My Fantasy For You – Part 2

My Fantasy For You – Part 2

Backing into the bedroom, I feel my knees hit the edge of the bed and lift myself onto the mattress and pull you with me so that we are on our knees facing each other. I wrap my arms around your neck and slowly our head migrate toward each other. You suddenly stop with your lips millimeters from mine. I can feel your breathe on my cheeks and my eyes flutter as the sensation of your hands caressing my body registers in my mind. My tongue flicks out to lick my lips – also catching yours and I smile mischievously when I hear your breath catch.

You push me back to a lying position on the bed and begin kissing my face, my eyes, my neck. Running your fingers through the silkiness of my hair. I sigh with pleasure at your kisses, feeling your lips make their way across my shoulders down over the tops of my breasts. I bite my lip with a moan as I feel your tongue flick first one pointed nipple and then the other. I know what is coming and push my breasts forward in anticipation. You laugh deep in your chest at my impatience, but give me what I want…….taking one breast in your hand, you begin kneading it as your mouth claims the other. You begin suckling on my breast and my hands come up to cradle your head. I moan at the sensations you rouse in me. Your mouth then switches places with your right hand as your left comes up to claim it’s prize – twisting the taut nipple between your fingers. I cry out in pleasure and feel my muscles squeeze tight in ecstasy.

Suddenly, my eyes widen and my body trembles as I discover what path your free hand has taken with its brush against my clit and over the wet stickiness of my lips. I close my eyes and try to remember to breathe all the while trembling in excitement at your touch. You continue to play in the juices oozing from my pussy forcing a whimper of need from my lips. Your head raises and you capture me with your eyes as you slide your index finger deep into my pussy. I try to hold your gaze, but can not keep from closing my eyes and arching my back in pleasure. You slowly pull your hand back and a hollow feeling begins to permeate my pussy…….until you reverse your path and this time two fingers burry themselves in my pussy. I gasp and hold your head to my breast as you once again begin sucking my nipple – this time with more force. You lightly scrape your teeth against my sensitive flesh and I know exactly what I want.

I begin pushing against your head….showing you what I need. “Please…..please do it now.” I whisper. With a grin of victory you lower your head to my waiting wetness. I watch as you slowly pull your fingers from my slit and lick my juice from them. Finally, after what seems an eternity, you lower your head and I feel your tongue against my lips…sliding between them, licking the whole from where my juices flow so readily. My breathing is ragged and unsteady as you pull my lips between your teeth and gnaw at them. I am shaking and ready to explode as I feel your tongue flick out over my clit and pleasure washes over me in waves. Your tongue makes it’s own rhythm which your fingers quickly follow diving in and out of my pussy while your suck my clit between your lips.

I pull your head down and arch my back desperately trying to gather more of you into my pussy. “Oh God….oh my God” I moan as your actions become more vigorous. You are eating my pussy as though you were a starving man and this was a gourmet feast. My hands can find no rest so much is the intensity. I know I am on the edge of a cliff that I am eager to fall over and as I do, my fingers find your shoulders and my nails dig into your flesh with my scream of pleasure. I cry your name over and over as wave after wave of my orgasm crashes over me and you, without mercy, suck lap and lick at my heaving pussy – leaving trembling and barely able to move. You lift your head and crawl up to me to lay by my side.

I kiss your lips…tasting myself on you and think it may just be the sweetest taste ever to touch my tongue. My hand makes a trail down your chest as I look into your eyes…and you know exactly what I’m thinking as I encounter the result the taste of me has had on you………

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