4 Curious college Girls: Ch5 Attack of the Lesbians (hard)

4 Curious college Girls: Ch5 Attack of the Lesbians (hard)

Chapter 5: Attack of The Lesbians
Warning! This contains some material that may be offensive. There is an edited version that is also posted.

Taylor and Julie awoke during the night, laying together naked on the couch. They looked over and saw Alex asleep, a finger barely still inside her pussy. The girls quietly laughed, and Taylor led Julie toward her room. Taylor pulled the covers back on her bed, where her and Alex had done it earlier. Taylor climbed into bed, Julie right behind her. Taylor pulled the covers up over them, and they hugged tightly together. “Mmm, it’s so sticky here,” Julie said, laughing with Taylor. They both gave each other a quick kiss before drifting back to sleep.
Alex laid on the couch, in a deep sleep. Her dreams were filled with thoughts of Julie and Taylor eating each other out. How she wished she had someone to care for. But it would have to be a guy. A nice guy with abs, and a big cock. Alex smiled to herself, as the perfect guy entered her dreams. He had brown hair, and a 9 inch cock, waiting for her. But after some time, that guy’s hair grew longer, and he got boobs. He turned into a woman with a strap-on.
Alex woke up in the morning, her body covered in swear, “I’m not gay…” she said to herself, before standing up, going into the kitchen for a glass of water. She gulped down a glass, standing naked in the kitchen. She found her nightgown on the floor, picking it up. She walked back to her room. Once inside she saw Taylor and Julie spooning on the bottom bunk. She took the chance to look at the naked girls, wondering what they had been up to recently, before climbing up to her top bunk.
Taylor woke up, she felt Julie spooning her from behind. Taylor looked up and saw Alex’s lower half ascending to the top bunk, her hairy pussy being the first thing Taylor noticed. “Hey Alex,” Taylor moaned, stretching her arms over her head, fully waking up.
“Oh, hey Taylor. Sorry if I woke you up,” Alex said, getting under her blankets.
“Julie?” Taylor said, wondering if she was awake.
Julie lay there, still out. Her body was very hot. Alex lay her head on a pillow, and got comfortable.
“You think Cynthia’s alright?” Alex asked Taylor.
“Yeah, she just needs to find her inner lesbian,” Taylor said, chuckling a bit.
“She was probably just over-reacting. I hope she is less dramatic today,” Alex said.
Taylor smiled, “Yeah, and maybe she can join in on the fun. Oh, and Alex, thanks for earlier.”
“You know what, if she wants nothing to do with us, the three of us could just share a room, I don’t think Julie would mind,” Alex said giggling.
Taylor smiled, “Yeah, either we get a big bed in here, or we can all just share one bunk,” Taylor giggled, “I wouldn’t mind the low space.”
Julie woke up, moaning softly, and squeezing Taylor. Her hands came up to Taylor’s breasts, cupping them. “Well hi there Julie,” Taylor said.
Julie smiled, “Mmm, what time is it?” Julie asked Taylor.
“7:47,” Alex said, looking at a digital clock on the dresser.
“About time for some pussy-licking,” Taylor said laughing, feeling the hands on her breasts pinching her nipples.
“Oh, hey there Alex,” Julie smiled, feeling like she was caught in the act.
“Hi Julie,” Alex said, “Do you think Cynthia will be alright today?”
“That bitch hypocrite?” Julie giggled to herself, “if she doesn’t realize she is gay by tonight, I am gonna rape it out of her.”
“Well, that’s a little extreme,” Alex said, laughing at Julie’s statement. “Maybe we all should tie her up and turn her lesbian!”
“That sounds like a plan,” Taylor said. They all giggled at the proposition.
“Seriously…let’s do it,” Julie said, “It could work.”
Alex smiled at this, “Mmm, just the thought of it is getting me hot,” Alex said, moving her hands up and down her body.
“We could tie her up to her bed posts, and we could all take turns eating and fingering her, and don’t stop till she’s begging for more,” Julie laughed.
“We better do something now, or I’m gonna have to masturbate right now,” Alex said, giggling to herself, her hand between her legs.
Taylor smiled to herself, “Anyone have any handcuffs?”
“I have some strips of cloth…” Alex said, masturbating quietly on the top bunk.
Julie smiled, “I have some handcuffs…that my old boyfriend used on me,” she smiled, rubbing Taylor’s tits still.
“Leave it to Julie to actually have handcuffs,” Alex laughed. Taylor and Julie sat up on the bed.
“You guys really want to do this?” Julie asked.
“Yeah,” They both replied.
“Ok, we gotta sneak in then,” Julie said, getting off the bed.
“Let’s go,” Taylor said, standing up next to Julie, both naked. They looked over and saw Alex masturbating.
“Caught me,” Alex said, smiling, she sat up and jumped down from the top bunk. Taylor grabbed Alex’s hand, and licked the juices off her finger. Alex giggled as her tongue tickled her finger.
“Quiet, lets go,” Taylor said.
The three girls walked quietly out of their room. They headed slowly to Julie and Cynthia’s room. Taylor grasped the door knob, trying to turn, “Damn, it’s locked,” she said, a frown on her face.
Julie looked at Taylor, and pushed her out of the way, “You are supposed to turn and push, not pull,” she said softly, giggling lightly. Alex did too, and Taylor blushed a bit.
“Oops,” Taylor whispered, as Julie opened the door. The three naked girls crept inside. Cynthia was asleep on her bed on the bottom bunk. Julie went to the closet to find her handcuffs. Taylor and Alex watched Cynthia sleep. Cynthia barely had any covers on her, her naked body exposed, and her right hand was innocently laying on her crotch. Cynthia moaned lightly.
“I don’t think she was repulsed…” Taylor said, smiling.
“Must have enjoyed the show,” Alex muttered.
“Got ‘em” Julie said, coming back from the closet.
Taylor smiled, taking the 4 pairs from Julie, “Awesome,” she said, walking over to Cynthia slowly. She carefully cuffed her hands to both of the bed posts above her head. “Alex, you do her feet,” Taylor said, handing Alex the other 2 pairs.
Alex cuffed Cynthia’s right ankle, and then cuffed the post. She reached for her left ankle, and Cynthia woke up, seeing the three girls above her.
“What the fuck!” Cynthia said, trying to move her hands. Alex acted quickly, getting the last cuff on her.
“What’s going on?!” Cynthia shouted, not able to move.
Julie giggled, “Well, all 4 of us are going to have some fun.”
So sit back, and enjoy the ride,” Taylor said, running her hand up Cynthia’s thigh.
Alex bent down, licking Cynthia’s toes. Cynthia tried not to, but laughed as she was tickled.

