Invitation to dinner

Invitation to dinner

This tale is about a young housewife. She has straight shoulder length brunette hair. Her face is slightly freckled with an upturned nose and grey eyes. She is very curvaceous with big boobs. I've based her on Yasmin Bleeth from Baywatch and so called her Yasmin Bleat. Her husband Tony works in the small town's only real business the tyre factory. He is a junior manager in the business owned by the local rich family the Beavis brothers. The pay is poor and he works very hard to support them. But today he isn't there.


The factory gates opened and the huddled masses hurriedly parted. The rain was beating down again, the October chill making them screw their coats tight to their necks as they splashed by. Victor Beavis edged through them, his large black car almost nudging the crowd aside. As he passed the large imposing gate he slowed; ahead as always was Yasmin waiting for her hubby. She stood prim in her long coat, suitably dressed in high heeled leather boots and matching gloves, an umbrella shielding her from the downpour.

Victor slowed, and then stopped. He'd seen her many times before and especially liked to see her in the hot summer days dressed in skimpy tops and white shorts her fantastic tits almost busting the fabric. How someone as basic as Tony had managed to marry her God only knew. He wound down the window shouting over the noise of rain and heavy feet.

"Hi, erm Tony's not been in today, didn't you know?" Yasmin gave him a half smile her long wide mouth only slightly curving up.

"Yes I know," she said sadly. "It's you I've come to see."

Once in the car she slowly began to explain. Her husband was in hospital, a serious problem with his insides. Victor listened; well half listened as she spoke hesitantly. Yasmin even in a long trench coat oozed sexiness, the heeled boots giving her a dominatrix appeal. Her face was pale with cold; little ringlets of dark hair hanging over her mesmerizing eyes. And all the time her chest was slowly rising and falling imprisoned in the heavy coat.

"Sorry my dear say that again." Victor felt a bit sheepish suddenly snapping out of his daydream, he'd caught very little of what had been said.

Yasmin paused looking perplexed then repeated herself. "The healthcare plan, we're over due. The office has said there's nothing they can do."

Victor quickly tried to retrace the conversation now acting more concerned. "Oh. Oh, our company health care scheme, oh erm well those are the rules. How far behind on payments are you?" And he shook his head as she said five weeks.

Yasmin's heart sank, why the hell was she even asking? The Beavis brothers were pompous mean bastards, every one knew that. Though both were in their early forties they still lived together in the big family mansion left by their father. Although neither had done a hard days work in their life, they weren't fat, more geekish, lots of curly matted hair, goggle glasses and buck teeth.

"All that money and they never bothered to make themselves more appealing; probably why they weren't married." She thought uncharitably.

Not that female company was ever far away. Both brothers were notorious for whoring and womanizing. And that's what made her more annoyed with herself. She knew how he had eyed her on many occasions. She just thought she'd flutter her eyelids and the worm would sort it.

"Stupid cow." She silently told herself.

Victor continued talking down to her like she was a child. "We have rules, it's so important otherwise no one would pay, and then the whole thing would end up in chaos." Yasmin nodded and got out of the car the tears starting to well up.

"I hope he gets better soon," said Victor closing the door.

"Fucking idiot," she thought wiping her face. "Didn't I just say without specialist treatment he wouldn't."

Yasmin only just finished crying when she reached the hospital ward. There was a hurry of nurses around her husband and she came running fearing the worse. "Oh God, no, what's wrong?" The staff continued to work at fever pitch till she managed to pin one to the wall to get an answer.

"Your husband is to be moved, the specialist want to see him this evening."

Yasmin couldn't understand. "But we can't pay." The nurse smiled, "Beavis tyres cleared all expenses half an hour ago." Yasmin shook her head, "there must be some mistake?" The nurse gave her a superior glare. "We have faxed conformation, now please could we get on with it?"

