Evidence against Tina Part 2

Evidence against Tina Part 2

Robert,having just exploded inside his stepdaughters vagina,pulled his,glistening dick out of her sodden and jism drenched puss.He heard the electrical garage door opening.He looked down at the bawling,Tina,smiled and said,tormentingly"Here comes the cavalry,HO!''

He grabbed the wench,savagely by the hair,pulling her by the roots to her feet.She was a babbling and bawling wreck.The sound of yapping dogs,being unloaded,twisted her tear streaked face with terror.

Tina,was so scared.Fear threatened to drive her insane.It knawed at her body and mind.Her scalp hurt,from the way he had yanked her up.Her,privates felt battered and bruised,from the way they had used her.She had this terrible feeling in her tummy that they were going to hurt,her!

When they entered the livingroom,Tina shrieked into her gag and swooned!Mark,her best friend,Stacey's,Father had three large,dogs in front of him on leashes!The hounds were all muzzled and had thick,long socks on their forelegs!The dogs looked evil and Tina was pettrified of them!Just the sight of them made her body convulse!Scariest of all was that over Mark's shoulder she saw Stacey,naked except for a thick black,dogcollar around her neck!

Mark,handed the dogs to Patrick and made his way over to Tina.''Well!well!…well!What have we got here,then!The boy's haven't been too rough with you,I hope?Judging by the semen,drying on your thighs I suspect,otherwise!''He looked,Tina,up and down.The way a farmer would inspect a cow he wished to purchase!He reached his hand out as if it was perfectly normal and placed her tit in his palm.He weighed it in his hand!"We are gonna have so much fun,ain't we,Tina?''

Mark looked at her sternly!…"Now listen up,Tina!Are you,in shit?The answer is YES!Are you going to be raped over and over?YES!Are you going to be beaten till you black and blue?I DON'T KNOW!…..You see,if you listen and obey and do everything we tell you!You will be fine!….Now Stacey,over there is no stranger to your Dad or Patrick!My friends and I have been rapeing her for years!Oh,buy the way,if you wondering,her,Mom knows about it!She even participates on occasion!Different strokes for different folks!Now,Tina the million dollar,question!…Are you going to play along?Then we can uncuff ya and take your gag off!…or are you going to play hardball?Then we will have to beat ya!Ask Stacey,she learn't the hard way with a riding crop!What's it going to be?''

She glanced at Stacey.Tina could see by the girl's expression it would only be in her own intrest to say YES!Tina dreading what was to come,nodded her head!

"Good girl,Tina!Remember,luv not a sound!Not a question!Just listen and obey!Take the cuffs off her!''Mark,indicated to Robert.

Tina,stood rubbing her wrists,geting the circulation to her hands going.Her jaw,ached but not having the gag,restricting her was a relief!She had'nt said a word!She was gonna do what they wanted!

Mark,sent Patrick to the guest cottage,telling him to set up the cameras and get ready.He shouted after him that the lighting,better be right!Mark,casually,undid his zipper and sat down.His still flacid,organ against his thigh."Come blow me,Tina!''The thought of enduring a beating,was to awful for her and she got down before him!He seemed to be incharge of what was happening and her friends,look had been warning enough!Tina,took his cock in her hand,jacked it till she felt it begin to stiffen and then stuffed it in her mouth!It was growing and the thing was huge!Much bigger than her stepdad's.She had his snake around it's girth,moving her fingers on it as if she were playing the piano.Her cheeks flated and deflated as she sucked on him hard!

"Aaaaaah,yeaaaah,that's nice….real good!''He said it softly in a long drawn out hiss."Stacey,come over here and lick your friend's,pussy!''She felt,Stacey behind her."Tina move your feet apart!''Stacey, whispered close to her ear.Tina knelt on her knees,legs apart,her face down sucking the man's dick.Stacey on her back moved her face,directly beneath,Tina's snatch.Like a motor mechanic under a car.Tina,shuddered and her butt,quivered when she felt her friend's tongue on her twat!Stacey,put her arms against,Tina's legs,holding her hips and licked her minge!

The feeling of Stacey's mouth working her pussy was exquisite!Stacey was rolling her tongue over her vulva,and then stabbing at her opening!Tina lifted her head and moaned."Ya,like that hey!Just keep sucking my cock!''Stacey took Tina's,clit between her tongue and front teeth and rolled it!It gave,Tina a jolt and her tummy turned to butter!The man in her hand and mouth had grown to an alarming size!Maybe the tongue lashing she was enduring brought it out because Tina,suddenly blurted…"Geez,ya got a big cock!''

