B-Movie babefest (part3 of4)

B-Movie babefest (part3 of4)

In the Cumming's barn the noise of launches reverberated every few minutes. The Sarge had pulled himself to the out buildings high wall and through a broken plank he could see out into the courtyard. The bugs were loading the huge howitzer with the shell like cocoons. He saw one wriggle as it was lifted carefully into place and he had an awful feeling something or someone was inside it. Moments later with a deafening roar the pod cleared the muzzle traveling incredibly fast.

He had heard about projects involving 'rail guns' which were designed to launch satellites. These were electromagnetic tubes capable of generating immense speed. This was surely one of them. The tremendous noise of each launch was not explosive power but a sonic boom as the pods left the tower at maybe twenty times the speed of sound.

Suddenly he felt the shadow of an armored bug over him. He turned to see its claws and tentacles reaching out to grasp him. His leg was almost paralyzed and he didn't attempt to put up any resistance. As a coil tightened around his neck he had a resigned thought.

"Hmm might have known my luck wouldn't last."

The metalic cell room was an inch deep in pink fluid so Candy and Daisy sat feet up on the stainless plinth. The young girl was a little embarrassed with her nakedness and used her arms to cover her chest and groin. Candy herself had little more on herself; just the short tight plastic top. However more confident with her body she had long ago stopped worrying about if her tits showed through a tight material or her butt poked from under a revealing skirt.

Daisy had been petrified almost since this awful saucer had crashed down on her. Now she felt strangely safer. Officer Vale was a local hero and to her and most of the high school girls she was also a bit of an icon. She looked up through her long lashes at the chiseled nose and cheekbones of the Sheriff.

Candy looked like she'd had a long night yet retained that warm bronzed complexion her luscious lips still glistening with the slightest of non issue lipstick. Her long hair was expensively curled and sculpted the dark roots adding to her sultry look. As Candy spoke Daisy's mind wandered, wondering what her own straight (home cut) blonde tresses looked like now they were covered in cylinder fluid.

"We need to take the first opportunity to make an escape." The Sheriff explained to the cute teen.

"But how?" Daisy asked hoping for an answer, adding. "They have so much power."

Candy looked at her young charge an idea just forming in the head. She remembered back to the sparking cock pyramid she had ridden so loudly, and that filthy Jed's illuminating ejaculation.

"Yes Daisy," she said stepping down and walking to the door. "But maybe they've got more power than they can handle?"

Monica's now cocooned body was sliding into the newly formed hole in her garden as the first burst of automatic fire erupted at the outskirt of the town. Back at base camp the Major listened with intense concentration to the voices hissing over the comm.

One vehicle was overturned; three other Humvee's forming a circle like western wagons as the troopers fired in all directions. The rounds were bouncing off the alien's shells and only a belly burst of bullets would drop one of the insect invaders.

The Mayor was pale white with horror.

"The town, what's happening? He stammered.

The Major gave orders back down the comm; shouting to be heard over the crack of rifle fire.

"There's too many of them." He replied to the Mayor. "They're taking casualties. I'm pulling them out."

The town official went hysterical snatching the field radio trying to order them back. The troops pulled him away, the Major trying to placate him.

"We have to wait," he explained angered again at his own impotence. We'll have air support before dawn!"

One hundred and twenty miles above the west coast of mainland USA Miss Crome was lapsing in and out of consciousness. Her world had changed from a cramped claustrophobic shell to a half mile long craft; but she had little sense of this. Her vision was blurred to the point of been almost blind, her head throbbing from intense G force she had endured. Her body was experiencing weightlessness for the first time and this added to her dream like state. She never felt or acknowledged the wires and nodes attached to her body and caught the briefest nightmarish silhouettes before her own thoughts were finally swept away. Her body was electric as her mind began to relive the power surging sexual experiences of others, so preciously recorded earlier that night.

Captain Fin stood hands on hips her ash white face and long black hair making her look like a character from the Addams family. Above her towered two glass silos the human inside peaceful and imprisoned. Her sexy assistant floated serenely, her red curly hair dancing in the liquid. Next to her the Sarge was suspended in his own silo, his body naked his thigh wound visibly healing as the living bio slime worked at microscopic level to knit his flesh back together.

Fin admired the mans muscled physique; his six pack, tattooed strong arms, his fat limp cock. She could see her assistant had great taste in men.

The Captain felt her knees weaken as the young beauty was lifted from the silo. The red head began to splutter to life almost immediately her hips twisting her long legs rubbing together as she was gently lowered in front of Fin. Instantly she felt her hands pulled behind her back by the spiny clawed hand of a bug. As her vision cleared she saw Fin then the huge Queen bug standing behind her science officer.

"Oh, oh Capt, I… we…" She gasped. Jackie thought maybe they'd finalized a negotiation.

"Had the Captain come to take her…?"

A buzzing voice filled her thoughts in answer.

"No, zzzzzz, your captain has not." It was the Queen forcing its way into her head. "She has come to supervise the next stage."

Jackie shook her head looking straight at her impassive officer. She heard another splutter and gave a cry of joy and fear in one.

"Oh heavens!"

Her own favorite soldiers was being lifted down next to her; his rippling body glistening in slime, his large strong thigh now scarred but healed. She might have known he would have been in the thick of it. He always was.

The Sarge was coming to, his mouth spitting fluid as he too was gripped by a guarding bug. He recognized the officer who had so courageously first communicated with the creatures. However it only took a few moments to realize something was not right. Her voice had a metallic buzzing ring to it, almost hypnotic; her eyes even darker than normal, almost lifeless.

Fin admired the two excellent specimens in front of her. "You are right Jackie," she said moving close to touch her cheek," there has been a negotiation. These creatures will offer incredible knowledge, but they're going to have to be sacrifices."

"Sacrifices?" Jackie asked feeling very uncomfortable with the close attention of her senior officer. She'd sensed before that maybe Captain Fin had an attraction to her, but she'd never be so overt about it.

"What sacrifices?" She added.

As if in answer the barn shook, as another shell was hurtled into the night sky.

Fin gave a resigned shrug. "Oh, probably just most of the adult population of Love Creek."

