Catle busenstien

Catle busenstien

This story is about Becky a twenty something woman on a tour of Europe. She's a down to earth girl but every bit a babe. I've based her on Denise Richards; athletic, curvy with long dull red hair. She has large expressive eyes and full pouting lips. Her best features are her hips and big wide mouth; her thick long eyelashes give her a come hither look. I hope this story manages to set the scene, but in the end it's up to you if she's the only person to visit castle Busenstien.


The rusted out old car had whined and spluttered for over a 100 miles. The east European Trabant was famous for two reasons. Firstly for being mass produced on a scale Henry Ford would be envious of, and secondly for being crap. This Becky had learnt all too soon after parting with her cash. A hundred dollars seemed a bargain for her own transport, after all the buses and local trains were almost non existent. However over a day at 30 miles an hour with little suspension and even less brakes had hammered her folly home. Last night she had slept in the thing and although the summers were warm here in Romania once you got into the mountains it could be still quite chilly.

Becky had started her tour three months earlier. Back packing through the northern European highlights; London, Paris, the Matterhorn, the splendor of Rome. The trip had been a great adventure with Becky getting more world wise and confident as she had gone along. Eastern Europe had also delighted her. Cheaper here, she had traveled through Hungary, along the Danube heading to Romania and the only real wilderness left on this ancient continent. Becky had caught the traveling bug and although she planned to return home at this point the delights of Istanbul and the Turkish beaches called. She had heard wolves still roamed the forest of the infamous Transylvania and a trip across country on her way to the old Byzantine capital would be in keeping with her growing confidence.

So here she was miles from nowhere in her rickety car. The densely wooded hills giving her no idea of direction or perception of distance traveled. The road was becoming almost a dirt track and Becky realized she could have made a wrong turn anywhere in the last 50 miles. Fuel wasn't a problem as this engine would run for ever on a gallon of gas; no what worried her more was food and water.

She had only packed for a couple of days and she knew with growing worry that she was already two days in without a sight of anyone. So it was with great relief that as she came to a high sided valley she saw a huddle of buildings below; the high cliffs and tree canopy putting them in shadow even in the afternoon sun. The track ahead split and she decided to take the nerve racking descent towards them. The car had struggled on the flat, now down the steep gradient its brakes gave up and the steering hardly responded. The car was going faster and faster as Becky wrenched the wheel gritting her teeth.

"Shit, ooh fuck aggg!"

There was a sickening thud as metal crumpled a tree branch cracking the windscreen, poor Becky knocking herself cold on the steering wheel.

The villagers found her very quickly. A young blonde boy about 8 years old had been playing soldiers; lying in ambush for his friends when the car had clattered past him. Normally he wouldn't leave his post but what the hell he practiced ambushes every day so he'd hurried to get help. Now he stood watching as the villagers helped her out still very dazed.

Her car had almost made it down and was only a few meters from the village street. She was carried in the arms of a strong moustached man to his shop. Becky sat there head on hands surrounded by sausages and jars of preserved wares, it was a butchers or similar. The villagers crowded in and she felt a little foolish.

"Please there no need I'm fine." She said embarrassed by all the attention and the spectacular entrance she had made.

The people looked concerned. They all appeared pleasant enough mostly young, smiling reassuring her in what sounded like German or some similar dialect.

"Are you alright my dear?" Came a sweet Teutonic voice in English.

In front of her bending down was a beautiful woman. She had long blonde hair like a 50's movie star and deep piercing blue eyes. Her manner was almost aristocratic, high cheek bones, terse lips smiling. She had a basket full of shopping in her hand. Becky smiled back.

"I feel a little dizzy." She admitted; the woman's obvious concern relaxing her.

The stunning blonde in her early thirties was dressed in an all black trouser suit and boots. She looked back down the street. "You're vehicles wrecked, we have no garage here. You'll have to stay the night and I'll send for help in the morning."

Becky looked at her puzzled noticing she said "I'll."

The woman introduced herself. "My name is Kristen Busenstien. Lady Busenstien actually; my brother is the count. We live on the hill and this is our village."

Twenty minutes later Becky sat along side her new friend in the old luxury Mercedes as it made the tortuous ascent up the other side of the valley. Ahead almost built into the side of the cliff was a large stone building. In fact Becky saw as they neared it was more of a castle than a huge house. The stone was almost black, high walls with long windows, towers with fairy tale pointed roofs.

Becky couldn't believe she hadn't noticed it before as she had driven. However, as she tried to get an orientation she realized that only once you entered the valley would you be able to see it; the cliff face masking it from the outside world. The thing wasn't beautiful, more ominous than enchanting. However it certainly looked spectacular and thinking of how cleverly hid it was she had to admire the ingenuity of people who built it.

"The castle is nearly a thousand years old and lay in ruins for centuries, up until the Second World War." Kristen explained, her pale white skin glowing in the shadowy cabin.

