Horsing Around

Horsing Around

This is only a fantasy of mine. But it has been prompted partly by things that really happened, real people and real experiences I have had later, which I have been able to build into the story, and partly by something, which just recently I found myself dreaming of.

What prompted this fantasy was a visit to a farm owned by one of our friends. They persuaded me to go riding, a thing I haven't done for many years. My friend's husband was very interested in me, talked a lot about the horses and asked where I had learned to ride and so on. Reliving my riding years during the day, it must have been very much on my mind when we returned, because this little story popped into my mind during the night and I have spent the time since getting it down on paper.

Like so many other girls at that age, I was into horses when I was about 14. I shared a horse with a lady called Fiona who was in her mid thirties. I used to call her Lady Fi. It was a good arrangement that lasted about 4 years. It was good because, during that time I was away a lot with the school and on summer holidays. During the year I was in the US, she was working from home and was only too happy to have the horse all to herself that year. On the other hand, when I was home, I did more than my share of looking after the horse, so it worked out very well.

During the years, I also became very close friends with her. She didn't appear to be much older than I was, despite the fact that she was almost twice my age. I could talk to her about everything, and she used to laugh at me when she heard me talking to the horse about my boyfriends. She taught me a lot about boys, and about myself for that matter. She had married early, and had divorced early and had no children. I think she thought of me as the daughter she could have had. But to me, she was as far from a mother (or at least my own mother) as you could imagine. She also had an active sex life and we often shared experiences and feelings. Even though my mother accepted that I was sleeping with my boyfriends, I could certainly not talk to her about the details of my sex life.

The name of the horse was Bono; he was large, black and very beautiful. We had him on a farm, a very nice place close to the sea, lakes and forest, so there were fine opportunities for riding alone in nature, which I enjoyed a lot.

Another true aspect of this story is that I was in love with the horse! I had the horse during the years when I began to be very much into relationships with boys; but for some reason I felt the horse was my best friend. When I went riding, I used to have long intimate conversations with him, talking to him about my friends and imagining that he would give me advice on how to go ahead with different boys. I loved the strong feeling of closeness when we rode together along the isolated paths in the forests, and I have to admit, that more often than what was probably good for me, I was getting off while riding. It was just so easy to ride the handle of the whip and let the motion of the horse do the rest.

When I was out in the early morning with no risk (or at least very little) of meeting people, I would unbutton my shirt and enjoy the exposure of the cool morning air as I was getting off on the whip. I had dreams of riding into the forest naked, but never had the nerve. Topless was bad enough, but I could quickly button up the shirt. Getting riding trousers on and off involved getting off the horse, and I simply didn't dare do that.

Another part of the background to this story was the character James. He was a jockey and was always helping out on the farm, where he lived in a room on the first floor of the farmhouse. He was very nice and good-looking, but he also had a mean streak. He was not from a very good background, and my father really disliked him, practically forbidding me to have anything to do with him.

This, of course, only made it so much more exciting. He was 25 when I started to ride, and he always 'helped' the girls when he could get away with it; I know of several other girls who had had relationships with him. They all complained afterward that he had been rough, that sex had been fantastic, but they didn't dare to see him again. I always wondered what he did to the girls that scared them away like that.

Okay, that's enough of the background. Let the story unfold. . .

We were going off on vacation and we were going to be leaving the house around nine in the morning. I was supposed to have groomed Bono and given him a last ride before going away for three weeks, but I had gone out with a new friend the day before and hadn't managed to get home in time. My father, as usual, was upset with me. He couldn't understand how I could be so irresponsible. Between my father's wrath and my own bad conscience towards Bono, I decided to get up really early, go for a good ride, groom him and clean his box in time to be back for a shower and breakfast before leaving.

I couldn't believe I had made such a stupid decision when the alarm clock went off at four thirty in the morning. I had been in bed for less than four hours, and on top of that I had slept badly, dreaming of the guy I had met, and frustrated that I wasn't going to see him during the time we were away.

It was already light, being shortly after midsummer; there was a slight mist over the ground, but I knew that would soon clear as the sun gathered strength and burnt it away. I quickly dressed in just a pair of dirty cut-offs, my riding bra and a simple T-shirt. I wasn't intending to go for a long ride, and I didn't want to clean the box in my good riding clothes. I didn't usually do both on the same day. On my bike, it was only a short ride of ten minutes through the back alleys, across one field and through a bit of the forest. I rode fast, knowing the road like the back of my hand.

The farm seemed deserted at that time of the morning; I don't think I had ever been there so early before. I was rather surprised, however, to see the stable door open and no sign of Bono. As I was standing there, still wondering where he could be and what to do now, I heard faint sounds from the large rink building where we usually exercised the horses in the winter. I dropped my bicycle and crossed the yard to the large gate and peeked inside. Down the other end I could see Fiona, practising dressage, as she liked to do with Bono. I never did that, I preferred riding in nature.