Jackie began to shake looking at the Sage for reassurance.

"You're a fucking psycho!" He hissed at the treacherous woman, wishing he had his trusty M-16 in his hands.

She paid no attention, instead tracing a line down Jackie's chest with her long index finger till her skin curved out into her firm round breast.

"I've experienced the pleasures these beings have to offer," she said as if in some kind of explanation for her insanity. "Maybe you'll agree once you have too."

The Sarge's muscles bulged and the bug struggled to hold him in place.

"Don't you fucking dare let them touch her!" He yelled.

Fin snaked an arm around the woman's curved waist until her hand resting on her hip, the other hand caressing one of her fine globe tits.

"I'm afraid they already have." She replied as she molested the young woman in front of her own boyfriend.

Jackie whined realizing her hands had been bound behind her back with steel like webbing, the bug moving away to allowing Fin to stand half behind her in a groping embrace.

Fin's waist high hand began a slow deliberate move over Jackie's tummy towards her red triangle of pussy hair. Jackie shivered in fear as Fin rested her chin on the woman's shoulder looking down over her tits, hand still squeezing gently, fingers twisting a nipple. Jackie gave an uncontrolled moan.


The woman's touch made her skin tingle in arousal. She moaned again embarrassed by her reaction.

"Hmm you're body is very sensitive isn't it my darling. Far more than it used to be." Announced Fin; her hand finaly reaching the woman's groin her fingers snaking between her clenched thighs slowly putting pressure on her mound.

"Oooooohhhhhhh!" Her young assistant gave a red faced groin of pleasure.

Candy had been hammering with her fist for twenty minutes without the aliens responding. She had a plan but it would be no good if she couldn't get out of this room. Eventually she sensed the minds of approaching bugs and she backed away from the door. Daisy gripped her hand for comfort, cowering behind Candy's statuses frame.

"Listen Honey," Officer Vale said softly to the scared girl, "when they get us they're probably going to do some pretty obscene things to us."

Daisy looked at the door wide eyed then back to Candy. "Just remember it's all part of my plan. If we want to get away we're just going to have to bear it."

Daisy gulped then nodded in acceptance just as the metal door slid open.

Back in the barn the Sarge's innocent girlfriend was moaning like a cheap whore and he didn't understand. Why was she acting like this, it didn't make any sense, the bitch was molesting her! Jackie also looked confused, Fin's touch making her shudder in delight.

"Ugh no, no, ugggggggggghhh!"

Her pussy felt so sensitive; already hot and moist. Her nipples were hard to the touch, the tit flesh groaning to mauling hand of Fin. She looked at the Sarge with a pitiful red faced expression, her cheeks almost the color of her ringlet brow.

"Oh God they've done something to me, they've changed me in some way." She gasped, before arching her back in pleasure as Fin spread her clitoral hood a finger tapping on her aroused bud.

Jackie felt her senses begin to swim as the woman's long fingers curled up inside her pussy.

"Uhhhhhh no, ugh no!" She moaned, her knees pushing together calves out as she struggled to stand.

The pressure of Fins fingers on her clit and nerve endings made her chest heave the moaning from her mouth animal and constant.

"Hm, urrrrrrr, gggg, urrrggg!"

The Sarge stood mouth open watching his young woman being examined by two then three of the science bitches fingers. A skull cap was place on Jackie's head a near by bug draining the sensations. The barn was hot with sweat and gasping breath as Jackie wriggled and moaned the officers hand now finger and thumb in. Jackie could feel her clit throbbing, the two digits searching. Her pussy shaft felt swollen the fingers been restricted from entering in some way. The sensation had grown steadily, her pelvis aching. She was so hot now and she had this gut wrenching feeling that apart from the probing finger and thumb there was something else inside her pussy!

The Sarge saw it first as Fins pinching hand slowly extracted the swelling baby pink helmet. Jackie's pussy lips were spreading as a slippery newly born cock appeared like a creature from its den.

"Ooooooh, no nooooooooo!"

Jackie could see down between her legs the hard curved shaft sliding out bending upwards, the seeping eye hole winking at her. More than that she could feel it; the sensation of a rock hard erection the pressure of Fins fingers tugging the head up and out.

"No, no it can't be, ugh no, oh God ugggggg!"

Jackie was sobbing with disgust her body aroused in so many ways. Once enough cock shaft had appeared for Fin to grip she gently began to pull the member fully out.

"Oh Jackie! Such a lovely fat cock, hmmmm! And so tender!" Her thumb stroked the eye, precome smearing on her finger tip. Jackie arched her back her tits as hard as rocks. "Oohhhhhhhh!"

Fin began to explain to the wide eyed girl.

" Your new cock sits snugly on the roof of your pussy shaft. When it's at rest you probably wouldn't notice. But when it gets angry…" Fin pulled the cock out a little more as Jackie wailed.

The Sarge could only stand speechless his mind refusing to believe. Jackie suddenly gritted her teeth before two fat hairless balls swelled around her pussy lips stretching her flesh before popping into the night air.


The erection was complete; the hard shaft pointing up to Jackie's tummy button the balls virtually sealing her pussy shaft closed. His stunning slim girlfriend stood quivering knees buckling, her face pale in disbelief the huge eight inch cock looking obscenely out of proportion to her slim movie star frame.

"Oh Honey, help me please…" She gave a pathetic plea to her pinned boyfriend his eyes unable to look away from her rampant, tender erection.

Back in the ship the cell door did not open as expected. Officer Vale could feel the strange minds fleeting in and out of her head. Daisy also sensed the creatures were near. The table they had been sitting on began to shrink back into the ground the fluid draining with it. Then unexpectedly the floor began to tilt, a gap appearing at one side. The girls angled their bodies but there was nothing to hold on to; and their bare feet slid on the wet metal surface. The gap was very dark like there was a cavern below. The women were franticly trying to keep their balance, but it was no good. With the floor at 25 degrees they both slid screaming into the darkness below.

