Valedictorian Blackmail

Valedictorian Blackmail

“Finally, almost over! I really need to go home and study for my AP Euro test.” thought Chelsea Barnes. It was 2:40, 5 minutes from dismissal time at school. Her uniform was getting a bit uncomfortable by then, she was itching to go home and change. She also needed to start getting ready for that weekend’s dinner party her mom was hosting. Her mom always wanted her to dress up for those parties.

Chelsea was quite a pretty girl, too. She was tall, 5’7 or so, with brown hair and bright blue eyes. She was pale, and a healthy weight. Her biggest asset, though, were her breasts, 36 D and nearly perfectly shaped. Chelsea, however, hated having attention on them, and tried to hide them as best she could. However, even in the school uniform – a plaid skirt, sweater, blouse, and pantyhose – they were still unavoidable.

Chelsea sat there, anxiously awaiting the chance to leave. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bell rang. She carefully collected her things, and just as she was about to leave, Mr. Jones said “Chelsea, would you come here for a minute?” Reluctantly, Chelsea obliged, and walked over to his desk. “I have a few questions about your test you took last week.” Said Mr. Jones.

Confused, Chelsea asked “What about it? How did I do?” “Well, you did fine – a 96 – but I noticed something very odd about it.” Said Mr. Jones. “What did you see? Said Chelsea. Mr. Jones replied “Well, your answers and work were all the exact same as Jenny Schaffer.” “How could that be?” asked Chelsea. “Maybe we just did the same things wrong!”
Mr. Barnes replied “I don’t think so, Chelsea. Jenny sits right in front of you, and I know you’ve had some problems with this chapter. To be honest, I truly believe you cheated!” Chelsea gasped. She had never expected this! She was always careful not to do anything resembling cheating. She usually never looked up from her tests! “Sir, there must be a mistake. I would never cheat on a test. Why would I risk Valedictorian?”

“Be that as it may.” Said Mr. Jones “There doesn’t seem to be another real explanation for this. You both the same 2 questions wrong in the same way – on the same step! Even the correct answers were nearly identical. I’m sorry, Chelsea, but I’ll have to report this to the dean.” Chelsea’s jaw dropped. This couldn’t be happening to her! “Sir, there has to be another explanation. I’d be kicked out of TCM and denied Valedictorian for this, and fail the year! This would ruin my whole education! Is there any way I can make it up? Can I re-take the test, or get extra credit, or something?”

Mr. Jones replied “There are only 2 courses of action for you. One is to take it up with the Dean and the Principals. The second is to take it up with the Teacher’s council. I’m sorry Chelsea, but that’s it.” Chelsea stood there in disbelief. All of her dreams were shattered now, by 1 test she didn’t even cheat on! “Sir, Mr. Jones, please, give me another chance. Anything I can do to make it up, anything at all, just tell me. If I fail this, my dreams will be shattered. Please, I’ll do anything.” Chelsea was shaking now, on the verge of tears.

Mr. Jones thought for a minute. “Well, I guess I could give you an extra credit assignment. Chelsea immediately perked up. She felt a ray of hope coming through. Mr Jones went on. “It’s not going to be an easy assignment, plagiarism is a serious offense.” Chelsea replied “I’ll do anything. Please, just this 1 chance.” Mr. Jones thought for another minute. “If you’re sure…” Chelsea waited for him to announce the assignment. Hope was flooding back into her. Maybe her dreams weren’t shattered after all.

“Well, looking at your body, I have a nice idea for an assignment.” Said Mr. Jones. Chelsea was puzzled. “What do you mean?” Mr. Jones replied “You are a very attractive young lady, Chelsea. I think I’d like to…have some fun with it, say.” Suddenly Chelsea realized what he was saying. “You don’t mean….sex?” Mr. Jones nodded. “It’s the only option for you now, Chelsea. It’s that, or I’ll have to report you!” Chelsea was filled with dread. She couldn’t believe, again, what was happening. “Oh My God…This can’t be happening. I can’t do that!” Mr. Jones said “Well, it’s your only option. Take it or leave it.” Chelsea started to think. She had always been a modest, conservative girl, never showing the slightest sexuality. To do this would ruin her self-image. But she really couldn’t afford to fail…

