4 Curious College Girls: Ch.3 Not So Secret Lovers

4 Curious College Girls: Ch.3 Not So Secret Lovers

4 Curious College Girls
By John Morrison/anonymous
Creator of “The Adventures of John and Holly”

Chapter 3: Not So Secret Lovers

Cynthia unlocked the door to the suite, entering the darkened living room. She was wearing a tight blouse that attempted to show off her B cup breasts. Her curly shoulder length blonde hair was all done up, and her long athletic legs were being shown off by her tight short skirt. Julie walked in just behind her, the pair just returning from a night-club. “They left the TV on,” Cynthia said, walking over to turn it off, silencing the room all except the click of high heeled shoes.
Julie flicked on a light switch. She walked into the living room, looking around. She was wearing a White T-Shirt, with SOAD written on it in Pink Letters, and black jeans, with flip flops on under them. “What time is it?” She asked, a little dizzy from the alcohol she drank.
“It’s 2:37,” Cynthia said, glancing at the digital clock. Then Cynthia thought she heard something. Julie tried to say something, but Cynthia ‘shh’ed her quickly. “Do you hear that?” Cynthia whispered.
“Yeah, what is it?” Julie soon recognized the sound of two people making love. “Hey, does Taylor or Alex have a boyfriend?” Julie asked, looking over at Cynthia.
“I don’t think so,” Cynthia replied. They both crept toward Taylor and Alex’s door. The muffled moans of pleasure filtered through the wooden door. Then both of their eyes went wide when they distinctly heard two female screams. “No!” Cynthia said, astonished, to Julie.
“Oh my god…do you think they have been doing this for a long time?” Julie asked Cynthia, looking at her now, backing away from the door so the two lovers couldn’t hear them talk.
“How do we know it’s Taylor and Alex,” Cynthia said suspiciously.
“I’m just guessing. But it adds up,” Julie said, looking at the door.
“Only one way to find out,” Cynthia grinned naughtily.
“We can’t barge in on them. Listen, they are loving it. It would be wrong,” Julie said. She then looked back at the door.
“Barge in?” Cynthia said, rolling her eyes.
“Ok, but you open it.” She giggled a bit.
Cynthia grasped the door handle, slowly starting to turn it. Her heart raced, anticipating something exciting. The door creaked slightly, frightening the two peeping girls, but the throws of pleasure distracted the naked girls. The door open just far enough, Cynthia and Julie peered into the room. Taylor was on top of Alex in a sixty-nine, her blonde hair draped over Alex’s crotch, blocking their view. Alex was gripping Taylor’s ass, eating her intensely. The wide-eyed voyeurs slowly closed the door and stared at each other, eyebrows raised.
Julie had no idea what to say at the moment. The next word to come out of her mouth was, “Woah!” Julie looked back at the door, hearing the moans. She then shook her head, not paying attention anymore. “Did you suspect anything between them?”
“I caught Taylor staring at my ass once, but I never suspected they were together,” Cynthia said, sitting on the couch, feeling turned on by the discovery.
Julie watched Cynthia sit. She looked back at the door, and then turned away, heading to the couch. She sat next to Cynthia, looking at her, “I have kissed Taylor before…but nothing completely serious.”
“Do you think they are like in a relationship, like…you know,” Cynthia stumbled through her words, feeling a little hot.
“Well…I have seen Taylor stare at Alex, in very erotic ways. But, Alex? I never would have expected it,” Julie also was turned on by the sight they had just received.
“Maybe they aren’t together, maybe they just do that for fun…”Cynthia said, staring into space, her panties getting a little wet, “…cause that sure sounds like fun.”
Julie nodded, also looking into space. Then she just realized what Cynthia said. Julie smiled now, looking at Cynthia’s face. “Yeah…it does.”
Cynthia had some words on the tip of her tongue, but she felt like she couldn’t say them, her nervousness seemed to control her. “Um…Today…when I was mas…*clears throat* masturbating, I was thinking of you…” She trailed off, half-regretting that she said it as soon as it left her lips.
Julie smiled back at her, “…And I was thinking of you.” Julie looked into Cynthia’s eyes, not completely sure of what to do now. She wanted to grab her and kiss her right there. But she wasn’t sure if Cynthia was ready. “Ah what the hell,” Julie thought, grabbing Cynthia, pressing their lips together.