Mark,chuckled…"Okay,baby,ya asked for it!Both of you on your backs,stay on the floor!Side by side,speadeagle,yourselves!''

Mark stood above them his large,engorged member strutted before him.They were beautiful!Perfect bodies!Legs open wide,blonde and brunette waiting for him to mount them!

He took Tina's butt in his hands."You going to need lubrication,baby,I'm big!Put spit between your legs!Tina spat into her open hand and rubbed it on her puss.It was wet in any case from Stacey!Mark eased into her real slow.As he ate up her canal,inch by inch,Tina came under pressure!….Tina felt him filling her,hotly,his cock was thick and he was stretching her wide!She had to admit he felt good!She moaned.."Oooh,aah..umm…slowly…aah!''Mark buried himself to the base.His balls were hard up against her ass!The bitch felt soooooo good inside!

Robert had been watching from the sidelines and Mark angered him!The man was motionless above Tina,deeply rooted!He felt a pang of jealousy that Mark was having her!He had'nt cared about the oaf,Patrick fucking her.Mark was a different story!The guy had a fucking cannon between his legs and judging by Tina's reactions,knew how to use it!

"Tina,listen to me sweetiepie,and I mean that!!I'm gonna start,doing ya slow at first and then faster when I think you ready!.I'm gonna alternate between you and Stacey.When I'm gonna blast in Stacey and I tell you,ya pull my dick out of her and let me cum in ya mouth!Got it?''

His slow humping was fucking DELICIOUS!Tina,struggled to concentrate,he was shafting her real nicely!"Ahuh!yeeaahh,I got it!''she moaned.Mark,had only worked his copulating with Tina to medium pace when she totally surprised him by cuming loudly!Her body,quivered,her cunt twitched and clenched his cock and she let out a piercing cry of ecstacy……"Fuck,OOH…I'm cumming!Dammmmittt!FUCK ME!''He did just that,letting fly at her!He humped hard and fast,drilling her!She squealed with delight and he was blowed if she did'nt cum again!Feeling his own release thundering in his ears he pulled out and planted his cock firmly in his daughter.Stacey placed her arms around his neck and met his thrusts!She knew just how he liked it.He felt ready to pop and yelled..''Do it,Tina!''Tina exhausted by her jarring orgasms got to his side reached down and extracated him from her sodden friends puss!She was just slightly too late.He spurted one bolt onto Stacey's pussy before she had him in her mouth and was gulping down his load!

Tina,felt really hot!lHer,face glowed from the way Mark had just done her!She had swallowed him greedily,the unmistakable taste of both their pussy's on his slab!The older man,seemed talented at
fucking pussy!Although he had screwed her without her consent,she had to admit that it had been A, FUCKING AMAZING!

"Robert,bring us a jug of juice,it's as hot as Hell!''Robert, brought juice and glasses and they quenched their thirst.Tina,found Mark's,domination of the men attractive.He spoke to them like they were his servants!He had a nice body for his age,Tina thought and was pretty handsome to boot!

Half an hour,later they were all gathered in the guest cottage.The dogs were there to and Tina ,saw that Rufus had also been muzzled,joining the other three."Right girls,this is the drill!You will note Patrick's,set up three camera's.We got two more which Patrick and I will use for the close up shots! I want good stuff,girls.This aint gonna be scripted,contrived shit!I want natural,HOT doggysex!You two girls,are going to service these four boys and drain them for me!Tina,from what I seen and it was terrific by the way,this ain't entirely new for you!Follow Stacey's,lead she's a pro!Don't be scared of the hounds they,muzzled and can't bite ya or each other in their excitement!The boy's are experienced and know what to do.Ya got ten minutes,Stace get the makeup on and the lingerie!''

Stacey did her face,making Tina,up beautifuly!She then did her own.Stacey,was gifted and made them both look luscious!Stace,handed her a pair of petite,black high heeled pumps,leg high pantihose,garterbelts and a dogcollar like the one she wore!

All three of the men,looked at the two teens,they looked impressive!''Girls,you are fucking lovely!''Mark said,with lust!''This is going to be the best Bestiality,movie ever!Don't,let me down!Nobody has had the pleasure of viewing,two young dogfuckers,as breathtaking as the two of ya!''