Yasmin returned home that evening very happy. The operation was first thing tomorrow. Mr Beavis had really come through for her. There was a message on the answer phone and she played it as she undid her winter clothes. It was Victor hoping everything had gone well, he said he had pulled some string but he still needed to smooth things over. He was inviting her to dinner at the mansion 8pm prompt, to discuss it.

Yasmin cringed a little. Surely she could hand her back payments in at the office? Oh well she was grateful and he said the car would collect her very soon. They're didn't appear to be any way to object. In fact he hadn't given her the choice.

"Too use to always getting what they want." She concluded checking her watch then hurrying to get changed.

Victor was waiting for her as the limo pulled up to his imposing house. He gave a gulp of delight as she stepped out smiling and walked towards him. She looked fantastic. She'd chosen a figure hugging red chiffon dress with a deep v at the front showing her unrestrained but very firm bosom. Her hair was crimped dead straight combed down one side of her dark eyebrow and eye lashed mascara face. She was wearing reddish crocodile type knee high boots which made a sexy clipping noise as she sauntered across his drive, her hips swaying from side to side.

She started to speak thanking him for all he'd done. He graciously accepted the praise asking how her husband was then taking her arm inviting her inside.

They had drinks in the main lounge, a period room with roaring fire, expensive drapes and pictures covering the walls. Yasmin was impressed; maybe they weren't as crass as she thought. They both sat on a long leather sofa; Yasmin legs cross heeled boot pointing out, Victor in his dinner jacket more animated and a little too close for comfort.

The fire was crackling and Yasmin began to feel relaxed as she took more sips of her drink. She was eager to resolve the short fall as she didn't like to feel she was in someone's debt for too long. Victor raised his hand at the mention of money owed.

"The company didn't pay it. I told you so my dear its policy."

Yasmin stared at him. "But the fax?" She said, suddenly feeling her gut turning. "Oh my God there's been some mistake."

Victor smiled. "Don't worry, I paid it personally and tomorrow I will bankroll the operation."

Yasmin felt relieved. "You're too kind, you really are."

Victor put down his glass and gave her a hard piercing look. "No my dear, I don't think I am." He then began to explain.

Five minutes later Yasmin sat bolt upright her hands clasped together, looking rather like a naughty school girl waiting to see teacher. She was staring straight ahead and although shocked she felt quite sluggish, her senses a little dull.

"No I can't. I won't!" She said firmly. Then she held her head as if to clear her thoughts.

Victor was still at her side and noticing concentration was slipping he explained.

"Just something I put in your drink to, lets say, relax you a little."

Yasmin felt trapped he had been brutally clear in his explanation a few moments ago. He'd said he adored her. Describing her as a gorgeous hipped piece of ass, if that was what you'd call a compliment. If she stayed here tonight with him, in the morning he'd come good on his promises and pay for the operation. If not, she'd better go home and buy a black funeral dress. He called for his maid as Yasmin slowly shook her head, refusing to accept the words.

Carmel a mid aged Latin woman came to his assistance. She had a full figure her hair tied back in along ponytail. Her skin was olive and her eyes like black pools. Her manner reminded Yasmin of the snooty nurse she'd spoken to earlier.

"Ah Carmel, could you bring the items in for the young lady here." The woman gave her a raised eyebrow look, "si senior Beavis the items, I understand."

Yasmin felt his hand on her knee and gave a shudder. "If I stay you promise you'll keep your word?" Victor nodded a serious look in his eye. "I always honour a business deal." Yasmin looked at him a little fuzzy headed now and nodded in acceptance.

"Good," said Victor hooking his finger over her shoulder straps dragging them slowly down her arms. "Now my dear lets have a look at those tits."

Yasmin gave a little grunt of dismay as her dress dropped revealing her prime melons. Dark tanned and firm her tits tingled in the warm air. Her pink nipples were always stubby even when not aroused and Victor's hand trailed her curved breast to circle each in turn. The maid returned placing a tray on the coffee table in front of them. Yasmin blushed as Carmel looked at her with disdain again, Victor blatantly caressing and teasing Yasmin's breasts.