"It was used by the SS and still bears some signs of there presence; carved swastikas, bomb shelters etc. My father acquired it soon after they left, along with the village."

Becky stretched; her heaving bosom through her tight olive green t-shirt. Kristen smiled not taking her eyes of the road

"Don't worry my dear tonight you can rest in comfort. My brother and I so like to entertain, he'll be delighted."

Ahead an iron gate opened. The railings were shaped into the crooked cross of the Nazi symbol; and Becky shuddered a little. "I don't think I would be comfortable keeping such things." Then she apologized, feeling ungrateful and a little pompous.

Kristen nodded appreciating her opinion then adding. "But the craftsmanship outstanding, wouldn't you agree?"

The car stopped in the high sided courtyard, two large hounds thundering out towards the blonde woman. Kristen snapped an order that made Becky jump, the two dogs instantly heeling, docile and obedient.

"Good job you're here," Becky joked one eye still on the powerful animals. "Yes it is," came the matter of fact reply as Kristen led her inside, the dogs sitting rigid were she had left them.

A young maid took her rucksack and beckoned her to sleeping quarters. "Dinner will be served at 8pm," said Lady Busenstien as she strode off her boots echoing on the hard cold floor.

The castle was a maze of corridors, stairs, and vaulted rooms. All kitted out in elegant furniture, pictures and from time to time medieval armour. Eventually she got to her room. The Lady of the house hadn't been kidding, comfort was the word here. There was a huge bed surrounded by drapes, wardrobes, dressing table, with a small log fire already lit to protect her from the evening chill.

"Wow," she thought falling on the bed, "double wow!" She laid back, kicked off her shoes and fell asleep.

She awoke lazily as if at home, then remembered were she was. The wall clock now said twenty to eight, and the daylight was quickly receding. She washed and carefully made herself presentable. Apart from grundge kit she only had a single black mini dress and sling backs in her pack. So her fashion decisions were made for her, nothing else was appropriate for the occasion.

She admired herself in the mirror. Mousy red hair tied up in a bun showing her long neck, the dress hugging her tits and curved waist. Her firm thighs just showing under the tight mini, long calves taut in her 2 inch heeled shoes.

"Hmm I wonder what the count looks like?" She pondered smoothing the material over her round perfect butt.

She opened her bedroom door and began to head back the way she had come. All the corridors looked the same and though she could see out of the windows into the court yard she was struggling to find a way down. She began to get frustrated and cursed as she went over on her ankle; it had been so long since she'd been out of trainers. As she paused she heard noises to her right. She headed towards them calling out. Then fell silent, the noises making her nervous.

They were not talking, but there was definitely more than one voice making unrecognizable sounds. She found a two foot hole in the corridor stone wall that appeared to look down onto another room. Maybe some type of old flue or ammo port. She crouched down heels tight together firm ass straining her dress; and slowly pushed her head inside to look.

Becky almost cried out, but stopped herself hand over her mouth. Below about 20 feet was a cell like room full of barrels and boxes. She reckoned it was a pantry. Sprawled across a table face down was a girl her hands gripping the wood, a bowl of vegetables already knocked to the floor. She had long black hair and must have only been 16. It was the little maid who had shown her to the room earlier.

Her uniform was hitched up revealing her cute upturned ass and slender back. Behind her was a young man pants down his cock buried up her tight pussy. The maid was groaning and thrashing as he fucked forcefully. The young girl was shaking her head gritting her teeth.

"Uggh, awwwww nien bitte!"

The man snapped orders to her pulling her onto her knees forcing his cock in her mouth. Becky's eyes were wide in horror and fascination. "What was going on, oh my god, I shouldn't be watching. Should I?"

Her mind raced but she did not pull back." Oh he's going to come in her mouth, ooh, oohh!"

Becky blushed hand on her mouth as he spurted; the young girl moaning as spunk frothed from her lips. The man slapped his cock across her face the strands zig zagging her young mouth and chin as he grunted in satisfaction.

Becky suddenly felt very obvious peering down and shot back upright out of the shaft, panting in excitement and worry. She stood and steadied herself feeling flush and a little light headed.

"Just forget about it, it's none of your business. "She told herself silently.

The stairs echoed to her heels as she hurried down and along the corridors, she just wanted to leave now. Should she just go," yes why not?" As she ran around a corner she gave a yelp as she fell into some ones arms. To her horror she recognized him as the man she'd just been watching.

"Ahh Frauline Becky I believe, you look upset? Allow me to introduce myself I'm Count Busenstien. You can call me Hans."

Becky sheepishly smiled back at the good looking young man, his blonde hair a mess, face still red from excursion. She felt she was blushing terribly, her body inches from what she knew was a fat hairless spent cock.

"I, I, I'm lost." She stammered like a naughty schoolgirl caught where she shouldn't be.

The count smiled and presented his hand. "Then I shall be honored to lead."

