Phoenix Ch 08

Phoenix Ch 08

“Wow! This isn’t a Ranger Station,” Tanya said with some awe in her voice. “This is a god-damn mansion!”

“Well,” the ranger said, “the original owner was a movie mogul who had it built some fifty years ago. The last owner had it donated to the Forestry Service upon his death. I was lucky enough to be assigned to it a few years back.”

“You’re really lucky!” Frank replied. “This place looks like the Ponderosa!”

“The what?” the ranger asked. “Oh, I think I know what you mean.”

He shook his head. He didn’t have a clue what the female’s companion meant, but he was just a thrall. He didn’t matter. The Arian female was much more interesting – especially the way she completely ignored the charcoal burns she’d made on her stomach earlier that morning.

He invited them all in, including their prisoner, then made excuses to go upstairs to call a deputy sheriff from the radio room.

“What am I being charged with?” the man asked, pretending innocence.

“Assault with a deadly weapon,” the ranger replied, “manslaughter, kidnapping… Your choice.”

“I didn’t have the gun,” the man whined, “and that filthy slag killed…” He stopped as the filthy slag took a menacing step toward him.

“I’m certain that all those petty details can be sorted out later,” the ranger replied candidly. “In the meantime, I can offer you two a drink, perhaps?”

“You can offer me a bath,” Tanya replied. “I’m covered with Deet, charcoal, and…” She shrugged her shoulders and looked at their host.

“Oh, of course! How thoughtless of me,” the ranger replied. “The bathroom is right through here.”

He guided the aromatic young blonde through his living room and toward a doorway, noticing that her burn marks beneath her tied-off t-shirt were completely healed. He had expected they would be. “Everything you need is in there, My Lady, and I am at your complete disposal. You need only call out.”

“What should I call out?” Tanya replied, standing half in and half out of the doorway. “Rape? Murder? Your name, perhaps?”

The ranger laughed. “Of course. I haven’t told you my name.” He hesitated for a moment as though deciding what to call himself now. “It’s Tommy. Tommy Torque.”

“Thank you, Mister… Torque,” Tanya replied, smiling. “I appreciate your hospitality.” With one last uneasy glance at her husband, she disappeared through the doorway. The room immediately smelled fresher.

“She’ll probably need some fresh clothes,” Frank suggested. “I’ll take her some from her backpack.”

“No need,” Tommy the Ranger replied. “This house is well supplied with clothing. She’ll find something suitable in the dressing room, I’m certain.”

“Well, you certainly are nothing if not accommodating,” Frank said. “How do you afford all this on a Ranger’s salary?”

Tommy smiled as he prepared drinks. “The house, of course, belongs to the state. Most of the furnishings were left behind by the last owner, as was the clothing. In addition, campers always leave things behind when they depart.”

'I bet they do,' Frank thought to himself, 'especially if they depart on the end of a stake…'

He’d caught Tanya’s look – her warning for him to be careful – as she disappeared into the bathroom. He politely held out his hand to accept the drink offered by his host.

“Do I get anything?” the thug asked from his sitting position on the couch.

“Would you like some water?” Tommy asked, smiling coldly. Without waiting for an answer, he drew a glass directly from the tap and offered it to the prisoner – no filters, no ice, though the glass was clean.

“If you’ll excuse me,” Tommy asked, ever the gentleman, “I must return to the radio room for a moment.” Frank nodded and the ranger left.

There was no sound other than the shower turning on at the far end of the house. Tanya was finally getting the chance to wash off the last few hours of their outdoor adventure. Frank smiled as he recalled watching his ‘slave’ play with the hot charcoal stick. Her body had writhed sensually when those sparkling red embers dripped down from the stick and hotly bounced across her flesh. If they had been alone, he would have raped her right then. He wondered if he could get her to do that again. His hard-on throbbed just with him thinking about that.

“You know,” the stranger on the couch said, interrupted Frank’s daydreams. “You could jus’ lemme go, you could.” He looked as though he was ready to leap up and bolt for the door.

“Yes, I could,” Frank replied, smiling coldly. “I would enjoy nothing more than giving you a two-minute head start then hunting you down in cold blood. I’d let her…” he indicated the distant bathroom… “take you down. She likes to kill with her hands.”

The man looked more frightened, and sat back, evidently deciding not to run for it after all. He remembered how fast his partner had gone from living to stone cold dead the instant that evil skank touched him.

