Just One Hour Tale 3

Just One Hour Tale 3

Debbie had dialled the police station desk three times. Each time as a voice greeted her she had hung up. The busty brunette hoped the note dropped through her letter box would be proof enough; surely? But then again she'd not wanted anyone to know, hadn't she? She had wanted to just forget about the whole incident in that awful cellar, but now this.

She was about to dial again. Then the phone rang.

"Hello," she said her head confused.

"Hi Debbie; it's nice to speak with you again."

She almost dropped the phone. It was him; the filthy black thug. It was the same one who had sent her the note. He didn't wait for her to begin a volley of abuse, instead began to talk about her parents. He knew they were out, he knew all sorts of details about them. His manner was as calm and as menacing as ever.

The note he explain wasn't an invitation it was an order.

"Let's not argue about choice honey, you haven't got any. Be at that address at 4pm and maybe when you return your house and family won't have burnt to the ground."

Debbie shivered in disgust. "You can't keep doing this." She shouted down the receiver.

The phone went dead.

She read the note again shaking her head. "Hi Debs meet me at the station; I would like an hour of your time. B"

Across town Stacey had refused to speak to her husband at the third request that day. Her mother made excuses for her once again and then hung up. The past four weeks had been like a nightmare. She remembered the face of the ambulance driver when he'd been called that evening; and their embarrassing story of a sex game gone wrong.

She was so ashamed remembering that night; the hospital A&E nurses applying jelly and tugging, their faces saying a thousand words. But she couldn't tell them the truth instead she had just laid there red faced as the orange fruit had been extracted from her bottom.

Now she had her disgusted mother still tutting to herself a month later. She'd not spoken to her husband for three weeks; made up a pack of red faced lies to everyone and now this.

She read the note again. The note described her younger sister in menacing detail before giving instructions where to meet, signed B.

That very afternoon Debbie stood in her long raincoat, skirt and boots at the bus station terminus. She looked up and down the busy street.

"What was she thinking off?” Her mind focused in a moment of clarity. “This was crazy."

She turned to hurry away when she heard the pap of a horn. Across the road was a black pick up, an unmistakable shape at the wheel.

It was past 4pm when Stacey looked at the clock as she had hundreds of times that day still agonizing over what to do. She'd made her decision eventually. She would say fuck you. She was scared but they wouldn't hurt her sister would they?

Her mobile rang; it was the Boss and he was very impatient.

"Stacey lets not fuck around, take your cute ass and get in the van parked outside. Do it now, and don't speak to anyone.”

Her sister walked in from college as the phone went dead.

"Hi sis there's a big black guy parked over the road he say's he knows you.” The little blonde said innocently. ”Seemed a bit creepy? Said he knew me but I don't remember him."

Suddenly all of her big sisters resolve had been washed away.

Two minutes later Stacey opened the van door easing her thin waist and ample butt onto the seats. The Boss smiled then without speaking began to drive. Stacey just sat there like a statue. She was dressed in t-shirt and jeans, sexy sling back sandals on her feet. Her freckled face was tense, lips tight shut.

The Boss didn't want to talk and he drove the van a few blocks down before pulling into an alley.

"Get in the back." He finally said not even looking at her.

Stacey nervously got out and turned the rear door hatch. As the doors opened the horrendous zipper face of the Mask leered out his muscled arms reaching to grip her wrist. She gave a yelp of fright seeing another figure, a young booted woman sat in the corner hands tied a cloth sack over her head.

The Asian maniac pulled her inside slamming the door shut. She struggled but he bound her hands. The other girl writhed at the sounds of the struggle till finally Stacey's mouth was taped and a bag put over her head too.

The van began to speed away to its destination. In the humid dark rear of the van the Mask leered and gloated at his captives.

"That's right two of you this time. Your both so lovely and fuckable, and both so accommodating."

He laughed as he stroked Debbie's booted leg. He traced up to her jumper.

"We've got lots of games for you two to play together." He laughed again seeing both bagged head tense in realization. "Yes that's right girls, you're going get hot and horny with each other."

His hand went to Stacey's jean zipper.

"But don't worry we'll play as well."

He unbuttoned her waist top then slid the zipper down. Debbie could hear struggling and grunting. She shifted feeling the person next to her been man handled. The Mask had Stacey's trousers all the way off her, sandal heels looking sexy on her bare long legs. Stacey groaned through her taped mouth as she was pushed on her back her thighs being forced out wide against her will as she had experienced once before.

The Mask paused to turn to the covered head of Debbie. "Don't worry you hard titted bitch, it'll be your turn soon enough."

His finger tugged aside Stacey's white small panties. "Now then honey what shall we fuck you with?"

The Mask held her panties to one side both his thumbs spreading her labia teasing her clit. Stacey wriggled the gag and head sack still in place. He twisted a fore finger into her hole, turning it back and forth like he was clearing out her tube. Stacey could feel his familiar fat finger tickling inside her but could do nothing like usual.

"How had she ever got herself into this mess?" She thought to herself trying to ignore his pussy attentions.

Suddenly Debbie felt the hood been tugged off and she blinked and shook her hair from her face.

"Might as well let you watch," sneered the face masked man.

He was in a one piece boiler suit with nothing underneath, his hairy arms and neck looking as greasy and unwashed as ever. The crooked zipper mask made him look like some freakish evil clown the leather always looking shiny and wet. She could see the bare long legs and ultra waif body of the other girl. It was strange but now she seemed even surer she knew her. First she'd heard the few words and startled cry when she had opened the back door. The girl had a bimbo type voice, a little nasally, reminiscent of her sisters best friend.

Now she realised the girls figure matched as well and Debbie's guts turned in embarrassment.

"Oh fuck it can't be, no it's can't!"