She had no choice but to take his arm and be led to dinning hall where his sister was waiting. The three of them sat sampling fine wine and excellent cuisine. Kristen now in a long flowing black dress the plunging neckline showing her porcelain white large bust. Becky slowly became more relaxed, the maid she had seen been taken so forcefully was from time to time bringing trays, bowing acting as nothing had happened.

Becky thoughts slowly waned from thinking the count was a monster to actually finding him very charming. Her mind heard the woman groaning over and over and she felt slowly aroused. Maybe the young girl liked it that way, her master taking her roughly. As she admired the counts firm torso and chiseled features she had to admit, he was very handsome and from what she'd seen certainly all man.

As she began to flirt with Hans, he told her about their life here. Tourism was the key, select adventure trips, highly profitable. Becky had never heard of them.

"No probably not," He replied. "As I explained there're very selective, we only want certain types here."

Becky frowned, "Certain types?"

He continued. "Yes, no blacks or Orientals etc just Aryan, young healthy."

She nearly coughed up her wine. "What? You're not serious that's outrageous."

Becky felt she was had just landed back in the dark ages. "What kind of attitude is that?"

Hans leaned back in his chair. "This village is mostly full of young attractive people, didn't you notice. People who we invite here rarely leave, they choose to stay and be part of our little world."

Becky was getting annoyed. Her great grandfather had battled and died in France 44; fighting against these beliefs.

"The SS never left this place did they?" She spat getting up from her seat. "No they just passed it down the generations."

Kristen stood up placing a reassuring hand on the irate girl. "Please my brother is an oaf, I apologize for his remarks. Yes we are selective but only to keep our community how we like it. Please relax lets sit a while by the fire. My brother will excuse himself." And with that she shot him a hard stare.

"Of course, my apologies," he said acknowledging his sister. "I'm a dreadful bore. I will retire for the evening, please forgive me." And then he stood and gave a snap of his heels and bowed.

Becky nodded back still unhappy, not appreciating his militaristic farewell.

The two women moved to sit by the large ornate fire drinking wine. The young woman felt far more at ease with his sister, and they laughed as Becky told tales of her adventures. The wine flowed and she began to feel warm and content. There was something about this tall German woman that Becky was envious of. She was so perfect, flawless skin, straight chiseled nose and cheekbones, her figure hourglass, hips bulging in her expensive black frock.

Becky felt the woman's eyes on her body and a glint in her eye as they talked. Was this woman flirting with her? She never gave her any indication she was that way. In fact she'd never even considered it. But now slightly drunk, thousands of miles away from home she felt less repressed. She quickly pushed the idea to the back of her mind.

"Tell me more about the people you invite." She asked, distracting her own thoughts.

Kristen was silent for a moment then answered in a whisper. "Darling, I don't think that's a good idea."

Becky raised her hand slightly slurring her words. "I was out of order earlier with your brother please I'd like to know."

Kristen gave a smile and began, curling her legs up on the sofa drink in hand boson almost spewing from the top of her dress. "Well we arrange for honeymoon couples, single adventurous types etc to stay here in the castle." She took a sip. "And if we like them we convince them to stay."

Becky laughed. "Arrange, convince, it sounds more like kidnap."

Kristen smiled her eyes lingering on Becky's curves. "Did anyone look like they were kidnapped when you were in the village today?"

She had to admit they all looked very content.

Kristen fixed her with her ice blue eyes. "We'd like to try to convince you. You're beautiful, sooo curvaceous."

Becky gulped. "Oh my god, she is hitting on me!"

The blonde bombshell pulled a large book from under the seats and snuggled up to Becky.

"What's this?" Becky asked trying to change the conversation.

Kristen stroked the side of her cheek. "Please," Becky said trying to edge away, "you're lovely and all that but I'm not into women!"

Kristen opened the book and Becky gave a gasp, then a giggle. The old pages were full of drawings; each page had five or six. The pictures were beautifully crafted, but obscene in content. Women bound, men bound, performing all sorts of sordid acts.

Kristen pointed out a number of women together, fat asses, large aroused nipples, lust in their eyes. Becky couldn't take her eyes from them.

"Please I don't…" The words failed her as she gazed at the pictures.

"Don't want to look?" Added Kristen; her fingernails caressing the outline of one heavenly drawn body. "Turn away then." She teased.

But Becky couldn't. She felt Kristen's slim fingers hooking around her waist as she pulled closer her bust pressing against Becky's arm.

"The Nazi's researched all sorts of ways to win the war. One was mind control, this books drawings are mathematically designed to arouse and create a sexual frustration in its reader." She said this almost proudly. "This is a mere toy really; however very effective."

Becky was feeling hot now, her chest heaving the smell of the woman close almost hypnotic. "Please let me convince you to stay," She said taking the book from Becky's trembling lap, then slipping her own dress from her shoulders. Becky gave a little whine as the woman's two hard melons pointing out towards the confused girl. She moved her hand up to Becky's trembling neck pulling her head down onto her breasts.