Frank smiled, more friendly now and glad that his bluff had worked. He hadn’t wanted a struggle and he would have had one if the prisoner made a break for it. A moment later, Tommy the Ranger reappeared. He was carrying two rifles.

“Oh,” he said, seeming surprised and perhaps a little disappointed to see the man still sitting on the couch,” You’re still here. I was hoping perhaps you would provide us with some entertainment.”

“What?” the man exclaimed, definitely frightened now. “You WANT me to run?”

Tommy smiled toothily. “It occurred to me that you might. That’s why I brought these down.” He hung the two rifles on the wall.

Frank noted that the bolts were drawn on each, and there was already a cartridge in each bolthole. Depending on how good Tommy the Ranger was, he could possibly get two well-aimed shots off in less than three seconds, even though each rifle was a single-shot weapon.

“Your choice of weapons appears to be exquisite,” Frank said admirably. “May I look at them?”

“Of course, sir,” Tommy said, half bowing. “Be my guest.”

Frank lifted one off the wall peg where it was hanging and inspected it carefully. It was a well-made rifle, and except for some exquisite carving on the stock, there were no identifying marks on it. It had a Kerns sight on it, so it could be of Swiss manufacture. He simply didn’t know that much about rifles. But, the one he was holding was at least a hundred years old.

“This seems very well made,” Frank conjectured. “Is it Swiss?”

Tommy smiled, “Yes. It’s a Schmidt-Rubin – made around the turn of the century, I believe, although it could have been made much more recently, perhaps as recently as the 1930’s.”

“I think perhaps your original estimate may be more correct,” Frank said, guessing wildly. “The more recent models were equipped with magazines. The war, you know.”

“Perhaps,” Tommy said. He smiled and gently took the weapon back and returned it to its peg on the wall. “It’s not important. Would you care for another drink?"

“Hum? Oh, uh, no,” Frank replied. “Thank you.” He had poured most of the last one down the sink as soon as the ranger had gone back upstairs.

The shower had turned off, so Tanya should be coming out soon. He was surprised how anxious he was to have her safely by his side again. Was he worried about her, or did he feel safer when they were together? He smiled to himself, wondering which truth was more correct.

“She should be rejoining us, soon,” the ranger interjected, noticing Frank’s unease.

The sound of an approaching helicopter became evident now that the shower was off. In another moment, it was very loud.

“Your ride is here,” Tommy said to their captive, indicating that he should get up, now. Guiding him to the door, they both went through.

Frank headed back toward the bathroom and Tanya as soon as his host was out the door.

“Tanya?” he called out.

“Back here,” Tanya replied.

She grinned in relief when she saw him. He grinned and hugged her damp body against his.

Tanya sniffed at him. “You’re the one who smells now,” she said, then laughed. “Look at all these clothes. I could dress like a queen with these exquisite gowns.”

“Well,” Frank murmured. “There goes my theory that campers left this stuff behind. Perhaps our host is telling the truth – the last owner left the house and its contents to the Forest Rangers. He suggested that you could wear one of these outfits to dinner.”

“Hmm,” Tanya smiled. “A formal dinner in the middle of nowhere. Sounds like… a bad plot for a screamer. ‘The House on Haunted Hill’ comes to mind…”

“I know what you mean,” Frank replied, laughing. “That guy gives me goosebumps.”

“Well, he’s obviously not from around here,” Tanya replied. “But half the people we’ve met today were from somewhere else – that Brit we took prisoner, for instance.”

“How could you tell he was British,” Frank asked. “I didn’t notice an accent.”

“ ‘Slag’ is metal that’s been heated so much that it’s worthless for recycling,” Tanya informed him. “It’s usually found in bombed out buildings that contain steel girders. There haven’t been that many gutted buildings in the U.S. for the term to become popular here. Overseas, the word has recently become popular for describing girls who are so loose and well used that you can’t feel when you’re inside them. It’s very insulting.”

“Well,” Frank replied, grinning, “I hit him in the head with a rock. Did that make you feel better?”

“Yes,” Tanya said, then kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Immensely. Which do you like better, the red one, or the black one with the silver?” She held up two beautiful gowns, both very sheer.

“The black-and-silver will accent your hair,” Frank said, smiling as he envisioned her ample breasts and curvy waist filling out the transparent material.

“Black and silver it is, then” Tanya exclaimed, then shoved him toward the bathroom door. “Your turn, darling. You stink.”

Frank laughed, then started undressing.

