Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 01

Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 01

When you played Cowboys and Indians when you were a kid, did you ever pretend that you could be stabbed or shot lots of times and not be hurt?


'I am Diana, the mighty huntress,' Beth thought excitedly to herself as she crept through the bushes, careful not to make any sound, carrying her homemade bow in one hand with an arrow notched in it.

Her sister, Béla, was a passing traveler, making camp for the night. It was her turn to be stealthily crept up on, murdered and robbed.

Béla could feel her sister sneaking up behind her. Béla was pretending to be a normal human, with no special powers to protect her. She felt Beth draw back her bow, carefully aiming. Her body tensed in anticipation of violent penetration.

As she felt the arrow being released, she twisted around and positioned her body to take the arrow right in her breast. The force of the impact spun her on around and she fell, her body and legs corkscrewed around as she reached for her wooden sword.

Béla twisted around on the ground for a moment as she went into pain-separation mode. Her body position had been perfect. The arrow was buried deep in her right lung and sticking out right through her bare nipple. She was so filled with pure sensation that she almost ready to come.

Coughing blood, she drew her wooden sword, and rising unsteadily, stumbled toward her attacker. With a playfully wicked grin, Beth notched another arrow and released it right into her sister’s naked belly, just below her navel. Béla stopped, unable to move while she orgasmed, then staggered once more toward her attacker.

Beth stood up and backed away, shooting another arrow at her sister. She tripped backward and the arrow missed, sailing way over her victim’s head. She had two arrows left. She notched one and shot her sister in the belly again. Béla dropped to her knees, coming hard. She was gasping for air and choking up blood as her wounded lung filled.

Beth fired the last arrow into Béla’s left breast, being careful not to hit her heart. Now Béla had two arrows in her stomach and one protruding from each breast. With both lungs pierced, she lay on the ground, coughing up blood, her belly convulsing in a terrible cramp, her pussy flowing.

Beth approached warily, the wooden knife that Béla had honed for her held tightly in one hand. As she stood over her bloody victim, she was suddenly skewered between her legs with Béla’s wooden sword.

Gasping in agony, she slowly collapsed down, forcing the slim wooden sword deeper inside as her trembling legs folded beneath her. She came hard as she fell, forcing it deep into her abdomen. It split into two pieces and tore through her insides.

Gripping her wooden knife with both hands, Beth gutted her dying victim as she fell on top of her. She also managed to land on the arrows sticking out of Béla’s torso, piercing her own body on the feathered shafts and breaking them off as she landed.

Both sisters lay on the ground radiating orgasmic overload through each other for several minutes while their bodies convulsed uncontrollably. When she could move again, Béla rolled her convulsing sister off of her and pulled the handle of the wooden sword out of Beth’s ruptured pussy. Beth screamed and shook with another orgasm, then lay on the ground gasping and moaning. Most of the wooden blade was gone, dissolved when it penetrated into Beth’s central digestive core.

Béla hissed through her teeth as she pulled the arrows out of her breasts one at a time, managing another orgasm for each painful twist as she yanked them out.

“Oh, God!” Beth gasped, when she could breathe again. “That was intense! I’ve shoved stakes up people before, but I never knew what it felt like! And that didn’t even go all the way through…”

“I’ll make a longer one… and shove it in deeper, next time, Lady Dracula,” Béla gasped, still out of breath from her own orgasmic wounds.

They lay for awhile longer while they recovered from their self-inflicted sex play, then helped each other up. They stood unsteadily and gazed at each other’s bloody bodies.
“That was fun,” Béla said. “Your turn… I get to hunt you, now.”

“I have a better game,” Beth told her. She held her empty hand in front of her. “Guess what I found…”

Béla looked to see what Beth was materializing from their quarters. It was an ammo clip. It was full.

“This was in Tanya’s dresser…” Beth announced, grinning slyly.

She’d dream-walked back to earth during their last sleep period and convinced Tanya to give it to her. Beth held out her other hand. The little pistol appeared in it.

“How many bullets are there?” Béla asked, fascinated by the prospect of some serious rutting fun.
“Only ten,” Beth replied, pretending to be disappointed. “Five apiece.”

Béla sulked, too. That wasn’t nearly enough. “Well, it’ll do for now, I guess.”

"Tanya said that we should be careful and that the bullets were empty and pointed inside."

"These are hollow point?" Béla asked, a sly smile coming to her face. "Wicked!"

She took the gun and the ammo clip out of her sister’s hands, shoved the clip into the handle of the little gun and pulled back on the cocking mechanism.

“You first?” Béla asked and grinned evilly. She shoved the gun right up against her sister’s soft stomach and grinned, “Where do you want it?”

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled the trigger. A muffled thump sounded and the gun bucked in her hand. Beth grunted and stumbled back, both hands against her bare stomach. She sank to her knees, unable to stand, warm, sticky, blood leaking out bright red through her fingers. She radiated pure hot agonizing pain and orgasmic sensation.

“Where do you want the next one?” Béla asked.

She knelt down in front of her sister and held the little gun against her belly again, lower down this time, just above her pelvic bone. Beth was coming so hard she was trembling. She nodded to Béla, ready for the next one. Béla pulled the trigger again.

