The Fading Light

The Fading Light

Chapter 1
Her meal

She looked in the mirror at her long past deported reflection; she ran her short slender fingers threw her shoulder length black hair smoothing it down, and letting it fall around her face. She straightened her blue leather skirt and flattened down the front of her blue tank top and walked over to the door stepping into her knee high lace up stiletto boots. She then grabbed the keys of the table, tossed them in the air and caught them, then walked out, turned and locked it.
She looked at the bouncer at the door, tilting her head downward and to the left, she was looking at him seductively he nodded and she slipped by him pressing her body against him as she made her way in. She surveyed the dance floor her darkly tanned skin, glowed under the strobe light, her green eyes sparkled and had an animalistic glare from her hunger. She took a deep breath threw her nose breathing in the deep aroma of men and for a moment she felt high, or at least a good size buzz, the lights behind her silhouetted her wonderful figure; slim, toned, her eyes were perfectly shaped on each side of her face, her nose was perfectly positioned just above her pouting lips, her breasts firm, and round, 36C’s which she flaunted along with the rest of her body.
She walked gracefully threw the crowded dance floor like she was floating on clouds, the clinking of her shoe’s was covered up by the blaring music. She approached the bar “Sex on the Beach” she shouted to the bartender, he moved quickly then slid the glass onto the counter, 50 dollars slipped from her hand to his, she picked up the glass and sipped on it slowly checking out the men in the room. She thought to her self “what am I in the mood for?” she smiled to her self “Hmmm”.
She smiled to a man sitting at the corner of the bar. He smiled back at her and took another sip of his drink, from his sitting form he was about 6’2 or so, he was slim and muscular, his chest seemed to ripple under his tight white shirt, and his slim figure seemed to match hers almost perfectly, he had his bleach blonde hair spiked, and amazing blue eyes the color of the ocean, he had a wonderful smile which sent chills down her spine, it was like he was looking directly at her and not her body. He had long slim fingers, she could see each knuckle clearly, his right ear had a piercing, a small loop, he was also wearing army boots.
He was quite good looking and would suit for a delicious meal, her hunger roared up to her, she ran her finger tips over her stomach “in time” she said to her self. He got up gracefully and strode over to her and stuck his hand out, “I’m Jason” he yelled to her over the loud music, she slid her hand into his, and leaned into his ear “I’m Chelsea”, she pulled back and smiled showing her white teeth.
She kept her hand in his, and motioned toward the dance floor; they put down their drinks and headed out to dance. She pressed her body against him when she danced, grinding into him, and letting his hands do as they please, touching her all over. When the song was over she fanned her self with her hands, “let’s go out side for a walk” she yelled as she took hold of his hand and gently tugged on it with very little force, definitely not as much force as she could have used. He smile and followed her like a little lost puppy, they made their way off the floor and headed towards the door.
When they stepped outside into the darkness, the moon seemed to be the only light and it pooled on the ground like puddles. She pulled his hand towards the surrounding woods “come on” she pleaded. She thought to her self “please come I’m so hungry, I need you to fill my horrible thirst”, she tugged him along he hesitated at first and reluctantly followed her. Alarms in his head screamed “DON’T GO, DON’T GO, DANGER, DANGER” he ignored all of them and walked with her.
“Can you see where we’re going? I can’t see a thing” he said in a questioning tone, “we’re almost there I promise” she replied as they headed to a secluded area of the woods. The trees towered over, then creating a blanket of darkness, and shadows, and the crickets chirp became a deafening silence. Jason sat down on the soft green grass, Chelsea climbed onto him straddling his thighs, she leaned up to his face and pressed her lips to his, they were locked that way for a few minutes, Chelsea’s body became impatient and one of her fangs slipped out and punctured his lip, he pulled away and yelped in pain, “Don’t be so rough” he said it with a disgusted look, that she could see as clear as day, “I’m sorry” and with that she leaned in again and licked the blood off.
The small trickle of blood was enough to send chills down your back, she started to kiss across his cheek and down just past his ear. She could feel the blood working its way threw his jugular vain, she licked it and waited a moment for her fangs to slide out of their hiding place and in one quick moment she dug her fangs deep into his neck. He fought the best he could, but he was no match to her overpowering strength and ability to hold him in place, his body started to jerk and twitch as the last few droplets of blood were sucked out, violently, with a loud slurping sound.
She let go of his now spent body, it fell to the ground with an almost silent thud he laid on the ground like a used towel thrown to the floor with no regard to where it should be placed. He was a mean that was it nothing else, he was a survival tactic used to save her from an overwhelming desire to rip the neck out of a young child or adolescent. She took a deep breath threw her nose breathing in the aroma of death that was now setting into the new crime scene. She wiped the blood from her mouth only spreading it around, Chelsea looked at her arm and started to lick the blood off, and she now felt like an animal, bathing in the moonlight, licking her lips she started to walk back to the bar “Good-Bye Jason” she murmured as she stalked away. She now desired something else.