In the centre of Love Creek the remaining citizens had holed up in the town hall. The bugs were only apparently attacking adults; something they didn't understand but all the same were grateful for. The windows had been boarded with furniture and anyone with a firearm was using the small cracks in the defenses to fire out at the creatures laying siege. The scene outside was one of chaos. The night was filled with flames of burning cars and muzzle flashes. The bugs were dragging freshly woven cocoons out of windows and doors then across the streets down to the spot behind the Sweethearts house.

The trapped townsfolk had only to hold on a little longer; help was rapidly approaching. The bugs sensed them first; their antennae picking up the almost insect like hum of distant earthling flying machines. They doubled their efforts the mechanical droning getting louder and louder in their alien minds.

Jackie felt her commanding officer grip her new cock shaft with her strong fist.

"Awww uh no, no!" She groaned as Fin began to gently wank the terrified girl.

The cock flesh was loose and wet, slopping back and forth along the steel like muscle; Fin continuing to tease the head with her thumb.

"Oh, oooh, nmmmmmmm!"

She smiled and gave Jackie a sweet kiss on the neck. "That's it honey, is that nice, do you like your big cock stroked?"

Fin looked to the Sarge his expression now one of disgust and anger.

"Oh your girlfriends got a lovely hard cock, hmmm yesss. Sooooo stiff and those balls look full to the brim!"

Jackie moaned again feeling her newly formed scrotum hardening tugging at her insides. In her head the hive mind was also enjoying the woman's pleasure and humiliation.

"Zzzzz, yes she is hot! Zzzzz, the male organ revolts her, but her body is in ecstasy she knows she will ejaculate."

Jackie gave another groan realizing all her feeling where there to be read, she couldn't hide the building sensation of arousal and wanton pleasure.


The black pit Candy and the teen fell into was indeed that. The women were caught by twines of insect webbing. They were now in a cavern under the ship, dug out by alien tentacles, the underside of the saucer glowing to fill the space with a warm even light. Webbing was everywhere forming a lattice of ledges and hollows. The women struggled to stand like on a crazy inflatable bouncy castle, Daisy realizing first they were not alone.

"Oh no, look!"

The room also had maybe twenty bugs. Some hanging as if asleep others weaving long steel strands of silk, while others guided metal tentacles in their burrowing tasks. The woman gripped each other as one by one the bugs turned and moved towards them.

"Oh Sheriff; no, no!" Cried Daisy as she noticed their exposed genitals.

Candy felt a shiver down her back as she too saw each bug had a drooling bony proboscis erect and in the position you might expect a cock to be. She bit her lip.

"Remember Daisy." She said struggling not to scream herself," remember our plan!"

Jackie didn't know where to look or what to say. Her new cock was achingly hard the bitch expertly teasing her. She'd been on heat for what seemed ages now and her sexy young eyes widened as felt her foreskin been tugged down hard the end bucking the eye oozing slime.

"Oh, oh, I'm gonna uuggghh!"

Her legs almost collapsed Fins hands wanking fast and rhythmically up the long shaft.

"Fucking stand up bitch," she hissed her fist now becoming a blurr.

"Yes that's it, that's it, come on honey uh, uh yeah shoot your first load sweetie."

Jackie arched her back Fin still squeezing a fine tit the other hand working overtime.

"N, n, n, n… oohhhhhhhhhhh agggggggggguk, ukk, ukkkk!"

Her balls hardened and then she felt the hot come shooting up her pipe spitting out like a fountain over her washboard tummy.

"Ohh, ooh Awwwwwwwwwwww!"

The Sarge moaned also as the woman erupted three, four hot spurts her knees buckling the white slime frothing over Fins tightly gripping fist.

"Ugh, ugggggggggg!"

Her tummy was splattered with her own seed, her eyes wide and rolling back in sensation. A second more and Fin released the sore shaft, Jackie finally collapsing into a crumple sticky wet mess, her face and disheveled hair looking like she'd had the orgasm of a lifetime.


Fin licked the salty wad from between her fingers smiling back at the Sarge. The bugs were fitting him with the skull cap with the other end now taken by the huge Queen bug. The Queen Bug connected the wires to a series of implanted nodes along the side of her domed head and the Sarge felt his body being taken over. He was conscious but unable to control his strong frame. Jackie was lifted and dragged away her spent cock now shrunken back up her pussy the slit weeping the last dregs of her ejaculation. She seemed dazed, mumbling to herself and didn't even acknowledge the man held near by his own mouth now dribbling spittle as the Queen began to animated his body.

"Zzzzz, take her to the ship," the leader ordered as it made the man stand upright legs apart. It then spoke to the lustful Fin. "You have done well so far. Now it is time for you to demonstrate in person."

In the pit the bugs surrounded the two busty blondes as the creatures minds worked overtime. The women gave soft moans as the discussing aliens gave them an insight into what was in store for them.

"Zzzzzz yes we have learnt much this evening, but not everything."

A long sticky coil was reaching out to curl around Daisy's small waist. The sickly black shelled beast continued.

"Thesezzzzzzz two are excellent specimens. They will make good experiment tools."

Another agreed, then yet another continued."These humans could be much more than just another source of energy to us." Candy felt her bare ass stroked by the slimy claw of yet another bug her plastic top straining to contain her melons. "ZZzzzzz I agree," it added," our time in space is always so long and un-stimulating!"

Daisy gave a shriek as her arms and legs were gripped by many eager appendages. Candy twisted her hand accidentally touching a creatures drooling bony cock making it chatter excitedly a long bug groan of delight filling Candy's head.

Back in the town the aliens no longer needed a sixth sense to register the approach of human flying machines. The audible hum of rotor blades filled the air as the relief force raced towards the town.

The Major and Mayor grunted in satisfaction as the radio chatter gave a running commentary of the unfolding battle. The force, mainly Apache gun ships with a few 'little bird' spotter helos reacted with expected surprise at the sight of man size bugs, their four legs skittering the huge shells to and fro. However after a flurry of expletives, whistles and double takes the crews set about their task with devastating certainty.

Inside the town hall the pressure waves of explosions rocked the building to its foundations. The bugs were getting shredded before their eyes; their hard shells no match for amour piercing cannon rounds. At the lawn tunnel the creatures clogged the entrance, flooding down like water out of a bath tub. Some cocoons were carried with them others discarded as bugs crumpled under a rain of cannon fire.