Her eyes widened in horror as she saw what the Mask had in his hand. It was a cordless pistol grip screwdriver. The type you use to screw shelving together with. On the tip where the interchangeable bit should be the Mask had fashioned his own device. It was a long dildo that looked like a man's cock, flesh colour with life like ribs. It was stuck or attached in some way to the chuck head.

The dildo drooped as the Mask held the pistol grips like a weapon the rubber shaft been very soft and malleable. The Mask gave a quick press of the trigger and the cock began to spin at maybe four or more revolutions a second the length straightening out to a more firm rod.


Debbie tried to shout but could only release muffled grunts. Stacey herself tried to move but was pushed back down her hood still thankfully on. The Mask barked an order.

"Open up you little bitch. Come on I know you've taken a lot bigger than this."

He spread her lips taking his finger off the trigger the rod coming to a stop. He pressed the motionless tip at her tight little entrance.

The narrow man type cock eased into Stacey's pussy the girl tensing a little, the blonde unable to know what was entering her.

"What was it? It felt soft but long, was it his cock? No, no it can't be, more like plastic."

She moaned as the length continued in deeper and deeper. "Oh God what is it?"

Debbie couldn't look away from the pinned girl, her thighs wide apart, the power tool cock was almost all the way in. The van rumbled along and in the poor roof lit half light she saw the Mask's zipper mouth dribbling spittle as he delighted in his little game.

Stacey bucked as the rubber tip nudged her cervix. The Mask pushed again to make sure she was completely full, and then he pressed the trigger again.


Stacey convulsed in surprise her pussy shuddering to a confusing spinning intruder. The whine of the device told her as much as the rotating sensation in her shaft; the rubber cock vibrating against her walls as it spun with the forceful power of a fully charge battery.


The Mask marvelled at the blurring shaft as it made the young woman's lips and clitoral hood vibrate in time to the electric hum. He twisted the gun higher knowing the cock would bend inside her but still keep spinning; trying to straighten back out.


He pushed his hand under her head sack tearing the tape from her mouth.

"Ooohhhhh! Uggh, uuggghh oh, oh, ohh, Jesus! Ugghhhhhhh no, no, oooohhhhhhh!"

He wanted to hear her shriek as her insides heated up with the friction.

Debbie blinked in disbelief the man twisting the drill like he was trying to force a large screw into some plank.

"Oooohhhhhhh uggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!" The van resonated with the high pitch sweet voice

"Oh my God! It is Stacey I'm sure!" Debbie’s mind was swimming with embarrassment and fear.

The Mask was now fucking Stacey with the spinning cock. Pumping it back and forth in her slit; his other hand pressed on her flat tensed tummy pinning her down.


"Hmm. Yeah, yessssss come on that's it baby ooooohh lets get you real loose."

He twisted the cock up her hole in a spiral fashion widening her pink slit. "Yesss your pussy remembers our little games the last time, doesn't it? Not as prim and tight as it was a few minutes ago."

Stacey's arched her back her legs pushing up to try to relieve the penetration.

"Awwwww fuck stop ugggh no more, no more uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh!"

The thing felt like he was drilling into her only the flexibility of the plastic stopping the whole humiliation turning into an awful injury.

"Gggggggg get it out of meeeeeeeeee!"

The Mask slowly withdrew the spinning member. As the extracted length grew longer it began to flex and shudder showing the power flowing through it. The tip flicked hard against her pussy lips, the dildo no longer held in place by her fleshy walls before it straightened again and slowed to a stop.

"Awwwwwwwwww, thank God!"

The man pulled her sack up enough to re tape her dry panting mouth before turning to Debbie. He pushed Stacey onto her side her fat round ass looking up at the other bound woman. The Mask steadied himself as the van continued to move through the busy streets. His hand slowly peeled back Debs mouth tape and she gulped air her wide sensuous lips still retaining most of her bright red lipstick.

She saw the rubber cock up close pushed against her lips and shook her head in panic.

"Oh no ohhhh mmmgggggg!"

The Mask pushed the wet rubber into her mouth pushing her tongue down her cheeks instantly pinching trying to halt its progress. She could taste Stacey's musk along its length and she felt she would be sick.

"That's it slowly does it, a little more." The Mask held the back of her head as he injected her mouth with this thin flexible dildo. He pressed the trigger the shaft beginning to spin.


Debbie's mouth became a vibrating teeth chattering explosion; the rotating cock pressing on her wet gullet.

"Suck it, suck harder that's it."

The rubber was rubbing her tongue furiously and she felt as he angled more he would bore straight down her throat. "Eigggggggggggggg!"

He pulled the spinning cock from her lips the spittle flying everywhere like a shaggy dog shaking itself after having a bath. Her eyes flashed in terror the spit over her nose and high cheek bones, ruby lips glistening. "Oh, oh, oohhhh!"

He leaned back to Stacey ripping the bag from her head, the cute blonde rolling over to snatch a view of what was happening. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Oh my God." She thought. "Oh no, no, not her of all people!"

Sat facing her looking pale but still immaculate was the refined snooty face of her best friend's sister. Debbie shook her head angry that all her plans to keep her story quite were now thrown out of the window.

The hairy Asian unbuckled the front flap of his boiler suit as he peeled Stacey's tape from her mouth.

"Debbie! But what, how?" The blonde chick stuttered in embarrassment.

The long haired brunette glared back feeling in total humiliation the rubber cock resting on her lap, the shaft having been sucked clean of Stacey's juices.

She shook her head in disbelief at the girl's questions; as the Mask eased his hand up under her skirt to pull her knickers over her boots.

"Who gives a fuck how or why you stupid bitch." She answered in a condescending school mistress manner feeling her material snap between her thighs.

The back of the van was damp and hot the air thick with sex. The masked man banged on the driver cabin wall.

"How long?" He shouted.

"Long enough." Came the growling reply.

"Good," he grunted opening the boiler suit flap completely and beginning to jerk his erect hairy slug adding, "when ever you're ready, ladies."