Beth cried out in agonizing pain. The bullet went into her pelvis, ripped through her pussy, then lodged itself in the solid muscles of her buttocks. A hot spray of urine soaked her inner thighs. Unable to hold herself upright on her knees, she rolled to one side on the ground, still radiating her intense orgasmic sensations through her bloodthirsty sister.

“Again!” Beth cried, shaking violently. There were tears running down her cheeks and into her hair.

Béla pulled the trigger again. Beth sobbed in orgasmic pain and ecstasy. She rolled on the ground and managed to get her head up against Béla’s leg. Twisting around, she bit down savagely, getting a mouthful of fresh bloody meat. A few seconds later, she twisted away in an orgasm so powerful that she could no longer control her shaking body.

Béla, still in pain-separation mode herself, almost came again from the deep bite her sister had taken out of her leg. She dropped down on top of her sister, lying on top of her sucking Beth’s sensations into herself like a succubus.

“I could empty this clip into your pussy, then we can get more ammo for me,” Béla whispered down her trembling sister as she lay helplessly beneath her.

‘That would be incredible!’ Beth thought back, unable to speak. ‘Fire it up my cunt and tear me apart like you did with your sword!’

Béla sat up while Beth forced her trembling, shaking legs apart, exposing herself to her sister and the deadly little gun.

“Stick it in me!” she cried, her voice trembling with pain and excitement. “Rip me apart!”

Béla shoved the gun up against Beth’s cunt. It was wet and bloody and smelled of urine. Beth’s legs shook with both fear and anticipation as she waited.

Béla pulled the trigger. She was starting to come just from the sensations her younger sister was radiating. Beth lay on the ground, crying and gasping, holding her stomach tightly. That last bullet had ripped its way up through her uterus and abdomen, not stopping until it reached her left lung. She began coughing up some blood.

Béla still had six bullets left. She could have a lot of fun using them all on her sister. She pulled the trigger again, carving a new white-hot path of pain and ecstasy up through her sister’s belly from the inside. Beth lay trembling on the ground, unable to do anything except shake in agony and orgasmic pain as she came, over and over again.

“That’s five,” Béla said, sitting down next to Beth as she recovered from her tortured climaxes. “Do you want me to use the other five on you?”

“You’d do that for me?” Beth asked, weak and gasping from the extreme torture and the orgasms she’d experienced.

Béla nodded. “I have all sorts of ideas. Ready?”

Beth nodded, indicating that she was.

Béla held the gun down against Beth’s left nipple, completely covering it with the muzzle. Beth gasped in sudden fear, then, bracing herself, nodded again.

Her left breast suddenly ruptured into a bloody mess. Beth screamed, covering what was left with both her hands. She stared at her sister still holding the gun and staring back at her, both speckled with blood from her exploded breast, both surprised at how thorough the tiny bullet had been in rupturing her soft flesh.

Béla held the gun up against her other nipple. Beth actually whimpered and started to roll away, then, clenching her teeth, she leaned forward and pressed her nipple into the end of the gun.

‘Do it! I really want this!’

Her right breast exploded just like the left one had when Béla pulled the trigger. Gasping in agony, Beth twisted back on the ground, holding her ruined breasts with her hands. Both her lungs were punctured and filling with blood as well. She coughed, spitting up blood that spattered down on her ruined breasts. She was coming, hard, over and over and over…

‘Three left, Darling,’ Beth felt Béla tell her in her mind. She couldn’t respond. Her orgasms were too intense.

Béla pressed the gun up against Beth’s belly button and pulled the trigger. The bullet went clean through, creating an almost electrical orgasm that shook Beth from her cunt to her ruined breasts.

Beth lay on the ground, leaking blood and girl-cum from between her legs. She was caught up now in a continuous orgasm that racked the entire length of her body. She felt Béla press the gun against her throbbing clitoris.

“Oh, God!” she screamed. “Not there!”

Then her cunt exploded in agonizing ecstasy as her clitoris, pelvic bone and lower belly were pulverized into jelly. She shook from head to toe, unable to control her body motion at all, coming again with the most powerful orgasm yet.

Béla sat back and watched her sister writhe for a moment, wondering why how she could bend backward like that without breaking her back.. which gave her another idea…

Beth couldn’t even see, now. Her entire body was a mass of sensation. She had never, ever had this many orgasms – nor had they ever been this overwhelmingly powerful.

Dimly, she felt her head being pulled back. There was the taste of cold steel in her mouth. She tried to shake her head – No! – But she had no control over her orgasmic body any more. She gasped and trembled as another orgasm swept through her body; this one triggered by the anticipation of swallowing the next bullet.

Béla forced her sister’s head back so that her mouth and throat were lined up with the rest of her body. Then she shoved the gun into Beth’s mouth and pulled the trigger one last time.

The last bullet tore down through Beth’s throat, completely destroying her air passages, the back of her tongue, her larynx, and continued traveling down, tearing out her esophagus. It finally stopped, buried deep in her central core, where it would be slowly digested.

The incredible sensations from having her throat and everything behind her breastbone torn up gave Beth such a white-hot, intensely powerful orgasm that she passed out, completely overwhelmed by the sensations of having her whole body destroyed.

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