Quietly, I went up to the elevated wooden walkway encircling the soft, and rather dirty area in the middle of the rink. Fiona still hadn't seen me, so I just stood quietly admiring Bono's steps. I didn't even know he could do that sort of thing so well. Fiona wore only a loose-hanging dress, and I was just wondering why she was riding in clothes like that, when she turned Bono and saw me. Across the rink I could clearly hear her gasp of surprise as she saw me. She stopped Bono and just sat there staring at me. I waved and called out to her. She slowly rode Bono over to the edge of the spectator area where I was standing.

"Jenny," she said, appearing all guilty and somewhat out of breath, "What are you doing here so early? I don't think I have ever seen anybody here so early, and you of all people!"

I didn't really think that was fair. I had been there early before; at least as early as eight. But I guess she meant as early as this, even though eight was very early for me.

"Well, I didn't make it down here yesterday. I was going to give Bono a good-bye workout, and give him a proper grooming."

As I spoke I was staring at Fiona's dress. It seemed as if she had just come straight from a party. It certainly wasn't a riding dress. It was very thin; I could clearly see her breasts through it, which also surprised me. She was the one who had taught me to always wear a bra when riding, both because otherwise it was very uncomfortable, and also because she said it ruined the tissue so you got sagging breasts much too early.

"But what are you doing down here so early, and dressed like that. Did you come straight from a party or what?" Our relationship was such that it was perfectly okay to ask a question like that.

"No, I often come down here this early. And I love doing dressage dressed like this," she said with a funny smile.

I didn't quite know what to say.

"Oh well, maybe I will clean out the box first."

"No, wait a minute Jenny. I . . . " she started, and then stopped, blushing. "This is kind of embarrassing, but I have meant to show you this for some time anyway."

I had no idea what she was talking about.

She rode Bono over, close to the wooden planks, and started to get off the horse, with what I thought was a very awkward movement. The hem of the dress caught on something on the saddle as she swung her leg over, revealing the fact that she was wearing nothing under the dress. As she ripped the dress loose, I was still looking at her bare bum, but quickly looked up, somewhat flushed, when she turned around.

She was blushing even more than I was, but that was only until I noticed what the dress had caught on. Still swaying slightly, was the largest dildo I had ever seen, completely lifelike, even down to the colouring and veins. It was still shining wet. I had only recently had some experiences with dildos, but they had been the plain ordinary ones; I had never seen one like this before – and certainly not one mounted like this. I went completely hot and must have blushed like a tomato, because Fiona laughed a little nervous laugh when she saw my reaction.

"Don't look so frightened, it's okay," she said with a smile.

"I'm sorry I came down here when you were doing . . . that. . ." I couldn't find the words. This was terribly embarrassing. I felt it was all wrong that I should have seen her doing that. At the same time I couldn't tear my eyes away from the dildo, getting me all warm and soft in the belly from watching it, still swaying very slightly with every move from Bono.

"It's okay," she repeated. "Of all the people to see it, you are the one I mind the least. As a matter of fact I was going to show it to you one day, in case you would be interested in trying it yourself. I just never got around to it. It is a little embarrassing, I admit."

But she didn't look embarrassed any more. Rather, she had a kind of dreamy expression on her face. "A guy I used to date made this one for me. It is an exact replica of his dick. I helped make the mould. He was very handy, but it still took him quite some time to get it ready".

"But, if you were already fucking this guy, why did you need a replica?" I asked.

"Well, he wasn't always the easiest guy to be with. I finally broke up with him, but I missed the sex with him so much, I finally went back to him just for the sex. He started to realise that I was hooked on the physical sex because of his size, and that it wasn't really him I wanted. That was okay with him, but at some point he jokingly suggested that we could plant a copy of his dick on my horse, which seemed to be the only other thing I really loved. Even though it was only said as a joke, the idea grew on me. I told him, and he laughingly said I could help him make it. He gave it to me on the condition that I would grant him one wish, to be cashed in at a later stage. I agreed and have never regretted it, even though I know I will hate him, when he calls in the favour".

She had a sly smile and looked at me daringly as she continued, "Remember how you told me you were dreaming about riding naked in the forest?"

I remembered that very well. I had come back from a ride where I had dropped my top and ridden through the dense forest. A branch had hit me and made a big mark across my shoulder and breast. She had helped me wash it and we had talked about my dream of riding naked. I didn't need to reply. She knew very well that I remembered.