A mile out from his home John Vale had slowed his pickup. It was dawn and he'd reckoned driving through the night with the two young daughters asleep in the back was better than spending another night at his parents. But now he wasn't too sure. He had seen the choppers pass by so low he nearly careered off the road. Now he saw flashes in early dawn where he knew his town was. He accelerated, fearing quite correctly his wife the sheriff and mother to his kids could be in terrible danger.

Candy was the first to feel the segmented tentacle of a bug coiling around her flat waist, pulling her onto all fours. She fell into position grunting in anger and a little embarrassment. She knew she would have to play the creatures games. She had a plan but to think about it too much risked detection. No, she put it to the back of her mind, knowing with a sickening resignation she would have to concentrate on the attentions of the closing alien molesters.

Daisy was less subservient shaking and moaning as her tits were entwined the flesh swelling the nipples looking like they would pop.

"Awwww, uhhh!" Her small frame already looked tiny to her firm tits; now they appeared like cartoon cleavage Daisy arching her back in pain.


The bug squeezing buzzed near her ear, another's long dripping tongue snaking up to clamp over one of her pink nipples. Slurrrrrppppppp!

The blonde teen was been pulled onto her back as yet another bug straddled her chest and neck its four legs over her face like tent poles. She gazed up seeing the creature erect cocks in detail for the first time.

Like their tongues their cocks were sickly pale but appeared far more rigid. The shaft was thin and was more like bone the cock tip slanting to a blunt point, the ejection hole very wide. The cock looked like a cut bamboo shoot, white sap slowly dripping from the hollow inside, with the appendage having bulging knots of bony flesh along the 8 inch length. Daisy opened her mouth to cry out the creature taking the opportunity to thrust the hard stick down her throat. "Mmmmmmmgggggggg!!!!"

Meanwhile the doggie Candy with her tits hanging down like two great sacks of flesh felt the surrounding bugs flick her teats with their claws. Her fantastic ass tensed at the slimy trail of a tentacle or alien tongue as voices resonating in both girls' heads.

"This cavityzzz can also be used."

A second later Candy gave an enormous groan as she felt an alien use its stiff bamboo cock to mount her up the ass. "Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!"

In the barn Fin felt like the walls were closing in on her. All around her the black shells of bugs formed a wall to her sexual arena. The sobbing Jackie had been dragged away to the ship and now the Captain began to feel remorse for what had happened. Her own feelings seemed to be struggling with the hive mind, but she had no time to deal with it. The naked bulk of the captive marine was bearing down on her his actions controlled by wires, the alien Queens lustful thoughts filling the large cavernous room.

"Zzzzzz, pray you survive this fuck earth bitch!"

The soldiers mind was forceful and proud the Queen burying into his primeval desires and caveman lust, plus his hatred for this treacherous officer. The Sarge swiped Fin across the face sending her flying his cock bolt upright his body oozing sweat.

Candy had promised herself not to resist but the searing thrust of the alien cock made her shriek and cuss, her teeth gritted her face glowing with discomfort.

"Uuugggg, uggggggggg, oh, oh, oh aggg you fuck, fuck fuckkkkkkkk!"

The bug had two legs on the floor the others pressing into her shoulders. Its cock pumped up inside her sphincter the knotty length giving his member that weird love toy ribs and bulge effect.

"Aw, aw, aww!"

Her ass was hot and more slippery than it had imagined; the fleshy buttock flapping to the thrusting motion as it gave a running commentary.

"Zzzzzkkkkkkk! I have excellent penetration. Zzzz, her canal wishes to bend but my cock is too rigid. Zzzkkkkkkk! She is in considerable discomfort."

Already its shaft was warm with the woman's rubbing flesh, its seed pod beginning to grow. It continued to thrust angling it length all the way into her gut making her shriek. "Zzzzzzz she will have to bear it!"

As she screamed, fucked doggie, Candy could see her young charge a few feet in front of her. Well she could see a little of her. Daisy had maybe five or six bugs pressed around her or over her. Her long beautiful legs were wrapped around shells and spiny appendages. The sheriff could see one throbbing entwined tit the nipple been sucked by a bug, reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner attachment. Daisy's face wasn't visible just a small long nailed hand clawing into an oily black shell as she grunted and gasped as a alien cock pumped into her mouth.

Her throat ached and Daisy realized somehow she wasn't choking; the cock pipe so wide she felt it was feeding her air as well as dripping a stream of slime. She couldn't move her neck so deep was the rod; and only her hand banging on the alien shell could demonstrate her refusal and discomfort. Her nipples were numb and now her pussy felt like tearing as the steel like thrust of a hungry bugs cock stabbed in and out of her.

"Mmmmg, mggggg, mgggggggg!!!"

The fleshy wall of the marine's barrel chest crashed down on Fin. The Bug controlled Sergeant was tearing her t-shirt and shorts from her kicking body; Fins ash white skin looking even paler against his sweaty dirt covered tattooed body. Her long black hair was held in an angry grip as he slapped her loose tits with his other hand.

"Awww, agggg, oh god no you're too rough ugggg!" She screamed to the queen and sarge alike.

His mouth sucked a nipple his teeth nipping painfully. "Scream all you want you fucking bitch!" Came the transmitted reply, the Queen broadcasting the marine's inner feelings. His hands pushed her to her knees his hairy cock been rammed into her mouth. "Zzzzzsuck, suck, faster, faster, fucking choke on it!"

In the town the copter crews could see the entrance to the bug's tunnel. The Sweetheart's house was in tatters from a mixture of rockets and shell fire. The garden was black, the picket fence like matchsticks. Splattered bugs lay everywhere their internal jelly organs foaming on the scorched grass.

"We've found the entrance over!" Announced the lead copter. "All topside bogies eliminated, over!"

The pilot swung the apache around to view the military vehicles racing up the main street, folk pouring out of the town hall in celebration.

"Site is secure call in the Jolly Duster; I'm heading for ground zero, over!"

The pilot pushed the stick forward and his machine lazily dipped to just above corn height heading towards the crash site.