"Now my dear I want you to lick my nipples!"

Becky didn't resist she was heady with lust, her pink full lipped mouth caressed then covered the woman's tit ends.

"Ooohh ja, good girl slowly that's it mmmmmn!"

The woman lifted her own tits, raising them like in a wonder bra pushing the nipples together so Becky could almost take both in her wide mouth at the same time.

"Ooh ja, slowly ugghh!"

Becky slavered, licking hard back and forth her hands on Kristen's small waist, the temptress jutting her mounds forward to fill the eager woman's mouth. "Slurp, mnngg suck, suck!"

Becky felt her dress been pulled up over her head and she gave a slight moan of embarrassment as the woman hands cupped and then kneaded her own big hard tits. Then it was her turn to be tasted. She felt feint the stunning blondes mouth on one then the other nipple.

The feeling was electric her groin was tightening the soft flesh of the woman's lips more gentle than any mans she had ever felt. She groaned arching her back one hand on her face in a demonstration of embarrassment. "No Kristen, oohh please stop ugh, aww!" Her nipples were hard, stiff to the touch, and she cupped one of the blondes fat mounds the nipple pressing hard and proud in her palm.

The woman had her hands inside Becky's knicker strap tugging them over her hips. She didn't resist just closed her eyes as she felt her thighs been gently pushed apart. Pulling her down the chair Kristen was kneeling between her legs. Becky's thighs wide, her heels on tip toe lifting her pelvis. She brazenly groaned in delight as the woman's tongue circled her hole then entered, finger pressing, flicking her clit.

She gripped the blonde's hair with all her might, "Ohhhh you dirty bitch, ugghh ooohhh!"

The woman pulled her further down till she was on her back pushing Becky's leg back either side off her head till her heels pressed on her shoulders. "Agggggg!"

Her pussy was crushed against her perfect tits giving her a grandstand view of Kristen licking from the top of her vulva down across her tender flesh to her pink anus. Long slow licks her eyes gazing into the amazed girls face.

"Uggghgh, oh, ooh, god, urrrr!"

She was rimming her arse putting pressure on it, Becky's eyes wide." Oooooooo!" Then back to her slit to nip and suck her clit.

Kristen lent back to pull her own dress over her head. Rolling back on the carpet she was naked, her legs apart and bent caressing her own slit. "Come, come now you taste me," She purred.

Becky couldn't believe herself she was going to do it, first the musky smell then the taste of hot excited flesh. Her lips sucked the woman's hole as if to draw the life from her.

"Agggg Ja ugghh!" Kirsten groaned as Becky was going down, arse raised, on her knees her sweaty tits pressed to the rug tongue inside the beautiful bitch.

She felt the woman tugging her up over her. "What do you want me… ooh I see."

The fire roared as the two women lay entwined head to toe. Kristen on her back, Becky's knees either side of her head her pussy on her lips. This allowing Becky to push her head between Kristen's thighs, in a sweaty, moaning and lust full 69.

"Ooh Kristen ohhh fuck ugghh ooohhhhh!"

The woman eased two fingers into Becky's soaking twat. She in turn spread her lover's pussy lips and buried her tongue.

"Mmmmm deeper, deeper my darling oohhh uggggghhh."

Kirsten was bucking her slit weeping as she came.

"Ugghhhh! Ugggggh!"

Becky's face was soaked her lips glistening, she howled as Kristen spasmed; her buried fingers juddering in Becky's tight hole. The Germanic vixen rolled her over onto her back, and knelt above like a big cat about to pounce. Becky was writhing as her blonde tart twisted and probed with her fingers, two, then three, then she tried to push four in.

"Ooohh!" Becky cried gripping the woman's hand, "noo uuhh too… ugh, ugghh oh oh agggghhhh!

She came; her body burning her muscles squeezing Kristen's fingers tight in appreciation, the sweat glistening on her heaving chest.

Kristen walked her back to the bedroom in uncomfortable silence then gave her a sweet kiss and bid her good night. Once Becky had closed the door she began to shake. What had she been thinking? She felt ashamed and at the same time excited. Was she a lesbian? No surely not. She decided the quicker she got out of here the better.

She showered and dressed for bed, a long white nightgown, a little frayed perhaps but it had seen a lot of use. She dried her hair allowing it to cascade down over her shoulder resting on her recently sampled tits. She lay back on the wonderful bed admiring the textured ceiling the low light slowly making her eye lids heavier and heavier.

She only had time to give a curt yelp as the bed split in the middle dropping her, covers and all onto and then down a steep metal shaft. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… thud!"

She rolled out onto straw the cold stone cell lit only by a single candle. She straightened herself, legs and arms everywhere. Pushed the hair from her face and looked around. There was only one door out and she quickly tried to open it, but it was locked. She peered through the barred slit at head height on the thick oak door.