Chapter 2
Her New Love Interest

She walked back into the bar; her face was clean, not specks of blood on her face or arms, she surveyed the room again looking for a suitable partner. She finally found the one she was looking for the one who might satisfy her night. He was leaning against the wall in the far corner; she said to her self in confidence, “I must have him”. She looked at him he was beautiful short spiked black hair, his lips looked a wonderful shade pink, and looked so kissable, she had to taste him badly; his hands were in the pockets of his black trench coat, he was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans, as well as black sneakers, he had a nicely trimmed goatee and several piercing up his right ear, his constant stair burning into her skin like a fresh wound, he never broke eye contact.
She was taking that one home; she had already made that decision when she first saw him. She walked over to him “hi. I’m Chelsea” she said, He took his hand out of his pocket Chelsea slid hers’ into his “Brent” he said, he withdrew his hand back to his pocket. She looked into his eyes she was reading his thoughts, he was thinking of her, her body, breasts, and how bad he wanted to see her heart shaped ass. She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard parting her lips and sliding her tongue along his lip teasing them into bending to her, his lips parted slightly and she slipped her tongue into his mouth, their tongues danced together in a warm pool of saliva and dancing of what could have been the tango. Brent removed his hands and wrapped them around Chelsea’s waist, slightly moaning into her mouth. Chelsea pulled away “lets get out of here ok?” she asked with a grin Brent followed her to her car.
He smiled at her as she unlocked the door with ease. As soon as the door flung open she attacked his body, his lips first, kissing his face all over only stopping on occasion to breath, but nothing more. He pulled his coat off and fling it onto the chairing the corner. Chelsea grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head, his rippling chest was now exposed; she then threw him down onto the couch and crawled on top of him. Again she started from his lip pressing them softly against his, and then she moves slowly down his jaw line, then his ear, licking the rim slowly then started kissing down his neck and his chest she stopped at his nipples and started licking and flicking, them with her tongue.
She worked her way slowly over his abs, making her way past his belly button and down to his pelvic; she unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down with her teeth he looked at her, wide eyed with a grin. Brent sat up he wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her neck nibbling, and sucking on it, he grabbed hold of the bottom of the tank top and pulled it up over her head. Her breasts sprang free from their dungeon her nipples had hardened from all the excitement, Brent leaned down and flicked his tongue over her nipple teasing it then moved to the other one. He sucked it into mouth flicking his tongue over it slowly. Chelsea moaned and ran her fingers threw his hair. He pulled off and kissed her mouth had before lying back, she got off his lap, and she started to tug at his pants. He helped her by lifting up, she then threw his pants across the room, they pooled on the floor in denim heap. Chelsea removed her skirt and underwear slowly teasing him slightly. She threw them into the pile of denim she stood there naked, her snatch was hairless as she climbed back onto him, she licked his cheek sending a shiver down his spine. An odd look appeared on her face, “what the fuck?” she yelled at him as if he had done something wrong or he had hurt her in someway. Chelsea grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch a smile entered Brent’s face, “what don’t like vampires?” he laughed to him self.
“Get the fuck out! NOW!” she was furious now, Chelsea stomped over to the door and flung it open, “LEAVE NOW” Brent gathered his clothes “you’ll come crawling to me” he said with a wicked gin “in time” Chelsea slammed the door and locked it fast.