The Boss could hear the grunt and moans from the airless hold of the van. He was a little envious but he would get his turn soon enough. The streets had become more run down and in a few minutes he would be back on his turf.

In the back the Mask had dragged the bound girls into the positions he required. He had ordered them both to shut up although neither felt like talking to the other anyway.

Debbie was on her knees face down skirt hitched over her ass. The masked was knelt behind her one hand on her round firm butt the other holding and directing the dildo power tool. He was slowly pumping it into her tight pussy Debbie wanted to open her legs wider to ease the penetration; but the Masks knees were either side of her calves keeping her legs closed.

"Uggggh, ugh, ughhhhhhh, ughhhhhhh!"

She moaned biting her lip face cold on the metal deck, her dark brown hair tied back in a Stacey type pony tail. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction but the sensation was overpowering. The rotating cock was like nothing she had ever felt before.

He groaned with pleasure as his pistol grip hand pushed and twisted the vibrating dildo in and out. He noticed the similarities in the girls, both with long tied back ponytail hair, both so slim with fine turned asses and legs. He knew Debbie had the fuller figure hips and tits; but there was also something about the tiny frame of Stacey's which made him want to stick his cock so deep up her she'd snap in two. He'd pulled the sweet blonde to her knees arms still tied behind her back.

Now as he tool fucked Debbie doggie fashion Stacey head was bent into his lap taking his upright cock in her mouth.

The Mask only had to raise himself slightly at his knees to pump up into Stacey’s hot throat. He didn't even need to keep a hand on her neck only occasionally tugging on her ponytail to angle her lips and mouth to give him greater pleasure.

"Ohhhh uggggh, yesssssss ah, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh!"

Stacey could hear the whirr of the power tool and Debs vibrating teeth chattered grunts. She kept her eyes closed slowly bobbing her head sucking on the dirty meat.

"Mmmmgg, mmgggg!"

His cock tasted sweaty, the saggy foreskin peeled back allowing her lips to fit snugly under the unwashed rim of his helmet. "Slurp! Slurp! Slurpppp!"

Next he rolled Debbie onto her back sliding the wet bendy member back into her slit. He'd greased the thing before starting and now Debbie's lightly haired hole was glistening with whipped gel her pink flesh looking tender and moist.

"Oh, oh not more ugh, ughhhhhhhhhh!"

The cock began to spin again the tip humming on her nerve endings; but at least now she could open her thighs wide, knees bent, boots still on like some back street hooker.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugggggggggg!"

In this position she realized the drill cock could burrow deeper still, her walls no longer gripping and refusing complete entry. "Ugggggggggggggg! Shit!"

She could see Stacey pause while the Masked had repositioned Debbie then obediently go back down on the man's spittle covered rough bell end. The Mask thrust up and Stacey her hands tied baulked and gave a startled expression her blue eyes wide as the cock rubbed up to her tonsils.

"Deeper bitch, swallow more ugggghh!"

He twisted the pistol grip up, the dildo widening the brunette slit as he slowly retracted the thing from her; Debbie embarrassingly vocal. "Uggggghhhhhh Jesus! Uggoooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


It finally came out the Mask holding it upright, pointing it to the ceiling like a real pistol.

He took Debbie's leg then her wrist tugging her towards him as Stacey continued to service his rod. Debbie lolled about in the van her head on his chest, finally balanced back on her knees. She could see the back of Stacey's head as she bobbed on the man's cock a few inches below her chin. The Mask pushed the dildo back into Debbie's mouth the grease and juices smearing on her ruby lips as he slowly eased the trigger.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" She sucked on the pistol rod while her fellow captive serviced the man.

Pumping the cock back and forth Debbie gulped and gagged; but now more used to the vibrating rod on her tongue and teeth.

She was almost grateful when he released the trigger tossing it aside. Pulling the blonde sluts head from his cock and forcing Debbie's wide mouth down around it instead.

"Ugh, now your turn Debs, uggggghhhhhhh!"

She slurped and coughed as he bucked. Stacey was also coughing and whimpering a little the drool from her sucking dripping onto her lap.

"Ugh yessss baby, oh your tongue feels soo hot ugggh. That's its baby taste that dirty spunk hole. Uggghhh, not long now uggggh!"

His pre-come was awash on her lips and inside cheeks. Stacey had done a good job of bringing him to near climax. She saw the blonde freckled face below her as the Mask made Stacey suck on his balls the light pink lips of the girl chewing around his hairy sack.

All this while the van rock and bumped to its destination.


The masked Asian erupted like a fountain into Debbie's throat. The wad hit her tonsils making her convulse, the second shot a hosing of runny filth over her tongue. She tried not to gulp but failed a big glutinous sample sliding down her gullet.

"Ugggggggg! Cough! Splut!"

Her head came upright, Stacey's also as she yelped, the Mask tugging her blonde locks up so she faced Debbie. "Ohhhh!" Stacey gasped as if in surprise at the sight; Debbie's chin dripping spunk her red lips spattered with chunks of semen.


The Masked barked pushing both women's heads together just above his chest. They tried to resist their lips smearing together the stink in their nostrils tender soft flesh touching.

"Uggg ukkkkk!"

They both coughed in unison Debbie the more animated shaking her head violently in revulsion. As their lips parted, Stacey's eyelids fluttered in some type of horror spasm; Debbie spitting a mouthful of the dirty mans come over the freckled nose and wide eyes of the bimbo blonde.

"Ugghhhhhh, oh, ugh, Eieeeee no Debbie!"

Stacey shook her head trying to clear her face, almost too shocked for words.

"Uggh you bitch, why, why?"

The Mask was laughing at their apparent hostility to each other. He stood to dress himself banging on the side of the cabin again. Stacey the spunk trickling down the side of her nose coughed again trying to make sense.

"Why are you acting this way?" She spluttered at Debbie. "I've done nothing to you. It's not my fault you're here. Why are you pretending like I'm responsible?"