The room adjacent was much larger a wine cellar maybe, well lit with torches and lamps. Other tunnels ran off in different directions some lit some in pitch black. Across in the far wall there was an altar, a huge red flag in its centre with a black swastika on white background. On the altar were a silver SS helmet and other bizarre pseudo-religious artifacts. Becky began to moan, "oh god no this isn't happening."

There were sounds of shouting, and orders been barked. She strained to look as five figures came into view. Three appeared to be men, the other two she knew. Hans now wearing a black SS kit and his sister Kristen. Was it her?

The blonde goddess was dressed in a tight fitting black leather cat suit her legs stretch in 3inch heels thigh boots, hair tied back in a long horse type tail. The leather bulged at her breasts extra ribbed stitching holding her heavy assets in place. The other figures only appeared to be men because she couldn't be sure. Naked, they disappeared at the waist up in what could be only described as large black rubber condoms. The rubber held their arms by their sides and appeared almost airtight. At their heads were two black goggled glasses and a snorkel from their mouth area hanging loose.

Each man was pushed into the centre of the room the tops of each rubber sheath attached by hooks to the ceiling so they could only move a few inches in each direction. Becky backed away from the door as it unlocked and Hans stood there triumphant, hands on hips. Behind him appeared Kirsten taller and looking leaner in her tight kit. Becky didn't know what to say. As if understanding Hans raised his hand. "Yes, yes it can't be happening, true? But it is!"

Kristen explained impassively. Their guests could be made to think anything with a little persuasion. Brain washing had been perfected in the last days of the second world war in a vain attempt to control and continue the will to fight. Now they used it to slowly build their community of perfect breeders. Their village children indoctrinated, taught how to fight from been very young. Building an army; of ultra fanatical soldiers. Most of their guests just disappeared; others told their friend they weren't coming back. Cults are everywhere no one has time to follow them up to see what really was going on.

"Brain washing?" Becky shook her head. Hans smiled. "I here you've already experience the geometry of lust. Well your body ravished in a particular way and rhythm can release other feelings of subordination and obedience until… well you see."

Becky shook her head again." No way you fuckers I won't accept." Hans came forward to grip her arms tugging them round her back. He had a pair of leather bounds which he secured her small wrists with. "Yes my dear, I think you will."

Becky was moaning pathetically arms behind her back on her knees rocking back and forth. In front of her were the three gimps hanging/standing in a semi circle. She couldn't tell if they could see through the black goggles, she could only hear them snorting down their breathing tubes. Kristen was knelt slightly in front of her; she had all three men rock hard. Her gloved hands wanking a cock each while she deep throated the other. Then swapping round pressing her tongue down their spunk slits massaging their balls expertly. She did this hungrily the saliva dripping from her mouth in long strands to the purple cock heads. The men writhed and snorted as she squeezed their balls slightly too hard.

Hans pushed Becky forward, "now your turn." But she reeled back in refusal.

The two siblings grappled with her forcing her head and wide mouth against the first cock. It was rubbing across her face the bound man swinging his hips in frustration trying to find the wet hot hole he knew was waiting." No, no mmnnnnnnnnn!" She instantly spat it out. Kristen gave her a slap across the face, Hans tugging her head back sharply. Her lips enclosed the eager head again as the bound man jerked forward.


Kristen grasped her red hair pushing her on to it. "That's it yess good, now the next quicker!" She felt the cock twang from her mouth and only had time to cough as she swallowed the next; the cocks still wet with Kristen's spittle.


The other men's bodies were pulled closer the free cocks slapping and sliding across her face, their weeping tips sending snail like trails over her cheeks across her eyes.

"Mmmnn, uuugggg!"

Becky was coughing her jaw aching the cocks been forced deep into her throat. They tried to get two in her mouth and she baulked as if to be sick. The one in her mouth tasted sweaty and rough the end weeping goo as her lips pushed back the foreskin tasting the underneath of his dirty head.


Kristen was jerking him into the bound girl's mouth. The blondes hand gripping him tightly tugging back and forth. "Suck harder bitch, he's nearly there ooh ja he's coming he's coming."

There was a high pitch snorting from the air tube as she felt her mouth fill with runny spunk. She coughed, spewing it back over Kristen's wanking hand, the white filth also running down Becky's chin. The next cock was almost instantly dragged forward and Becky moaned as her head was pushed onto it once again for Kristen to start milking him.

Hans was close by, eager to see the beauty in action. "Over her tits," he demanded still gripping her wrist with one of his hands. Both him and his sister tugged Becky's nightie with their free hands ripping the front open dragging it to her waist. Her tits now exposed, flapping as she rocked forward gobbling. The second gimp started to tense and Becky felt her head tugged back, shoulder straightening tits thrusting forward. The come spewed from his tip as her mouth was pulled away the semen arching over in spatter effect across the top of her mounds like icing sugar on hot buns.