Cynthia was not shocked by Julie’s admission, she sounded proud of it too. Cynthia was about to ask Julie if she wanted to kiss her, but Julie beat her to the punch. Their wet lips pressed together, Julie pressed into Cynthia. Cynthia moaned subconsciously, not even realizing that it was her own voice. It wasn’t long before the tongues were out. Cynthia was being pressed back into the couch, as Julie took an active role, almost getting on top of her.
Julie swung her leg over Cynthia, straddling her. Julie wrapped her arms around her, kissing her hard, sucking on her tongue. Julie heard Cynthia moan out, and soon joined her, getting even wetter. Cynthia closed her eyes, loving the moment, as she soon felt Julie’s hands grope her tits.
Busy hands worked on both bodies, and Julie started humping against Cynthia, their hips grinding together. Cynthia almost immediately thrust back against Julie, her body pleading for gratification. They both stopped, their hands freezing where they were on each other, paused, as their heads got back into the game. Julie got Cynthia’s lower lip between her teeth, lightly tugging her lip back as their kiss broke. “I…I didn’t know I wanted it this badly,” Cynthia said, staring back at Julie. Julie was grinning very wide, like she had just accomplished a lifelong goal. Cynthia looked back at her, in a very plain, nonchalant face, like she just saw something clearly for the first time. The silence in the conversation was killed by their breathing. “What…what next,” Cynthia said.
Julie smiled at Cynthia, and didn’t answer her question. Instead, she responded by grabbing Cynthia’s top from the bottom, pulling it above her head. Cynthia smiled at this, and raised her arms, helping her out. Julie threw her shirt across the room. Julie kissed Cynthia’s lips, making out once again. Cynthia reached back, and unclasped her own bra.
Cynthia reached her hands under Julie’s tight t-shirt, grabbing her bra and pulling it off her breasts, freeing them into her hands. Julie sat straight up, putting her head back, putting her hands on either side of Cynthia’s head, as Cynthia played with her tits. Julie’s brown wavy hair draped behind her back. After a moment of groping, Julie reached down and pulled her own shirt off, dropping it beside her, before passionately descending back into the body of Cynthia, the two rolling onto their sides topless.
Cynthia started to kiss Julie once again, shoving her tongue into her mouth. Julie rubbed Cynthia’s back, as Cynthia continued playing with Julie’s huge D cup tits. Julie lowered her hands down more, rubbing her ass. Cynthia moaned out loudly, pulling away from her face. Cynthia stared into her eyes, and then went back in, sucking Julie’s tongue.
Julie’s hand pushed under Cynthia’s skirt, mashing her palm against her wet panties. Neither of them knew where this was going, just letting the moment lead them to wherever it would take them. Cynthia moaned very loudly, arching her back as her pussy was rubbed. “Wait,” Cynthia said.
“What?” Julie asked, hoping she wasn’t putting a stop to this.
“Shower,” Cynthia said simply.
Julie smiled at her, and slowly stood up. She grabbed Cynthia’s hands, helping her up. Cynthia quickly took her heels off, dropping them on the floor. The two girls walked slowly to the bathroom, not wanting to disturb the other two. Julie led the way. She giggled as she swayed her hips back and forth, teasing Cynthia. Cynthia slapped it softly, as they walked into the bathroom. Julie reached in past the shower curtain, turning the handle. Julie smiled at Cynthia, letting the water warm up. Julie kicked off her flip flops, and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them off. She stood back up, and hooked her thumbs into the straps of the thong, sliding them off also. She stood back up, her shaved pussy revealed. It was glistening from the wetness Julie was feeling.
Meanwhile, Cynthia slid off her skirt, watching Julie get naked. Cynthia giggled, feeling euphoric. With her panties off, her naked slit feeling the cold air suddenly, she shivered, wanting to jump into the warm water. Julie bent over adjusting the temperature again. Cynthia couldn’t help herself, cupping Julie’s ass with both hands. Julie laughed loudly. Julie stepped into the shower first, standing far enough back that the hot water hit her bald pussy. Cynthia stepped in, facing Julie, blocking her water.