“Hurry up, Chelsea! I have to report plagiarism within 10 minutes of the school day ending. It’s been 8 minutes. You have to choose in the next minute or I’ll turn you in!” Chelsea’s mind raced. Both situations were equally appalling, and to do either would be horrible. After 30 seconds, she finally made up her mind. “OK, I guess I’ll do it.” “Good.” Said Mr. Jones. Now, to start off, why don’t you put on those sexy glasses of yours?

Chelsea walked slowly over to her bag, and reached inside for her glasses case. She noticed her hands were trembling as she pulled out the case and put on her glasses. When she turned around, she saw Mr. Jones standing there with his cock hanging out! Chelsea jumped. She’d never seen a penis before, even in pictures! “Mr Jones said “Good. Now come over here, and get on your knees in front of the desk.

Chelsea slowly walked over, got to the desk, turned around, and then slowly sank to her knees. Her whole body was shaking by then. Mr. Jones slowly walked in front of her, and then said “From now on, until we finish, you must do EXACTLY as I say, or else I will punish you. Got it?” Chelsea nodded. “Good.” He said. “Have you ever been with a man before, in any way?” Chelsea shook her head. “Ever even seen a cock before?” he asked. Chelsea, again, shook her head. Haha! Well, guess there’s a first time for everything. Now start sucking!” Chelsea looked at the half-limp cock dangling in front of her face, slowly leaned forward, and began to slowly lick it.

Mr. Jones moaned when she started licking. After a few seconds, he said “I thought I told you to suck, not lick. Now get sucking!” Chelsea hesitated at first, afraid to start. But before she knew it, he had grabbed her head, pulled open her jaw, and roughly shoved his member inside. Chelsea yelped in shock. He briefly pulled out, and then slapped her. He then shoved it back in, and said “Now listen bitch, you better be quiet, or we’re gonna get busted, and that would get me in a world of shit. So if you make any real noise, louder than talking volume, I will punish you until you shut up. Now keep sucking!”

Mr. Jones then began thrusting his hips back and forth. Chelsea soon felt Mr. Jones’ cock getting harder as he fucked her face. Pretty soon, it grew enough to reach the back of her throat, making her gag. Mr. Jones laughed when he heard her gag. “Having fun?” he asked jokingly. He then began thrusting harder and faster. Chelsea tried to back away, but soon was thrown off balance, and her head was slammed into the desk. Mr. Jones just kept fucking her face, as Chelsea whimpered and moaned.

After a while, he finally pulled out of Chelsea’s mouth. He ordered her to stand up. “Now, let’s see what you’ve got…” His hands started to explore Chelsea’s body. He started at her stomach, moving up over her shoulders, then down to her breasts. He visible lit up when he felt them. He caressed them through her uniform for a minute, then moved down to her legs. Chelsea was shaking with fear now. For the second time that day, she was on the verge of tears.

Mr. Jones soon went up her uniform skirt, and reached her white cotton panties. He began feeling her vagina through the material. Chelsea immediately felt a jolt go through her body. She shivered, and felt her pussy tighten up. In a few seconds, her fear was mixed with a bit of pleasure that she quickly tried to suppress. After a while of feeling her, Mr. Jones slipped a finger inside her panties, and into her vagina.

Chelsea felt another, much more powerful jolt of pleasure surge through her body. She immediately tried to suppress it, but couldn’t. She instantly gasped. In return, Mr. Jones slapped her again. He then continued to finger her. Soon enough, Chelsea’s pussy began to lubricate itself. Mr. Jones laughed again. “Having fun still?” After a while, he pulled out and said “Now bend over.” Chelsea obliged, and he immediately reached up her skirt and ripped her panties off. Chelsea yelped, and Mr. Jones slapped her ass in retaliation. She yelped from the pain, so he did it again. This time Chelsea held herself back.