Debbie didn't answer as she panted trying to clear her airways of the man's spunk. She knew Barbie girls like Stacey were always responsible. Acting coy and innocent never standing on their own two feet, always needing a man. It was stupid tarts like Stacey who let men think they could get away with stuff like this in the first place. It didn't matter to Debs that she'd just as obediently sucked the man's cock.

No nothing was ever Debbie's fault; but Stacey, well as far as Debbie was concerned that silly bitch had always been asking for this.

The Boss heard the thump on the cabin wall. His friend had finished just in time. The van pulled into the derelict courtyard of the factory. The place was half demolished but the man knew where to park. Under a rickety canopy he could unload unseen. No one would hear or see, and the white tiled toilet block he had found earlier would be ideal for his guests to perform in.

The van pulled all the way up to the broken down entrance to the building. The afternoon heat was in the high eighties, the humid damp air making the approaching evening feel sticky and sensuous. The two girls blinked a little as the back doors opened the large shape of the Boss blocking most of the smog thick daylight.

"Where are we?" Stacey asked in a nervous voice.

"You don't need to know." He responded pulling at Debbie's arm helping her out.

"All you need to remember is do what you're told and you'll be home before dusk."

Debbie wrestled a little her eyes glaring with hatred. The Boss pushed her through the door the Mask bringing Stacey behind.

"You think you're so special don't you?" The Black man growled. He was tired of Debbie's cocky attitude. "Even after our last little get together you still think nothings you're fault. Well honey you didn't have to come back did you?"

Debbie shook her head. "You made me!" She shrieked indignantly looking back at Stacey for some type of support.

"Yeah sure, sure," he mocked guiding her through the dark echoing corridors. "Never thought of calling the cops, eh? No that would be so embarrassing for you, wouldn't it? And well you'd never want anyone to think you were as fallible as every fucker else, would you?"

The group arrived at their final destination. It was a large room with no windows just a large half smashed glass roof. It was a toilet block of some type with dusty white tiled walls and floor. There were toilets, cubicles, a row of shower heads, and appeared to be a part of some run down gym or public baths. Other side-rooms ran off from this one but they were hidden in shadow. Around the ceramic hall were other items that had obviously been brought here earlier by the two crazy men.

Debbie thought the scene reminded her of that awful cellar where she had been taken the first time. Stacey began to pant and shake a little, the familiar surroundings of her home the first time somehow helping to deaden the fear; this time the seediness of her predicament having a greater effect. There was a metal single bed, an iron bath tub, ropes and pulleys and some equipment her innocent head couldn't suss at present. "Ohhhh," she cooed in fright.

The men decided not to waste any longer. Sat on top of one urinal was the egg timer. The Mask turned it for the correct length of time as the Boss began to unfasten the girl's clothes.

One hour left.

The men untied and undressed the women as they both stood there knees shaking, their expressions one of worry and humiliation. Eventually both stood naked. Stacey had only her sling back sandals on, her long calves looking shapely, her pear shaped waist with a tiny almost shaven blonde pussy. She stood covering her small breast her neck freckled the tied back hair giving her face a harder bony look.

Debbie had been stripped to her heeled knee boots; thighs firm her own figure still slim but with more curves. She didn't try to cover her tits, the globes pointing forward, natural but silicone in their firmness. They'd untied her hair and the long brunette mane hung almost down to the base of her back. Her red lips still fixed in an arrogant pout.

Both men were already sweating. Each had the boiler suit on nothing underneath one tug on the groin flaps and their hungry cock would spill out. The Mask grabbed Debbie, the Boss closing in on Stacey. "Let's get to work."

The Mask was slapping Debbie's ass making her yelp pulling her towards the pulley hooked into the roof, ropes and buckled hanging down from it. The Boss forced Stacey's hand onto his suited crotch bulge and she could feel his erection menacingly hard under his clothes. He pushed her towards the bed Debbie shrieking as the Mask harnessed her in the pulley device.

"That's it on the bed bitch com'on." He rolled Stacey onto her back spreading her thighs. He pulled her small wrist down to her slit ordering her to open herself up. Stacey's finger tips eased back her pussy lips the pink flesh showing.

The Boss head was moving down, his tongue already flicking her fleecy pussy hair.

"Just lay back and watch the show," he said with a grin, Stacey now facing the forcefully suspended Debbie.

The brunette was trussed good her legs apart, arms behind her back a harness holding her three feet off the floor. The Mask had roped her fine tits and a leather dog collar was secured round her neck. The Boss pressed on Stacey's inner thighs widening them still as he looked up.

A noise suddenly came from one of the dark side rooms. From out of the shadows appeared a figure. It was a big black woman, maybe forty plus dressed in some type of Basque and stockings, looking like a whorehouse madam. Her thighs were massive a female version of the Boss's, her melon tits exposed, her ass big in proportion to everything thing else. Fastened around her meaty crotch was a harness with a large curved black dildo the surface knobbly like a pickle.

The Boss nodded to her in greeting.

This is Big Mamma, "he announced looking back at Stacey then to the upturned Debbie.”

He sat up and invited 'BM' into the room. She waddled in, looking mean and lustful at both girls. Her eyebrows raised at the sight of their slim bodies the sweat already beginning to bead on their tender soft flesh. "Well Mamma," he continued, "which one would you like first?"

The big woman made a theatrical circuit of the room gazing at the captive girls. She smiled at the Boss and replied in a deep southern accent. "Why waste time honey, I'll have them both at the same time."

The bed was dragged across the floor until the mattress lay under the suspended Debbie. She looked down at the face of Stacey who was gripping the bedpost pale with nerves. Big Mamma climbed onto the bed as Stacey tried to sit up. The big black whore slapped her across the face straddling her neck and face kneeling up to the suspended open thighs of Debbie.