"Now is your opportunity," she continued with the same look in her eyes as if saying: you told me all about this, now let's see if it is all hot air. "There'll be nobody around here for the next couple of hours, and you can borrow my saddle."

My natural reaction was to say no, and make some excuse as to how I would find that too embarrassing, but I couldn't even reply. My tongue felt like a loaf in my mouth. I could feel myself getting more and more hot at the idea. As I got more excited I also lost my inhibitions. This was really something I had dreamt about doing, not thinking I would ever have the nerve. Also, I couldn't get that dildo out of my mind.

"If I did it," I started out, testing my own feelings as well, "you wouldn't tell anybody, would you?"

"Of course not. You know my little secret as well. We won't betray each other's secrets."

"If anybody were to come, would you take my clothes and meet me behind the stables?" I was getting used to the idea, and I had started to get excited about it. I would have to get clear of the yard, which was about 25 meters across, clearly visible from the farmhouse, but after that I could stay out of sight. Fiona must have read my thoughts.

"If you go straight towards the small pond, as soon as you are hidden from view behind the stables, and then follow the path up to the pastures, and return through the fields at the back of the forest, nobody would be able to see you from here or from any of the roads. And if I see anybody I will just meet you with your clothes behind the stables. You should be okay", she said quite convincingly.

I was still hesitating. Bono was looking at me as if asking me why we weren't going for a ride, now that I was here. A ray of sunlight was shining through one of the small windows, hitting Fiona. I could see small beads of sweat on her brow, and I could see her hard nipples through her thin dress. What was she getting so excited about, I thought. She was probably getting as excited from the idea as I was.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a few seconds.

"Okay, I'll do it". It came out as whisper.

I pulled the T-shirt off and put it on the banister while I still had the resolve, then the bra, all of a sudden feeling very exposed in the large building. I looked around. I took another deep breath and unbuttoned my jeans. I pulled down both my jeans and panties in one movement. I knew Fiona was staring at me. I didn't mind her watching, but I felt silly standing here completely naked. Imagine what people would think if anybody did come by early. Ouch!

"See you soon," I said as I got on Bono.

First it was a bit difficult to sit properly. The stirrups were shorter than I was used to, and the dildo was right where I needed to sit. Fortunately the saddle was rather longer than normal, so I sat a bit further back and as I finally settled down on the saddle, I felt the dildo rub against the front of my pussy, only a fraction of an inch from my clit. It was still wet from Fiona's ride. But that didn't matter; already I could feel my own juices greasing the saddle. It felt wet and cold. It was time to get on with it.

I urged Bono slowly forward. Despite Fiona's assurances that there would be nobody around, I wasn't going to charge out of the rink door stark naked. I stopped and had a careful look outside, but I could see nothing wrong, so I kicked Bono into motion and shot across the yard as fast as was safe on the cobbled stones.

Halfway across the yard, what I was doing suddenly hit me hard. I couldn't believe it. I looked up to the right and could clearly see through the windows of the farmhouse into the living room. The windows on the top floor belonged to the staff who lived there permanently. Should anybody actually be watching, all they had to do was to look out the window, and they would see the little rich girl Jennifer, flying across the yard, stark naked, and with a huge dildo digging into her stomach, as she leaned forward across the back of the horse, trying to hide her bouncing breasts.

But by then I was behind the stables out of view, and I quickly started to feel better. As a matter of fact, it wasn't long before I started to feel much better. Where the dildo was fastened to the saddle there was a little mound. To the back of the dildo the mound had a small, protruding knob, and on the front of it the mound, bent upwards and ended in what looked like small brushes, which were clearly designed to stimulate the clit. However, I was now riding the knob, and with each stride I was gliding up and down the back of the dildo, landing hard on the knob each time I came down. The still, cool, morning air felt cold where I was getting wet, an area which was quickly spreading as I was writhing all over the saddle.

It was about a five minutes ride to the pond, and by the time I got there I was getting close to coming, just from rubbing against the dildo. At first, I had ridden crouched over the back of Bono, partly to hide my breasts, but as I got more excited and further away from the farmhouse, I sat upright and enjoyed the feeling of the wind against my wildly bouncing breasts.

I stopped by the side of the pond. It was completely quiet. There was a vague mist over the reeds along the edge and a smell of damp earth. I couldn't help it. I was going to try to sit on the dildo. It was so big. But when I sat on it, it was being pressed down on the saddle and I could slide forward on it until the head was at my pussy opening. I leaned further forward, stood up in the stirrups and caught the head as it tried to slide back up behind me. I had to lean on one hand, almost lifting myself off the saddle to get up in the right position to start sliding it in. The head slipped in with some trouble, but as I slowly rocked forward and backwards, the lubrication spread further down the shaft, and I could slowly rock it in further and further as I carefully lowered myself onto it. Some of the guys I had been with had had what I thought were big dicks, but I couldn't believe the feelings from this. It felt like being filled up. Each rocking motion was so clearly felt. Often during sex, I only felt it when the guys' pelvis hit mine, but here I could feel the movement of the head so clearly as it moved inside me.

