72 Hours of Lust – Part one

72 Hours of Lust – Part one


Traci watched out the window as her husband started the car waved at her then backed out for another five days on the road. They had been married twenty years next month and Howard had promised her a second honeymoon to the Bahamas. He was working twice as much lately to get all of his accounts in line before they left for the ten day tropical paradise. Since he had told her about the trip she had been working very hard to get her forty year old body into shape. She didn't want to get to the white sand beaches with the flab of a housewife drooping over the bottom of her swimsuit. All of her efforts so far had been restricted to the house in front of the television for all of the fitness shows she could find.
They had worked pretty well, she had lost ten pounds and firmed her tummy up to the point that she could stand in front of the mirror and not weep because of the middle age paunch. Now she was going to work on the love handles prodtruding from the sides of her mid-section. They weren't really that bad, but she was determined to lose them before the trip. She went upstairs to the bedroom and dropped her housecoat. Standing in front of the full length mirror, she stared critically at her naked body. Her breasts were still pretty firm, she wasn't too worried about them. They had always been the prettiest feature. Cupping her breasts with her hands she pushed them up and smiled. Yes they were still alright, she could even remember a few times younger men would give her the once over when she wore a low cut blouse.
Of course she was always with Howard, and it never ceased to make him grin when he caught one of them. "You still got it baby." He would whisper to her when they had passed. She passed her hands down across her newly flattened tummy, and smiled again. She was proud of the progress she had made. Then sliding them to her hips, she felt the slightly puffy area just above her hips. This brought a frown to her face. "Got to get rid of these love handles." She moaned to herself. Turning a slow piroutte she looked over her shoulder into the mirror. Her full well rounded buttocks were still firm also.
"Hey Traci all you got left is these damn love handles and your are definately ready to go."
Immediately she straightened up, clasped her hands behind her head and began stretching first to one side, then the other. With each stretch she could feel her side pull tight. "Only got a month." She mumbled as she kept bending from side to side. "Only got a month."
Across the big side yard, over the fence, and almost across the next yard, Bill Wadds was busy cleaning up the odds and ends parts of automobiles from the side of his garage. Over the years he had made a habit (a bad one his wife pointed out to him) of throwing old brake shoes, gaskets, carburators, and anything else he happened to be replacing, in a pile beside the garage. It was now time to clean the place up he had decided that morning, since this was the first day of his four days off from the Electrical plant. Of course his wife had helped him with that decision.
Bill was a big burly fella, just past thirty, and well muscled. He had been the high school football hero twelve years ago, and still looked like he could reek some havoc on the opposing quarterback if he had a mind too. He never was good in school so he turned down several scholarships to big universities and went to a local trade school instead. He had never wondered whether he could play college ball, he knew he could. He did know however that he probably couldn't have kept up with the constant barrage of studies. So now he was married to his high school sweetheart and very disenchanted. She had always got on to him for not trying to make more of himself. She just couldn't understand he was happy doing what he was doing, and the electrical plant paid good money.
Taking a break from his chores, Bill stood up and turned toward his neighbors house. Stretching back to stretch the tight muscles in his shoulders, his eyes widened. He looked around quickly to see if anyone was watching him, then stared into his neighbors window. Mrs. Wollby was exercising in her bedroom, with the window shades open, and naked. He didn't quite no what to do, Traci and Howard were good neighbors, but kind of stayed to themselves. He knew he shouldn't be looking at her, but he just couldn't seem to look away. She was a very good looking woman. He was amazed he could see as well as he could, each time she bent to the side, one of her breasts would tighten, the other would softly sway back and forth until she went in the opposite direction.
