I will do anything to belong vi

I will do anything to belong vi

I went home and Dad was waiting for me with the school Principal. Busted!!!!!
“Kelly, David says you have not been to school for a while – what gives. I gave him a look which told him if he got heavy I would tell the world he was a child molester. “Maybe I could sort this out with Mr Smith in your study Daddy

I walked into the study and Mr Smith, a short bald headed man about 55 followed me. Daddy closed the door behind it and I turned to face Mr Smith.
“You need an education Kelly – you cannot keep cutting school – I – oh dear – oh Kelly – wh wh- what are you – oh my – oh God forgive me – oh Kelly this is wrong – Kelly – I will have to call your father – I – oh –oh that feels sooo good – no Kelly – I – oh – oh shit – “

I was on my knees having removed my clothes and Mr Smith’s cock from his trousers and was looking up at him with my child’s eyes while I gave him the best blow job of his life.

“Oh Kelly you are a bad girl – I – oh I should stop you but you are the best – suck it oh yes be a good girl for your headmaster –” He thrust his cock deep into my mouth.

Once I knew he was allowing himself to enjoy it I stood in front of him and looked into his eyes.

“Mr Smith I want you to put your pee pee in my privates”

“Oh God have mercy on my sick soul – lay on the desk you gorgeous little girl – I am going to fill you with my pee pee – hurry before your Dad comes in.”

The pervert fucked me with his surprisingly long and thick cock – he was actually quite good – and grunted as he filled my cunt with his cum.

“Oh Mr Smith – I loved that – I will fuck you whenever you want if you tell my parents that Heather and I are at school everyday – how does that sound? Or would you rather I called them in now and rewound the Video camera to show them how perverted you are?”

“You little shit” He was angry.” How dare you blackmail me”
“I dare “ I said, “ and if you know what is good for you you will do as I say”
Just then my father entered the room. Seeing me naked and the teacher’s cock hanging out told him quickly school was no longer a problem. Good he didn’t want his wife sending me away to boarding school.

So David we are clear about the school situation”. Daddy said as he pushed me to my knees and pushed his cock into my mouth.

“You sick fuck” The Headmaster said as he watched Daddy face fuck his child,
“You can talk David – I can see you have been playing with my child.”
“Yea but you are her father”
“Quit bleating and take over here while I fuck this little slut’s ass” My father really didn’t like me. He moved to my ass while David shoved his cock into my face. I was so glad Ned had hooked cameras into the house – this was good shit.”

They continued fucking my small body until the Principal announced he was coming and filled my mouth just as Daddy filled my ass. Daddy hardly seemed to notice how much spunk dripped out as the cum from my day’s work was spilling from my ass.

“Kelly you are such a good girl – I can see why your father loves you so much” The Headmaster left and Daddy locked the door.

“Kelly – I want you to do something special for me tonight that will help Daddy get a pay rise.

“Of course Daddy” I said – the pervert wanted to be my pimp now.
“I am taking you to my boss’s house tonight and if I let them party with you he will pay me more money so it is important ok.”

“Sure Daddy but how did they know I would play”
“I sort of found George surfing pedophile sites the other day and while I could have blackmailed him with that – offering you was even better insurance for Daddy’s job. I am only doing it to keep our lifestyle safe sugar – Daddy really loves you and will hate thinking about what George and his mates will do to you”
“Daddy what is a pedophile? “

“Um an adult who likes having sex with children”
“Doesn’t everyone love their kids like you do” I asked innocently
“No Kelly – I think it is natural and normal but not everyone does.” I looked worried – better for the video.

“Will you stay?” I asked finally.
“No Mommy wants me to go out – you will be fine honey.”

I was so hurt – I almost cried. Daddy was giving me to other men to play with. I knew the address so I sent Ned a text so he could get some surveillance in – we could make a lot of money with this sort of stuff and it would help me with my plan for Daddy.

Later that night Daddy left me at the door of George’s house and left. George answered and his eyes lit up as he looked at the young girl with pigtails, party dress and white bobby socks standing at the door.

He showed me in and I was met by 12 men all in business suits and all drinking whiskey.

“Hi I’m Kelly” I said and did a curtsey.
They all laughed and George handed me a drink
“You might need this sweetheart – you have a busy night ahead and not all of it will be fun for you..
They all laughed again as I sculled the whiskey and then without any pretense at seduction, George lifted me up to sit on the bar, spread my legs and using a knife to cut my white panties – forced his huge 12 inch cock into my little body.

I screamed in pain and they all cheered – they wanted to hurt me – what had my father sent me into. I hoped Ned was watching so he could make sure they didn’t hurt me too badly. The night continued with everyman filling my cunt with so much force I was worried about internal injury then they took me outside to the barn.

The horse was huge but I loved the pain. I kept coming I was so turned on as the men holding me forced my body onto the huge horse cock. I was covered in horse cum as they made me lick the cock and clean it. They loved watching a little girl lick a horse cock and I loved doing it.

The horse began to shit and George had an idea.
“Hey guys what say we upgrade our toilet for tonight.” They all cheered again and soon they were all urinating on me. The piss made the barn floor slimy and I slipped and was soon rolling in the horse shit and hay as they continued pissing on the slut child.

I didn’t like where this was going, especially when George had the others hold me still while he sat on my open mouth and shit in my mouth.

“Swallow you filly little whore “ He hissed at me – this was dangerous – Ned was not there to protect me. I made a plan.

“Hmmmmm that tastes so good – can we go inside and I can eat some more” I said as I made a show of eating the shit in my mouth and licking my fingers.

I ran into the house – I knew there were cameras in there and the men followed. I was sitting so my head was on a chair – my face up with my mouth open waiting for my next mouthful. I was quickly obliged as another man sqautted above me and emptied his bowels while I felt another slide his cock into my cum filled cunt and start to fuck me again. This would make a good film. I wish I knew where the cameras were.
“George this child is a real slut – whose daughter did you say she is? He has trained her well – god I wish I could get my kid to be this good – stupid little slut just cries as I give her my cock .“

They sat me up as I licked shit from my lips.
“How old were you when you started Kelly.” George asked. What sort of stuff has your DAD been up to.”

I laughed, “He didn’t know I existed until I made him fuck my ass a few weeks ago. I popped myself with a dildo when I was nine and the gardener gave me my first cock when I was eleven and made me gangbang all his friends. I have been insatiable since then – so are you going to talk all night or are we going to fuck some more.”

They got back to business and over the next few ours I had multiple cocks in every hole in my tiny body.

I was lying on the couch with cum spilling from my body, covered in cum, shit and piss. I sat up to get ready to leave when I glimpsed George getting a knife from under his seat.

Luckily Ned was one step ahead and as George walked up behind me with the knife – Ned’s ugly gang stormed the place and within minutes George and his friends were on their knees – guns pointed at their heads.

“Thanks guys – don’t hurt them too much. They love shit so let it loose and as I left I knew George and his friends would be gangraped and forced to eat the shit of their rapists. I would enjoy that film with Ned later.

So I wonder if Daddy knew his girl was supposed to be the star in a nechrophillia party. He did look like he had seen a ghost when I walked into my parent’s room that night and sucked his cock dry while Mommy slept by his side. So the sick fuck thought he could get rid of me – I was beginning to realize where my sick mind came from. Your time is nigh Daddy.

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