Chapter 3

She flopped down on the couch, the sun had just set and she looked a wreck, “Am I losing my senses?” she said aloud, she took a deep breath as she took the pillow that Brent had been laying on. His essence still lingered but not like it had last night, last night he smelled of human, she thought she could hear his heart and the blood rushing threw his body. It must have been his dinner, running threw his icy veins, and it wasn’t till she got a good taste that she realized that he wasn’t what she thought. She stood in the middle of the room, “time for a test” she said. Chelsea closed her eyes and began to breathe slowly, but her breathing became unstable as her thoughts drifted back to Brent. The fact that she, herself was thinking of a vampire made her shudder and hate herself, she couldn’t have him, or could she. Chelsea skipped her evening meal and stayed home thinking of Brent and his words, his smell, his looks, and his taste. He hadn’t smelled like death, but hell he did taste like it though the taste still lingered in her mouth, the foul taste of decay, and rot was still making her feel nauseous. Chelsea picked up her sowing box and began to fix an old shirt she had been meaning to mend. The questions ran through her mind non stop all night and late into the day as she began to drift slowly into her deep sleep.
The moon was high when she finally awoke from her dreamless, but restless sleep, her mind had wondered, and she was still tired. Chelsea’s stomach growled at her for not feeding it, alright she said to her self as she patted her stomach, “I’ll feed you” she said as she rummaged threw her closet.
When she reached the bar that she had been to only days before she looked for him. Chelsea hated him, but longed to see him again. She took a deep breath hoping to smell him, and she did his smell taunted her like it was saying “I see you” then the smell would wonder again. Chelsea’s stomach grumbled with hunger, she found a seat at the bar and took it. Brent’s smell was now gone she picked a man at the end of the bar, he was 5’6, about 175 pounds, with brown hair and eyes, he was slim and walked in short strides. He took his time trying to be mysterious; she looked deep into his eyes, he was thinking of sex, which didn’t surprise her one bit, but she wouldn’t do that she was just hungry. Chelsea brought her face close to his ear introducing her self then letting her tongue slid out of her mouth and glaze over the rim of his ear sending shivers down his spine. Chelsea wasn’t listening to him when he said his name she was more interested in the blood pumping threw his veins, she concentrated hard. All Chelsea could hear was his pulse and the blood rushing threw his veins to his heart and being pumped back out at the same time. Chelsea took a deep breath, she smelled him again, the light aroma of rotting flesh and decay. Which made her cough a little, the guy offered her a drink, “I’d rather drink you” she said with a wicked grin. They walked to a room at the back of the bar and started making out viciously; Chelsea licked up the vein of his neck and moaned deeply, making him groan. She let her fangs slid down slowly, “I bet you taste good” she said as she looked at him innocently. She then kissed his neck again then dug her fangs deep into his artery tearing into his dark, warm, rubbery flesh, sucking out as much of the hot blood as possible in large gulps.
Chelsea did her best not to through up, but the fact that Brent’s smell was stronger now then it ever was, which meant he was hungry and close. She finished drinking and left the body limp on the floor. She looked around licking her lips and wiping the blood from her chin, and with a wild animalistic look in her eyes she walked out and began looking for the smell she now hated and despised. It took her a few seconds for her eyes to adjust, but she spotted him with no problem, he smiled at her. The rage inside her began to build she felt an over whelming urge to kill him, or at least hurt him in some way. As she stalked over to him the word that she wanted to say to him seemed to flow like water from a tap. But when she got to him she opened her mouth to yell at him but nothing came out, not a syllable, not a grunt, nohing. She was speechless. She wondered what he was doing to her, she couldn’t figure it out. Nothing seemed right anymore ever since she met Brent.

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