10 Soldiers- part 3

10 Soldiers- part 3

Marina was hanging on by a thread when Naomi lifted her legs and licked her asshole. working it over good. fucking it with her tongue. as Ariana's orgasm began to peak, Marina went with her. Marina's cum trickling down to her little puckered asshole and into Naomi's mouth. both sisters cumming together. with Marina taken care of, Naomi returned her attention to her mom's pussy. sucking and fucking. licking and lapping as she was pounded from behind. Naomi drove her mother to orgasm getting hotter herself by the minute. as their mom's wails of pleasure shattered the room, Naomi started to moan with pleasure. the soldier pumping her pussy hard and fast never slowing down. " YES YES! DON'T STOP FUCKING MMMEEEE! I'M GONNA CCCCCUUUUUMMMM!" as she lost herself in her orgasm the soldier pulled out and shot stream after stream of his hot cum all over her smooth back. the soldier collapsed on top of Naomi. his cock still inside her swollen, throbbing, cum drenched, cunt.

Marina was coming back to her senses. feeling the soreness in her private area. she looked around and noticed the rest of the soldiers. most stroking themseves and leering greedily at her and her mom and sisters. she realized that their night here was far from over.


The soldiers had decided to take a break to eat. They allowed the women to put their torn and tattered dresses back on. The women were then forced to repair a meal for them all. Forced to listen to and endure the lewd and perverted comments and taunts by all the men. They let the women eat, but only if they were fed by a soldier. Forced to beg for their food. One soldier even forced Naomi to recite the Pledge of Allegiance for a scrap of chicken. The girls’ mother had to perform blow jobs for a slice of bread. Ariana was eating from one soldier’s hand as another sucked her nipples and stroked her pussy.

All the women now sat in the corner of the parlor. The soldiers had finished their meal and were drinking. Their loud and boisterous banter had started to quiet down some. Marina knew it was coming. She could see it in their eyes. "Oh no! All of them?” she thought to herself as four of the remaining soldiers started to amble their way. “This can’t be happening.” she thought as the soldiers stepped up to the little group. The soldiers picked the girls up off the floor and pointed them in the direction of the dining room. When they approached the large table, the first soldier kicked a chair aside and threw Marina onto the table and spread her legs wide. He thrust two fingers into her tight cunt, bringing a moan of protest form Marina. “He’s so rough.” Marina thought as the soldier finger fucked her and savagely fondled her breasts. She looked to see where her mother and sisters were.

Ariana was on the opposite end of the table. She looked at the soldier who had claimed her with trepidation in her big grey eyes. He hopped onto the dining room table and pulled his long cock out and stroked it. Ariana stood in front of him only half covered in her pitiful dress, not sure what she should do. “Let your top down.” He instructed her. Ariana fumbled with the fastening on the back of her dress. The impatient soldier reached forward and ripped the front of her dress to her waist. In shock, Ariana looked at him as if he had slapped her.

“Shake them for me.” the soldier told her. She wanted to resist but knew he’d only hurt her if she did. So she moved her shoulders back and shook them. The soldier stroked himself faster as her young, creamy tits swayed back and forth. “Come here bitch. I want to put my cock between your tits.” Ariana went to him and bent down resting her breasts on his thighs. His gaze roamed her young face, her breasts. He liked the way they looked fuller resting on his legs. He took her hands and placed them on the sides of her breasts, then pushed them together around his hard cock. Moving them up and down to show her what he wanted.

He let go and Ariana took over. Bouncing her tits up and down his long, hard, shaft. “Lick the head of my cock while you titfuck me.” he demanded. Ariana licked his mushroom head as she squeezed her breasts in tight. “Do you like the taste of my cock?” he asked her. “Yes.” She replied. The soldier moaned with pleasure as she started to suck his cockhead and stroke his dick faster with her tits. He began to thrust his cock through them. Helping her stroke. She met each of his thrusts until he grabbed her by her hair, dragging her mouth all the way onto his cock. Thrusting it into her soft, warm mouth. “I’m going to fucking cum! Yes, don’t stop slut!” he shouted. He released her hair and groaned loudly as he shot his hot, thick load down her throat. Ariana swallowed every drop of his salty load and kept sucking and licking until he pulled her away from his cock.

Marina’s mother was on the left side of the table. She was on her knees, on top of the table. The soldier who had chosen her ruthlessly finger fucked her asshole. He took his fingers out of her swollen asshole and shoved them into her wet pussy. She moaned in pleasure, giving herself over to the strokes of his fingers. He picked up the pace, stroking her cunt faster and faster.

He reached around her with his free hand and rolled her nipple between his fingers. Slightly pinching as he did, receiving a sharp intake of breath from her, he did it again. “Yes!” she cried. The soldier grinned knowing he would meet no more resistance from her. He dropped his pants and moved up close behind her. He rubbed her warm, wet, sex. Finding her clit he stroked it a few times. He then slapped her ass and said, “Tell me you want my cock!” As his hand came down hard again she yelled, “Yes! I want your cock!”

“That’s a good girl.” He told her as he shoved his hard erection as deep as it would go. “Ooooohhhhhh!” Marina’s mother wailed in pleasure and pain at once. She felt as if he had ripped her open. She could feel soreness as he began to thrust in and out of her. After a few minutes the soreness stated to fade.

