Unlawful Love

Unlawful Love

It had been months since Ellen's dinner party and fifty-ninth birthday. I had not heard a word from her since that night and was fast becoming frustrated. Thoughts of how I should re-act towards her kept probbing my mind.

My emotions were telling me to be loving towards! I had even stopped going to church simply because I knew she wouldn't be there. I had sent numerous letters to her but had no reply back. I didn't know wheather she was at that address anymore so I decided to go round and find out for my self.

I caught a number T20 bus which I knew would stop outside the supermarket just across the way from their abode. When I got off the transport I began to shake with mixed emotions as I watched the lounge window to see if they were in. I saw a few figures walking back and forth but could not make out who they were. A great urge was pushing me to go and find out but as I put one foot in front of the other, I found myself not only becoming sweaty but a sensation which arode me as though I was sticking to the concrete pavement like glue.

I could barely see what was happening through the window for the net curtain but gradually I took the inititive and crossed the road. Taking a deep breath I banged on the front door. A middle-aged woman answered but it wasn't Ellen. I looked her up and down for a while just wondering if she would treat me the same way Ellen had been. My mouth fell open.

'Is there something I can do for you.' she asked.

'Um well yes there is actually.' I replied back.

She gently swung the door back and forth paying me back the compliment. Her eyes stopped at my croutch.

'Well how can I help you?' she asked taking her glance away from me.

'To be honest I'm searching for Ellen. We're friends and I haven't seen her in so long I thought I would surprise her.'

'You'll do that! A good-looking man like you.' she answered winking. 'Come in and I'll give you her new address.'

No sooner had I stepped inside the house, she was handing me a piece of paper and basically shoved me out of her house. Again I felt neglected by a woman who didn't even know me but then I did get a result-Ellen's address!

As I waited for the bus, thoughts of what I was going to say rushed through my brain.The bus arrived and as I took my seat I had one thing on my mind and that was to come face to face with Ellen. I knew that moment wasn't very far away now and that she was going to give me answers, even if it meant the worst and it was the worst thoughts that was rushing through my boggle-box.

I got to my destination and was in the right frame of mind to argue with her but when I got to the front door my feelings of anger began to dissolve. I rang the doorbell and after waiting a few moments she answered the door.

'I didn't expect to see you again.' she moved closer towards me. 'come here, give us a hug. I've missed you!'

After we had been cuddling each other for a while. I gazed into her blue eyes and shoved my tongue down her throat squeezing her firm ass. Quickly she pulled away.

'Well Come in then.' she said straightening her flowing skirt.

'How did you find us?' she asked thoughtfully.

'I went round to your old address and the new tennent gave it me.' I answered.

'Oh well! You're here now.' Ellen responded. 'I'll be right back. Make yourself at home.'

'I love you Ellen you do know that don't you!' I shouted loud enough for her to hear me from the kitchen.

My eye's nearly popped out of my head when she returned back into the lounge with two cups of coffee placing them on the table wearing only her skimpy white panties and bra, she turned round to face me and my cock sprang into action instantly as I got a real eyeful of her hairy bush neatly cascaded in her apparent undies.

'I'll be right back again!' she spoke gently leaving the room and going upstairs.

I sat there sipping the coffee awaiting her return when all of a sudden I heard a loud bang. So I ran to her rescue. She was half naked in the bathroom. Her pussy was now on full view and my hard member knew exactly what it wanted to do.

But everytime I was to make the first move, my stupid brain kept reminding me of the age-gap. I was twenty-five years younger than her but my feelings for her were beginning to destroy me as I longed to fuck her big hairy cunt. She then after washing and watching me leer at her at the same time, like a love-sick schoolboy began strutting into the bedroom giving her huge tits airing, she then slid the birthday dress that Rowland had given her, for her birthday over her head.

'Come over here and show me what you want to do to me' she giggled.

I was not going to play her pathetic games no more, so I slowly walked towards her and Ellen met me half-way. Our lips had met. my tongue was now doing a grand tour of her throat. My hands somehow found their way up the hem of her dress and began to fondle her huge ass-cheeks. I gradually started to finger her hole as I was still grabbing on to her cheeck. She was becoming like a woman possessed as she grabbed me in a bearhug and threw me onto the bed with her.

'I want you!' she cried out. 'Take my womanly ways.'

She then slipped off her long black dress which evidently showed off her curves to perfection and laid on the bed. I was now at boiling point, I was no longer able to control myself as the power of lust overtook me.

I undid the belt and button to my jeans slidding down the bed. I got between her stumpy legs and worked my way to her steaming love-nest. I slowly circled my tongue around the entrance to her love hole.

'Fuck me with that long tongue of yours baby.'

Frantically I shoved my tongue into her wet hole and began lapping her wetness. Her juices began to drip down my chin. My prick was now in overdrive and needed to be serviced by her long-haired grey bush. I slid further up the bed. My cock made it's entrance into her glistening hole.

'You ain't getting away with it that easily sonny Jim..' she mentioned breathlessly slidding on top of me and straddling my long thick pole.

The excitement of her actually screwing my long, hard cock after all the humilliation she had caused me was causing my brain to think of a way how I could have this sex-hungry woman for my own.

The urge to come was getting to a point of no return when suddenly the front door was opened. Ellen sprung off my prick and I rushed into the bathroom, next door to the bedroom to freshen up and then made my way downstairs into the longue.

'Alright Rowland!' I said inaudible.

'Jimmy! Do you know what's wrong with Ellen?' he asked

'No I don't. She's been like that since I arrived.' I entered the long kitchen where Ellen was making three cups of coffee.

'That was close!' she spoke with anxiety in her voice.

I placed my arms around her waist and began gently kissing her neck. 'It's what you wanted and it ain't gonna be the end of it.' I told her, cupping her massive tits.

Ellen and I both sat on the long settee. Her legs pressing against the meterial of my trouser leg.
My prick was still throbbing in my boxer-shorts. Rowland was glued to the God channell and wasn't
paying any attention to either of us. We drank coffee whilst eyeballing each other. The chemistry was unbelievable.
I just wanted to rip off her black dress and fuck her senseless right there and then. Rowland wouldn't notice, I thought
to myself. my hand was trembling with excitement and fear. I had to put the mug of coffee down before I spilt it. Ellen hugged me and gently kissed me on the lips. Rowland still didn't stir.

Thoughts of how I could be alone with Ellen were tormenting my intelligence. One way or another I had to get rid of Rowland. I gulped the coffee down in anticipation of my thinking and then made an exit. All the way back to my abode, evil intent was adament.

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