"Ohh ugg no please its distgu… urrrrr!"

The last cock Kristen took deep into her own mouth her gloved hand curling up under his balls finger pressing deep into his arse. She released the cock from her wet bright red lips pulling Becky's head to it. The fat length smacked against her cheek pushing up into her eye socket. The German bitch twisted her long finger inside the man's rectum, putting pressure on the internal base of his cock. He gave an animal howl as his legs sprang open his balls shrinking into him.

His prick rapidly fired wad after glutinous wad into her face, running down her nose stinging her eyes catching in lumps on her long black lashes.

"Ja, Ja wunderva!" Exclaimed Kristen continuing to twist her finger, ejecting the last remnants onto Becky's soaking face.

The poor girl rolled onto her side shaking her head. "Uggh cough, cough, you bastards, uugg!" Kristen lent down to French kiss her, Becky writhing in disgust the woman's tongue licking the filth from her lips." Uggh get the fuck off me!"

Hans pulled her to a kneeling position as his sister marched the gimps away. He whispered in her ear. "Will you join us yet?" Becky nodded still coughing her throat dry from sucking. He laughed his hand cupping her tit. "Do you think we are fools you really have to want to submit before our mind games work?"

Becky shook her head," But I want to accept, just stop!"

He lifted her up off her knees her nightgown dropping around her feet. He examined her round arse the arch of her back, the hairs on end across her swan neck. Kristen approached her head cocked to one side. "Vat do you think will break her?" She asked her hand caressing Becky's curves. Her face came close, Becky able to see the ash white makeup she had applied along with the ruby red lips. Kristen's eyes narrowed.

"Spanking?" Pause. "Spanking till you feint?"

Becky was panting heavily the sweat now visible on her shoulders and chest. Hans still molesting her with one hand the other gripping her bound hands

The vixen shook her head knowingly. "No I don't think so. Though it would pleasure me greatly to punish such a squeezable arse it wouldn't work; I have a nose for these things."

Becky gave large pant half in relief the other half in horror of what else she might say. Kristen's eyebrow rose.


Becky moaned her knees nearly buckling. The bitch smiled, "No not that either hmm?"

She took four long jack boot strides arms behind her back in contemplation, before spinning back to face her. "Yes, the lab! That's it Hans."

Becky looked desperately over her shoulder as if to get some inkling of what she meant. He just smiled his hand full of flesh pulling her mound up towards her chin. The cave like room was adjoined by many corridors along one of these she was pushed. This appeared to be some part of an old bomb shelter; over head cable lighting, steel floors. Becky was panicking,

"Look we can sort this out, I won't tell. Sure, live and let live I say."

The two escorts were silent gripping her firmly not fooled a bit. The room ahead was so bright she had to squint as she entered. It was completely white reminding her of an operating theatre. The furniture was tubular steel; bed cabinets, harnesses etc. Once inside, the door a large metal affair was closed with an echoing boom.

The bed was like in a hospital above it a suspended bar with two wrist loops either side. Similar to what would be used to raise a broken foot. But instead Becky's hands were untied and fasted through a loop each. By controlling the pulley she could be made to kneel, laid pinned back, or doggie style her arms suspending her body, tits hanging down loose. But first she sat arms above her head her tits pronounced, legs crossed thigh turned to cover her pussy in modesty.

Kristen went to a steel wheeled table. "Your body is very elastic, more than you would imagine. We intend to demonstrate this too you." She was squirting gel onto her fingers taking time to grease all of them.

Becky was horrified, "what you going to do? Ooh shit oohh!" The vixen smiled. "All in good time first I think Hans has been patient enough. Don't you?"

She saw he was disrobing stripping naked his Adonis body matched by his hairless impressive erect cock. He pushed her flat his firm hands spreading her knees. She closed her eyes his head down between her sweaty thighs his tongue circling her hole, rougher but as expertly as his sister had done the night before.

"Ugghhh." She bucked his hands pressing into her hip flesh painfully. "Oooooo." His tongue was like a snake forcing itself inside her, his nose pressing her clit. "Ugggggggg!"

Kristen continued with equipment. "Lay back relax you're not going anywhere. Let him inside you'll thank me later."

Hans was licking her inner rim slowly round and round. She could feel him nibbling her clit as she wriggled. His hand gripped her waist pulling her onto his mouth. Becky tensed as he inserted a stubby finger.


His thumb was pressing on her clit hard. He continued to poke and lick as Kristen assembled something on the table. He called back to his sister," the gel!" And Becky's expression filled him with lust as he held the long tube in his hands. It was like a joke syringe, a thick tube with a plunger on one end the other a tapered nozzle. He pushed it against her pussy penetrating half an inch.

"Aw uuggghh!"