Victor waved his maid away and pulled the silver platter closer. On it was a small cup of baby oil and next to that a silver vibrator. He lifted the cup and began to pour a little oil slowly across her mounds.

"That's it Yasmin, be still we need to grease your lovely jugs."

Yasmin had a look of disgust on her face as he massaged the slimy liquid carefully into her breasts. She arched her back as he squeezed slightly too hard. Her tits were shinny now, also slippery to his eager hands. She gave little gasps her full lips pouting as he expertly rubbed her.


Yasmin stared at the silver phallus standing 6 inches upright on the tray. Victor poured a little oil over its tip. She looked back at him surprise in her eyes.

"My dear, you owe me over four grand did you think a quick fuck would pay me off? No, we'll get our moneys worth tonight, only fair don't you think?"

Her eyes widened Victor still massaging her fabulous breasts. "We?" She asked nervously. But as if to answer there was a noise in the hall and Archie Beavis returned from a day at the office.

Archie like his brother was thin faced, lots of hair his nails dirty his skin pale and unhealthy. He entered damp from the evening drizzle his thick pebble glasses slightly steaming.

"My, my, Miss Bleat I recall." He said standing behind the sofa peering down on her oiled tits and his brothers groping. Yasmin sheepishly glanced up her mouth parting in silent gasps as her tits squelched.

"Both off you?" She said quietly, her dark eyebrow raising, eyes wet and pitiful.

Without answer Archie undid his fly pulling out his wrinkly cock. He came up close to the back of the sofa and gently pushed her head onto the top of the back rest her cheek pressed against the leather. Her body bent back a little her tits rising, the open fire glow reflecting in the shinny domes. Archie cock was pushed against her mouth and she opened it instinctively her nailed hands gripping the leather seat.

He eased in; the upright cock trying to spring from her mouth making her top cheek bulge.


Now Victor was holding her throat stopping her chin from moving. "That's it miss suck nice and slow."

There she sat head back sucking the man standing over her shoulder. Archie was holding the base of his cock tightly with two fingers vibrating them back and forth very, very quickly; giving himself a tinny half inch wank.

"Ugh, ugh yeah ooooo!" He was milking himself carefully, but quite hurriedly. Bringing himself to climax.

"Yes good girl, good girl ooh we’ll have fun with you tonight ughhhheeeeeee!"

He jerked, Yasmin felt the wad splat her inside cheek then another. Unable to move she gulped her tongue writhing trying to escape the horrid taste. He convulsed once more only then stepping back holding his stomach as if he'd been punched.

"Fuck I needed that." He announced.

Yasmin instantly jerked forward trying to spit the seed into her lap. "Uggh cough, uggh splutter!" She was shaking, he done it so quickly she had no time to argue and once in her mouth all she could do was try to stop him choking her. Archie collapsed back into a chair smiling.

Victor smiled back "We'd like a little show my dear." Yasmin blushed, her eyes barley visible under her long sad eyelashes. He pulled her dress down over her knees then off one then the other booted leg. Her small panties felt ridiculously inadequate now, her thighs still tightly shut knees clasped together. He handed the silver vibrator to her closing her hand round it. "Slip your panties off and use it on yourself." He said.

Yasmin shook her head, "I don't know how." Victor gave a mean scowl. "Learn!"

Yasmin's mind wandered; she was back home, with her hubby laughing; how handsome he was, so kind. How she'd got here seemed so impossible but now she was. It was reality. The oiled vibrator had easily entered her with a celebratory whistle from her audience. Now she sat her thighs wide apart feet on tip toes, so to raise her dark haired crotch. Her hand gently twisted the metal rod a few inches inside her. Both men sat watching, drinks in their hands, Victor now massaging himself through his trousers. A large TV was playing and the buzz of the vibrator was barely audible over the grunting and gasping coming from the screen.

While she fucked herself she had to watch the most disgusting filth she'd ever seen. Over and over, edited porn flicks just the fucking and sucking present.