“Hey, you’re in the way,” Julie said smiling brightly. Julie hugged Cynthia, throwing her arms around her, rubbing their now wet tits together. Cynthia hugged her back tightly. Julie slowly slid down Cynthia, looking straight back up at her, as her face came level with her crotch. Julie’s tongue darted forward, parting Cynthia’s moist lips. Cynthia felt the warm tongue in her pussy, taking in the wonderful sensation she was experiencing for the first time, moaning uncontrollably.
A few moments of pussy eating later, “I think I need to sit down,” Cynthia said, light headed.
Julie looked at her, “What’s wrong baby?” she asked, standing up.
“Not wrong, it’s too good,” Cynthia said, her eyes almost crossing. Julie grabbed her shoulders and turned them around, helping Cynthia sit down at the back of the tub.
“Thanks,” Cynthia let out, the pleasure overtaking her. Julie just smiled, and went back down to the exposed region between her legs. Julie sucked on her clit lightly, nibbling it gently. Cynthia moaned out loudly, resting her hands on her head. Julie brought up her hand, and slowly inserted a finger into her pussy.
The juices seemed to pour from her pussy as Julie performed on her. Cynthia’s chest heaved, her breath uncontrollable. Her pussy smelled of sex. She was approaching orgasm, and feeling a building energy deep within her, something unlike anything she had ever felt before. Her limbs seemed to lose all control, her body almost numb, tingling.
Julie thrusted her tongue deep into her pussy, pumping it in and out, along with her fingers. Cynthia’s pussy tasted amazing. Julie wanted nothing more than to taste her sweet cum. As if on cue, Cynthia released an enormous amount of cum from her pussy. It gushes onto Julie’s face, as Cynthia arched her back, moaning out her name. Julie sucked out all of the juices, and pulled away. She looked into Cynthia’s eyes, as she licked her lips. Cynthia was breathing harder than ever. Her mouth gaped in the classic O-face.
Julie sat up, wondering what was next. The sweet pussy juice taste still filled her mouth. Cynthia reached her right arm up to Julie’s shoulder, pulling her to her. Julie obeyed, pushing their mouths together, allowing Cynthia to taste herself. After a long kiss, Julie drew back, smiling wide. She looked into Cynthia’s eyes. “Was it good for you?” Julie asked jokingly.
Cynthia just smiled back at Julie, as if to say “Do you need to ask?” Julie laughed, and Cynthia joined her. Julie stood up, grabbing the soap. Unexpectedly, Cynthia jumped to her knees, and grabbed Julie’s waist. Julie was shocked by this, but smiled down at her. Cynthia didn’t look for approval, instead staring at the prize that lay before her. Cynthia plunged into her pussy, spreading her vaginal lips with two fingers. She took a big whiff of it first, smiling at the wonderful smell.
Cynthia could hardly believe this was really happening. It wasn’t a dream of hers as long ago as this morning, but here she was excitedly about to lick a pussy as well as she possibly could. She jammed her face into Julie’s slit, her lips and tongue pressing against her vagina. Her tongue danced with her genitals. “I think I know what you were talking about,” Julie said after a moment of cunnilingus, and feeling a bit woozy.
Cynthia backed off a bit, giggling some. She then went back in, ramming her tongue up into her cunt. Julie moaned out loudly, grabbing Cynthia’s hair, shoving her head deeper into her pussy. Cynthia groped Julie’s ass cheeks, which made Julie give out an extra moan.
Julie could barely stand, but Cynthia wasn’t really paying attention to anything other than the dripping genitals right in front of her face. Julie backed up against the front wall of the shower, the handle poking her in the back. But Julie was too in the moment to care, a tongue working hard between her legs. Julie felt her orgasm coming on much quicker than she anticipated. Julie climaxed, her yells of passion in the upper octaves. Cynthia didn’t stop, however, she just kept on pleasuring Julie.
Julie started breathing faster, her chest heaving harder. Julie slowly humped into Cynthia’s face, “Oh god Cynthia, lick me harder baby!” Cynthia smiled, and did just that. Julie let out one long moan, just before she let out her big orgasm. “OH FUCK!” she screamed out, as she drenched Cynthia’s face. Julie slid down the wall, sitting on her ass now, still breathing hard, trying to catch her breath. Cynthia giggled, licking her lips. Julie laughed as she saw the big mess on Cynthia’s face. Julie leaned in, and licked her cum off of Cynthia’s face.