"Listen to me you pair of bitches," she growled angling her ribbed black cock down to Stacey's mouth. "You better get it on with me real good yes sir."

The two men watched as she began to pump the dildo into the blonde's mouth while sat straddling her face. BM opened the thighs of Debbie hanging in front of her, burrowing her mouth onto the brunette's clit and pussy hole.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, slurpppp!"

Debs gritted her teeth feeling the woman's tongue circling her vulva pressing in. She bucked as an effeminate finger pressed against, then gently into her exposed ass hole. Debbie giving a feint gasps of disgust. The woman grunted still pumping down on Stacey's mouth. The pinned girl had her hands up, pushing the woman's heavy thighs away from her cheeks; her mouth slavering to contain the ribbed vinyl cock. BM teased as she pumped.

"That's it honey you suck that big black cock. Make it real wet for when I shove it up you." She looked back up into the eyes of the trussed Debbie. "Boys," She called. "Get my toys out."

Stacey gave a shriek as the woman swung around pulling the young babes thighs thrusting her fat hips between them. The rubber dildo slid up Stacey's pussy as she gulped and groaned.

Then the black bitch began to hump the blonde's brains out.

Stacey was hooking her long legs around the wide waist of the woman. Big Mama pressed her stubby fingers into Stacey's mouth bucking hard ramming her strap-on up against her pussy walls intend on making Stacey squeal. "Eiieeeeeee ug ug uggggghh!"

The Boss handed the fat woman another strap-on. This was different more like a mask with a bit for biting on, attached to a Perspex cock. Stacey tried to push back but it was useless the woman was massive compared to her. As Big Mamma fucked up the girl's pussy she fastened the harness around Stacey's head forcing the bit into the desperate girl's mouth. She had no choice but to bite down the harness sealing her mouth replacing it with a long Perspex cock making her look like she had a hard trunk.

Debbie began to plead as Stacey was made to knell in front of her suspended open wide thighs. The group slapped and shouted at the blonde bimbo forcing her into position. Then the fucking could really begin.

First Stacey's head was pushed up against Debbie's clit the mouth cock easily sliding up the arrogant bitches' twat. She groaned with humiliation as Stacey began to pump back and forth her hazel eyes wide staring up at the trussed bitch. They widened still as BM mounted Stacey from behind fucking her aggressively again using her weight to make the small blonde continue to pump back and forth with her head; mouth fucking Debbie's hole.

"Ugg, ugg, uggg hmmmmmm!" Debs moaned with embarrassment seeing the pretty face of Stacey between her thighs her nose at her clit the cock sprouting from where her mouth should be jabbing in and out of her hole.

"Ooooooohhhh ugh, ugh aggg!"

The thrusts of the black woman were making Stacey buck, the strap-on rubbing and filling her pussy. She could make little sound apart from strange gulps and gargles, her mouth biting onto the swallowed end of the face cock.

The Boss stroked Stacey's head as she face fucked encouraging her; his fingers pressing on Debbie's clit his other hand roaming, groping tits and ass of both girls.

"Good girl fuck that big pussy hole. Faster come on."

The Mask was gripping Debbie's long locks tugging them back making her swan neck stretch her shoulder tense. His other hand gripped a perfect domed tits squeezing and caressing.

"Do you like been suspended? Trussed up no where to go. I bet you do, we could do anything we wanted and you would never have to blame yourself for not resisting would you, you dirty bitch?"

Debbie gave an angry yelp of pain but didn't reply. She felt the Perspex cock slide out of her completely as Stacey gripped the bed the rear fucking becoming so difficult to bear she could no longer concentrate on that and servicing Debbie at the same time. She gripped the mattress, nails biting into the fabric her body on fire.

The pounding bitch noticed Stacey's discomfort and increased the force of each forward rut.

"Is it ugh bad baby ugh too much uggh? You’ve got such a tiny waist and tight chute, uggh."

The woman had something in her hand now; a fat black butt plug, which she pressed against Stacey's wobbling ass hole. Stacey shook her head the face cock swaying very much like an angry elephant. BM forced the plug into her sweaty ass, three or four inches all the while continuing the monotonous rutting back and forth.

The two men decided to concentrate on Debbie. She was unable to resist as they pushed their filthy fingers into her ass and pussy. Then into her mouth, then back to her holes. She was slurping and retching on her dirty juices her red lips glistening with spittle. The filthy Asian was greasing a strange device.

"What's, th, th, that? She stammered seeing the Mask oil up a shinny medical type tool.

He pressed the cold metal onto her slit the wings pushing in and against her pussy walls. The Mask began to manipulate the speculum; the devices two arms widening, opening her pink pussy hole. Debbie gave a shrill scream of humiliation feeling her body open involuntarily. The Boss pushed her neck and head from behind helping her look down on the operation even though she didn't want to look.

"Oh God, ahh, ahh no no too ugghhh!"

The Asian was cranking the device to maximum widening her hole till the tender flesh was gasping open her shaft a dark deep tunnel.

Stacey gave a crying splutter as the Boss finally removed her cock gag. The Big black woman was also dismounting her, the pickle type rubber strap on looking wet and hot with use.

"Oh God uggh cough! Please cough! Just stop!" She said not looking up, hair a dishevelled mess.

The Boss gripped her crazy mane. "Ok bitch, now give us that little hand of yours."

He pulled Stacey's wrist squirting gel along her long fingers and manicured nails. Debbie began to moan in realization of what would happen next, Stacey still looked confused. The two men crowded around the hanging hips of Debbie as Big Mamma lifted Stacey's arm towards the wide thighs of the trussed woman.

"That's it honey nice and easy." She said in her southern drawl. "We want to see you shove that little hand all the way into to her."

Both girls began to protest. "No it won't go, I can't!" Etc, etc. But the group was quite insistent. "Oh yes it will go," assured the Boss winking at Debbie. "You'll find it'll go just fine."