Bono had impatiently started to move forward, and I just let him trot slowly ahead. I could now sit upright, with straight legs. I let Bono pick up speed and as his movements and not mine, started to move the dick inside me, my excitement grew even further. It was a completely different feeling when it wasn't my own movements. I could feel it slipping a bit further in with each move, and it didn't feel bad. Not at all!

We were moving up the forest path and I had to lean forward a bit because of the slope. That seemed to make it possible for the dildo to slide even further in. I thought I could feel it hit my cervix and I felt I had still another inch to go before I could relax in a sitting position. I didn't know if I could cope with that. Bono's movements were stronger now that he had to work his way up steep slope, and I had to concentrate on riding him. But I couldn't prevent the movements, which kept plunging the dildo in and out. Fortunately, it didn't seem to matter. I was surprised when I realised that I had actually hit the saddle. The head of the dildo must have just pushed further up inside me than I had thought possible.

Now the feeling was almost overpowering. I could clearly feel each plunge, four to five inches out and then a hard plunge back in, which was so strongly felt all the way inside me, and on top of that, my clit now hit the bristle hairs of the raised knob in front. The shape of the mound forced my labial lips apart so the small, hard-rubber hairs shaped themselves around my clit, attacking it from all sides, like a mouth sucking it each time it landed on it. Furthermore, the little knob I had enjoyed riding on down to the pond, now worked itself just half an inch into my butt hole. Not a deep penetration, but strongly enough to stimulate that area as well. I was losing touch with the surrounding world, just letting Bono pick up speed now that we had reached the summit and had a good long stretch ahead of us.

Just as much as my excitement rose, so did my frustration. The speed of the plunging was too slow. I felt I was building up towards an orgasm, but it just never came. I tried to move faster, but it was impossible as I had to follow the rhythm of Bono's strides. I tried to make him speed up, but I was also very much aware that I wasn't wearing my riding helmet, and I didn't want to reach a speed where riding became dangerous. That thought was further enhanced as, in the distance I could see that the gate to the field at the end of the forest path was shut. It wasn't very high, and several times I had jumped it easily, but despite my lack of touch with reality, I was sane enough not to attempt a jump without a helmet. Also, I had no idea what a jump would do the my insides, as I would have to have stood up in the saddle and land, probably not too gently, back on the saddle with ten inches of dildo inside me.

I slowed down as I approached the gate. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a movement. I froze, as out of the bushes next to the gate, a shape appeared. I quickly crossed my arms in front of my breasts and sat upright to hide the dildo, which otherwise might have been visible between my legs. Petrified, I watched as the shape turned into a huntsman in camouflage outfit. He stared open-mouthed at me. I couldn't speak or move, and for a while it appeared he couldn't either.

He finally spoke "Nice morning for a ride." He appeared to be in his fifties. Military looking with a moustache and army type shooting or hunting glasses. He openly stared at me now that the initial surprise had disappeared. I couldn't find anything suitable to reply, still frozen in shock and embarrassment.

"Do you always go riding like that in the morning?" he asked with a smile. I just shook my head.

"Please," I whispered with a croaking voice, "would you mind opening the gate for me?" There was no way I was going to get off Bono to open it myself with him watching. I can't imagine my embarrassment if he had appeared just a few seconds later, when in order to open the gate myself, I would have been off Bono with the dildo towering on the saddle.

There was no reply for a while.

"Sure," he finally said, "on one condition."

"What?" I asked frowning.

"Take your arms down," he replied slightly out of breath.

There wasn't much I could do. I guess I could have turned around and rode back, but I didn't really want to. I needed to get out in the open and go for a fast ride on the stretch back to the farm. Anyway, he had probably seen my breasts as I rode up to the gate before I saw him. And suddenly the feeling of exposing myself to him felt exciting. I blushed, which he probably took as embarrassment, but it was really me feeling guilty at my own feelings of wanting him to see my breasts.

Slowly I lowered my hands to rest on the saddle, putting a little weight on them, raising me just a little off the dildo, but hiding it with my hands. The move released my breasts and pushed them upwards and forward, making the exploding nipples stand out even more. I could feel the rays of sunshine through the trees warming up the front of my body, obviously also providing good illumination for him to have a perfect view. I was wondering what this was doing to him, as I watched him slowly move ahead to open the gate, never taking his eyes of me. My eyes finally locked with his and as the gate swung open and Bono, of his own accord, started to move, I let myself down on the saddle again, almost climaxing right there in front of him, from the contact on my highly excited clit. I shuddered as I moved past him.