Tina and Stace,were positioned for the cameras.On the floor,Stacey looked at the camera and smiled mischeviously! She was aware of what was coming from experience,although there were two of them for the dogs to hump today,Tina had no idea what they were in for!Stace,knew beter!With four dogs to cater for,they were going to have their brains fucked out for hours!

Stacey,looked at Tina,sitting next to her she,looked stunning!The makeup,highlighted her beautiful green eyes….."Tina when they let the dogs,loose don't be scared.Just let them at ya,the Dane's the worst,his big and can easily knock ya over!Try and let,him take you standing and bent over,his easier to accomodate like that.If he,crushes,you to the floor and screws you like that,it's gonna hurt!

Mark and Patrick each held two dogs.Mark,was struggling to hold his pair back!They were aware,of what delights awaited,them and were as frisky as hell!

King,the jetblack,Dane was a fuck machine!His appetite for two legged pussy,was insatiable!He often fucked Stacey and her Mom,Evelyn but never seemed to get enough!Joshua,the Golden Retriever was a bastard!He could hump for hours!Patrick,had a hold of Ice,the Alaskan Malamute,he was a crazy son of a bitch and prone to biting.Rufus,the old boy was new to the team and seemed unsure of the situation.Mark and Patrick let the dogs free!

The sight never ceased to amaze,Mark!The beasts,always seemed to have some intuitive knowledge,that they were being given a real treat to fuck a human!They got more excited than they ever would with a dog bitch!This seving was the best ever!Stacey as beautiful as she was.With her long blonde hair and creamy skin,could'nt quiet match,Tina's,stunning looks.Mark got an instant roaring erection!

Joshua,the Retriever and Ice,the Alaskan made a dash for,Stacey,the bitch they had claimed many times.Stace,knowing the game very wel and seeing that the Dane,was preoccupied with Tina.Placed her,hands firmly on the ground,steadying herself for the assualt to come!She raised her buttocks,serving her vagina,legs spread wide apart!Joshua,the Retriever,was a beautiful looking dog.Mark kept his coat trimmed short,his big brown eyes clouded with runting lust!He mounted Stacey.The dog had an incredibly long cock which stretched deep into his sheath.It uncurled like a snake!From his neat,cleaned of hair sheath it sprung forth.Stacey,reached back with her hand and helped him to his target.The dogs head thrashed upward and he began humping earnestly!His flanks sunk and rippled as he held his teen mate by the hips.His loins above his back legs were pumping pistons!Stacey,screamed with delight as his engorged prick rutted into her.He was the best of the three and Stacey gave herself to him wholeheartedly!She knew he was gonna pulverise and tame her.Later she would be a sweating,cumming slave to his thick doggycock!The boy,fucked for ages!What made this particular coupling excruciatingly,more intense for,Stacey was what had happened to Tina!King was killing her!

As the huge Dane bore down on petite Tina,she had lost her nerve!He was so big she froze with fright.King looking to entwine with this human bitch,was particularly violent and over zealous.He rose above her on his hindlegs and crashed down on her!His weight and strength knocked her to the ground.The bitch sprawled on the carpet all arms and legs.She lost one of the pumps on her stockinged feet.King was courseing with demonic lust.He walked all over her and she screeched with terror as his heavy paws dug into her nakedness!The men raced to her she thought to aide her,instead they were hell bent on tormenting her!Both Robert and Patrick had to put all their strength into holding the Dane back from her.Mark tossed four pillows on the floor,yanked Tina and bent her over them,rump high.The dogs listened to their master.He gave King,a hefty slap on the foreface!The hound whined.Mark manouvered the Great Dane into position over Tina.His shadow fell over her as Mark,gripped the beasts heedy fuckstick.Holding it firmly,he shouted for Patrick to bring him some lube.He viciously crammed the stuff into Tina's ass with two invading fingers.Having being slapped and fearful of his master,King became sedate and was motionless above,Tina.His hand holding the powerful,pulsating doggycock,Mark stuck the bulby knob into her tight ass.The girl begged.."Oh NO!Not my ass!Just not my ass!It's nasty and it hurts!''

Robert sat before her and pulled her arms,stretching them and holding them in a vicelike grip.Mark hissed"Don't dare start!I will beat you to a pulp!''Mark eased two inches of the doggycock into the bitch.The teens,anus was stretched around the hot pink skewer!King panted rhythmically and drops of dog drool fell from his muzzle onto Tina.She was moaning as he let the dogcock ease further into her anus.Her body shivered and her back rippled as her shithole was stretched and stuffed.Mark planted the Dane,untill he felt that she could'nt take any more.He wondered what she must look like inside,crammed and bloated!The whore had taken at least 18 wide centimeters of doggycock up her ass.Tina was moaning,it felt like she was being split inside!Her stomach felt like it was gonna burst right open.She could'nt move she felt like someone had driven a stake into her!

