Fantasies: Ch. 6 Coming to school, Part 2

Fantasies: Ch. 6 Coming to school, Part 2

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Chapter 6
Coming to School
Part 2

As i sat there, looking into her eyes, i knew what i had to do. But the hard part was getting the right equipment…..
The bell rang and i walked her to her next class. I had cooking, and i knew that Chef Sentino wouldn't be mad if I was late a couple of minutes. When we got to her class i gave her a kiss and i lightly smacked her rear end when she walked into the class room. She looked back at me and said "Your gonna pay for that." "I hope I have to pay interest" i replied.
I got back to Sentinos room about thirty seconds before the bell rang. I quickly pulled Levy over. "Dude, be very quit and act very clamly. Do you still have that condom in your wallet" I asked him. He grined and replied "Dude, thats fucking nasty. No, I took it out because my dad was going through it. Why do you need one?" "I don't know if i need one, but i know she gonna want a lot today after…." I said. I had just maged to catch myself from saying 'after i fingered her.'
Luckily Sarah walked up and we stopped talking about it. Instead our conversation returned to the useuall 'harass sarah' type. Steve came up and gave sarah a big hug. Sarah almost killed him. We walked into Sentino's room and sat down at the round tables. Sentino had put the books back up, the decorations on thebook cases, got another trophy case, and polished all of our trophies. For a moment all other thoughts were banished form my mind. I remembered the nights that we had had dinners there, the fun we had during the pastry competitions. The comradiereship that flowed around the air was almost overwhelming. We arn't a class: were a family. If one of us is hurt, the rest pull together to help. As suddenly as it came, the visons left and i was thinking about Crystal again.
Cooking went by really slowly because we weren't going to do anything today. Sentino said that we could have the day to talk and have fun. I sat down, and jason and sarah and steve sat down too. I looked at jason and said "You remember what we were talking about before, right? Well, I would really like to get one just incase…"
"Why don't you try the nurses office. I'm sure they'll sell you one down there" At this sarah and steve both looked at each other and started to laugh. I looked at sarah and she said as quitly as she could "What do you plan on buying down there, condoms?" I sighed and said yeah. She sat back, completely shocked. Steve looked at me and said "Dude, you don't even need one because you don't have a girlfriend" I didn't say anything. I just simply took that picture out again and showed it to him and sarah. They both looked at it disbelievingly.
Jason looked at them and said that it was true. Steve looked at me in shock, but he started to calm down. he leaned forward and took something out of his pocket. he tookhis wallet and took something out. He took the thing and tossed it to me. It was a condom. I looked up at steve and asked him if he had a girlfreind. "Nah" he replied "I took a pack from my brother. I was planning on filling them up and throwing them at freshman." Sarah looked at steve and asked what he was going to fill them up with. Steve just smiled and didn't say anything.
The rest of the day went by at the pace of a snail. The only thing that was notible was when i found out the my study hall was right across form Crystals math class. When i met her i gave her a hug and a kiss. She kissed me and stuck her tounge out. She then licked her lips and looked up as far as she could and fluttered her eyes. The last time i had seen that was when i had given her that orgasm on top of that hill on our first date. Before she stopped i quickly moved to her and kissed her tounge. She moved her eyes down and grined at me I gave her a wink and patted the front of her skirt. She gave me a wink and grabbed me. She felt me shudder and gave me a kiss. I kissed her and told her only fourty five minutes untill were free. She grabbed the top of my shirt and pulled me down so we were eye level. "And only sixty minutes unitl our clothes are free". She let go and started to walk towards her clas room. Before she went in i said to her "I don't know abou you, but i'll be ready in fifty five minutes" She looked back at me and i gave her a wink. I went into study hall.
That was the worst study hall ever. I couldn't wait to get out of there. I would start to do something, but all i could think of was crystal.

At this i licked her right tit. I had my eyes looking towards her, but she wasn't looking at me. She had thrown her head back, holding in a scream that she knew was coming. I felt her legs start to squirm under me. I shifted and they popped up, wrapping themselves around my waist, pulling me closer to her. She had been wanting this for a long time.
I tried my best, but i couldn't keep her out of my mind. I had hard on just thinking about it. I tried to take my mind off of it, so i opened a book. I started to read, but another memory came back.
i went over and gently bit down on her left tit. She couldn't hold it in any more. She screamed and squirmed. She started to raise her hips, but all she got there were clothes. I decided to give her what she wanted, so i let go of her left hand and shot my hand down to her skirt. Her freed hand went straight to the tit i wasn't working on.

NO! I thought to myslef. I am not going to think about this anymore!

I licked her again and again, greedily taking all the juices with each pass of my tounge. I moved my head up closer and slowly sstuck my tounge in. I gently swished it around. I was rewarded with ehang another soft moan, louder this time, but still fairly quit, and a tremor that went through her body.