"Enjoy the ride," he called after me, with an obvious hint in his voice, of his knowledge of the way I was going to enjoy it. Had he only known how much!

I was still shaking uncontrollably, and as Bono quickly gathered speed, I was again forced to move up and down on the dildo while probably still within viewing distance of the huntsman. But I didn't care any more, because the excitement had made me come close to climaxing, and now the movements were bringing me to my peak very quickly. I worked against Bono's moves meeting him on the way up and allowing his downwards movements to lift me halfway off the dildo, before I again rammed back onto the saddle.

Bono must have wandered what kind of a rider I was today, because, usually, I follow his moves smoothly. Soon I felt as if an electric current was running through me; I shuddered with cramp which made me slide around on the mount, caressing my clit, stretching back while the knob dug further into my butt hole. I was hardly able to keep my balance on Bono, who was slowing down with the strange movements going on his back. However, he was still going fast enough to stretch out the orgasm so I thought it would never end.

I was still shaking and riding the dildo in aftershocks when I realised I was getting close to the farm. I collapsed over Bono's back trying to stand up and get the dildo out of me, but my legs were shaking and Bono moving too fast for me to be able to raise myself up high enough. I just stayed down over his back trying to minimise the movements of the dildo in order to prevent the oncoming of the next orgasm that was lurking just a few moments away.

Fortunately, I reached the yard before it happened. This time I didn't stop to see if anybody was looking, I just wanted to get into the rink building as fast possible. I hadn't seen Fiona outside, so I assumed I had a clear path ahead, bending under the archway of the gate and finally coming to a stop half way towards the spectator stand and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness inside.

Bono was still moving slowly towards the stand where Fiona was waiting. I was still panting, my legs were shaking, and I was just slowly coming off my high. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could clearly see Fiona. I thought she looked strained. Then I realised that the clothes I had left on the handrail were missing. It didn't bother me as much as it made me wonder. Then my thoughts froze in panic for the second time in only a short while, when out of the shadows behind Fiona, another person appeared.

Of all the people to see me in this position, this was the one I would most have wanted to avoid. I again quickly crossed my hands over my breasts.

"Fiona, you promised," I cried out. She looked down, obviously feeling very bad about this.

"Don't blame her, I wouldn't let her".

I looked at James. My heart, which had begun to slow down, was beating wildly again now. I had an inner love/hate relationship with him. I think every single girl from my age and up, and probably some younger than that, had had a crush on him, and most of them had been to bed with him. Being a jockey, he was rather small, but he was extremely lean and muscular. He was not a typical Scandinavian guy. He must have had either some gypsy, Latino or Central American blood in him. Probably, that was why so many girls found him attractive. However, he just used the girls. He was never seen with the same girl for more than a couple of weeks, and the girls never spoke of him afterwards, they just avoided him. That made him even more interesting to the others. I had been quite taken with him at one time, but my father, who also had followed my riding exercises, had expressly forbidden me to have anything to do with him.

As I was scared of both my father and James, I had managed to obey him, even though I had almost failed at a recent party where, in a bit of a drunken state, I had allowed him to dance rather close and intimately with me. I still remember his hands under my T-shirt, expertly playing with my nipple through the bra, and almost making me lose it, enough to forget about my father's order when his hands had slipped down the cup of the bra, and attacked my naked nipple. However, when I came to my senses I gave him a knee in the crotch, which, probably, I shouldn't have done. When he recovered, he swore he would get back at me. And it appeared that this was exactly what was happening right now.

My immediate reaction was to turn Bono round and get away. But then I realised that I didn't have my clothes. How far would I get without them? How embarrassing would it be, if or when, I met somebody? Even if I rode over to the farmhouse and got the caretaker, I would have to leave Bono out of sight or first get the saddle off him. And I would still have a lot of explaining to do, and I certainly couldn't be sure it would be the caretaker I would find. He might keep it a secret between us, but nobody else would; I was just thinking about the reaction of my parents. I had already decided to stay and see what happened when James made a sound with his mouth, which immediately brought Bono forward. It was James's job to keep the horses exercised when the owners couldn't, and he had a very good relationship with all the horses. I just let Bono walk slowly towards him.

"Okay, James. You obviously have my clothes. Could you let me know what is going on? What is it you expect me to do?" I was feeling brave, and now also a bit angry, not least with myself, as I felt Bono's slow movements already beginning to get me excited again".

"Well, first you can move your arms down".

