Michael J. Simmons

Adult Text & Content: If you are under the age of 18, or easily offended by sexual content (i.e. – explicit in nature), Between Men & Women/ Men or Men/ Woman or Woman or Group sex, for that manner any type of sex in general. Then Please do not read on.

She stood before him, her body a glow, from the single light shinning from nowhere and enveloping her from her hair which flowed over her shoulders and down to her large breast, that where heavy and swollen. The light continued over her body. Passed her hips and swollen belly, to her legs and her feet, which straddled his body on either side of him. "Well Ian, do you want me!" he heard her say.

"Yes" was all Ian could respond for fear of breaking this moment with too much, talking. He felt her settle her weight on his waist, and he felt himself slowly slide in to her warm, wet moist center. He felt himself grow harder and stiffer in her as, he moved his hands up over her firmly swollen belly, feeling the child she was carrying inside her moving. He was in ecstasy, as was she what started off as a slow dance and intertwining of bodies was soon becoming something more as their desires grew and expanding engulfing both of them to the moment of release.

Ian woke up, his head at his desk, and feeling a damp moistness in his pants. "Damn it all to hell" he swore under his breath. "Just what I need, another damn wet dream, I need to get my head examined." Ian's mood was not going to improve any time soon, as he wandered into his bedroom, where a new set of pants and his shower awaited, but also the person that his dream was about and had been about for the past three months, since she moved in.
He still remembered that day when Stephanie showed up on his doorstep here at his apartment/loft, that he was living in as the landlord who had been patient for the rent for two months, finally had had enough had thrown her out of her home along with her ex-boyfriend, who had decided he had better things to do, then pay bills, or try to be a father to their child. So there was Stephanie standing at his front door, with two suitcases in her hands a baby in her belly and looking for a place to stay. What was Ian to do, he did the only thing he could do, and he invited her into his home to stay until she had the baby and got her feet underneath her financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As far as Ian was concerned she could stay as long as she needed.
" Sucker" he muttered under his breath. That was three months ago, and now Ian was wondering why it was such a good idea to allow Stephanie back in his life, Granted they've been good friends since high school, but had never crossed that line from friends to something more, and man did he want to cross that line. Especially now, you see Ian's problem with this besides his wanting to have Stephanie in his life as more then a friend, was also that he had a desire, fetish, fantasy about making love to a pregnant woman.
Talk about setting himself up for some major heartache. This was leading to major problems in his life. Ian was behind on his current project, which was why he was working late at night at his desk trying finish his ongoing book.
Ian trudged up the stairs of his loft to the bedroom, where his clothes and Stephanie lay. He strode quietly across the room to his dresser, where he removed his pants and underwear, as quietly as possible and proceeded to put on new pajama bottoms. He was startled slightly when he heard, a voice murmur behind him. " Now there is a sight for sore eyes."
He turned around slowly to stare at Stephanie, not sure if he heard her correctly. " Say again" he said quietly…
" I said Ian, there is a site for sore eyes. You now Ian you are one quite sexy guy all things considered. Why haven't you settled down and had a wife and four or five children by now. " She said. Ian was dumbfounded, " What brought that thought on?" he asked.
"Do you want the long list or the Short list", she asked jokingly, as she stretched out on his bed that he had turned over to her tonight as her back was giving her issues on the futon he had down stairs. This just about made Ian jump out of skin and want to leap into bed, but held himself in check. " How about the short list" he replied steadily.
"Okay" she replied, " The short list it is then. First you are definitely a gorgeous treat to look at, she smiled appreciatively, and as she slowly looked him over, it was then that he realized that he was still naked. He fumbled a bit then pulled his pajama bottoms up and around his waist. " Second " she continued, " I have notice you looking at me more and more particularly as I get bigger and bigger. Third it finally occurred to me that in all the years since high school that you wanted to go more then being friends." She said in no uncertain terms.
Ian was at a loss for words, the only ones that would come out where " I do not understand…" he stammered "why now do you notice this, when I have been trying not to bring it up at all, because I did not want to ruin a good friendship."
"Ian, you silly fool," she said as she slid out the bed, and waddled over to him. She stood in front of him and quietly looked into his eyes, she saw the same things in his eyes that she saw all those years ago. That same compassion, understanding from those ten years ago, that same compassion that allowed her stay her just three months ago, and now something new, a need or desire that he was holding in check. "You want me don't you?" she asked.
" Yes" Replied Ian, " but not out of some sense of sympathy or pity. A pity fuck I do not need."
" No Ian that is most certainly true," she replied sadly "I would not want to give you a pity fuck, you are too much of a nice guy for that." As she slowly reached up and touched his soft furry chest, with her hand as she stepped in closer to him. Ian could feel her hand softly touch his body then move up to his face, as she looked up into his eyes, he then saw something their that he had not seen before, he saw that she wanted to be with him also, but also that same fear that he held in check she was also fighting, he reached slowly towards her afraid that she might back away, when he touched her, she did not move away instead she stepped in closer. Ian could feel her muzzle against his furry skin, the press of her swelling breast's and her belly against his own body. He felt himself shudder slowly as this was something he was waiting for but was sure was never going to happen. He felt her arms then reach around him and hold him, as his own arms surrounded her and held her, he felt her head tilt up, he saw her eyes very clearly a dark blue that reflected the light behind him as if the night sky itself where held in her eyes, it made him lose his breath as she slowly reached up to him to nuzzle his neck with her muzzle, then move over his muzzle for a light kiss, he slowly felt her tongue probe at the outer edges of his mouth, and he slowly allowed his own muzzle to open, he felt her move in even closer then they where before, as her tongue probed even deeper into his mouth and he into hers. He pulled her in tighter and closer, but it was not enough, he need more, hell need he wanted more.