Debbie felt the small wrist and nervous fingers at her stretched pussy hole. Stacey sobbed as she pushed inside Debbie, her pink flesh yielding to the hard greased hand.

"Ugggggggg fuckkkkk oh, oh you fuck bitch aggggggggg!"

The hand sank in deeper to her wrist the trussed girl shuddering.

"Awwwwww ohhhhhhh, no, no, nooooooo!"

The men encouraged the blonde ordering her to begin pumping. Stacey refuse then shrieked as they slapped her. The blonde's wrist began to foam with gel as she pumped in and out, the whole harness Debbie was in swaying gently. The Boss stood behind her head and pulled Debbie's chin back so she looked at him upside down. "Start sucking," he ordered unzipping his cock from his pants.

The Mask was knelt under the swinging brunette ass. He pressed a gel smeared neon dildo into her ass twisting as it went. Debbie could do nothing but gulp the sensation of hard rubber and hard hand and cock flesh inside her three hot holes. The girls had been in the toilet block for only fifteen minutes the air dusty and hot, the bed and leather ropes creaking with animated bodies. Stacey concentrated on the fisting aware the Mask still had one hand on her free wrist his other hand pumping Debbie with the rubber cock.

Stacey turned to look for the big black bitch. But just at that point she felt the woman's hand on the base of her spine holding her plump butt plug slowly pulling it out. Pop!

Big mamas fingers then began to press on Stacey's ass hole, two then three, then four then…"Aggggggg uh uhhhhhhhhhh oh, God ugh ughhhhhhhh!"

The big woman was forcing her greased hand into Stacey's tight little ass. It didn't want to go but she persevered, pressing down on Stacey's back to hold her steady.

"AWwwwwwwww Jezzzzzzz plop!!"

Now both women were suffering the unbearable indignity of a hand deep inside their bodies. Stacey taking the black hand of Big Mamma inside her tiny ass while she was forced to fist into Debbie's stretched wide pussy. The Boss had an excellent view as Debbie deep throated him. "You fucking dirty bitches." He growled enjoying how Debbie's tongue circled his helmet rim.

Stacey moaned and writhed, feeling like a monstrous glove puppet. The fisting seemed to go on forever the black witch twisting and flexing inside her chute. Stacey could feel the anal dildo rubbing against the hot inside of Debbie pussy her walls gripping and bending as she deep throated the huge black thug. The Boss was gritting his teeth near to climax he signalled for Stacey to stop.

Stacey pulled her hand slowly from the open twat the juices glistening the pussy farting as she withdrew over the knuckles. Her own ass was stinging and felt unbelievably full. She was going to throw up she was sure of it. Her sphincter had closed tightly around the black woman's wrist and even she was unsure if it would open up again to allow her hand out. Stacey was moaning like a whore the woman pumping back and forth her snow white ass highlighting the buried black wrist.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!" Big mamma was gently twisting affectionately coaxing the girl." That's it baby so slow, all the way, all the way in your tight little hole. Such a good little slut"

The Boss began to jerk his own cock. "That's it Debbie keep sucking I just need to let you have it in the mouth baby." She felt the ass dildo rubbing back and forth then suddenly. "Ugggggh ukkkkkkk!"

He came in her throat. Unable to spit easily head upside down she swallowed, gulping the salty wad into her tummy. "Mmmmmffff!"

He bucked until he was sure all the spunk had been released onto her tongue and roof of her mouth, and then he withdrew.

The Boss adjusted the harness making her sit more upright looking down on the ass fisted Stacey. The Mask had the bag open again this time producing a huge elephant size cock. It was plastic ribbed about 12 inches long and a ridiculous 4 inches wide. He smeared it with gel before positioning it against Debs pinned open hole. Debbie didn't say a word just began to moan and grunt as the cock began to slide up inside her canal the speculum keeping her wide enough for its 4 inch girth. The Mask pushed hard 8 inches in and then it wouldn't go any further, he realized this so began to withdraw then pump back fucking her 8 inches deep with the monster dildo.

Stacey was pleading with Big Mamma. "Ugh god no more, gets it out awwwwww ughhhhhhhh!"

The woman was trying to pull back but Stacey's tight little chute wouldn't give way. The bimbo screamed and thrashed her blonde hair bedraggled her eyes flashing as BM twisted and tugged until finally.


Big mamma unfastened her strap-on then fixed it around Stacey's smaller shapely hips. "You're turn to do me honey." Stacey just looked in disbelief then Big Mamma narrowed her eyes. "It's not an invitation it's an order you skinny white bitch."

Debbie was wriggling the sweat pouring from her back as the Mask pumped her with the monster cock. He pressed on her clit in a circular motion building her to climax. She tried to resist god she tried but like times before this bastard was too much an expert in stimulation.

"Ugh, ugh you fuck ugh, aw, aw, ah, ah, ah, ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

She bucked on the harness as she came her fingers trying to push the Mask's hand from her burning clitoris. "Ugggggghhhhhhh shittttttttt!"

She shrieked with sensation and he finally released her over sensitive bud allowing the wet dripping python cock to drop to the bed. Finally he un-cranked the surgical device letting her lips close gently together, juice still dripping from the very loose slit. "Ohhhhh thank God!"

The Boss lowered the harness unbuckling Debbie's beautiful long legs, unclasping her tied bosom and strapped round butt. She could see Big Mamma sat on a chair her fat thighs wide apart. Stacey was stood in front of her fucking up into the bitches' sloppy hole as BM forced the pretty face of Stacey onto her big black nipples one at a time." "

”Suck these puppies honey, ugh yeah you're doing a real good job. Ride me baby ride me!"

As Big Mamma began to grunt with excitement slapping Stacey's ass as she pounded, Debbie was led by the hand across the room. She struggled to stand her legs and thighs exhausted. In the shadows of a side room she saw him. A dirty old tramp chained to an excuse for a bed. He had been gagged and his pants stripped showing filthy old underpants.