I did, wondering if this would not have happened if I had let him continue that night at the dance. I should have felt worried, pissed off, embarrassed or frightened. I did feel all those things, but they were overshadowed by guilt, knowing that my nipples had again got hard and that I was finding it difficult to sit still on Bono.

He was staring openly at my exposed breasts. Earlier this summer some of the girls had been sunbathing topless at the pool behind the farm. I had gone there after a ride, intending to do the same, until I realised that James was there; I just couldn't bring myself to drop my bra while he was watching. However, even though he had had plenty of opportunity to watch bare breasts, it had been my breasts, covered by my thin, and half-transparent bra that had his attention. I remember feeling embarrassed by my very visibly erect nipples, which the bra was totally unable to hide from his stare. Now that he had the opportunity to watch them uncovered, he certainly used it fully.

"Fiona owed me a favour and the other day when I asked her to help me get back at you for the other night at the disco, at first she refused; then she realised that she couldn't. We have been waiting for an opportunity, which arose last night, when your dad called Fiona to find out if you had yet been down to see Bono. We realised that you would probably have to come down early today."

Fiona looked at me; she shook her head slowly. "I am just so sorry, Jenny."

"Oh, you have already had your fun today, my dear," James commented still not taking his eyes off me. "Come over here."

Bono moved the last bit over to the raised edge, and I didn't stop him. Before I knew what he was up to, James had swung himself up on Bono, squeezing into the saddle behind me, forcing me forward, harder onto the dildo. I gasped, both with the fright of his movements and with the sensation of the dildo digging itself even further into me. James slapped Bono on the hind quarters and soon we were bolting out of the rink building. I only just managed to bend down under the arch of the doorway as we sprinted across the yard again.

This time I wasn't concerned with the farmhouse, only with the sensation of sitting naked with James behind me and the dildo again hard at work inside me. James had the reins now, I was leaning back against him, trying to get away from the clit stimulator which was threatening to release another orgasm soon if I wasn't careful. This whole situation was embarrassing enough without coming in James's arms. However, I didn't know what I had coming.

"I am surprised you can take the dildo all the way."

"Oh shit," I said, just as much to myself. I had been kidding myself into believing he didn't know about that. But as soon as he said it, it dawned on me how stupid I had been. Fiona owed him a favour, so he must have been the one who had made the saddle for her.

As I realised that it was an exact replica of his dick that was inside me, I started to come. James hadn't even touched my tits; he was just looking at them over my shoulder as I leant back against him. But he didn't need to. He probably got off on the idea that I was getting fucked by his dick as we rode, and he probably guessed, I had already been good and well fucked by it on my ride.

"James, you are just so bloody unbelievably wicked," I groaned as the first spasms hit me making it obvious to him what was happening. "Hold me tight," I begged. His hands found my breasts and nipples, his mouth slid around my neck and received my mouth which was now turned towards him, hungry for a kiss.

Bono had slowed to a stop now that James had dropped the reins. James slid a hand down my front and lifted up the clit stimulator, rubbing it harder and faster against me. I only realised that I had let out a loud scream when the echo from the forest hit me. At the height of the orgasm I almost fell off Bono. I don't know if I actually could fall with the dildo inside me, but as it was, James caught me. I again collapsed over Bono's mane. I was sobbing. This was really too much for me. James just watched me. Finally he gripped my shoulders and pulled me back up. I collapsed in his arms, but as Bono started to move again, I just couldn't stand any more.

"James, please. I've got to get off this thing." I tried to lift myself up, but my legs were shaking too much. James got Bono to stop and supported me as I leant forward and stood up in the stirrups, but still the dildo head wouldn't come free. I felt James put his arms under my legs and lift me the last inch until it finally slipped out. As I lowered myself onto the saddle again I felt it slide up my back, and as I rested back against James, I felt it lodge between us. I had a picture in my mind of what this would look like if he had been naked as well, with the two dicks caught between us.

We rode quietly back to the stables. I don't remember much of that ride. I was exhausted, both physically and mentally, but in a strange way, it felt nice being in James's control. With what had just happened, I felt as though I was just giving myself over to him and it didn't matter. I don't know what he did to the other girls and I didn't care.

When we arrived at the stables we rode into the building and found Bono's box. James got off and helped me down. I didn't even bother to try to hide my naked state. Let him watch, there really wasn't anything that could happen that was more humiliating than what had occurred in the last ten minutes.

"James, can I please have my clothes now," I asked. I knew from the way he stood back watching me that he was enjoying looking at me, and probably wasn't going to give them to me just yet, but I had to try.

"Nope, not just yet. I want you to take care of Bono, and get him settled in his box. I'll just stay here and watch."