"Come get a close up of this,Patrick!''She's completely stretched!''While he filmed her anal rooting,Tina felt the fatman stick his big thumb up her vagina, he forced it up against her canal roof so just a layer of flesh,separated his thumbnail from the dogs crushing dick!

Mark worked the dogs dick in his hand,fucking the young bitches ass with the dogs hot prick.The fit was so glove tight that King,buckled and yelped,ejaculating deep in her gut with abandon.Tina,hollared at the hot gush inside her.It was a pricking heat against her intestines.Her body rocked as the dog came.Spurt after spurt erupted inside her.He was drowning her shithole!Mark reeled his cock in,having to tug it loose!When the still squiting spout came free of her it continued to hose her down.The head blossomed as the cum raced through it !Mark aimed the flow directly at her gaping anus.When,King,drunkedly staggered away from the girl,he had turned her ass into a cum rained on cesspit!

Patrick was animated…"You got to see that footage!Unfucking,believable!It's made me cum on the carpet!''Mark raised Tina's stressed body on all fours and the Alaskan mounted her with quick thrusts.The dogs blue eyes rolled as he had his way.Searching for her core!This renewed attack on her vagina had Tina,gasping under the strain!

Tina was ready to fold!She stunk of sweat and other odours!Her body reeked in the hot summer air.Just the men's hands kept her up.She was exhausted!She had Ooo'hd and Aaa'hd as the Alaskan fucked away at her.Now her body felt numb.Her vagina was inflamed and she knew she had an infection,probably caused by her own shit!"Hey,when's he gonna cum?My pussy's sore!''..as if he had heard her he twitched and clung to her.His paws drummed at the carpet and he erupted!For the men watching it was sheer pleasure!By his body movements they knew the dog was cumming.What made it so delicious were the strands that leaked out of her as the dog drove hard in his throes of orgasm!Long stretching,hanging white strands of doggy cum hung from her teen pussy.They plopped to the floor.When the sated Alaskan,withdrew cum
spurted out of Tina's gash!

Stacey had milked the Retriever and was now mateing with Tina's,Shepherd Rufus!The dog was a mass of animal humping.His keeness,effort and sublime appreciation of doing her,had made Stace cum!Although just a dog she could see that she drove him insane!He was paused getting his breath back after his wild thrusting and humping.He was,naieve and Stacey liked the sweet old dog.She put all her effort into glasping and squeezing his doggydick with her vaginal muscles.The outcome,was what she expected he erupted heavily!His puppy seed,spraying within her and searching for an ovum it was impossible to fertilise!

Tina lay on her back,her head resting on a pillow.Stacey,had her hands on her thighs gently holding her legs apart.The girl's tongue laping her and cleaning her of the dogs jism made her cum,silently.The men stood above her,jacking off,their cocks making meaty sounds in their hands.Patrick,came first his aim off target.She took most of it in her hair.Just one blob managed to splash warmly against the side of her nose.Her stepfather,moaned and stood on tiptoe as he ejaculated.He shot on her left boob and sprayed a pattern across her tummy.One trickle scoring a hole in one by filling her bellybutton.Mark,moaned rhymically with his spurts and shot flush against her lips and chin.Tina stuck her tongue out and slurped it in.She looked up at them smiling!

Everyone was gone and it was dark out.Her dad was sitting in the dark livingroom drinking a beer.Tina,with a towel wrapped around her fresh from the shower,stood by the doorway…"Here's the deal Dad!I like Mark and you know he likes me.He whispered in my ear before he left that if you hurt me he will fuck you up!I don't want your apology or explanation for what you did to me!I know you besotted with me!That's why you stick around here!Sooooo when you feel ya want to fuck me,ya can but it's gonna cost you $250 a pop!You going to take control of that bitch wife of yours and make me Queen of this house!Nite,nite Daddy,sleep tight!''She blew him a kiss!

Tina,was busy on her,computer.He knocked on her door,she glanced at the clock it was 1:15am!"What you want?''Tina heard a ruffling sound by the floor.She looked down as two hundreds and a fifty slid into her room.She smiled,pulling her chiffon slip over her shoulders and unlocked the door!


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