Each time she turned her head away the two men ordered her to face front again. The scenes were of rapes and gang bangs. A prom queen been buggered, a four man spanking session on a big titted blonde, lesbian rape, a bride and an Alsatian etc, etc. On and on, filth!

Her pussy tingled to the humming stick, Victor directing her to touch her clit with the tip then slowly twist just inside her entrance. She was becoming wet, and the sensation clearly hardening her already bullet size nipples. Her fantastic body was totally exposed her hard tits hot and wet, now her thighs sweating from the roaring fire and her own arousal. Victor came close taking the vibrator from her hand and them beginning to twist it up her. She bucked her head thrown back hair matted to her sweaty shoulders.

She groaned unable to keep the sensation quiet. Victor nodded to the TV.

"Do you like what you see?"

Yasmin replied gritting her teeth her spine tingling. "It's disgusting." The man smiled undoing his pants tossing the vibrator back on the tray. "Nothing more than you're doing Miss Bleats." And with that he pushed her knees further apart and shamelessly without ceremony mounted her.

Victor sat almost on her butt; he had pulled her down the settee at the same time pushing her thighs wide and up. Yasmin head was forced forward by the back rest her hair in her eyes cascading over her tits. His cock had easily slid up her and now he rutted slowly but with intent deep inside her pressed canal.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!" She grunted, her hands clawing the leather seat her expression one of surprise as the man's cock seemed to be finding new places she never knew she had.

Millionaire geeks or no geeks over the years they had practiced fucking with some of the most willing stunning tarts possible; and also some less than eager beauties. Yasmin had noticed that some of the video clips did appear to be more amateurish, although the women in them were so pretty they have could easily starred professionally.

"Uh, uh yess soo tight fuck ah, ah ahh!"

He was enjoying his money's worth. The quiet polite woman he had seen so many times at the gate as he drove by. How he'd fantasized about her; even once paying a look-alike slut to stand in his grounds as he drove by. Then as he did at the last second stopping, jumping out and force fucking her over his cars bonnet. However in the flesh Yasmin was much, much better.

She moaned grasping his neck staring straight at him eyes wide her mouth pouting. "Damn the bitch!" He thought in frustration her actions too much to resist, and his cock erupted. "Urrrggghgh!"

Yasmin tensed, her thighs pushed almost flat apart "Ooooooohhhh!!!" His brother cheered as Victor spurted deep inside her hot body.

"Yesss! Fill her bro, yee ha!"

Yasmin began to sob her body curled on the couch. The men showed no emotion telling her to be quite she was a big girl and had made her own choices. Archie grabbed her arm roughly and she moaned. "Ahhh, what, please your hurting me." He got her to stand. She was tall, especially in her boots and the men held an arm each walking her from the room.

Yasmin saw what was in the adjoining room then began to struggle. "No you got what you wanted, no more please." The room was bare except for one thing. In the middle dominating the space was a mechanical bull, like the rodeo riders practice on. It was exquisitely made of soft red leather with a special addition stitched upright onto the saddle ridge. Yasmin couldn't take her eyes of the 8 inch thick leather dildo where the saddle should be, bending up to the ceiling.

"No, you can't expect me…" Archie pushed her forward proud of his device. "It's the best money can by, we've taken ancient Chinese ideas and improved on them. This buckaroo cock will bring you to a screaming climax even if you don't want it too."

Yasmin struggled even more. "I won't do it! Fuck the pair of you." They grappled with her, Yasmin's strong thighs kicking one of them on the floor.

"Enough!" Shouted Carmel as she stood at the door and everyone froze.

She had the oil cup in her hand and approached the rodeo bull. Pouring the slime down the glistening red leather shaft she spoke. "Do you think you've got a choice? Climb on here quickly before they really get angry."

Yasmin suddenly appreciated there was no way out, her body relaxed and the two men lifted her onto the machine. The dirty maid gripped the long shaft admiringly bending it as far as it would go towards her pussy. "Sit on it bitch" She ordered as the men pushed Yasmin's plump ass up. "Oooo uggghhhhhh!"