I wondered if Bono could feel something strange going on. He seemed more loving than normal. He kept nudging me when I passed in front of him. It was as if he was staring at me as well. Sometimes I had to lean against him, and it felt oddly arousing to feel his short stubby hairs caressing my exposed breasts and very sensitive nipples.

"Where does she keep the saddle," I asked as I was getting it off Bono.

"Back here in my own harness store," James replied, and led me to a smaller room next to the general harness room. The door was already unlocked. Inside were all James's private saddles and harnesses he used for his racing. I had never been in there before. I hadn't even been aware that a room like that existed.

"Up there on the shelf, and then with the curtain pulled in front," James directed. It was hard to reach, but I finally made it. When I got down from the small stepladder I had used, I turned around and was startled when I looked back at James. He had dropped his trousers, and now only wore a tight, khaki-coloured T-shirt. Despite the fact that I knew the dildo had been moulded with his dick, I still gasped at the sight of it. The dildo looked big on the back of Bono, but it was completely unnatural on a body the size of James. I stared in fascination as it grew into its full size, pointing straight at me.

"Jenny, I really like you a lot. I have been very hot for you for a while. I find you so sexy, and the fact that you have appeared so unobtainable has just made it worse".

He stepped all the way over to me and put out a hand, just very carefully caressing my breasts.

"I have had a lot of your friends in this room. Some screamed when they saw the size of my dick. Even though they had first wanted me to take them in here, they wanted out when they saw it, but I wouldn't let them out. Dick teasers. Once they got me excited, I wasn't going to let them off so easily. Some of them I have had to tie and gag. I knew they wouldn't come near me again afterwards, but there always seemed to be somebody else who was willing, so what the hell. Fiona is the only one I have known who actually enjoyed it, and even she won't go in here with me any more."

I shivered as one hand travelled down my stomach slipping between my legs. I was still soaking wet, and it wasn't just from the ride. His hands on my breasts, the thought of him practically raping the other girls in here, and the thought of his monster dick occasionally striking my skin, had me going again.

"I had decided I was going to have you in here, no matter what. I had dreams of tying you up and hearing you scream and moan as I fucked you, but I love the way you have reacted today. And I am so excited by the fact that you managed to take the dildo all the way. I have never tried that with any of the other girls. I just feel I can't do this against your will, but I am exploding with desire for you. And I feel that, maybe, you are not entirely indifferent either?"

Very perceptive of him. My love/hate relationship was certainly not turning towards love, but the hate had disappeared. I could understand his frustration with the other girls all going for him, and then, once they had him all excited, wanting out. I also had this funny feeling of enjoying the submission. He was really forbidden fruit, but I was past that stage. His hand had found my clit, and I willingly spread my legs and pushed my pelvis forward to give him better access.

"Um, not entirely," I groaned in pleasure and anticipation.

He lifted me up onto a workbench, spreading my legs and standing between them while slowly kissing me. I couldn't cope with slow kisses. I kissed him back with eager hunger. As his mouth left mine and travelled down my neck towards my breasts, I leant back. As there was nothing to lean against, I gripped some of the grimes hanging from the wall and clutched them. His mouth had just lightly caressed my nipples and now it was continuing down between my legs.

I pulled my legs as far apart as I could. I put one foot in a stirrup belonging to a saddle hanging over a saddle stand on the floor, and the other against the wall running perpendicular to the table I was splayed out on. I was able to fit the other foot into some reins hanging there. I was subconsciously adopting a position where I imagined myself being tied up and totally in the power of James. I wondered what he had used to tie the girls with and how he had gagged them. His tongue was working on my clit. I was thinking of the tied-up girls, what they might have felt and their frightened screams as they desperately tried to avoid the monster dick they feared would take them apart. I was happy I knew I could cope, and I couldn't wait for it.

"James, please hurry, I want you now." I didn't mind begging. I wanted him to feel that for a change, somebody was looking forward to being fucked by him.

He slowly stood up, looking at me and the way I had positioned myself.

"Oh my God, Jenny, you don't know how much I have fantasised about this."

He stepped all the way up to me. He had to hold on to his dick and lower it to my pussy, poised just at the edge of the table. I kept looking at it, as the head, this time slipped in easily. I knew he was looking in my eyes for signs of pain or discomfort as he slowly pushed it further in. This was different from the dildo. It was warm, soft and well greased by its own accord, not like the hard, cold dildo. And then it was attached to James and not to Bono. James gripped my hips and slid it slowly in as far as he felt he could go in one move. I let out a small scream. Not in pain, but in extreme pleasure.

