.It was Saturday The last day of June when about to slip into bed surprisingly noticing that my window was open

i slowly walked over to the lattice and closed the window i climbed into my soft bed drifting away to sleep

the next morning i woke up with two girls, asking myself if i was dreaming and to my surprise my zipper was down and my cock was out.

i got out of bed immediately asking what the fuck was going on the girl's laughed and giggled and broke of a whisper we want you i thought about trying to escape from the mysterious two but then thought to myself i was going to get laid now or never.

i then quickly asked the girls what did they want from me,their response, you we want you.

one of the girls took my soft cock,lifted it and putting it in her mouth then slowly sliding her tongue up and down until my soft cock was erect and rock hard.

i then turned the tables by getting up saying to the other girl take of your shirt with a violent voice and the girl not refusing took off her shirt but did not give me a chance to do anything she pushed me on the bed and began to sit ontop of me slowly pulling down her black leather panties and messaging my face with the lips of her pussy then yelling in erotica lick ,lick!! But instead of lick i blew lightly into her cunt until the slightest sign of pleasure from the women then sticking my tongue in and out and up and down until felt her legs shake and then bite into it as if it were a raw peace of chicken, the girls now handed me an envelope and got dressed then quickly opened my window and jump out giving me no idea of who they were and then leaving, as they drifted away into the mist of dawn disappearing i opened the envelope it contained 5 words

School ,Monday,Gym after lunch
(end of part 1)

;part two;

I spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday thinking about the girls and what would happen at school on Monday. Being Monday i was frustrated confused at excited all at the same moment i got out of my bed and put my best clothes on. Looking my best i walked out my room and into the kitchen seeing my mother cooking breakfast she immediately noticed that i was overly dressed and politely and curiously asked me if i was meeting someone at school i quickly nodded in left to right motion saying no! I got to my bus stop and onto the bus when i finally arrived at school and out of the bus it was 8:55 just 10 minutes before school was to start so i went into the court yard where i stood and talked to my friends before class started i told them about what had happened days before they were in shock and disbelief saying that would never happen and thinking i was lying but not taking notice by their reactions i
Walked into the east hall building as the bell rang.

I walked into my first blow which was Mr. Isumu who was japanese. I then took a seat next to a girl that wore chains wore black pants and shirt with her hair braided and dyed red taking notice at her beauty when the teacher anounced there will be two member joining our class as you could as guessed them they were introduced as trisha and britany and sat beside me smiling and looking inicent i began talking to them and started asking how old they were trisha 14 and britany 17 the same age as me, Jason!! I except your not talking over there Mr. Imasu said in a high voice. So here are the plans for today in history you'll be paring up in groups of five to be writing and acting out a play about the glorys and wonders of Greece. I asked them if they wanted to be in my grouo along with the goth with the red hair. They accepted and luckly there were only 24 students in the class because my best friend got expeled because of a fight he gpt involved in and pushing the kid out the window on the second floor but back to the story. I then started asking them questions about saturday and they kept acting like they didn't know what i was talking about but i knew they did and then one stated that we had better get to work on our play we all decided that we would do a play on what marriages were like in those times and halfway through the bell rang it was 11:10 time for lunch i met up with the girlss still wanting to know what made them sneak in my bedroom and have breif sex teasing with me still denying until i spoke of the gym they stared at me laughing took my hand and rushed me to the gym, where kids spent detention during lunch wacthed by an inministrader, very luckuly no one had adrived yet so we snuk be hind some rolled up mats and pushed them as far as we could without anyone taking notice. Trish then sat on top of me saying so did you call the police and tell them a little girl raped you of course not i replied and then britany began to kiss me on the lips hard without giving any warning as trish pulled my pants down and my troshers looking in wow at my cocl at was resonably big for my age 7''.5 was thr size. She asked me how did i want it and i quickly said without knowing it depends on how your gonna give it to me.

;end part two;

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