The naked science Captain was choking and gagging as she knelt in front of the muscled soldier. His powerful hand was griping the back of her head forcing her to deep throat him. Her own hand thumped on his thighs and grasped his ass trying to push herself back. His angry cock head rubbed on her tonsils and she thought she would throw up. The cock was been rammed in without any care for her tender throat or even the man's tender tip end. She looked up with her wicked eyes to see his blank expression, eyes rolled back. He was experiencing this maybe even encouraging the brutality with his anger; but it was the Queen in control wanting to take Fin as roughly and demeaning as possible.

"Zzz you are my filthy slave. Zzzzuck the cock, swallow it all. You have no other mission now apart from giving your body for our purposes!"

The mans cock banged the back of her throat as her head began to swim. Fins mind gave way and her rational thoughts became carnal again.

"Mmmmg, mgggggg do it, do it! Fuck the life out of me my Queen!"

John Vale slowed his car to a walking pace as he headed up main street. There were houses burning, cars upturned and sickly bone type objects crushed and diced hanging from balconies and half buried under rubble. The things looked insect like and even through the smell of cordite and burning they stank to high heaven. Soldiers were lining the streets also trying to make sense of the scene. John was confused, it looked like a full scale battle, dozens of houses blow apart; but where were the bodies? He'd seen blood but not a single corpse. He glanced back at his sleeping children then slammed on the brakes as his neighbor ran in front of his car.

It was the aging Mayors wife, still in her muddy nightgown. "Oh God, John, oh heavens." She blurted incoherently appearing half in shock. John jumped out to calm her. "What the hells going on, and where's my wife?"

Candy's bronzed body was now taking the aliens cock like a porno queens. The sensation had eased and she bucked forward with each thrust grunting and moaning.

"Aw, aw ugh, ugh ooooh, ohhhhhhhhh ugg, ugg,"

Her 40 inch melons, tan glowing in the half light swung beneath her in rhythm to the thrusts; her mouth pouting high cheek bones sucked in as she cooed.


Her golden mane curled around her shoulders the black roots making her look like some cheap hooker.

"Awwwwww, fuccccccckkkk!!"

Her gut was stinging and with each ass stuffing fuck she though it would impale her permanently.

"Aggggg fuckkk!!!!"

The mounting alien was in sensory overload. There was the feeling of her hot ass, her indignant humiliated thoughts and now the swollen seed pod at the base of its cock starting to force its way up his fat pipe.

"Zzzzzzzzz yessss I'm cominggzzzzzzzz!"

The swelling pushed its way forward and Candy felt her ass become more slippery as the approaching pod squeeze the remaining cock juices from the pipe.

"Oh God it's gonna do it!" She thought in repressed panic.

Daisy also felt the quickening stream of slime trickling down her throat. She was struggling to breathe now the alien cock was full of a pod membrane, the bulge just above her nose.


She was choking the alien eruption imminent. She could hear the creature speaking.

"Zzzzzz I'm filling her, she may not be able to survivezzz!"

Another licking her anus responded."Do it, we have many more specimenzzz if this one is damaged!"

Daisy screamed in her head as her jaw was locked open the orange size ejaculated pod filling her hot wet mouth like some S&M gag.

"Zzzzzzzyesssssssss ukkkkkkkk!"

Candy felt her own spunk ball pushing her ass rim trying to bust her muscles open. And as the alien thrust one last time her ring gave way with a long squeal from the babe.

"Awweeeeeeeee uggggggggggg!"

The egg spat from the aliens cock head filling her anal void like a balloon.

"Uuggggg! Jesus!" Oooooooohhhhhhh!" Pop!

The thing bust as her flesh crushed the membrane the awful alien semen flooding as far up her shaft as possible as well as farting out of her ass like a disgusting wet shit.


Candy began to cough, almost retching, the sticky thick come dripping from her ass cheeks as she ejected another pool of the filth from rear hole. Nearby, Daisy bit down as she tried to close her jaw, bursting the egg in her mouth. Pop!

The spunk exploded over her thick lips down her neck into her nose and eye sockets. She instinctively gulped for air the sickly wad filling her throat.

"Ugh, gulp, gulp, gulp, GULP!"

She was passing out, the smell and lack of air turning her senses inside out. Her whole face was white, the come collecting in her straight blonde hair, bubbles forming around her nostrils as she snorted. She retched belching a shower of runny semen onto her chest and squeezed melons, her air way finally clear enough for oxygen.

In the barn Fins half conscious body felt the slap of the Sarge's hand.

"Wake up bitch!" the Queen snapped frustrated her deep throating had made her toy pass-out.

Fin moaned and rolled onto her knees trying to get upright. The Sarge gripped her neck pushing it down, her ass rising. She shrieked with perverse pleasure as her butt took the swipe of the man's hand. Fin felt the minds of the hive filling her head; lustful, excited, evil.

"Aggggg!" She gulped as two strong trigger fingers were thrust up her ass twisting to tug her butt higher.

The Queen grunted in pleasure. "Zzzgggggg, be still bitch while I find something to penetrate you with."

The Sarge stumbled away his hands out like in a crazy zombie movie. Fin whimpered her black eyes wide with horror and dominated pleasure. Her eyebrows raised, the hair stuck to her sweaty forehead as she watched. The Sarge now had something in his hand.

"Ohh my, oh my Queen no, no, oooohhhhhhhhhhh!"

In the echoing cavern the groans of the women resonated along with high pitched buzzing of alien bodies. Candy was on her back trying to push her body upright. Two bugs had a toned long leg each, pulling them wide apart. For a second she thought they might rip her in two like a giant wish bone. Another bug had a device in its claw. It was almost like vegetation a knotted twining root. It reminded her of Japanese's Bonsai miniature trees; however this had no leaves. The bare branches twisted up to a glowing blue ostrich size egg; the roots end was wrapped around another more spiked glowing egg. The thing was maybe two foot long, and as they brought it closer she saw the vines twitch and stretch. It seemed to be alive!

Officer Vale stared in disbelief at the twisted device, her luscious lips quivering a little, the sweat glistening on her deep cleavage. Near by Daisy had an alien cock gripped in each hand as she tried to fend of the insect admirers.