Debbie couldn't help but screw her face up in disgust. "Oh God he's a filthy old freak!" The man seemed scared or confused as he backed into a corner.

The Boss laughed pushing the naked lithe brunette closer to him. He bound her arms to the bedpost of the crappy bed, Debbie pleading for him to stop. "Come on old Bill," he snapped kicking the scared man, "let's see if your cock works anymore."

Old Bill shuffled to his feet. He had a dirty grey beard his age in his 60, s maybe but looking far older. Debbie was knelt naked on the half collapsed bed. Her hands were tied to the bed post her butt raised slightly with her legs together kneeling. The dirty tramp looked up and down her trembling sweaty body. He admired her painted toes, her soft calves and toned thighs. Her arms were skinny and tensed a little, that swan neck the hairs on end and her pouting red lips, eyebrows raised arrogantly. He coughed a nervous cough.

"Get the fuck on with it you old bastard." Snapped the Boss impatiently.

He began to strip, Debbie whining slightly but not trying to escape. She knew she'd agreed to all this; it was too late to start getting second thoughts. Old Bill was down to his dirty underwear his cock poking out of his Y-fronts. He climbed onto the bed his cock brushing her leg and she moaned a little in disgust. His hands caressed her body down to her tits gripping hard. How many years since he'd felt such firm flesh if ever. He grunted in pleasure as both hands gripped her tits like he was holding the handlebars of some riding machine. Debbie bit her lip shifting her butt the cock trailing along her peach ass.

He rubbed his tip against her slit like an animal trying to mount, the bell end pressing, searching. The Boss was chewing gum arms folded leaning against a wall.

"That's it man, she's real loose. Slide your cock all the way in. I doubt this dirty bitch will even feel it touching the sides."

"Ahhh uggg!" She did feel it. The tramps saggy foreskin member buried up inside her, his flesh feeling cold against her hot juiced inside. "Ugghhhhhh aw!"

Back in the main room Stacey was exhausted. The effort of thrusting her hips back and forth against the fat thighs of Big Mamma was taking its toll. The black woman was cussing and rocking her face screwed up in delight. Stacey looked down watching the rubber cock blur in and out of the woman's hairy bush.

"Oh baby yeah, that's it uggh. Oh honey ugh, ugh, ugh fuck me, fuckmiieeeeeeeeeee!"

She climaxed gripping Stacey's hair pulling her long locks over her face as she yelped with the pain. "Uggggghhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!" She was slapping the blonde's ass forcing her to thrust a few final times till Big Mammas pussy could take no more. The Big bitch convulsed pushing Stacey away her clit too sensitive now for any more rubbing.

"Awww fuck uhhhhhhhh!" Moaned BM as she sagged on the tiny chair any second the frame threatening to collapse with the weight.

The Mask gripped Stacey's arm making her stand. "Get that fucking cock off you," he shouted almost tearing the harness from her hips. Stacey yelped as he too slapped her ass. He dragged the bimbo back towards her discarded pile of clothes, searching for her mobile. He picked it up putting it in his pocket.

Big Mamma was dressing putting her toys away.

"I've seen and had enough boys. You ladies have a nice time ye' hear." And with that she clipped out of the sweaty tiled room.

The Mask pulled Stacey's arms behind her back binding them.

"No you don't have to do this." She moaned. "I'm doing what I'm told for fucks sake."

But the Mask liked his women this way, shoulders pulled back tits raised, unable to resist. He sat on the chair his legs apart opening his boiler flap again. His cock pointed straight up and he peeled the skin back to examine his rough helmet.

"Sit on this bitch," He said through the zipper mouth hole and pulled her onto his lap facing away as if sat on a seat. Stacey straddled him her heeled sandals touching the floor her butt hard against his pelvis the cock like a pole straight up her cunt.

"Ugggggghhhhh! Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!" He began to pump up into her.

The blondes grunts added to the gasps and groans from the side room. The old tramp was fucking Debbie hard but with the experience of a life time. His cock angled and rubbed his hands twisting her tits as she groaned in protest.

"Ugh, too ugh hard ugh!"

But he didn't care. Her hole was loose and wet his cock circling in the tunnel to press on her walls. Been tied again she felt helpless and totally dominated. The black thug was close up enjoying each thrust, each nipped lip, each blazing glare from her luscious eyes. She groaned with building arousal the old man more of an expert than she'd ever imagined.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!" The humiliation of this sad old tramp taunting excited her more, she felt such a whore.

"Ugh, ugh, hmm you dirt little bitch. Aww God your so wet, so fucking ugh wide and deep ugggghh! His hands squeezed like he was examining fruit. “Juicy big tits too, hmm ugghh."

He pulled the long hard nipple down like he was working udders on a cow. "Oh baby can I milk you? Do you like that you big sow? Ugggggh "

The Boss suggested another idea and Debbie gritted her teeth as the tramp twisted two fingers into her anus."Oh fucking hell you're loose her here too. Ugh I can feel my own cock rubbing ugghhh!"

The man was getting tired his face redder and redder.

"Ugh can't hold on muchhhhukkkkkkkk!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!"

He shot rapid ejections inside her his hands slapping her butt twisting her tits the man hanging on to her for dear life as he convulsed. She collapsed onto her belly arms still tied ahead of her; the tramp almost unconscious on top.

"Ugggg oh I've come inside, oh baby, oh baby hmmmmmm!"

The Boss left them for a second to fetch something Debbie trying to buck the man from her. "Get the fuck of me you filthy old bastard." The man knelt up looking at his saggy wet cock, winking at it in praise. "Nice one boy, you sure needed that didn't you?"

The tramp was about move away when the Boss pushed him back. Debbie looked over her shoulder the Boss lifting her tummy to make her kneel again. He had a plastic funnel, thrusting the spout 3 inches into Debbie's upturned ass hole.