I needed to get off so bad. It was torture, sitting there in the classroom thinking about all the things we had done. All th times i had tasted her, touched her, kissed her, made her cum….
By the time the bell rang, i wanted her so bad. I calmed down and took her hand and we walked out of school.
We left by going out the front and taking a left. When we go to the main road, we took a right. We kept walking like this for another minute until i felt like i should do something. I remmebered her telling me that she likes it when guys have their hands in her back pocket when they walked. She was wearing a skirt, but i figured a way arounf it. I looked around to see if anyone was looking and i slipped my hand down the back of her skirt. All that was between me and her ass was a thin layer of satin or silk. The material felt rough to the touch comparied to her skin. She looked at me and smile. She took her left arm and wrapped it around the small of my back.
We made it to Straton Brook in five minutes. We walked into the park and went down one of the paths. We walked around until we found a nice, secluded section in the woods. We sat downa and started to kiss. "How come most of the shit we do is outside?" I asked her. "I don't know" she replied. She began to bury my face in with hers. She sat down and pulled me with her. We knelt there, kising for about twenty minutes until a move was made. She began to blush and i knew she was ready
I began to push her back until she fully fell onto her back. She just laiyed there with her arms up, waiting for me to approach. I came to her and she held me and we kissed some more. Shortly after i began to lick and kis her neck and cheeks. I slowly kept working my way towards her tits. Her ahnds went off my head and flew to the bottom of her shirt. She grabbed it by the hem and pulled it over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra because it was built into the shirt.
She layed there, breathing hard, with her breast's heaving. I Looked at her and lowered myself slowly. I got to tits and i went even slower. I licked once……Then gain……Then again. She ws going to scream soon. "Horny bitch" I said betwen licks. She looked downa t me with shock, but she soon saw my smile and understood.
"Ohhh! I’ve been such a bad girl! Ughhhh Pu-punish me!
I decided to have mercy and finish her off. I put my mouth fully on her right nipple and began to lick and suck it. With my right hand i began to rub and pinch her left tit. She kept arching and groaning. I kept sucking and pinching. Suddenly she stiffened and let out a scream, but i kept at it. I was driving her crazy and i could see that. When she was done gushing and screaming i began to move my head down towards her pussy
I went slowly again, giving her time to catch her breathe. I got to her skirt and pushed it up. Her panties were soaked. I reached down and started to rub her thighs. They were sticky and wet form her own juices. I reached up and pulled her panties down and off. She was still dripping and i wanted some. I quickly moved my head down and licked right through her lips. She moaned and started to play wth her tits. I began to lick her whole pussy clean. I was about to eat her out, when i got an idea. "Tell me when i find it" i said. "find….wa-wa-what" she managed to say. I didn't reply
I put my fingers in 2-3 inches and began to press my fingers towards her pelvic bone. I ran my fingers in and out, up in down, left and right, all while putting a lot of pressure on that side of her pussy wall. "THERE!!OH MY GOD RIGHT THERE!!" She suddenly screamed. I kept on rubbing her, but i bent my head down and began to suck and lick her clit. She began to buck and hump my face, but i didn't stop.
She began to make little screams like 'EEEEEEEEE' and 'YES, YES' I began to rub her harder and started to lick and suck her clit at the same time. She scremed and gushed all over my face. I just layed there, in the forest, lapping upthe last of her like a dog.
She was breathing hard and she had her eyes almost completely rolled back in her head. I layed next to her and held her. She moaned a lot and started to kiss me. I needed to get off so bad it wasn't even funny. I knew that i as going to come in less than five minutes, so i ddin't want to fuck her. She looked at me as i began to undoe my cargo shorts. I came over to her and paused. "Let me fuck your tits, bitch!" I just grinned and startled her stomach, not giving her time to respond.
With me left hand i reached back and rubbed her pussy. She had let out some more juices. I took my hand and rubbed it all acros her chest, especiall the space inbetween her two tits. I put my hand in her pussy one more time and started to rub myself with it. It felt so good. I moved into position and gave a wink. She lifted up her arms and gave me a clear path in.
She took her hands and pressed her tits against my hardon. She started to move her hands in opposite directions. When one was up, the other was down. Shed did this for a little while, but then she started to pump me. I began to move my hps in synch with her movements. "Oh yeah! Fuck my tits!" Crystal purred to herself
"Tell me when your going to come" she said. She kept pumping me and i could feel myself building up. "NOW!!" i scremaed and she instanly stopped. She sat up so quickly that she almost knocked me of her. she kept pushing me back and i knew what she was doing
Without another word i got on my back and moved myself closer to her. She rolled over and crawld up to position. She opened her mouth and began to lick me. Suddenly one of my legs began to twitch like a dogs and she laughed. She began to pump me when she felt me begin to stiffen. She put her mouth on the head and began the jerk me off. I came so violently that i heard ringing and i startd to buck my hips
After the first couple of squirts she still continued to suck and jerk. 'She's milking me like a cow' i thought to myself.
When she was finished she came up to me and cuddled up. I saw her lick her lips and scoop up some of the cum that had fallen out of her mouth. She looked at me and sucked it off her fingers.
She layed on op of me with her arms around my neck. I began to play with her hair and kiss her forhead. "I love you" i said. "I love you too" she replied. I opened one of my eyes and looked down at her. She had both her eyes opened and looking at me for my response. "I love you more" and with this I took one of the hands i was using to play with her hair and run it down her body. I started at her neck and ran it donw her back. She was so smoothe and soft. "You know, I wish every school day could be like this…" i said. Then i slowly ran it over her butt cheek and then inbetween her legs. I gave the back of her pussy playfull brush and then brought my hands up. "You Win" she said, falling alseep in my arms.

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