"Oh Sheriff, oh shit what's that?" She gasped being distracted from her own predicament as she saw the roots glowing tip pressed against Candy's pussy lips.

Science officer Fin was also on her back, her hands desperately between her legs. The long wooden shaft of a farmers pitch fork was banging hard against her inner boundaries; Fins desperate grip only slightly relieving the back and forth thrust.

"Ug, ugh, ugh, aggg, aggggggg ugggggghhhhhhh!"

The puppet like Sarge pushed her knees apart, his other muscled forearm pumping the long wooden rod into her.

"Ohhhh please, stoooopppppppp!!!!"

She wailed and bucked as the pole twisted and stretched her opening. The Alien Queen chattered in satisfaction the screaming face of Fin contorted, her long black hair shimmering with sweat.

"Ah, ah, ahhhhhh ughhhhhh no, no, noooooo ukkkkkkkk!!!"

Dawn was breaking across the corn fields at the crash site encampment. The Major tapped nervously on the bonnet of a vehicle as Love Creeks Mayor spoke over the radio. His town was saved but heaven knows how many people were missing. Some of the cocoons had been rescued their captives released. The full horror of what was happening was just beginning to sink in.

The tired commanding officer took a deep draw on his cigar as he heard the approaching helicopter. It had all gone wrong. He'd hoped to have contained it, taken the glory himself. He'd had his chance and very soon it would be out of his hands. The droning military bird came fast just above the corn rising to circle the now visible energy dome. The morning air was clear, however inside the alien bubble the mist still swirled thick and unyielding making it look like the earth had sprouted a huge grey boil.

The heavily armed Apache made one full circuit, assessed a landing spot and then dropped at an alarming rate. At the last second the rotors flared and the machine touched gently to earth. As the blades slowed the pilot dismounted snapping instruction to his co pilot. The tall grey haired man marched over to the command site his skull and cross bones adorned helmet in his hand.

"Major!" He barked making the surrounding troops snap to attention. "My name is General Hunter; and I am taking over this operation immediately."

Candy was trying not to convulse in fright. The vine was writhing like a maggot, two aliens needing to hold the thing level pushing its head against her wet snatch. She shrieked as she saw the blue throbbing tip sniff as if in recognition then suddenly began to burrow twisting and pushing, forcing her pussy hole wide open. Her legs were wide and inviting, and she kicked in protest the egg head making a dirty slurping noise as it wriggled filling her snatch till it reached its widest circumference.

" Uggggggg shit! Ugg fuck, fuck oh get it o… ooooooohhhhhhh!"

Then she felt her muscles closing a little enveloping the glowing warm blue head until see realized it was completely inside her. She could feel the hard twines following' rubbing against her lips; moving, animated like swaying the storks in the cornfields above her head.

"Oh Daisy it's moving deeper ughh, uggggggghhhhhhhhh!"

"Zzzzzzzzz yes it's alive! This creature feeds off sensation." The bug's collective mind explained. "Once inside it will zzzstimulate you to a peak and then feedzzz."

The internal egg began to pulse. Slow beacon like vibrations the glow brightening with each one, showing faintly through her hard gut. Each pulse sent a torrent of pleasure up her hole, deep to her womb.

"Wumbbbb! Wumbbbb! Wumbbb!" Resonated the egg tip, Candy stiff with uncontrollable clitoral sensations. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

"Yesss you feel it. The sensations building! Give in to it, give in to itzzz."

Her brow was glistening, her nipples hard, erect. Her whole body was on heat. The bugs let go of the twine length the thing beginning to wriggle and thrash like an eel burrowing deeper and deeper.

"Ugh, ugh. AWwwwwwwwwwwww!"

She tried to push it back out with her hands, the aliens gripping her wrist allowing the thing to delve at leisure.


Her body was in revolt giving itself to the pulsing intruder, her juices flowing clit hard and inflamed. She looked across to Daisy now been mounted missionary by a slimy shelled alien. Her head was flung back and their eyes met for a second. Daisy's pupils widened her teeth gritted, the bug was coming! Her pussy lips tried to resist but the ejaculation popped into her the cock spitting the seed membrane from its slanted tip.

"Ohhhhhh ukkkkk!"

Her tight twat crushed the fluid filled globe instantly the warm come seeming to foam inside her. "Urrrrrr no, no, please help us. In heavens name someone help us!"

General Hunter wasted no time in pleasantries. "Major you're handling of this situation has at best been appalling." He snatched a pair of binoculars scanning the grey electric shield.

"I am ordered to finish this decisively."

The Mayor and near by Cummings family began to look nervously towards the dome. "How?" Asked the chastised officer.

The General narrowed his icy stare. "VX nerve agent," he said without any reservation.

The group began to protest." We have people in there! The town sheriff and a recon team."

"And my daughter!" Added Ma Cummings.

The General waved a dismissive hand looking up at his arriving helicopter fleet. A boom erupted as yet another fiery shell hurtled from the dome into the brightening sky carrying its load into orbit.

"The decisions already been made at the highest level, and I will carry through my mission." Replied the General, and he began to march back to his gun ship, blades already turning as the co pilot started the takeoff sequence.

Fin groaned in relief as the slimy long pole was finally trailed from her slit. The Sarge seemed to be staggering as if unsure what to do. Suddenly he dropped to his knees the Queen rising, distracted by new more important issues outside. The head bug moved away ripping the connecting wires as she burst out into the courtyard followed by her insect entourage. The deafening roar of yet another launch shook the barn the Sarge's eyes now open his mind back in control of his body.

In the courtyard the tunnel entrance was spewing shells and spiny limbs. The retreating alien army was battered and burnt. Their hard skins were cracked, green slime oozing from shrapnel wounds. Others had missing limbs, though it would be hard to tell how many they were supposed to have to start of with. Others appeared already dead, pushed along to the exit so not to block the escape. The Queen had been distracted too long, the charms of human flesh affecting her concentration. The creatures spoke in a cacophony of debate. They were not scared; fear a sensation they had never experienced. But events were beginning to get away from their control; they needed time!

"Zzzzzz earth machines powerful. Zzzzzz only half of the captives are at mother ship. Zzzzzzzzz estimate 2 hours stillzzz required at rate of fire."

