive breathing while totally submerged. The sheriff quickly began to trace the edge of the glass looking for a release latch or somewhere to force it open. As she did Daisy's eyes opened staring straight at her. She began to wriggle terrified fearing she was drowning. This made the sheriff pull harder her nails clawing the glass and metal. She found a raised edge and with a relieved tug the canister spewed open covering her in sticky fluid, the contents very similar in color to her dress. Daisy fell out with the escaping liquid the sheriff catching her in her arms lowering her to the floor.

Back in her waking nightmare the cheerleader continued to shriek with each curling hard thrust of bug cock. The sensation was revolting the slimy stick banging hard against her cervix the juices burning her clit her tight pussy muscles gripping with all their might. But now each shriek was not only revulsion but gaining arousal as the creatures expertly rode her young athletic frame. The bug was still increasing its thrusting; her pussy spitting slime at each rapid stab.

"Ugh, uggh, ugh oh, God, oh God, ooohhhhhhhh!

Out side her window the town's main street was in chaos as humans and bugs ran to and thro. Cars burned their occupants now missing and all around were screams and the occasional crack of a fire arm. If the bug fucked chick could have looked into her back garden she would have seen cocoon after white cocoon being hurriedly pushed down the tunnel entrance; her fellow towns people captive inside each.

Candy Vale wiped the liquid from the coughing girls face as she tried to sooth her with comforting words.

"There, there Daisy you're out now, just take a deep breath."

Slowly the farm girl began to calm, her soft tanned skin shinny still retaining some of the pink slime.

"Sheriff! What? How?" The girl gasped and spluttered and Officer Vale began to explain what she knew.

Captain Fin slid her hand down the front off her pants as she lay on her back. As her fingers caressed her own moist slit she shuddered. She needn't have bothered to stimulate herself the sensations in her mind already having her body fully on heat. She didn't care anymore; she'd given in to her hidden repressed desires. She felt the bug cock thrusting up the girl's tight twat, felt her nails clawing the bugs shell her thighs pressed flat tits thrusting up still half inside the ripped blue ra ra sweater.

She desired to taste her nipples, the bug instantly granting the wish its proboscis and claws ripping the fabric the mouth like end clamping to slurp on each nipple in turn.

"Awwwwww uuuuuggggggg!"

The Queen between pleasurable grunts informed why there was a growing burning sensation filling Fins senses. "Zzzzzzz our host is about to ejaculate its seedzzzzz!"

Fin could only raise the pitch of her moans to a near squeal. She could feel the bugs cock filling painfully. And she jerked and arched her back as she realized a thick hard swelling was passing up the bug's narrow tube. It bulged like the body of a python that had just eaten a goat. The bulge moved up the cock till it reached the cheerleaders clamped pussy entrance.

"ZZZZzzz yes, yes almost there!"

Fin tried to understand the sensation, erotic but painful.

"The bulge is a seed egg which upon ejaculation inside her will burst its contents, filling her with our semenzzz."

Monica could feel the egg like a bulge in a hosepipe, it was forcing her open. She screamed as her lips gave way the egg erupting deep inside her against her cervix. She gasped as her groin swelled the egg pushing the climaxing bug almost out of her hole. The pelvis bulge remained there for just over a second before it popped, her canal wall busting the membrane the hot sticky goo filling her pussy like cavity wall insulation.


She arched her back tits proud as her pussy forced the alien cock from her the pure white semen foaming and curling from her slit like toothpaste from the tube.

"Awwwwwwwwww noooooooo!"

Fin came like never before! Her own orgasm was a sweaty writhing spasm; the eggs final release a sensation of pleasure and utmost relief.

"Ugggggggg yes, yes, yesss, yesssssss, yessssssssssss!"

She had begun to climax just after the egg had grown at the root of the bugs cock. Over and over she had jerked till almost a minute later it had popped into the unfortunate Monica.

She understood now the delights these creatures could offer her and any last remnant of humanity had been convulsed from her body. A few exhausted minutes later she felt enough strength to open her eyes and sit up. The queen and her escorts beckoned her to follow them.

"Zzzzzz Do you wish to see what we have in store for your assistant."

Fin felt her chest heave, the thought of the sexy Kidman look alike she had worked with this last year filled her spent body with yet more carnal desire.

"Mmmnn, oh yessssss my Queen!"

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