Goldie and the Seven Hells: Hell 1 (Lust)

Goldie and the Seven Hells: Hell 1 (Lust)

Off down the street, parked under a shady tree, sits a car containing a shadowy figure. It can't be determined to whom or even to what the figure may belong. The only things that can be discerned are two burning blue eyes. Eyes that are currently lusting and hungering. Therefore this figure for the time being will be referred to as Eyes.

What Eyes is staring lustfully at is a young boy. Currently, the little boy is playing in his front yard. As he plays, a woman, who is tending to the flowerbed, periodically looks over her shoulder at the boy and warmly smiles. The smile can not be mistaken for anything but the smile of a loving and proud mother. Eyes feels nothing but jealousy toward this display of affection and possession, for Eyes wants to be the one to be in charge of the little boy. However, it's not the love and care of the boy, but rather punishment that interests Eyes. Harsh, cruel, and unbridled punishment. Eyes wistfully smiles and flashes white teeth, while looking on and begins to caress and stroke their body.

The boy is wearing nothing but his swim trunks and is squealing joyfully, as he prances around in the water sprinkler. With each squeal Eyes has an electric like tingle that courses through their body, as they imagine the torments they plan to visit upon this innocent child. Eyes is totally entranced by the boy's young body. His skin is so smooth and milky and the water runs deliciously off his nicely developed chest and back. The water shimmers and flows like diamonds. The boy couldn't be much more than eight but he was developed nicely. Enough that he looks just like a miniature little man. Strong shoulders and a flat tummy but still with those big pubescent green eyes that sparkle with innocence. A little man destined for abuse.

What really keeps drawing Eyes' attention though is his wet crotch. His soaked shorts cling enticingly to his body, which maddeningly outlines his sexuality. Eyes lustfully and cruelly stares at his little package that he is sporting so proudly, as rivulets of water poor from under his shorts and down his youthful legs. In his youthful exuberance he has been rolling around on the wet grass and it is quite obvious that he has probably been mashing his little pee-pee into the ground. Eyes see that he has a very nice package indeed for one so young. This is one reason why Eyes finally decided on this particular child. The other being accessibility.

For a long time Eyes has been searching for a victim and then this perfect little boy was spotted. For months now Eyes has stalked and studied and now knows the routines of mother and son. The sweetest thing discovered and the main reason that this boy was picked is the fact that the woman is a young single mother. Being a single mom there are periods, though the mother labored hard to make them quite brief, that the little boy was left unprotected. Moments in the yard. Moments unwatched at the store. Maybe a brief time in the car alone.

"It must be tough trying to live one's life and care for another all by one's lonesome," Eyes thinks. Then sarcastically. "But I can help take care of that!"

It is quite obvious that the mother loves and cherishes her little man. After seeing his package, Eyes lecherously figures why! Eyes fantasies about how "mommy" probably really does "love" her little man.

"Poor woman being all alone. What is a woman to do when she gets lonely? HAH!" Eyes grins wickedly. "I should help her with such temptation."

Eyes is now panting and quivering in excitement. All the sights, sounds, and fantasies have now turned the electric tingling into a soon-to-be orgasm. With hands pressed tightly against their crotch Eyes looks on.

Now, Eyes dimly sees the mother go inside. A number of minutes pass by. Eyes smiles knowingly.

"This is all it takes to lose prized possessions."

The mother finally returns with a towel and she has cleaned herself up. She squelches her son's fun by turning off the water and gesturing him to come to her. The boy is evidently disappointed, but not for long as he runs into his mother's arms and the awaiting fluffy towel.

Mother picks up her son and begins to caress his body and she dries off every inch of him. Pressing the towel even into his most private areas.

"Which will be much fun to torment!" Eyes pants out, as they pleasure their genitals.
Then mother gives her little man a hug and kisses him on the lips and he hugs and kisses her back.

"Oh, oh, oh yeah mama. You fucking whore. Kiss your little fuck toy of a son!" Eyes is masturbating frantically now and panting hard, as the kisses send them over the edge.

Eyes' body is tense and they are hunched forward in their seat, with gasps and moans escaping through clenched teeth. Then their hips begin thrusting and they orgasm forcefully. The cum squirts out all over their hand, car seat and onto the floor mat, at their feet. The shadowy form crumples back into the seat.

Exhausted and satisfied, Eyes watches the young mother, as she lifts and takes her cherished possession inside.

"Soon little man. Soon it'll be just you and I," Eyes whispers out loud and cruelly.

Eyes starts up the car and then begins to drive away. Everything is set and ready and Eyes just now needs the opportunity to make the snatch. Having watched them for so long now, Eyes knows that the opportunity will shortly come and then the fun will begin. Eyes even has devised a ploy that just may work on such a happy and confident little boy.

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