Tommy the Ranger came back in from getting rid of his prisoner and found the living room empty. He searched long enough to discover that his two guests were both in the bath-dressing room area, then proceeded to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

“Oh, Honey,” Tanya cried out, softly but sympathetically. “How long have you had to suffer with this?”

She was gazing at Frank’s hard-on. He grinned at her, loving the little role playing games she indulged in.

“Since you almost shoved that burning stick up in your pussy,” Frank murmured. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Liked that, did you?” Tanya grinned. “Good! It gives me some ideas for the future… In the meantime, why don’t you let Nurse Tanya take care of that terrible swelling? I’m sure that we can…”

Frank interrupted by pulling his wife against his body and kissing her passionately. Before she could do anything more, he had her back against the wall and his cock buried deep in her hot, willing pussy.

“Tell me what it felt like,” he hoarsely whispered into her ear.

“That felt great,” Tanya whispered back. “I love the way you stretch me when you ram it in like that all at one time; especially when I'm really horny!”

She sighed to emphasize her words as he began stroking in and out of her with his marvelous, hard cock. She felt confused when she heard him chuckle, seeming to laugh at what she just told him.

“I’m glad you like that,” Frank replied softly. “But I want to know what playing with that fire stick felt like…”

Tanya growled, feeling Frank’s cock throb as he spoke. That silly fire stick must have really turned him on. That realization opened up all sorts of future possibilities for expanding their sex play.

“Well,” she whispered, “the heat from the fire was hotter than I expected when I held my hand out. My heart was racing, wondering what you were going to command me to do. I was thinking that maybe you would make me straddle the campfire or something. That would have been exciting.”

She groaned as she felt Frank’s cock throb inside her wet, tight cunt again. He was very close to spewing his cum up inside her and was breathing very slow and steady, trying to control himself. She knew he wanted to hear the rest of her story before he came.

“I felt relieved and disappointed at the same time,” she continued, “when you told me to pick up that stick.”

“Why were you disappointed?” Frank wanted to know.

“I wanted to do something fantastic for you – maybe scorch my cunt over the campfire, then have you men gang-rape me or something…” she hesitated as she felt that now familiar throb between her legs as Frank’s cock jumped again inside her.

'God! This is really revving his engines! I had no idea…'

“What did it feel like when those hot embers dropped on your stomach?” Frank asked, his voice shaking with desire.

“About like you’d expect,” murmured Tanya. “They were a lot hotter than matches, and I couldn’t blow them out. All those little sparks of pain set my pussy on fire! I was almost sorry that he gave up that gun so soon. I would have let him fuck me with it!”

That was all it took. Frank’s cock started spasming, spewing load after load of silky slick cum up inside her hot, tight pussy. Tanya arched her back against Frank’s almost painfully tightening grip around her as her own orgasm started.

Frank hugged Tanya tightly as her pussy quivered and her entire body went tight – every muscle quivering intensely, then she relaxed in his arms as the dam broke between her legs, letting the cum run down and out of that hot tunnel of sensation. He felt his cock respond to her quivering pussy with one last feeble spurt.

“Oh my god,” he panted as he kissed and nipped at her cheek and neck afterward. “You are the most… incredible woman…” Their lips met and held together for a few seconds before she broke away.

“God, I needed that,” Tanya gasped, then pushed him away. “Shower!”

Frank grinned, then stepped, somewhat wobbly-legged, into the shower and turned it on. He was almost finished when she squeezed in next to him and took the showerhead away from him.

“I need this for just a minute,” she explained, shoving the spray unit between her legs and cleaning away the mess they’d made a few minutes earlier. Then she was gone and he had the shower to himself once again.

“Come back,” he called out, not too loudly. “We can play with the showerhead.” He sighed as he realized she was ignoring his hopeful request. Maybe she hadn’t heard him.

Two hours later, Frank, Tanya and Tommy the Ranger were seated around a dining table with rather simple fare – roast venison and some unusual but very colorful, half-cooked vegetables.

“I must apologize in advance for the meal,” Tommy announced. “I wasn’t expecting company.”

Tanya sat in a stunning black gown with silver threads running through and creating a flower design over her breasts. The material was barely thick enough to hide her nipples. In other places, the material was stretched so that her smooth skin was easily visible behind the fabric – the fabric seeming to add an extra dimension of depth to her voluptuousness.

In addition, her golden hair, freshly washed, flowed out over her shoulders; each hair defined and made more delicately radiant resting on the dark fabric covering her smooth shoulders and back.