Bill could feel his cock begin to harden in his pants, as he stood and stared at his naked neighbor. "Maybe she knows I'm down here and shes putting on this little show for me." He told himself, as he reached down to readjust his hardened prick. That optimistic thought was answered rather quickly when Traci looked out the window and saw him. Even from the distance he was, he could see the look of horror on her face when she realized she was being watched. She quickly stepped out of the line of view of the window, Bill could feel his face flush. "Shit now she thinks I'm a damn pervert." He grumbled, turning back to the pile of old auto parts laying on the ground. Still he couldn't help but glance up one more time. The shade was pulled down. "Oh well, it made my morning a little nicer." He said to himself picking up the first of several piles of junk.
"Bill who are you talking too out there?" His wife yelled from the back window.
"No one dear, just talking to myself."
"You better stop, the neighbors will think your weird or something."
"No shit." He mumbled and went back to work.

Traci was trembling as she sat on the end of the bed. "He probably thinks I'm some sort of exhibitionist or something." She said, sitting there in a daze. "It'll probably be all over the neighborhood that I like to exercise naked in front of open windows."
She got up and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As she waited for the water to warm up, she glanced into the mirror, her face was still slightly flushed. She also felt a little tingle in her stomach. That little tingle started slowly moving down, she could feel it slowly make its way to the small hood covered button of her sex. She shivered. Traci was getting turned on by what had just happened, she fought the thought that something so perverse would have that kind of effect on her. She tried to block the thought from her mind, by thinking about Howard, and the trip to the tropics.
Reaching in she felt the water on her hand, opened the shower curtain and stepped in. The warm water sprayed across her chest and stomach like a thousand little fingers, the thought of Bill Wadds seeing her naked raced back into her mind. As she stood, letting the water cascade over her, she felt the urge to touch herself, like she hadn't in years. Closing her eyes tightly, as if she wouldn't know what she was about to do to herself, her hand slowly came across her stomach, down through the tangle of light brown hair and into the folds of her aching womanhood. Her finger brushed over the hood covering her clitoris, and she jumped. A low moan escaped her lips.
She slowly circled her finger around until the litttle fella popped out through its cozy confines. "Oh my," She murmured as she picked up the tempo. "Oh my." She let out a long deep sigh, then slid a second finger into the folds of her cunt and trapped her now extended love button between her two fingers. "Awwwwwwww, yes." Her fingers moved back and forth moving slowly down until she curled them and dipped them into her wet pussy. That was all it took. It had been so long since she felt anything like this. She could feel her knees weaken as her climax hit her. Her inner walls melted around her invading fingers. She reached out with her free hand to steady herself, and continued the assault on her dripping pussy until her orgasm subsided. She then slowly pulled her fingers out and opened her eyes.
It had been years since she had felt anything like that. Something inside her kept churning, her thoughts once again turned to Howard only now she was questioning their sex life. It had become routine, same old thing. The old hop on pump away for a few minutes and off, once every few weeks. Like something that just had to be done, like taking out the trash. Howard had been her only lover for the past twenty years, except for one very clumsy attempt at sex in the back seat of her first boyfriends car, Howard had been the only man she had ever been with. She didn't have anything to compare sex with Howard with, so she had always thought that was it. On and off every once in awhile. How could she miss something she never knew existed?
She didn't like what she was thinking, but she couldn't get it out of her head. At forty years old, she was wondering now if she had missed something. From the little episode in the shower she had her doubts that she had gotten all there was to get out of sex.
After her shower she laid down on the bed, and dozed off to sleep, a good nap and all of these silly notions would be gone, she decided. As she drifted off to sleep, the only thing that she thought of was the muscled young man next door.

Bill didn't see Traci again until later that afternoon. He had taken all of his junk to the dump and was driving back by his neighbors house when he saw her come out of the front door. She had on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He wasn't sure but he didn't think she had a bra on. As he drove by, he felt his face flush once again, as he glanced at her. He smiled weakly and drove on to his drive. Getting out of the truck, he went straight in the house, his wife had left a note on the table that she had gone shopping with her sister and would be back in a few hours.