The Queen was already striding to her craft her long black legs stepping over dead cows and farmyard equipment. "ZZZZZzzz they will try to finish us. Our drop ship needs to be re-powered. Until then we cannot leave."

Then the Queen paused turning to her skittering escorts. "Bringzzz the science Captain; I have a plan."

Fin was still groaning laid on the hay strewn floor. She was naked and filthy her legs scratched her butt red from hard slapping. She felt the jolt of pincer arms lifting her, dragging her out towards the saucer. They spoke to her as they went.

"Zzzzzz we are letting you go, we wishzzzzz you to negotiate our surrender!"

Neither Fin nor the bugs had given a second thought to the other human occupant of the barn. The Sarge had vanished into the shadows the second he regained command of his limbs. He had seen enough and knew what had to be done.

The smell of burning didn't want to leave the streets of Love Creek. John Vale could get few answers from the soldiers stationed there. Yes he knew a space ship had supposedly landed. He knew his wife was at the crash site. But no one would tell him where or let him speak with anyone there. He could see a host of helicopters heading across the corn out towards the Cummings homestead. The road heading that way was half blocked with damaged military vehicles but there didn't seem to be any barriers or guards to stop him. He decided he would leave his daughters with the Mayors wife and head that way.

As he was kissing goodbye to his kids he heard the heavy thump of a large rotor aircraft. The streets started to swirl with debris as a Sikorsky heavy load chopper began to flare and position itself for landing behind the Sweethearts house. The helicopter was sand yellow with black stripes along its side, like a huge bee; the colors synonymous in nature with poison. Jolly duster and the VX gas had arrived.

The under-belly of the saucer continued to glow a soft warm light, illuminating the cavern. The space was hot like the tropics the humid air wet and clinging. Candy was glistening with perspiration her bronzed skin glowing almost as much as the ships. Her tits were pointing to the roof the sweat running in rivulets down the sides across her tummy. She now had the alien egg plant all the way in. She could feel it sniffing at her cervix and she prayed it wouldn't try to get any further. The vines flexed opening her canal at will; her pussy lips now spread back the flesh as pink as her lipstick. The plants trunk was only apparent for maybe just under a foot before the last 8 or so inches of root and spiked globe now throbbed deep inside Daisy's pussy hole. She was on all fours her feet and calves either side of Candy's hips the trunk bending a little to service both pussy's at different heights.

The teen was squealing with sensation the root globes blunt spikes twisting and stretching like the eye storks on a slug.

"Awwwwwww uggggh, ughhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh!"

The throbbing blue eggs hummed inside them both, Candy purposefully grinding her twat and clit against the hard vines. Daisy was slowly rocking back and forth the gentle penetration of the animated end making her grunt like one of her own farmyard hogs. "Uggg, ugg, uggg, eieeeee!"

The sheriff's thoughts were swimming in delight and revulsion. Above her head was a bug, its cock over her nose its eye hole drooling. In a second she knew she would swallow it, the inevitability a release for her. Why resist? What was the point? She could feel her body reaching climax. She would come soon, her hot hole frothing around the intruder. Then the awful creature would soak up the ecstasy from her like a sponge.

"Ugggg Daisy, honey," she cooed," uhhhhh, don't fight, don't ohhhhhh!"

Daisy shivered with delight as the long nailed hands of Candy reached up to hold the teens rocking ass. Her skin was soft to the touch and Candy's nails pressed ever so slightly into the flesh.

"Ooooooooohhh Miss!"

The sheriff arched her back as her body built to climax, her head tilting back the aliens waiting rod sliding down her throat. She felt one of her nipples been pressed by the rubbing tip of another rigid stick like cock. She raised a hand to grip the bony knotted length, jerking her wrist up and down the alien's shaft. Daisy was moaning over and over, her holes flesh feeling the almost static like touch of the globes storks. A bug was licking her face with its slime trailing segmented tongue. It jabbed it's proboscis into her mouth, across her pearl white teeth, tasting the inside of her bulging cheeks. Another bug was straddling her upturned ass its bamboo like cock pressing; then burrowing into her sweaty anus.

Candy looked over her heaving gripped tits. Her nipples pointed skyward two alien cocks pressing the rigid flesh sideways their tips softening for a fraction of a second as they released the two sickly yellow seed membranes onto her bust. The come balls collapsed immediately her wonderful tits covered in alien spunk, the sticky filth running into her cleavage down towards her neck. More ran down to her clenched tummy into her belly button. But most just gripped like thick icing on her hot buns

"Oh god, oh god, oh, oohhawwwwwww!"

Monica Sweetheart had never had an orgasm before today. Sure she'd pretended with her young studs. But she'd never know the gut wrenching pleasure, or the fear that it might never stop; so powerful the sexual frenzy. But that was before today; now she screamed with eye popping sensation over and over. She didn't know if she was actually opening her mouth or even if she was actually awake. All she knew was the wave after wave of pussy twitching ejaculations she was going through. Her tits seemed bigger and oh god the sucking on the nipples made her spine so stiff she though it would snap. Her long; really long legs ached. Wait, were they even hers? The chair was hard and cold and that huge metal coned maggot rotating into her slack pussy; burrowing, searching and buzzing! She had no time to make sense the continuous orgasm coursing through her body. If Monica could have awoken the sight would have made her suspect she was still in a nightmare.

The alien hold ran for hundreds of feet; the space a huge cathedral like tunnel. The cylindrical walls had row after row of man size capsules fixed along it. The lack of gravity meant all of the cylinders surface could be used. They were literally hundreds, in line after line with over two thirds filled with the town's folk of Love Creek. The athletic tanned frame of Monica shuddered in her half sleep, her capsule glowing blue as it fed from her. Her body was enduring the earth shattering experiences of officer Vale and the robot cock as it was replayed directly into her mind.

John Vale found no difficulty in finding the orientation of the crash site. For more than ten minutes he had seen a slowly growing grey dome on the horizon. It rose larger and larger like a huge dead sunrise the semi circles grey color swirling like the storm rings on Jupiter. The saucers energy dome was beginning to cast a long shadow over the brightening corn field as daylight took full hold. Around the dome buzzed dozens of helicopters, some strafing with cannon others were launching stream after stream of missiles.