James recognised it for the pleasure it was, moved a bit back and then pushed all the way home. I felt like I was exploding. I could feel him so clearly. He leant a bit over me, making his pelvic bone hit my, by now, super-sensitive clit, and I am afraid I let out another small scream. As a matter of fact, I couldn't help it, but as each thrust touched bottom, I shuddered as if in a small orgasm and moaned loudly, that was how strong the sensation was. This time there was no slow motion dictated by Bono's speed. James was speeding up. I let go of the harnesses and wrapped my arms around him, trying to direct his speed towards my own needs.

It took me no time at all to reach my first orgasm; my whole system was tuned into sex that morning. I was hanging on to him as I was being shaken by the spasms, but I don't think James even noticed. He kept working at full tilt. When I was able to, I let go of him and leant back on the tabletop on my elbows. His eyes met mine, but he didn't stop. I looked down, observing how his long, thick dick pumped in and out of me. I still couldn't believe its size. If I hadn't already known it was possible, I would have been scared witless by the thought of having that huge thing inside me.

As it was, it was fantastic. I caught hold of the reins again with one hand, putting the other one between my legs, trying to grip the dick as it moved in and out. No way could I close my hand around it, but I could apply extra pressure. James took longer strokes, pulling his dick all the way out, so my hand would cup his dick-head, before plunging it in again. My hand was directing it so it hit the top of my pussy before it slipped in again. I could see on James's face that this had an increased effect on him. Now it was his turn to let out small yelps at each thrust. Soon he gave up the long thrusts, and just worked it out into my now, well-lubricated hand, and then back in again, in small, rabbit-like movements.

He was close to coming when all of a sudden another orgasm hit me like an express train. I hadn't felt it coming, but just as he exploded, so did I. I looked down in my hand and could see the jet of semen shooting out into my hand when the head was outside. I grabbed hard at it each time it slipped into me, milking it of all the semen. James was slowing down and my aftershocks subsiding. Finally he stayed outside me, while I rubbed the head up and down my pussy until he had to take my hand away because he couldn't stand it any more.

"I am glad to see you are enjoying it. The voice came from behind James and belonged to Fiona. James jumped, but didn't turn around. The sentence was obviously directed towards me. "The other girls used to scream in pain and frustration at this point. That was the reason I stopped my relationship with James. I was revolted by what he was doing to those girls."

It felt all wrong sitting here like that with James as she was standing leaning against the doorway, observing the scene. I did notice however, that she had my clothes in her hand. I sat up.

"Fiona, now that you apparently have repaid your debt to James, would you mind giving me back my clothes." I was wiping my hand on James's back getting rid of the handful of semen that had collected in my hand. I was wondering how she knew about the other girls. Had she been involved in setting that up as well?

James stood back a bit. Still not turning round, but watching me as I sat up. He pulled back a bit as Fiona handed me my clothes. I put on the bra and T-shirt while still sitting on the table.

"Hand me a towel or something," I said to James, who obediently found a box of paper towels. I wiped myself as clean as I could, not caring that he was still watching me intently. Finally, somewhat dryer, I jumped off the table and pulled on my panties and shorts; I was dressed again the first time in what seemed like hours, but in reality had only been about an hour and a half. I still had plenty of time to get home, but no time to clean out the box or Bono.

"Fiona, since you were the cause of me using my time in this way, you really have to do the cleaning for me. I have to get home now. My dad will kill me if I am late."

"Your dad would kill you if he knew what you had been doing," she corrected me. "But yes, I'll do that, no problem."

I looked at James who was still only staring at me. His huge dick was now limp, but still large. He hadn't turned around or even acknowledged Fiona's presence.

He pulled me up against him, and looked down at me.

"Jenny, I can't believe this happened. I was dying to do this, and now I feel all bad about it. Do you think you can forgive me?" He sounded like he was really sorry, but I couldn't forgive him.

"James, I will never forgive you. It was an experience which I will always remember, and I don't mind admitting that it was very, very good, but I can't forgive you for the way it happened." I pulled him down for a kiss, which turned out to be longer than I had planned. When I finally moved away from him, I noticed that his dick was starting to get hard again. I turned, and in passing Fiona on the way out, winked at her, pointing at James's dick as I whispered in her ear "Go for it". She just laughed at me, and then I was out in the stables. I quickly got onto my bike and before long I had put the farm behind me, but I never was able to put the experience behind me.

I had a fabulous vacation, and was happy to find when I returned, that the guy I had met the night before leaving, was still waiting for me when I got home. I only went riding once after I got home. I met both James and Fiona on that occasion, and felt so uncomfortable that I felt really bad about going back again. I never got over that. I wanted to enjoy my new love without being reminded of James or the way Fiona had tricked me. I never made it back to the farm after that. My dad thought it was just my new boyfriend, and was slightly mad at me (as usual) for giving it up after he had spent so much money on horses and training. But, there you go, that's what you can expect from teenage daughters I guess.

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