The wet monster stretched her lips filling her like a man arms.Her body sucked the cock inside, her thighs slowly descending till her butt rested on the bulls back. Yasmin looked down her mouth wide in horror. The fat bendy cock was inside her, the slimy end curving out of her lips as she realized the other end was pushing hard against her cervix. The men gripped a booted ankle each, the woman's ironic fashion sense now apparent. Her feet were bound into the stirrups so she could do little except raise and lower her hips a few inches; certainly not enough to remove herself from the impaling dildo. Carmel held the cable control and carefully turned the speed dial.

The mechanical bull began to go through its routine, swinging slowly, jerking forward then back then all at once. The buckaroo was on the slowest setting the watching party not interested in throwing her from the machine. Yasmin felt herself rising and falling, her thighs gripping tightly. Her arms reached out to balance herself her tits achingly bouncing, unrestricted. But it was her twat that made her gasp, then groan then moan over and over. The bulls cock was firm but flexible enough to twist and push inside her. The continuous motion never slowing or speeding sent a shivers up her spine. Every so often the machine would buck in a certain direction and her g spot would explode in pleasure.


She gritted her teeth knowing the machine would return to the same movement over and over each time the sensations lingering longer and longer.


The machine rotated back and forth making her a little dizzy, but her body was on fire. "Oh god, uggh!" She gagged the leather seeming to swell inside her, the ribbed stitched end nudging her cervix, deep inside. "Oooohhh!" The two brothers had an idea and left the room. Only Carmel remained watching impassively making slight adjustments with the controls.

Yasmin was feeling drunk her body covered in sweat, holding her own tits to stop them bouncing, feeling the aroused nipples. Her thighs gave way too tired to grip anymore and her body pressed down more on the red cock making her do a deep belly groan.

Carmel brought the machine to a halt to check her bound feet and give her leg and encouraging stroke before starting it again… Yasmin's head slumped; hair a disgrace panting heavily moaning inaudible sentences. "Stop resisting it," Carmel coached; "ride the cock like a hungry whore!"

In the other room the brother sat laughing they could hear the grunts and desperate moans. They were on the phone. Archie was speaking to Tony in hospital bed. Although sick he asked to take the call thanking them for all they were doing. Archie wished him well and Tony struggled to hear as there was a lot of background noise, moaning etc probably some weird TV show. Carmel suddenly cried out, "She's coming!"

In the hospital the line went dead and Tony handed the phone back so relieved his clever wife had sorted everything out.

The brothers had dropped the phone and just got to the door in time to see Yasmin jerking astride the robot beast.

"Uggh. Uggh. Ooooh. Ooohhh, arggghhhh!"

The cock pressed home against her g spot the ribbed length rubbing her clit and the hard nose banging her cervix.

"Ah, ahh, ohhh god. Ugggghh!"

The squelch of her juices filled her ears, tits exploding, Yasmin unashamedly groping herself.


The men came running unfastening her ankles lifting her off laying her on the rug. She lay exhausted on her back perfect calves bent, boots firmly on the ground her tits pointing straight up. She didn't have the energy to resist Archie as he climbed on top of her, his cock pushing into her sore hole.

"God she's wet," he mused. "Ugghh fuck that's so hot."

Yasmin stiffened her body as yet another thing slid up her poor pussy. He began a steady motion back and forth, his arms pulling her legs up to encircle him, boots gripping his waist. The sensation from the intense orgasm was still subsiding and Yasmin grunted then squealed as his cock rubbed her sore insides.

He was loving it; holding her sweating body tight licking her wet face kissing her lips.

"Take it babe, take my cock." He cried clasping handful of arse, squeezing hard. Yasmin couldn't believe it, she was coming again. Her eyes opened in horror and she shook her head.

"No, no, ugh,ooh.Oooh, God! Ooohhhh!"