(The writing stopped as Jessica came, her hand down the front of her jeans stimulating her wet pussy. She gasped, as her orgasm subsided. The writing on the screen stopped, and John asked for her to write. She blushed, and typed that she had came. Her breathing was still elevated and her heart pumping hard as she left to clean herself up, hopefully coming back to write more and maybe get off one more time…)

Cynthia struggled hard, trying to fight the cuffs, “Please, don’t do this, please let me go!” she begged, but was soon silenced by Julie’s lips.
Alex kept tonguing her toes, and running her hands up Cynthia’s smooth legs. Taylor bent over, her mouth hovering over Cynthia’s wet pussy. She stuck her tongue out, slowly descending to Cynthia’s slit.
Cynthia pulled her lips away from Julie’s, “Taylor don’t you dare! All of you leave, get the fuck out!” but Cynthia’s pleads were ignored by her attackers. Taylor slowly touched Cynthia’s pussy with the tip of her tongue, darting inside her wetness.
Alex hopped up on the bed, sitting on top of Cynthia’s legs, she pressed her hand into Cynthia’s crotch, one finger entering her, as Taylor tickled her clit with her tongue. Julie leaned forward, sucking on Cynthia’s nipple, playing with the other in her hand.
“Stop,” Cynthia said. Her once forceful orders had slowly turned into whimpers. The three girls were giving her pleasure, albeit unwanted pleasure, but pleasure nonetheless. She breathed heavily, arching her back slightly.
Julie bit her nipple playfully, but rough. Alex, down in the southern regions, added a finger deep into Cynthia’s depths, as Taylor sucked on her clit.
Alex smacked her hand on the side of Cynthia’s hip, almost spanking her. Taylor pushed her mouth further down, sucking and licking all over Cynthia’s pussy. A moment later, Taylor moved over, bending down to kiss Cynthia. Cynthia didn’t resist, Taylor’s tongue entering her mouth. Cynthia wanted not to kiss back, but somewhat did, as she tasted herself. No matter how hard she tried, she was enjoying this. Her pussy was burning, wanting to cum.
Julie moved down to her pussy, and clamped her mouth on her waiting lips. Julie wanted to taste her cum again. It was so sweet and juicy. Alex moved her hands under Cynthia, rubbing her ass cheeks, squeezing them softly. Taylor began sucking on Cynthia’s tongue, both of their eyes closed.
Alex moved up between Cynthia’s legs, spreading them. Julie was essentially making out with Cynthia’s dripping slit. Alex pushed the index finger of her right hand into Cynthia’s pussy, and the index finger of her left hand, already wet with her juices, into Cynthia’s ass.
Cynthia moaned loudly, escaping Taylor’s mouth, “Get it out! OW!” Cynthia’s ass cheeks clenched over Alex’s finger. Alex just giggled, and pushed it in harder.
Julie went into overdrive, eating out Cynthia incredibly hard and fast. Alex simply held one finger in both of Cynthia’s holes. Taylor’s mouth came back onto Cynthia’s. Cynthia fought it harder and harder, but couldn’t stop it. Her orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Her pussy squirmed and quivered, shooting her cum into Julie’s mouth and at Alex, her ass clenching on Alex’s finger, and she moaned loudly into Taylor’s mouth as she arched her back.
Once Cynthia’s orgasm subsided, she collapsed on the bed, her eyes slowly closing. The pleasure was beyond her, as it was hard for her to think straight. She didn’t want to like this, but she did.
The girls didn’t stop. Taylor straddled Cynthia’s chest, her wet pussy resting on Cynthia’s tits. Alex giggled, her fingers both being squeezed, she starting to pump them both in and out. Julie kept on eating Cynthia’s now drenched slit. Cynthia moaned loudly, and beyond her control.
“Stop guys,” Taylor said, perched on Cynthia’s glorious little tits. Alex pulled her fingers from Cynthia’s pussy, licking and tasting her juices. The room was filled with the aroma of four dripping slits. Julie extricated her tongue from Cynthia’s wet pussy.
“Now do you understand, Cynthia?” Taylor asked.
“Don’t stop,” Cynthia moaned, her eyes closed, her head lying to the side from the aftermath of her powerful orgasm. The three girls giggled, mission accomplished.