Mr. Jones then said “Well, as much as I’d like to see you naked, I can’t, in case someone knocks. But this’ll have to do.” He began rubbing her bare cunt, and felt it was soaked with pussy juice. “Ooh, someone’s really having fun!” he said. Chelsea stayed silent, trying to control herself. But this time, a tear dripped from her eye when she realized that she was, somehow, liking it.

Mr. Jones soon started rubbing his cock against the outside of her pussy. Chelsea tried to prepare herself for the inevitable. And soon enough, he finally penetrated her.

Chelsea barely held back from screaming, containing it to a fierce gasp. That then prompted Mr. Jones to slap her ass again. Chelsea contained herself, overwhelmed by the pleasure of his cock inside her. More tears flowed from her eyes. But only his head was inside her. He soon began pushing himself deeper inside her. Chelsea gasped again, and moaned softly as he pushed himself deeper. And as much as she tried to contain it, she was flooded with pleasure. Her pussy juices were dripping onto the floor! Finally, he buried his entire shaft inside her. Chelsea couldn’t believe how good it felt.

“So, you like it, huh? 9 ½ inches, bitch! You’ll probably never feel another cock like this again! So fucking enjoy it.” Mr. Jones said. Chelsea couldn’t even talk, she was so inundated with pleasure. Mr. Jones then moved her over the desk, and began thrusting.

Chelsea immediately screamed, then started gasping heavily. Mr. Jones started slapping her ass again, which made Chelsea shut up…but Mr. Jones didn’t stop. He continued slapping her ass, hitting harder and harder each time. He also began thrusting harder and faster, throwing all his weight into it. Chelsea was thrown against the desk each time, the force of the thrusting pushing the desk forward a bit each time. Chelsea started moaning and yelling louder and harder with each thrust and slap. She gave up trying to suppress the pleasure, she lust let it come.

Chelsea was so horny she felt like her breasts were about to burst from her clothing. There was now a puddle of her pussy juice on the floor, and it now was starting to soak her pantyhose. She was in pure ecstasy, not caring at all anymore about her former modesty.

After a while, Mr. Jones stopped, and ordered Chelsea to lie face-up on the desk. She happily obliged, and Mr. Jones soon started fucking her again. He roughly grabbed her breasts and used them to hold on to her as he fucked her. He was thrusting as hard and fast as he could, brutally fucking her. Chelsea loved it, moaning, groaning, and screaming with each thrust. Then Chelsea erupted into a massive orgasm. She screamed as loud as she could, and her whole body tightened up in pleasure. Even more pussy juice flooded her cunt, making the pool on the floor grow even larger. Mr. Jones could barely handle it, and began fucking her even harder than before. He started slapping Chelsea’s face and (what he could reach of) her ass.

He brutally beat and fucked her for a while, before Chelsea orgasmed again. He finally pulled out, and ordered her onto her knees. Chelsea got down, right in the puddle of pussy juice, and immediately started sucking his cock. She got the whole thing in once before gagging again. Mr. Jones took her hair, and used it to forcibly move her face back and forth over his cock. She continued gagging, until he pulled his cock out, pulled her face back, and blew his load all over her face.

He sprayed wildly for a while, before focusing on her glasses, soon coating them with the hot, sticky liquid. He also shoved his cock in her mouth and send a spurt right down her throat. “Now suck it clean, bitch.” He told Chelsea. She quickly obliged, and sucked the remaining sperm out of his cock. When she finished, she looked up at Mr. Jones. He then said “Now, go lick up anything that didn’t reach your face.”

Chelsea looked around, and saw some on the desk behind her. So she got up, slowly bent over, and licked all the cum off the desk. Mr. Jones slapped her ass a few more times, then finally zipped up his pants and headed for the door. As he walked out, he called Chelsea’s name, took out a camera, and took a few pictures of her cum-covered face. Then he left her to clean up.

Chelsea wiped her face off with a few tissues, then looked for her panties. She found them ripped in the corner. She picked them up and took them out with her.

On the way out, she looked at the door for that room, and saw the sign “This is a soundproof room, please do not disturb the band instruments.”

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