John had to stop and get out; the view so spectacular. Each shells warhead exploded with a boom and flames across the hazy shield. The energy field sparked green at the impact points the flash followed by rolling thunder as the sound waves lagged behind; his viewpoint still so far from the site. He needed to find out who was in charge and where the hell his wife was.

General Hunter cussed under his breath as another fusillade detonated without effect. His chopper was pitching and weaving following practiced attack routines. As he banked the aircraft to come around for another shot his bird released a firework display of anti missile chaff. The aliens weren't making any attempt to fire back but he was taking no chances; he knew any second they probably would. Over the radio he heard his pilot have the same reaction to the impotence of their weapons. His temper was rising with frustration, but he quickly shook the thought from his mind. After all this whole assault was just a distraction. Back at the hick town his real plan was coming to fruition.

The charred tunnel entrance on the Sweetheart's lawn was slowly been transformed. Men in full chemical gear were creating some type of sealed valve over the alien tunnel entrance. The Bee colored Sikorsky remained parked close by; a number of large flexible pipes dragged from its specially adapted cargo hold. A chemical officer was busy making calculations; soil density, absorption, air pressure etc. He finally finished, satisfied with his results.

"Forty five minutes to pump the VX agent the three miles with only 10 percent expected to be lost in the soil."

He tapped his pen on his clip board in satisfaction as he looked down at the entrance, the fused soil on the inside glistening like glass. "These fucking aliens have built a virtually airtight tunnel."

Within the saucer the experiments were moving at pace. The rail gun continued to launch the collection of cocoons one by one into the sky. The crashed ship would need power its self to escape the gravity of this planet. But these cocooned captives would not be ready in time. No, the saucer crew knew they only had a handful of specimens from which to generate their power requirements.

Candy's beautiful buxom body was rigid with pleasure. She could feel the vine glowing egg pushed against her cervix. The throbbing hum of the sphere was sending her wild, the stretching twines massaging her soft pussy walls from inside, and she felt her clit swelling in ecstasy. She couldn't moan, God she wanted to. But her long neck was bent back the bony bamboo cock of an alien slowly, ever so slowly pumping into her mouth.

The cock felt so hard; much more rigid than a man's and she coughed a little trying to get her throat angle correct to relieve the pressure on her jaw.

"Ugggggg, mmkkkkk slurp, cough!"

Her nails gripped tightly on the soft round ass of Daisy the twisted root snaking up between her sweating thighs as she knelt doggie. Her twines end, the root, was more like a medieval mace the throbbing ball having twitching horns. This animated ball teased her deep inside her. Perched on her waist, its hard cock pointing down into her ass was another bug. This too was pumping slowly and deliberately. Her insides groaned at the attention, her own pussy's dead end stuffed full; and her ass canal forced straight by the unbending cock.

"Ohh, ohh, ugghh, ah, ah, ahhhhhh, shit, shit awwwwww!"

Officer Vales nails bit so deep they nearly drew blood, Daisy shrieking her ass on fire. The sheriff was coming, her tits squeezed tight by sucking tentacle tongues, her hot mouth aching with cock; and her pussy in convulsive shock.

"Oh god, jezz ugghhhhhh ugggggh I, I, can't ugghhhhhh ohhhhhhh no, noooooo Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Her mind echoed around the cavern the aliens transmitting her aroused, terrified thoughts. She touched her own clit with a talon finger, to ease herself. But it only made her buck more, her other hands now snatching around to grip some steel hard web to steady herself. The sphere felt like it was expanding soaking up her internal juices, its own twines now also rigid as if in orgasm. She spat the cock from her mouth its seed pod beginning to force its way up the alien's shaft. "Arrrrrrrrrrrr!" She moaned long lashes eyes tight shut.

Daisy was also making lots of noise, high pitch squeaks. Her clit was swollen, the waving horns inside her sending her dizzy with delight. Her pussy was foaming the juices running down the vines, and her sphere too seemed to be expanding.

"Oh, ohhhhhh Awwwwww, ah, ah, ah. Eieeeeeeeeee!!!"

"Aww ugh ukkkk!" She grunted in disgust, throwing her head back just in time to catch the final ejaculated pod directly on her straight chisels nose. It exploded blinding her with spunk, her nostrils bubbled her mouth almost blocked with a white sheet of come.

"Cough, splutter, ukk, cough!"

It was only her own body's distracting convulsions that stopped her throwing up. Daisy too felt like been sick. Her orgasm was been drawn from her as her sphincter screamed trying to refuse the alien eruption. She ripped at the alien web as her ass gave in, the pod filling her then exploding, the hot spunk lava shooting deep up into her gut.

"Ohhh no, no, ughhhhhh!!!"

As both women lay there panting the bugs also appeared exhausted collapsed on top of the women. Those bugs not involved in the fucking slowly removed the double ended fuck vegetable. The thing had shrunk a little in size only the glowing blue eggs appearing larger than first seen. They carried it away hurriedly.

"Its power would be drained." The alien creatures had explained. But the women didn't pay attention or care. Both had given a loud thankful grunt as they had finally been allowed to be free of the dirty plant.

Daisy was sobbing to herself the whole experience just too much. Candy was too tired to lift her head to look. She lay spattered in come all the way to her thighs. She wiped a thick paste of spunk from her eye socket flicking it onto the oil black shell of a collapsed bug.

"Good girl Daisy, good girl." She said in a soothing, reassuring maternal voice.

In a small dark cell somewhere within the immobile saucer Jackie sat in a mind numbing shock. She could hear creature skittering through the ship. She had seen the first shells impacting on the dome just before she had been dragged through the airlock.

"Was the military coming? Was she saved?"

She felt between her damp thighs, the dried semen knotted in her pussy hair. "Did she want to be saved like this?"

She gave a long groan in embarrassment.

"A penis!" Her mind wailed "A dirty big cock inside her; part of her!"

The sensation of her commanding officer jerking her new cock had been disgusting yet orgasmic. They'd changed her body and she knew that, her mind would begin to follow. She began to fear for her sanity.

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