(Jessica came again, moaning loudly, after her second orgasm of the day, “John, I am so tired…can we continue tomorrow?”
Jessica smiled at John, through the internet, and turned off her computer. She walked away, going to bed, the writing would continue later.)

Taylor looked down at Cynthia, as she sat on her chest. She turned her back to Cynthia’s face, and then backed up, putting her pussy on Cynthia’s mouth, “Lick it,” Taylor said, looking back at Cynthia. Cynthia’s tongue escaped her mouth, as it penetrated Taylor’s vaginal lips. She thrusted her tongue in and out of her pussy, tasting her sweet juices.
Alex giggled, seeing Cynthia enthusiastically eating Taylor’s dripping pussy. “That’s our little lesbian,” Alex joked. She leaned down, kissing Cynthia’s sweet pussy, then used her tongue to tickle her clit. Julie suddenly had nothing to do. All of Cynthia’s important areas were already being covered by Alex and Taylor. Julie set her sights on Alex’s dripping slit, as she was bent over eating Cynthia. The sight of Alex bent over, her pussy seemed to beg for her pleasuring tongue, was too tempting to pass up. Julie stepped over a few feet, and bent over the bed, grabbing Alex’s ass cheeks and spreading them. She plunged her mouth between Alex’s legs, diving into her sweet pussy.
This shocked Alex. She jumped a little at the first contact, but let her pussy melt in Julie’s mouth. Alex slowly pushed her body back against Julie, moaning out. She used two fingers to push into Cynthia’s slit, as she sucked on her clit. The smells coming from Cynthia’s pussy were wonderful.
Taylor was still sitting on Cynthia’s face, she leaned forward a bit, putting her hands on Cynthia’s tits, massaging them, to hold her upright. Alex looked up from Cynthia’s hot pussy to see Taylor groping Cynthia while she ate her. Alex, being eaten out herself, couldn’t help but wonder how any of them could deny that this was an amazing experience. Alex thought about it for a second, the whole situation, and giggled a little into Cynthia’s pussy. Alex repositioned herself a little, getting up on all fours, her hands on either side of Cynthia’s hips, this allowed Julie better access to her pussy, something Alex really craved at that moment.
Taylor rode Cynthia’s face, moaning out loud. Cynthia’s tongue pressed against her clit, before slipping back inside her pussy. Taylor threw her blonde hair back, and leaned forward. She let out a small orgasm, as she continued riding. Cynthia smiled a bit, sucking up the juices, going back to work. Julie rubbed her own pussy, as she continued sucking Alex. Alex humped back into Julie’s face, her tits swaying back and forth.
Cynthia felt her second orgasm impending, it made her whole body tingle, she tried to cry out in pleasure, but her mouth was buried in Taylor’s slit. Alex sensed Cynthia’s near orgasmic state, and put two fingers inside her pussy, finger-fucking her vigorously as she continued to orally please her. Alex could sense that her own orgasm would follow closely behind Cynthia’s.
Taylor continued riding, as the other three girls never stopped eating. Alex plunged her tongue in farther, as Julie added in another finger. Cynthia couldn’t do much, but she licked harder. The room was filled with sounds of pleasure and smells of sex. Within a minute, Taylor’s stopped riding, as she began cumming again. Alex, felt Cynthia’s pussy release her juices, her pussy contracting violently. This did enough to Alex to make her cum into Julie’s mouth, which brought Julie on to an enormous orgasm. All the girls came at once, moaning loudly into the air, or into a pussy.
Taylor laid forward, almost in a sixty-nine on top of Cynthia. Alex couldn’t hold herself up, and laid down, her mouth just inches from Cynthia’s still orgasmic pussy. Julie lay forward on top of Alex’s wonderful ass. The girls all panted and breathed loudly. For a few minutes the only movement was of their heaving chests. The lack of talking for the past few minutes had now become an awkward silence. Finally Alex broke the silence, “Just something I noticed…but Julie has been neglected so far…”
Julie smiled at them, her cheek resting comfortably on Alex’s ass cheek, “Guys, it is ok. I’m happy to give and not receive.” She smiled at the three of them. Julie stood up, and looked at the pile of girls that lay under her bunk. “So, what now?” Julie asked.
“I need a shower,” Cynthia said, Taylor’s pussy still just next to her mouth. “You guys are all sweaty and laying on top of me.” They all laughed.
“Shower sounds good,” Julie said, “Let’s go…”

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