Filthy Femdoms: forced oral-part 2

Filthy Femdoms: forced oral-part 2

After a month of captivity I had managed to stay on the good side of the Madam…and my complete attention to her anal servicing brought her much pleasure, and me the constant smell of shit in my mouth and nose. I had been taken to the conditioning room several times a day since and they had added new kinds of exercises to my routine.

I was now doing a few more wierd tongue workouts…among them forcing my lengthening lapper through a rubber anus on a very lifelike model of an ass. The rubber anus was larger than life when I began, and they gradually decreased the size of the fake crap chute so that it took more pressure to penetrate and make my tongue slide all the way in.

As with the other exercises I did two fifteen minute sessions per day…and soon my tongue began to strengthen and I could penetrate deeper than when I first started. The tongue sucker indicated that my tongue had actually grown in length by a centimeter, or about a third of an inch. There was a digital readout on the suction device that showed relative lengthening as time went by so that my progress could be easily viewed.

Also I was required to do tongue exercises twice each day on my own. Any failure to do so on my part would result in punishment and I wasn't taking any chances risking that. Video cameras were in my room and everything I did when alone was taped.

During the exercises I had to turn my tongue and twist it in various odd poses to strenghen it and give it more capability. I had performed cunt and ass licking on all of the wardens, and a steady parade of the female strangers who passed through
every day.

I found that I was swallowing five to ten orgasms per day…and ass cleaning about the same number. Many of the strangers wore masks while they were having their cunts or crapholes licked…so that their identities would be protected. My face, of course, was known to all.

The constant ingestion of aphrodisiacs was affecting me deeply, and I was developing a genuine craving for the swampy fishy odor of cunthole, and the funky primeval smell of unwashed butthole.

I was used like a dog…and my mouth became a depository for vaginal secretions and shit. I had begun to see the other prisoners on a regular basis…either passing them in the hallways, or during sex parties where we were all degraded in various ways.

The Madam had requested my presence in the main orgy area, and when entering, escorted by attendants, I could see four other nude female prisoners, and the Madam, who wore a super tight skirt, showing her perfect ass. The Madam was a blonde, a very pretty blond…who was, to say the least, extremely crude and oversexed.

The female prisoners looked at me without emotion…they too had been given the 'induction interview' and I had no doubtthat they were as terrified as I was of being tortured again.

Madam pulled up her skirt and took off her panties, and sat spread legged on a comfortable chair. The female slaves also sat down on chairs…all of which formed a semicircle, and spread their hairy cunts wide open for servicing. I was the only male there and the attendants shoved me to my knees, and I kneeled between all of the exposed vaginas.

Madam rubbed her wet fuckhole, and it glistened with her internal excretions, the smell of cunt was powerful and I knew what I was to do next. Madam grabbed my hair painfully and pulled me between her legs so that my nose was being tickled by the dark hairs of her slit. She looked at me wickedly…"I want you to deep fuck me with your tongue, toilet slave…I want your tongue all the way in me and moving in and out rapidly… do you fucking hear me?"

"Make me cum by fucking me with your tongue." She spread her obscene vaginal opening and without hesitation my tongue shot in, expertly and relentlessly…I was desperate to please her and not get on her bad side. I pushed my nose and mouth into her smelly snatch and forced my tongue in to the hilt lapping with great speed. My tongue was splattering cuntjuice down my chin as I did the dirty on her and soon her raunchy oriface began to ooze a clear liquid all over my face.

She moaned and masterbated her clit…causing her to grimace in pleasure and I knew it wouldn't be long before she would expend her funky smelling juice in my face and mouth.She held my hair and humped her hips upward smearing her wet slime all over my face. "I want you to keep my cuntjuice in your mouth and go to the next bitch here, and around in a circle, and hold their cuntjuice in your mouth too until I tell you to swallow it…and not before."

I continued my rapid tongue fucking and as the scum dripped from my face I instinctively knew when she was ready to orgasm. I had cunthairs in my mouth but knew better than to slow my pace or disappoint her.

She opened her dark hairy asshole widely for me and spread her anal sphincter so that I could see brown creme inside. "French my asshole and suck my shit into your mouth", she hissed, looking down ominously at me. I'd learned not to hesitate for even a second and slid my long ass cleaner up her craphole. I buried it deeply and it was into an inch of shit as I lapped it rapidly. When I had loosened the crap I sucked
her raw anus strongly and a glob of brown waste flowed into my mouth.

I held it there looking up obediently at her. "Now open your mouth so I can give you my load," she grunted.I kneeled there in complete supplication, my oral cavity opened to the max. I could feel the shit cream at the back of my tongue, and the smell was powerful. She held my head painfully by my hair and forced her swampy cunt over my mouth.

She looked at me with disgust and groaned as a squirt of thick vaginal juice shot into my mouth. It was quite like having my mouth pissed in but was a clear and smelled to high heaven. I took it all in and held it in my gullet waiting for the command to swallow.

She pulled me by the hair and shoved me to the next cunt nearby. The woman lay there masterbating and my face fell into a dark mass of smelly hairpie. "Open your mouth and don't lose any liquid. Let them all feed you their juice." I kneeled there with my lips spread wide open…the disgusting liquid already in there was indescribable, and more was to come.

The woman rubbed her clit rapidly and soon a stream of hot liquid splattered into my mouth filling it even more. I had to hold my head back to keep the disgusting fluid from leaking out and I went to the next three ladies performing the same nasty chore. By the time I had taken three other orgasms into my open mouth I could just barely hold my head back enough to retain the raunchy liquid.

The Madam held my hair tightly looking down at me like I were a bug. "Do you fucking know what you've got in your mouth you pathetic bastard?" She took her finger and dipped it into the large puddle of scum and shoved it in both my nostrils. "Look at them and swallow," she snickered, and jackoff while you're doing it."

I looked at the four women at an angle as I held my head back and began to stroke off. "Swallow when you cum you filthy son-of-a-bitch," she added, "and hurry it up!" I wacked my peter faster now feeling my nuts swing back and forth and soon I jerked and spit my seed on the floor. At the same time I gulped down the indescribable mess, gagging only slightly, as the women looked at me like some low form of life.

It was funky and pungeant as it flowed down my throat, and I gulped several times to get it all down. I kneeled there licking my lips, looking at the Madam, waiting for instructions. She looked at me impatiently. Suddenly it hit me and I dove down and slid my tongue in the first woman's butthole as she lay there legs spread. I twisted my tongue and lapped in digging out a glob of fresh shit. I gulped it down quickly probing my long tongue in as deep as I could to clean out all the residue.

The Madam had dressed by now and stood over me as I moved down the line eating bunghole and crap. I cleaned each funky rear opening thoroughly receiving several wet farts, and looked up at the Madam for approval when I'd finished, a thick ring of shit around my mouth. She finally waved her hand in tacit approval and I got up and put my hands behind to be taken back to my cell.

What worried me was that I was actually beginning to crave sucking asshole and eating shit, and I was afraid it was going to get worse as time went by. I just couldn't believe what I had been doing…it was just beyond anything that I imagined I
would be capable of a month ago.

I didn't know it at the moment but I was soon to receive the same oral anal attention from some of the female slaves… and I'm sure that they felt just as I did…amazed at what they were capable of, and even more amazed that they were growing
to like it.

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