Bill walked into the back bedroom and opened the shades slightly. He couldn't really see anything except every now and again, her head would come into view along the edge of the fence. Must be working in her garden her decided, then went in and opened a beer and sat down. He sat restlessly in front of the Television for a few minutes, then decided what the hell, he couldn't stay holed up in his house from now on just because the neighbor had forgotten to close the shades to her bedroom. He got up and went into the backyard.
He walked straight to the fence where he figured she was, and peered over. Traci was busy digging the weeds from around her flowers and didn't notice him for a moment. Looking up, her stomach tightened. "Hi." She said with a little quiver in her voice. She looked back down at her flowers.
"Hi, listen Traci, I'm sorry about this morning, I wanted to apoligize, I shouldn't have been looking like that." Bill felt the tension between them grow, it was like an electrical jolt.
"I shouldn't have had my shades open like that, it was my fault." She said, stopping her digging and looking up into his handsome face. "I didn't realize they were open." Traci felt the same tension Bill did. Standing up, she felt the knot in her stomach tighten, something was going to happen and she knew as she gazed into his eyes, she wasn't going to stop it.
"Well anyway, listen, I promise I won't ever look again." He smiled.
"I promise I'll keep my shades drawn next time." She smiled back. Bill finished his beer and sat it down at his feet. "You look thirsty, can I get you a beer?" He asked.
"Ok," Traci replied. She didn't really like beer, but for some reason she didn't want this moment to end.
"Be back in a minute." Bill said turning and hustling back to the house. He picked up the five beers left in the six pack and walked back out to the fence. Traci wasn't there. He shrugged and walked to the end of the fence and around it. "Traci," he called out as he walked around the side of the house. She was sitting at the umbrella covered table on the patio. "Here I am." She said. "Sit down for a minute if you can." Bill sat down across from her and sat the beers down on the table. He opened one and handed it to her, then opened a second one for himself.
"Your flowers are sure looking good, I can't seem to get anything to grow." He said taking a swig of his beer. Traci sipped hers. She was surprised it tasted good.
"Just got to stay with them a lot." She replied taking another sip of beer. She took a deep breath, looked at her neighbor for a moment, then asked, "Bill, answer a question for me."
"Sure, what is it?"
"Do you think I have a nice body?"
Bill nearly choked on his beer, he felt his cheeks turn red, Traci's were red too. "You have a gorgeous body." He answered in complete honesty. He looked into her eyes as he spoke, he was going to feel like a fool in a moment if he was reading her wrong, then she really would think he was a pervert. He could feel his cock began to harden. Standing up he walked around the table, took Traci by the arms and stood her up.
It happened fast, Bills large strong arms circled her, and his lips crushed into her. She was taken by surprise, but didn't fight it. She felt her nipples grow taught as they burned into his massive chest. He was so totally opposite of Howard. Howard was a small man, meek. She felt his tongue push past her lips, a million emotions flooded through her all of them directed at one spot between her legs. She brought her arms up around his shoulders and kissed him back, her tongue now duelling with his. She could feel his hands sliding down her back until he grasped her ass. Forcefully he pushed his jean covered cock into her, she pushed back, unable to control any of her urges. "Oh, god." He growled as their kiss broke, and he nuzzled his face into her neck. "We shouldn't be doing this."
"I know, but it feels so good." She moaned, finding his lips again, and meeting each thrust of his cock into her. His hands released her ass and slid up her sides until he was holding her heaving breasts. He massaged her hardened nipples through her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra.
Realizing they were standing in the back yard, Traci broke the kiss, and pushed Bill away from her. She was panting, and her face was flush. Catching her breath, she turned and walked toward the backdoor. Bill followed her through the door, into the kitchen. Traci had every intention of taking him up to the guest bedroom, Bill had different ideas. Grabbing her from behind, he pulled her back into him. His hands went up inside of her shirt and cupped her naked breasts. Her nipples extended to his touch. He nuzzled her neck biting her lightly, sending shivers down her body. His hands slid to her shorts. They were elastic around the waist so it was no trouble for him to push them over her hips.