They finally parted and she led him over to the bed, where she slowly lowered him onto the bed, then positioned herself on top. She proceeded to rub her paws through his thick fur and his hair in his head, soon he felt the weight of her move off of him, but before he could say anything he felt his pajama pants being loosened and then slowly removed.
" Hmmm," Stephanie said, " What have we here, if I did not know better, I would say someone was happy to see me." As she slowly kissed and nibbled his full maleness, driving poor Ian almost thru the roof.
" I meant what I said Steph, I did not want a… sympathy fuck. " he said.
" I know Ian, but do you know how long I've been waiting for this moment to arrive, you silly Mel. You see," she said, as she moved her self to rest on his lower abdomen, and her breast where laid over his risen maleness and had his penis engulfed between her breasts's. " I too have had a thing for you, but did not want to express it for fear of you turning me down. Plus there was your romance with Cheryl, which I did not want to screw up between the two of you. Then you had to go off overseas for a while to see the world."
" You sound bitter" replied Ian.
" In a way I am, if it was not for the fact you had left who knows how my life would have turned out. But that is another story, and right now I have you right where I want you, and this time I am not going to let go." She smiled seductively then proceeded to move down on him again, bringing his then slowly softening maleness to hardness again. Ian wanted to ask more, but his body had decided that no more questions for right now, it had, had enough for right now and soon he was locked into the warm and comfortable embrace of someone whom he thought, he would never be able to embrace like this. He felt his melness rising deeper with in him, and he could tell so could she, as she got slightly faster in her gyrations with her muzzle and her hands.
"No" he moaned, "I want to be in you… I need to be in you, I refuse too…"
She released him from her embrace, " Oh really." She purred… as she slowly and sensually moved her body of his till their muzzles where only inches from one another, she playfully nipped at him on his lips, then allowed him to insert his tongue into her mouth, he rolled her on their sides so that he could look at her completely.
She could only stare and feel the weight of his stare as he took in all of her, laying naked on his bed, this gave her more of a thrill then anything else that had been done to date, his eyes full of compassion, caring and then also an unbearable need, to have her. She felt herself getting slowly wet and moist, which was when she felt his muzzle slowly close around her left teat, and start to suckle slowly and gently. Stephanie moaned slowly and lowly as she felt Ian's tongue probe her breast and pull the milk that would nourish her child, and who knew maybe one-day Ian's children also, this sent a thrill through her, the thought of having another baby after this one, she had never given it another thought till, now, but now that she had someone that she could truly say she loved and would remain with for the rest of her days, it made her absolutely giddy. She felt him move over to her other breast and start to suckle there while his left hand fondled, her left breast and his right hand slowly moved across the swell of her belly slowly and lovingly till it came to rest on her quivering femness, then she felt two of his fingers start to massage her nether region, bringing even more of a surge of wonderment and need to her. She heard herself gasp then moan as she felt two of his five fingers slide in, this left only his thumb which was still massaging her out parts and his ring and index finger laying on the spot between her femness and her anus. This just about sent her into orbit as his fingers continued there probing and thrusting in and out gently. He then proceed to move his head back up to give her gentle love nips on her neck shoulders and lips, to give her a full deep throated kiss that would have knocked her sock off if she was wearing any She then felt his shift of weight, as her proceed to then give her gentle love nips on down her body, over her swelling breast's, down over the swell of her belly, as his right hand still continued to probe every inch of her insides. She felt her need growing in her as his muzzle stopped just shy of her pubis and nosed at the lower end of her belly, sending little shivers of pleasure and desire up her spine. It was at this moment that Ian's' probing finger found her really sensitive area in her, and he started to stroke it more vigorously, while he dipped his muzzle to her moist femness and proceeded to lick and suckle down there as well. Stephanie started to feel her self lose control as her body started to buck harder and faster the more he stroked her insides and sucked on her outsides, she soon felt her self release on Ian, as she moaned lowly, she could also feel her child move a little bit due to mommies needs being satisfied.
" Hmmm, that was nice, but now for something different." Said Ian as he grabbed some pillows and laid them on the bed. He then rolled her over on to the pillows so that her moist femness was risen up in the air and not squish her belly, she whimpered as he continued to fondle her warm moist and receptive hole, he then saddled up behind her and taken his engorged member slowly inserted it into her. Poor Stephanie about went wild with this sensation, cause now his penis was rubbing a truly sensitive area in her, and she could feel both of Ians hands on her sides going down to her swollen stomach as he felt her baby move, she could feel he moving faster and stronger, until neither she nor he could take it any more, as he howled out, so did she in a mutually orgasm that left both of them gasping for air and panting.
" Oh, spirits- that was wonderful" Stephanie said between gasp's. "I had no idea that it would be that good to be made love too "
" Mmmmhhh" was all that Ian said.
" It was like you where in me and around me and a part of me, oh you wonderful my love, absolutely wonderful." What still amazed her was that Ian was still in her, and still hard, even thought they where now on there sides and spooning one another, and she could feel him flexing his melness in her, which was slowly again bring her to a state of arousal. She then felt his teeth slowly nibble on her neck and shoulders again as his flexing, became thrusting again, and soon she lost control again, again and again, with the last explosive orgasm into her she finally felt Ian grow limp and eventually slide out. But she could still feel Ians body up close against here and his left arm draped over her with his hand covering her swollen belly and they both felt the baby move and kick, gentle reminding mommy that it did not appreciate this nights activity, even though she did.

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