Frank was wearing a tux that he’d found in the bedroom. Tommy had set the table, then quickly changed into a rather old-fashioned formal costume that reminded Frank and Tanya of old European royalty – a dark material with plenty of silky frills around the wrists and in front.

“This is certainly better that the fare we could have prepared over an open campfire,” Frank murmured, his mouth watering at the sight and smell of that hank of deer leg that had to have been smoking for at least a couple of days.

‘I’m glad you approve,” Tommy said. “A toast…” He raised his glass.

Frank and Tanya stood, raising their glasses, as well.

“Here is to your ethereal and hopefully eternal beauty, my Lady,” Tommy said, then held his glass out to be touched by the others.

“One always hopes to live forever, your Grace,” Tanya said tentatively. She smiled very slightly at the intense stare Tommy gave her when she’d named him royalty.

“Here’s to our host,” Frank interrupted. “May you live a long and productive life.”

He held his glass up. Tanya met him, but Tommy did not. He smiled, instead, and said, “I do not believe in drinking to one’s own health and productivity, sir, although I accept your good wishes. Instead, I would suggest we partake of this meager fare before it cools so much as to jell on our tongues.”

“I’ll eat to that,” Frank jested, trying not to be scared to death of their strange host.

They each allowed Tommy to cut portions for them. Frank didn’t complain when Tanya seemed to receive almost half again as much meat as he did, realizing that perhaps their host recognized who the true carnivore was between the two of them. Besides, he had plenty of meat on his plate to satisfy him. He was only feeling greedy because it smelled so good.

The meal progressed smoothly in the eating of it, but in fits and starts regarding conversation. There were so many innuendoes and references to things that Frank didn’t understand that he was thoroughly confused and ended up eating in relative silence.

Tanya handled herself somewhat better, understanding that their host seemed to want her for something. But many of his comments, while she recognized them as references to events that happened hundreds of years ago, indicated that he expected her to have some first-hand knowledge of them.

“I’m sorry,” Tanya begged off one more time, “I’ve spent most of my life in the northern regions. News travels more slowly in the colder climates.”

Tommy seemed to accept her answer, but then Frank stuck his nose in.

“What’s so ‘northern’ about Montana?” he asked. “It’s not like Alaska or the North Pole…” His voice trailed off as they both looked at him with strange expressions on their faces.

“You are from Montana?” Tommy asked, sounding concerned.

“He is,” Tanya quipped, trying to maintain her cover as someone that Tommy would be interested in, rather than someone who might be hunting him. “I’m from a little further east.”

“I see,” Tommy replied. Using a silk napkin to dab at his mouth, he stood up. “Please excuse me for a moment, and I will see about dessert.”

“Oh, God!” Frank exclaimed. “I don’t think I could hold another bite!”

Tommy smiled condescendingly and nodded, then turned around and left. Frank and Tanya remained silent during that time, uncertain how much their host would hear if they began discussing him.

Their total conversation ran like:

“You think?” Frank asked quietly, nodding toward the kitchen.

Tanya nodded. “I may get up during the night.”

“Be careful…”

Then a silent kiss was blown across the table. They smiled at each other, aware of their potential danger if their host was the one who had staked out all those poor people.

The noise of a wheeled silver cart announced the return of Tommy the Ranger. Three bowls of crumbled sweet bread were set on the table. Then a creamy pudding was ladled over each. The topping was a thick, sugary sauce with a bite of whiskey mixed in. It was very tasty.

In minutes, both Frank and Tanya were asleep – Frank sliding down out of his chair sideways and Tanya gracefully bending forward and dropping her forehead onto the table. Tommy finished his dessert in peace and quiet, then proceeded to tie Frank up. He remembered the man now.

Frank had been much older – almost fifty – when he’d last seen him. Frank was the ‘friend’ who’d rescued Hethemtima before ‘Bram’ realized that she was the vampire he’d been seeking. Hethemtima, or perhaps this Arian beauty, had evidently rejuvenated him.

He was fairly certain of this Arian beauty who had played promising word games with him all during the meal. Her comportment was not that of the twenty-year-old girl she appeared to be, and it was likely that she was whom he was seeking. He decided to find out.

Reaching across the table, he picked up the carving knife and stuck it into Tanya’s limp arm. Then he pulled it out and watched, his grin widening in triumph as the wound slowly began to close. He’d found his vampire.

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