Traci leaned back against him as he pushed them down, she closed her eyes to the racing images filling her brain. He pushed on her shoulders and she obeyed bending at the waist and leaning against the counter. Bill pushed her shorts to her knees, then knelt and pushed them to her ankles. No words were spoken as she lifted first one foot then the other, so he could get her shorts off. Then she felt something she had never felt before in her life. Bill put his hands on the inside of her thighs and spread her legs. She then felt his hot breath between her legs. Using his thumbs, he spread her wet dripping pussy, and ran his tongue through her drenched folds. On his second pass he found her clit. "Oh my god," she trembled as her whole body shook. Feeling a mans tongue on her pussy for the first time was more than she could take. She felt herself cum as he buried his tongue in her tight hot box.
Bill stood up and unbuttoned his jeans, releasing his rock hard pole. Traci glanced back and gasped. His cock was huge, much larger than Howards. It had to be at least eight inches long, and it looked as big around as her wrist. She didn't have time to object, cradling her head on her forearms, she felt his bulbous head poke into her lubricated love channel. "Your so big, easy, please I haven't ever had anything that large." She panted, as he slowly forced his cock into her. As he got it halfway in, he pulled back out and started again.
By the third time, he was buried into her. She was tighter than anyone he could ever remember fucking. Even his wife when she was a virgin. "Shit baby, your so tight, I've never felt anything quite like this." He panted as he pulled his cock back again. Traci cringed as the massive piece of meat pushed into her again. Once again she braced herself as he pulled out and plunged in again. Over and over again he fucked into her until her walls were stretched and lubricated enough to accomodate him. He then picked up the rythmn until his turgid tool was reaming her at blinding speed. He groaned and she screamed as he pounded her one last time and he felt his balls tighten, then pump stream after stream of hot gooey cum into her ravaged pussy. She shook violently when she felt his wad drench her stretched love box. She could feel every spurt spill into her, soaking her insides. Her thighs ached and her knees weakened as her second orgasm overcame her as he slowly finished fucking all of his juice and his cock began to soften.
"That was incredible." He said backing away from his sex starved neighbor. "I have never felt anything like that before in my life."
Traci couldn't move, guilt feelings washed over her suddenly. She could feel his cum oozing from her. Some dripped on the floor, some slid slowly down her thigh. Finally she straightened up and turned around. Bill was leaning against the kitchen table, his cock now shrunk to more modest proportions. He had a guilty look on his face too.
"Maybe you had better leave." Traci said in a weak voice.
"Yea, I guess so." Bill pulled his jeans up and snapped them, then turned and walked out the back door. He was in a daze, he couldn't believe what had just happened. He picked up his beer from the table on the patio and walked back around the fence. He had had a few flings during his marriage, but never with anyone his wife knew, and especially no one that lived anywhere near them. The only thing he could think of though was how incredible it was. He walked into the house and sat back down in front of the telelvision, soon he was asleep.
Traci went straight to the bathroom and ran some bathwater, her guilt about what she had just done wouldn't go away. Maybe she could soak it away. With every step she took she remembered his massive tool shoving into her. Her pussy was stretched and sore from the experience. She wondered if it would ever be normal again. She couldn't sort out what had come over her. Sitting in the hot tub of water, she closed her eyes. It was so primative, so carnal, so obscene. It had felt so good. She was realizing slowly that it wasn't what she had done that had her feeling so guilty, but instead how much she had enjoyed it. Sure it hurt when he started, she was stretched more than she had ever been stretched in her life. The lewdness of it turned her on. The suddeness of it fueled something inside of her. As she dozed off in the tub, she remembered looking back and seeing that monster for the first time, then her thoughts turned to his hot tongue licking her and how she had just melted at its touch.
As she dozed, that same feeling began to creep over her again, that had consumed her this morning. She knew she was going to do more, she had no idea what, her body tingled at the thought.

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