Then slowly he pressed the plunger in one deliberate move. "Oh, oooohhhhh!" Her pussy began to fill with thick goo deeper and deeper inside, white foam appearing around her cunt lips.

"Uggggggggghh no more no ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The half foot long cylinder had been pumped up her the air farting from her prized slit.

"Awwww what are you doing to me? She moaned her groin feeling hard.

Hans was twisting her round making her kneel, butt out.

"A muscle relaxant my dear. How else could your body take such large intrusions?"

Becky had no time to think before she gulped and coughed in surprise. The nozzle slipped into her anus forcing her tight ring open just enough for the gel to be squeezed up her rectum like sausage meat, been filled into its skin. "Uuggghh!"

Hans gave a satisfied grin seeing the tube plunger reach the bottom the content deep up her canal.

"Ugh I think I'm going to be sick" Becky moaned her arms straining holding her body horizontal.

She was relieved when unexpectedly he released her arms and she rolled onto the bed. Her long nailed hands instinctively touched her arse and slit; both oozing white foam.

"Ohhh, oh god it's getting bigger!" She gasped.

Hans laughed. "Yes it expands, stretching your cavities."

She rolled around groaning eyes wild. "Ooh no uuggghh oooh shit ooohh!"

Kristen came close and winked at her. "The foam will take a while to dissolve then you'll be ready."

Hans climbed onto the bed holding his rock hard dick. "There's a quicker way of getting it out!" And with that he climbed on top of her. Kristen agreed eagerly. "Yes, yes quick I'll hold her."

Becky was pinned Kristen holding an arm pulling a leg wide; Hans pushing his waist against her. Becky gritted her teeth as Hans's long hard rod pushed up her pussy the foam oozing out onto her inner thighs; that which could not escape the air tight fit been packed deeper against her cervix. "Uggggggggg!"

He began to slowly fuck, her pussy squelching full of flesh and foam.

"Ugg, ugh, ooooh, oohhhh!"

The tingling of dissolving bubbles and the fat hard tip of his dick made her inners cry out. Kristen had let her arms go now he was up her and Becky wrapped her legs round him for support as he rammed home.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!"

Becky had her head thrown back mouth open. She clawed the bed sheets with her talons.

"Ugh, ugh, aww."

He was like an animal, just as she had remembered him banging the maid. He snapped orders in English as he slapped her face and pulled her nipples.

"Uggh open your legs you bitch! Uggh ugh, slap, your tits are so hard uggh you dirty slut uuggghh! Yes fuck me, fuck your master for the fatherland."

He forced his fingers between her lips looking over his shoulder at Kristen.

"Fill her dirty cock sucking mouth," he hissed.

The tube was not completely empty, and Becky screamed as the nozzle spewed the foam into her throat. The stuff quickly expanded and hardenings, making her look as if she'd just taken a wad from a whale.

"Oh my god I'm going to choke." She thought her head banging against the bed board as Hans packed the remnants of the injection hard against her pussy's dead end.

He was thrusting harder and harder her body been pushed up the bed. But she had no time to resist desperate to empty her mouth she took each thrust obediently, hands at her lips.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, uuggghh!"

He pulled out of her the foam stuff gripping his cock and her inner walls. She closed her jaw spewing great globs onto the bed her tongue forcing an air hole through the remains. She was pulled up on her hands and knees and grunted as he thrust two fingers inside her arse and began to poke her fast and hard.

"Oh aww uoooooh ohh noooo noooo ugggghhhhh!"

His other hand slapped her butt gripping it for leverage as he fingered her anus ferociously.

"Ooooooohhh no stop that uuhoooohh uh uh uh ooooooooo!" She squealed delirious.

He paused.

Becky looked back over her shoulder eyes wide mouth still dripping foam. Kristen had come closer and as Becky shrieked pulled a leather mask over the girls head. The mask had the same blackout goggle eye sockets as seen earlier but a hole instead for her nose. There was also a mouth slit, her full lips busting out of it. She felt the mask tight on her face the side seemed to have earpieces built in like old WW2 flying caps. The view from the goggles was distorted, warped surfaces, strange colors and textures. Becky's hands were once again been tied this time to the bed headboard the girl still kneeling doggie now stifling in her clammy mask.

Kristen and Hans caressed her arse spreading her cheeks, hands stroking her sweaty back. She shook her head trying to make sense of the new strange views.

"Oh please take it off ugh." She groaned knowing they would do no such thing.

Becky first thought it was Hans's cock nudging her pussy lips apart then felt two more hands cupping her thighs pulling her butt wider. The pressure grew a little and she groaned realizing it was two or even three of Kirsten's long gloved fingers.

"Ja my dear, oooh so wet and soft. The foam has done well." She observed to no one in particular. She twisted her thumb and little finger into towards her palm and pushed steadily.

"Ooooohh no, no ooohhh!" Becky gasped feeling her elastic slit widen as the sluts hand slowly twisted against her virginal muscles.