"Aw Jesus what no, ugh!" The Boss pressed down till the tapered end of the funnel pushed against her rim; pointing straight up the spout deep inside.

"Be still you bitch," he ordered gripping the funnel keeping it rigidly in place.

"Now I want to see this old bastard empty his bladder inside you."

The man was nervous, hesitant the funnel opening Debbie anus fully, the spout deep in her rectum.

"Do it!" Snapped the Boss his large arm tensed, the muscles bulging.

Old Bill held his limp cock over the shaking funnel rim. Debbie was wriggling looking over her shoulder seductively her mouth cooing as she moaned disgust.

"I'm sorry honey." He said embarrassingly.

"Ooh ahh, ugggghh!" The tramp began to piss a trickle at first then whoosh, his cock hosing the funnel with his filthy hot water.

"Agggggggg oooohhhhhhh shit, shit, shittttttttttt!" Debs shuddered, the hot fluid filling her ass canal. The piss stung like acid the liquid warm and plentiful.

"Uggggggggh oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhh!" His was still pissing at full force her void now swollen like a second bladder. Air was bubbling out of the funnel end as the piss slowly streamed down the spout. Glug, glug, glug.

The tramp coughed and spluttered, his cock bucking the final remnants into the open cone. As the Boss slowly extracted the funnel Debbie's ass dribbled the yellow liquid over her slit onto the bed. She groaned feeling her hole give way slowly the piss belching from her like a wet shit.

"Uggggghhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Her puckered anus spluttered and popped as the piss pumped from her, down her thighs onto strong calves pooling on the bed around her knees.

Even in her own disgusting little nightmare she could hear the loud grunts, almost screams of Stacey from the main room. The Mask was fucking her hard. Stacey sat on his seated lap facing away from him her legs over his hairy knees. He was bouncing up and down lifting the tiny blonde up on his cock before letting her fall back down forcefully onto the rigid upright pole.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!"

Stacey couldn't get off her arms tied and she screamed as he fucked up her hard and fast one hand on her tits and waist gripping her like a huge fuck doll. His other hand held her mobile, flicked open, pressed close against her high boned cheeks.

Stacey was grunting and moaning as the masked man rammed up her. "Oh ugh, ugh no, no, ugh ahhh!"

On the other end of the phone Stacey's sister sat shocked but confused. The caller ID said Stacey, but what was going on? Was it her sister? She couldn't tell, but then she heard a recognizable childhood yelp and shrieked herself. It was her!

The Mask gripped the waif bitches hair with his free hand grunting in satisfaction.

"Ugh yeah baby ride me, ride me."

He pulled the phone to his zipper mouth taunting the blonde bimbo's sister. "Ugh can you hear her? Ugh fuck! Your sisters a hot tight fuck ugh. Dirty little bitch has me all the way up her ugh! She milking me baby I,m going to shoot my load up her any second ughh!"

On the other end her sister dropped the phone as Stacey's high pitched squeaky voice shrieked over the airwaves, the Mask pushing up as hard as he could.

The Mask pressed the phone to Stacey's mouth as she moaned and grunted.

"Uggh, ugh, ugh, ughh!"

The leather face-clad man came, filling her pussy with his second wad in an hour.

"Ohhhhhh Stacey, yeah ugggggh, ugh, ugh ohhhhhhhhhh!"

He dropped the phone the line going dead back at Stacey's home, her sister standing in the living room hands over her mouth in shock.

The spent masked freak rubbed his hands over her sweaty exhausted body. He lifted her from his wet cock allowing her to collapse onto her knees sobbing. Debbie was also staggering from the side room still looking elegant and tall her body glistening in the half light. The Boss had her arm guiding her like they were taking an evening stroll together. The tramp was creeping to the exit still frightened yet exhilarated his bonds now free. Debbie ass had emptied over the bed, now she gingerly held her cheeks in embarrassment as she staggered forward.

The Boss pushed her tumbling over Stacey both girls falling to the ground legs and arms entwined.

"You've both been real good girls." He laughed standing over them his arms on his hips. He admired the two girls.

First he looked at Debbie; tall and arrogant, legs forever her tits hard like melons.

Then to Stacey; Barbie blonde, peach ass and ultra waif waist with that shocked freckled goody, goody face.

Another voice echoed in the room.

"Ah Mr Boss good afternoon."

A suited dark skinned man had entered the room. The Boss turned and grunted at him. "You're early but your merchandise is ready to go."

The man smiled then raised a finger.

"There's just one problem we can only take one. Even then we are taking a big risk."

The Mask snorted, "hey that's not our fucking problem you ordered them."

The suited man shook his head, “not possible.”

The Boss raised his hand," fine but it’s still the full 50,000 bucks."

The man nodded without hesitation, he couldn't argue he had a plane to catch.

The Boss looked at the timer less than a quarter of an hour left. He also knew his crazy friend had used the mobile. They were pushing their luck. The Mask was flicking his dangling cock as he waited for a command. The Boss gave the captive women a choice.

"Now I'm going fuck one of you really hard; too hard for you. And the Mask's going to help me after he's pissed in your mouth. The other one, well we don't have any time left my acquaintance here has paid a lot of money for his fuck toy."

Two other suited men were wheeling a human size crate into the room. One of the girls was going air freight.

The sluts began to babble and splutter; pleading. Neither gave a damn about the other, both filled with disgust at how the other had acted. The choice was clear to them; be kidnapped abroad for someone's perverted pleasures or remain here surplus to requirements and the only witness to what has happened. The Mask was producing nipple clamps and other mean looking devices, the Boss stripping from his boiler suit throwing a rope and noose over a high ceiling hook.

"Time to decide which one you want." Announced the big black thug, looking to the suited men.

* * * * *

"Well you seen their adventures its time for you to decide. Who stays and who goes.” Finc

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