Her body was betraying her, pelvis bucking boots slapping on his pounding ass. She gave out big animal groans and grunts He was fucking fast holding her hair in great handfuls.

"Oh, oh, take it you dirty bitch, I'm coming you ughh, eiieeeeee!"

For the second time an expert cock could hold out no longer in her tight hole. Archie pulled his rampant length out as he showered her tummy with white trials of semen, heavy droplets collecting in her belly button, strands running down her thin waist to drip on the rug.

Much later Yasmin stirred then opened her sleepy eyes. The room was very dark. Just the moon light filtered in through the large French windows. It was early morning the soft white sheets covering her body making a mountain range of bumps as she lay on her side. She remembered the four poster bed she was in. She remembered Carmel dressing her in the white night gown making her take another drink, then she could remember very little else. She stretched then gave a muffled cry as a hand went across her mouth and she felt the body of a naked man pressed against her back.

"Sssssh," came the voice of Victor. For a second she had thought it had all been a dream now she shivered in revulsion realizing she had really done those things earlier that night.

There was another voice in the room. "It's nearly dawn Yasmin, almost time to go." It was Archie. Yasmin spoke. "You filthy bastards, don't you dare back out on our deal." Victor pressed close to her back his hand stroking down her side up over her hips. "The deal was all night or did you forget." And with that he cupped her breasts and began to squeeze them gently.

Archie appeared from the dark, naked, his cock half erect. Pulling the sheets back he climbed in front of her so she was sandwich between the two lecherous bastards. Archie cradled her face telling her to "ssssh" again as his brother slowly pulled up her nightdress. She felt his hands on her warm buttocks then spreading under her crotch. She wriggled a little Archie holding her head still looking into her dark pupil eyes.


She tried to jolt out of bed but was held in the not so loving embrace.

She gave a sensation filled yelp.

Victor's greased cock was pushing her virgin ass hole open. Her body was resisting and she gagged and spluttered as he applied more pressure.


Archie spoke softly and gently. "Steady, once he's in it won't hurt as much sshh." Her eyes widened and he sighed with satisfaction realizing his brother had entered her, his cock sliding deep up her shitter.

Yasmin was groaning and gnashing her teeth rocking slightly as Victor kept almost his full length permanently inside her butt.

"Uggh why, why are you soo cruel uuggghh. Why couldn't you leave me with some dignity uggh?" She sobbed, feeling like an impaled doll.

Archie didn't reply putting his hand down to her thigh making her raise it. This reduced her ability to resist the butt fuck and Victor gained an extra inch inside, Yasmin releasing a schoolgirl bleat in recognition. Archie's own hard cock nudged against her pussy and Victor pulled her slightly onto her back to allow his brother to take her up the cunt.

"Ooh, fuck ahh, ahhh, bastardssgghh!" She groaned eyes flashing in the moonlight.

Archie ripped the front of her night dress to release her bosoms; Victor tearing the rest till it was only rags. The two cocks filled her completely, her muscles been pressed from all sides. Her arse ring stung as the cock moved ever so slightly making her feel like a fucking glove puppet. Archie thrust more his cock rubbing the inner wall separating him from his brothers buried member. Outside dawn was breaking and the room was slowing brightening. Victor squeezed her tits so hard she yelped.

"What would your husband say if he saw you now?" He teased taking a along deliberate fuck up her backside.

Yasmin gave a pitiful moan half from the sensation the other from thinking about what he had just said. But it was difficult for her to concentrate the two men ploughing a hole each, slowly, confidently. The room began to fill with light as day approached and the sheets were pulled away so the men could admire her hour glass figure.

Now Victor lay flat on his back pulling Yasmin on top of him. Archie helped her up to a sitting position as he slowly fucked her from the front, Victor holding her shoulders allowing her to lean slightly back her hands gripping the sheets.

The three of them groaned in unison.

