A Summer Evening's Stroll

A Summer Evening's Stroll

The soft lull of dusk fell upon the quiet neighbourhood of Little Rockshire, the pleasurably warm slowness of a summer's night descending upon the residents, compelling them to yawn contentedly in their cushy armchairs, possibly remarking upon their wonderful progeny, or pondering retiring to their soft beds. Mr. Bowdoinham strolled along Brown Street, gazing upon the voluptuous mounds of dog excrement slowly piling upon his loafers, falling in a steady stream of alternating chunky and liquid feces, the comfortably warm spray erupting from the enflamed and hemorrhoid-ridden anus of his shiatsu. He looked on with hungry desire, savoring with blissful lust as the drenching spurt trickled down his reddened forehead, converging at the tip of his callused nose. He grinned in anticipation as the congealing drop of liquid fecal matter fell from the hook of his oily olfactory organ, and he slowly lapped at the growing speckle with the tip of his parched tongue, shuddering in orgasmic pleasure as the slightly dry and acrid taste filled his mouth as though it was some sweet nectar lining the brim of the mandibles of a freshly-feasted insect. But alas! The pleasantly burning fountain of steaming filth sputtered and died with a final onslaught of particular potency. He sighed the sigh of a man who had just completed a specifically satisfactory wank, possibly to a second-hand snuff tape detailing the sodomy of peeled infants, watching, riveted, in orgiastic glee as their tender rectums were produced out of their pulpy anal-cheeks, ultimately spilling his salty seed upon the on-looking children.

Briskly, surely, Mr. Bowdoinham ambled to the desirable squish of the feces-ridden soles of his loafers. He chuckled an insane, maddened chuckle, thinking of how he would enjoy nothing more than to remove these festering shoes and savagely beat a young boy with them, gently forcing open his virgin mouth and forcing him to suckle upon their soft, leathery husks as the excrement dribbled into his salivating mouth, its sharp taste causing him to produce a vomitous spray of partially-masticated meat products. The dog suddenly collapsed in a brown, matted heap on the edge of the sidewalk. Mr. Bowdoinham slowly bent down to inquire upon the welfare of his furry companion, and after realizing that others were appearing to come to the aid of his canine, he slowly relaxed his bowel muscles in contented happiness, letting the warm flow lightly stain the rear of his khakis, smirking as he felt the largest body of plotz finally came to a rest just above the rim of his taught Argyle socks. Shrieks of horror erupted from the onlookers' mouths as the steaming wads of soil reached their nostrils. Soon, all but a lone child stood standing above the man, a look of inquiry on her sad, pale face. He recognized the look well, for it was an expression he had worn many a time himself, and so he lovingly reached into the bulge of his underwear where his pool of filth lay, and scooped out a moderate portion, smearing it across her now grinning face, taking particular care to push the smoldering mush into her expectant mouth, chuckling to himself as she giggled in gluttonous pleasure. She was young, not ten years, but Mr. Bowdoinham looked behind her pale dress, gazing upon the budding breasts and their soft, pink nipples. Instantly his manhood grew and hardened, its twisted and deformed shaft hooking upwards as it always did when presented with a particularly arousing sight. Without hesitation he ripped the fly of his khakis open and grabbed her, turning her over and pulling up her flimsy smock to reveal the hairless sex beneath. She moaned in anticipation and rubbed her young labia, and he delved into her like some furious wildebeest, his wart-ridden penis rupturing her stringy hymen, pumping back and forth as her orgasmic fluid rushed down to meet his already leaking pre-cum.

His deed soon was accomplished and he outlet a sigh of pure satisfaction as he removed his gooey member from her reddened vagina and began to smack across the small valley between her fresh breasts, leaving slimy streams of mixed spunk and vaginal crust across her erect nipples like the trails of some sexually vampiric leech. A warm smile punctuated the viscous film of semen on her face. They embraced, further mixing the foul rankness of their bodily fluids, both enjoying immensely the adhesive effect it had upon their enflamed genetalia, watching in wondrous fascination as a belligerent string of sperm stretched between the outer lips of her vagina and the purpled head of his still half-hardened shaft. Unbeknownst to the eloping couple beside it, the shiatsu was awakened from its deep slumber by the sounds of Mr. Bowdoinham's flabby thighs smacking against the taught bum of the tiny girl, its own primitive mind aroused by these primordial sounds, and was currently mounting its own pile of filthy excrement and attempting to penetrate with its reddened and oblong member. The girl smiled knowingly and climbed off his twisted penis, pulling her smock down and giving Mr. Bowdoinham a slight smirk which clearly spoke of the unknown pleasures of future encounters. Mr. Bowdoinham left her in a nauseous heap in the recently fertilized grass and followed his newly energized furred comrade to his humble dwelling. He knew what was waiting for him when he returned, and caressed his now aching penis in fiery anticipation.

Until the next installment, lovingly yours

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