She reached under and started rubbing her clit, driving herself to the edge. The soldier fucked her harder and faster. He grunted as he slammed himself into her pussy. She moaned as she felt her orgasm starting to take her over. When her tunnel tightened around his dick, he thought he was going to lose it.

Marina’s mom started to arch her back and moan. Her orgasm rocked her whole body as she stiffened and let out one long yell of pleasure. The soldier shot his hot load inside her as she moaned. He fell on top of her, causing her to collapse under his weight. After a moment he got up and pulled his pants back up. He fastened them and walked off. Leaving her lying on the table used and well fucked.

Meanwhile Naomi was on the right side of the table squatting in a chair with her legs spread wide like a butterfly. Her soldier crouched in front of her, his face hidden between her thighs. Her legs shook as he ran circles around her clit with his tongue. Naomi’s arms were wrapped around the back of her chair, her nails digging into the wood. She looked down at the soldier who was sucking her clit. Watching him turned her on. He spread her lips and ran his tongue from her pussy hole to her clit. She sucked her breath in through her clenched teeth, working her pelvis to meet his tongue. Shamelessly gyrating her hips, grinding her pretty, pink, pussy into his face.

His cock was growing uncomfortable in his pants. Straining against the rough cotton material. Getting harder and harder. He fumbled to pull them down to relieve the pressure. Once he finally accomplished his task, he returned his full attention to Naomi. He inserted two fingers into her slick hole. They slid right in. She was so wet and ready. His prick as if it would explode if he didn’t get inside her soon.

He stood, grabbing her by the hips and lifting her up some. He then straddled and sat on the chair backwards, lowering Naomi down onto his cock. She was so slick and stretched by the others; he had no trouble gaining entrance. She was still tight around his prick though.

Naomi started to move on him, rocking back and forth in a slow erotic motion. She felt his long, thick shaft in her belly. He grabbed her hips rocking her faster, taking control. Fucking her hard as he could with blowing his load. Naomi tilted her head back letting him have his way with her. “Oh yes…” she whimpered, starting to lift with her legs causing a different kind of friction.

The soldier grew closer to cumming as he pumped Naomi’s young pussy. He knew the girl was close too. So he reached behind her and slid a finger into her asshole. As he penetrated the puckered hole Naomi shook with her orgasm. “Don’t stoooppp!” she shouted. “Yes, cum for me.” The soldier sneered at her. “Cum on my cock!” as Naomi let her orgasm take over her body, he let his hot jizz go as well.

Naomi’s body went limp with exhaustion. She slumped against the soldier. He lifted her slightly and pulled his cock from her sodden cunt. He stood and redressed, then lit a cigarette that he had rolled after dinner. He threw his match down at her feet and stood looking at her for a moment with a strange look on his dirty face. He then shook his head and walked away.

As Marina watched her mother and sisters being used so casually. She kept praying this nightmare to end. She tried to resist succumbing to the pleasure, but she couldn’t stop herself. She felt ashamed. If anyone found out about this, they would be cast out from society.

Bringing her attention back to what was happening to her; she realized the pain had broken her thoughts. The soldier had noticed she had slipped away from him and bitten her nipple. She looked down to see a drop of blood trickle down her breast. “You can’t quit until I’m finished with you bitch. Don’t slip off anymore.” He warned her.

He grabbed her thighs and drug her toward him slightly off the table. Leaving her with the edge digging into her back. She could feel the splinters cutting through her skin. He fucked her hard and fast, not caring what she felt. As she tried to fight the blackness that threatened to take over, the soldier continued his careless rutting. He maliciously rammed his hard cock into her tired little body over and over. She must have blacked out because she didn’t know when he had finished with her. She was on the floor. She began to look around.

Then she spotted Ariana, bent over the table, the skirts of her tattered dress hiked up above her pale, smooth ass. A soldier behind her, fucking her in the ass with possibly the biggest penis Marina had seen all night. Marina continued to watch as the soldier fuck her little sister’s ass. Ariana was taking in his entire cock. She was making a face that seemed to be torn between pleasure and pain. As Ariana moaned and whimpered, the soldier rammed three fingers into her tight pussy. With his other hand he began to spank her small ass. Leaving red marks that covered her whole tender cheek.

Ariana began to push herself backwards to meet his thrusts, mumbling and moaning incoherent words. He felt her body tense and began pumping his shaft into her faster, trying to get off before she went without him. Ariana screamed her orgasm for the whole house to hear. The soldier pulled his cock out and relieved himself of his seed on her back and her hiked up skirts.

A few minutes later, the last three soldiers walked into the room. They all wore wicked expressions. In fear of what was to come now, Marina huddled in the corner. The soldiers picked the girls’ mother to get on the table. They then instructed her to masturbate for them while her daughters sucked their dicks. “And beg us to fuck you.” One soldier added.

They all pulled a chair up close to the table to view the show. After that they picked which girl they wanted and put them to work. As the girls sucked the cocks they had been assigned to, their mother begged and pleaded for the soldiers to put their cocks in her pussy. She moaned and huffed as she stroked her pussy for her audience.

When the girls had stroked, licked, and sucked the soldiers to their breaking point, their mother was instructed to lie on her back and hang her head off the table. They all then stood and cummed all over her face as she finished stroking herself to orgasm.

The next morning the women were made to prepare breakfast and service the men one last time. The soldiers then left their home. As Marina watched them leave, she just felt relieved that the whole thing was over and they were all alive and safe.

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