Victors first experience inside her had lasted far too short a time, now he tensed his body his cock up her like a spike, his brother slowly humping her, caressing her cheek clearing the hair from her face. Yasmin's body was stiff, her butt frozen too scared to move her legs spread reliving the pressure on her arse. Archie pushed her back slightly and Victor just ever so slowly rocked his pelvis.


Yasmin bit her lip her hands clenched. Victor decided it was time for her arse fucking to begin. He began to rock slowly his cock moving inside her. Archie pulled out and the two men began to coach her as if this was a lesson. Archie was telling her to rock herself bit by bit increasing the length the cock appeared and disappeared. Victor telling her to wank his cock with her ass or he'd ram it up into her throat. She gave a yelp as he made one painful thrusting demonstration and she realized that it would be better if she controlled the rate and speed, slowly getting herself used to it.

She began to push herself up and down on the dick her back arched tits thrust out mouth open. She gave slight grunts and gasps as her shitter loosened. Archie was now knelt in front of her open pussy his fingers rubbing her clit then the inner walls of her slit. He began to tease her bud, nipping and flicking.

Yasmin groaned unable to close her legs, her hands unable to move from holding her upright she bit her lip as he expertly aroused her pussy.

Her bucking became stronger, her arse lubricated a little by the greased cock, muscles less tense now. Victor held her waist encouraging her, lifting her up and down admiring the view of her fat arse bouncing on his groin. Archie was patting her pussy with flat of his fingers faster and faster. He returned to pressing her clit then back to the hard tapping, spreading her labia her juices starting to show.

"Oooh, ughh ugghh."

Sensing she was aroused Victor started to jerk up hard and Yasmin shuddered as the rate increased her backside going up a gear in sensation and friction.

"Oooh, oooh ugh, uugh."

Archie began to tap her clit over and over the orgasm building in her.

"Ugh, uggh, ugh awww, aww, arrrrgghhh!"

He encouraged her eager to finish her off.

"That's it baby, oh yeah, come on, come on, ride that cock, yesss!"

Her eyes blazed at Archie as she gave him a fixed stare.

"Arrgggggghhhh uggggggggghhhh!"

Her body was shaking, the thrusts from the arse fucker making her jolt straight up as she came uncontrollably.

"Ugh, uggh, uggh ugggggggg!"

She went limp, her arms giving way as the orgasm subsided. Victor was rolling her over and telling her to get on all fours. Yasmin just nodded staring ahead acting like she was dazed or drunk only half aware of what was happening. She got into position her large hipped butt upturned Victors cock momentarily out of it. The he thrust in gripping her waist his pelvis slapping her cheeks loudly.

He grunted rhythmically in concentration his self imposed wait now over, able to ram all the way up her. Yasmin matched every grunt with a huge groan over and over.

Victor hooked his hands under her gripping her tits as his spunked up her ass.


Yasmin had no time to move before a hand held her down and Archie's cock forced her anus open again. "Hold still bitch ugh ah ahhh!" he began to slam up her butt, watching his own cock slide in and out. "God that's tight, I guess you've never had it up here before, ugh uuggghh yeah."

The sensation was no longer arousing for Yasmin, the pounding making her teeth chatter, her ring stretched like it would split, her spunk lined rectum felt like a turkey been stuffed for cooking. "Aggg shit uggghhh stop stop!" She squealed, Archie's face flushed, red his hair on end like he'd been electrocuted.

Yasmin felt the hot shot splatter almost deep enough to be in her stomach. And only after he removed his spent prick did her muscles relax and her panting begin to subside.

The next day Yasmin sat by her husbands bed. The operation had gone well and he would be on the way to a full recovery. No one would know what she had done, after all the brothers already knew from bitter experience what a wronged husband's fist felt like. No, it was their secret. She'd made a deal and they'd filled their side amicably. Yasmin thought back to yesterday. Even after they had fucked her till dawn they still insisted on showering with her, their helpful hands lathering her tits, getting into all the nooks and crannies with their soapy figures.

Yes they knew how to keep a deal, but they definitely made sure they got their moneys worth first.

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