"Aaahhh shit ugghh. No it wouldn't go, it couldn't!" Screamed Becky in her head, her fleshy walls solid against the oiled hand.

She trembled, feeling Hans's fingers on her blushing butt, the pressure of Kristen's fingers against her slit. Her walls were parting she stared straight ahead the woman's hand making her feel like she would be split up the middle.


The hand entered past the wrist her pussy closing around it and Becky felt the sensation of a oiled hand touching deep in her twat."Ooohhhhhhhhhhh!"

Once inside she twisted and tugged until she could move her hand back and forth slowly making longer movements. Becky's mouth trembled, her hands clawing their own palms still bound to the metal bed end. The feelings on her cunt were unbelievable the woman able to massage and press as deep as a love wand. She searched out her g spot and other pressure points making Becky squeal in pleasure and revulsion.

"Oh no oohhh you fucki… arrr awwwwww nrrrr!"

Her pussy was drippy wet the glove material making a squelching noise as her cunt lips slobbered along her wrist.

"You are nearly ready to accept I think." Announced the bitch; the effort of fisting making her breath heavily. "Your mind says no but your body thinks differently."

Becky shook her head unable to answer her moaning now constant. Hans straddled her arse gripping her long hair pulling her head back like a horse. He angled his cock down towards her crack Kristen spreading her cheeks with her free hand. With her hand up Becky's pussy she could direct Hans's cock into the poor girls foaming anus as he lowered himself.

"Ugghh ohh ohhh no more ohhhhhhhhhh!"

The bed began to rattle as the three connected figure moaned, fisted, caressed and fucked.

Hans was pumping away his cock easily sliding deep into her loose shit hole, all the while holding her hair tight riding the fuck out of her. His sister unable to see now Hans arse was in the way just worked by touch her arm under his fat balls still deep inside her victim. She could feel his cock against Becky's fleshy walls the juices now running back to her elbow. Becky was screaming in ecstasy, Han's buggering the final straw, her whole body in spasms. Over and over the colors in the eye goggles seemed to rotate and dance in her head. She was been used mercilessly, her body defiled, deep places reached and sampled.

"Ugh uggh fuck fuck ohhh nnnnnnnnn!!" She didn't know if she was coming or fitting, the convulsions repeating over and over the mask seeming to squeeze her face more and more.

As Kristen tugged her hand free Becky spasmed; her body feeling drained and empty. The arse cock was burning but the nudging made her groan in pleasure.

"So deep, taking me like a whore uuggghh." She thought dreamily. Her mind was wandering her vision now only rotating colors.

She lost sense of direction and verticality. She felt herself lifted or dragged then the cock back up her shitter; deeper now. Sounds were growing in her ears; strange words, moans, orders over and over they seemed to match the kaleidoscope of lights in her eyes and the rocking of the cock in her arse.

She grunted as a hard thrust filled her pussy then another. Each one making her buck and yelp. The sounds grew louder, too loud, over and over. Her thighs were been forced apart the cunt fucking rough and uncomfortable.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!"

In the lab Hans sat on a chair legs apart. On his lap Becky, her legs wider over his knees, her mask now had wires attached to it playing the sounds direct into her ears. She sat facing away from him, his hands on her waist groping her tits with ease. Her hands hung loose at her side only the slightest attempt at resistance. His cock was buried to the hilt in her ass as she sat there impaled. Kristen was crouched in front, her black cat suit wet and shinny. She had a cut down wooden pole, like from a sweeping brush greased and smooth; which she twisted up into Becky's pussy over and over, her face alive with carnal lust.

The ravished girls mind was lost, "where, what awww ugghhhh ohh the depravity, it's all becoming clear."

Becky began to laugh between grunts; the abuse amusing her. Her mouth widened to show her lovely sexy smile.

"Ooh awww yes, fuck me. Faster, yesss faster," she gasped, her mouth drooling." In the name of the fatherland ram it up me you bitch!"

Four weeks later the first Land Rover, roof rack stacked high with luggage made the steep climb to the castle gates. As it pulled into the courtyard a young woman stood to attention dressed all in black, knee high boots, long red hair down one side of her immaculate red lipped face. She strode with confidence to the car door, arms behind her back. Peering inside she smiled at her guests with her wide beautiful mouth. Her voice was sweet with a slight Germanic hint to it.

"Good afternoon my name is Becky; and welcome to castle Busenstien."


The crazy bitch and her brother have invited many guests to their elitist residence. And all of them need converting. Maybe there someone you'd like to imagine been there. A couple you know perhaps, a hot acquaintance or even a celebrity. If you like to hear about what castle Busenstien has in store for them send me an e mail giving a name and detailed description of your ideal victim. Feel free to give as much description as you wish, the more the better. Remember these two children of the master race have their standards. They're very selective about who they invite and will have a different treat for each guest. Finc

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