A little while earlier…

Alex giggled, her mouth pressed against Taylor’s pussy, as she climaxed. She gave her pussy a quick goodbye kiss and sat upright. “That was fun!” Alex said, with a beaming smile.
Taylor was breathing very heavily, her head resting on a pillow, her eyes shut. Once she calmed down, she said, “Now it is your turn.”
“How about, our turn,” Alex said, smiling wide.
Taylor giggled, “Roll over,” Taylor said, staring at Alex’s beautiful dark body. Alex rolled onto her back, as Taylor crawled on top of her, pressing her pussy into her face. Taylor stared down at Alex’s pussy, rubbing it softly.
Alex felt Taylor’s comparatively huge breasts on her stomach, and Taylor’s stomach on top of her small tits. The extremely tempting pussy was grinding into her face. Alex lapped and sucked the upside down pussy, she reached around Taylor’s hips, pulling on her ass cheeks. Taylor’s pussy was pushing down on her, and she couldn’t get enough of it.
Alex’s pussy was a little short of Taylor’s mouth, so Taylor had to scoot her head down a bit. She sniffed her pussy, and then began to lick it slowly, and lovingly. Alex let out a moan, this being the first time she was licked by a girl. Alex continued sucking on Taylor’s pussy, her eyes closed.
The surroundings seemed to disappear, the pleasure of both performing and being performed on was overwhelming. Taylor came first, loudly moaning into Alex’s slit, which was a feeling unto itself. Alex was feeling a building pressure between her legs. The feelings were almost so good it hurt. Taylor came again, her orgasms being quick and several strung together. But Alex was building toward something huge.
Taylor quickly shoved in two fingers, wanting to savor Alex’s cum more than anything. Alex stopped licking her pussy, and was breathing heavily. “Oh god Taylor, make me cum!” Taylor continued working her pussy, as Alex let out a HUGE load of cum, onto Taylor’s awaiting mouth. Taylor was shocked by the explosion of sex juices. The smell, taste, and feeling her face sprayed with cum were enough to give her another orgasm, which resulted in two great screams of passion. Taylor took out her finger, and started sucking the cum out of her slit.
A moment of silence followed, filled with the heavy breathing of two very happy girls. “Oh…my…fucking God,” Alex said. They sat up. The girls breathed heavily, looking at each other for a second, huge smiles on their faces. “Wanna go again?” Taylor asked, laughing. The silence was broken suddenly by a sound outside the room.
“What was that?” Taylor asked.
“I don’t know,” Alex said. The pair slowly walked to the door, opening it and peeking outside. They barely saw Cynthia and Julie’s bathroom door close, a pair of high heels lying half way between the bathroom and the couch, and two shirts lying on the ground. Taylor and Alex looked at each other, as if to say “What the hell?” They didn’t want to miss this. They both bolted back into their room, throwing on some clothes, and walking out into the living room. They sat on the couch, listening to the activities in the bathroom.

Cynthia and Julie slowly walked out of the shower, hand in hand. They were smiling happily at each other. Julie went into the closet, and grabbed two towels, a red and green one. She tossed the red one to Cynthia, and wrapped the green one around herself, her large breasts wanting to pop out. Cynthia smiled, and did the same, pulling her drenched blonde hair back. Julie walked up to Cynthia, and kissed her lips lovingly. “Do you think the girls heard us?” Julie asked, looking in Cynthia’s brown eyes.
“No way,” Cynthia responded, smiling at Julie. “Are we…what do we do, about ‘us’?” Cynthia asked.
“I don’t know,” Julie said, pulling her wet brown hair back. They took each other’s hand, and slowly opened the bathroom door.

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