8th summer: part 5

8th summer: part 5

During my 8th summer I had followed my 14 year old brother and our next door neighbor Danny around and pestered them to let me play their secret game in the garage and I had to promise to do what they said and not to tell anyone and so I was introduced to sex by them. When school started my brother lost interest in me (he never liked me anyway) because he was into sports and got a girlfriend, but Danny was a nerd and all he had was me, a plain pudgy lonely little girl, and his computer. Danny learned a lot of kinky stuff off the internet and used me to do the things he saw on the net. The more I did for him the more trouble he told me I was in and used this to blackmail me and keep me compliant. He even had a friend hold me down so his dog Dukie could lick his cum out of my pussy and he let his classmates fuck me for money, all while I was 9. I went along with it because I'd promised in the beginning and because I was always threatened that Danny would tell on me and I'd be sent to a home for bad girls because I wasn't a virgin anymore. There's a lot more but that's not for this chapter.

In my 10th summer Danny's mother was unemployed, so his opportunities with me became less because she was home more but he found a way to get me into the vacant field nearby every chance he got, most times under the pretext of walking Dukie. My brother was off with his sports and his girlfriend and my mother was doing her own thing so having Danny watch me was an advantage for her. We lived in a kind of remote area and there weren't any other kids around and if Danny wanted to bother with me, no one seemed to care because then neither of us were bothering our mothers.

The field was overgrown & had a center area that was hollowed out and not at all visible from any direction and this is where Danny would take me. As soon as we climbed down the hollow I'd have to pull my pants down for him and eventually take off all of my clothes except my sneakers and socks. And then I'd have to do whatever Danny wanted. I'd have to squat and pee in front of him or he'd have me squat and lean back facing up and shoot a stream of pee out for him. He'd hold Dukie on the lease till I was done peeing and then he'd let Dukie lick my pussy. I hated this having this damn dog licking me between my legs on my privates and would always try to protest it was so embarrassing having this dog licking my private parts but Danny would warn me that I had to do it or else he's tell and he'd say his mom noticed Dukie was always at me when I was in their house so she'd believe him. Then Danny would tie Dukie to a limb and takel his pants or shorts off and have me do something to him. He'd french kiss me to get his cock hard and then he'd have me squat down and kiss and lick the head of his little dick and his balls. Danny wasn't well endowed and though he was 6 years older than me, not much taller. I'd have to work my way around behind him and then he'd bend over and spread his cheeks so I could lick his asshole and eventually stick my tongue in his ass and french kiss his asshole getting my tongue inside as best I could. Sometimes Danny would take a shit on the ground and have me lick his ass clean or he'd finger fuck my ass till I shit and then he'd let Dukie lick my ass again after I licked his finger clean. He'd found a smooth short piece of a broom handle that he'd hidden in the bushes and he'd stick it up my ass and leave it there awhile while I did other stuff with this broom handle sticking out my ass. When he did this he said now I was a real piece of tail, whatever that meant. Depending on what he wanted, he'd either bend me over and fuck my pussy from behind standing up or he'd have me squat in front of him and suck him till he was ready to cum and then he'd shoot his pathetic little load on my breasts and let Dukie lick it off my chest. Sometimes he'd fuck my face and cum in my mouth holding my head by my hair as his balls hit my chin until he shot his little load into my mouth and had me swallow what there was of it. Sometimes after that I'd have to let Dukie lick the inside of my mouth, being french kissed by his dog. He noticed that Dukie would stick his wet snout in my pussy every chance he got wherever we were and I guess this gave him ideas. This stupid dog seemed to have a thing for me and Danny let the damn dog do things to me that made me feel so embarrassed and I hated the dog more than anything on earth. Danny was a sick little fucker and I wasn't too bright so he had complete control of me and knowing how I felt about the dog seemed to make him push the dog on me more and more.

We had to be somewhat quick with all this because we couldn't be gone too long but we always managed to be gone long enough for me to be used to Danny's satisfaction. I was always careful not to get my knees dirty, which is why I had to squat all the time and to keep my clothes hung on a branch so they wouldn't get dirty. Danny knew enough that if there was anything out of the ordinary from taking the dog for a walk we'd be in big trouble, though he was always telling me I'd be the one in trouble which is why I always did what he wanted. I guess I also liked someone paying attention to me because no one in my house did and I didn't have any friends of my own.

One afternoon Danny called me over to the fence right after lunch and was all aggitated that we had to walk Dukie and I needed to tell me mom so we could go right away. I went inside and mom was on the phone and I said I was going to walk Dukie with Danny and she interrupted her phone call to say she had to go to the store in a bit and might not be here when I got home so I was to go over Danny's till she got home. Danny's mother was out looking for a job so I was left with Danny for the afternoon and he knew it. He was in a big hurry to get us to the field and when we got to the center area I saw that there were 2 other boys sitting there, one about Dannys' age 16-17 and the other even older. They were sitting on the ground and gave Danny grief when we got there about being late.

This is her? The older one said. She's just a kid and she don't look all that hot. Danny said don't worry she'll do what you want and the older boy said I dunno this isn't so good. She ain't even a teenager is she? Danny said well, sorry, Britney Spears wasn't available today. If we get caught with this kid, and Danny cut him off and said we won't and she won't dare tell. She's done this before. All of it. The other boy just sat there looking at me waiting looking very uneasy and almost scarred.

Danny said Eileen get undressed and I kinda whispered please Danny I don't know these boys and Danny took my arm gave me that look that said I better do it or he'd tell, so I turned my back to them and slowly pulled my shorts down and then my cotton underpants and put them on a branch and slipped my tee shirt over my head and hung it up too feeling very self-conscious. Because I was pudgy my breasts were round and noticeable and mom made me wear a training bra so I took that off too. I stood with my back to them so they couldn't see my front as I was horribly embarrassed to have to strip in front of these strange older boys who didn't seem too nice, one of whom had said I was nothing to look at. I didn't know what the game was gonna be, but I didn't think it wouldn't be much cuz we were always in a hurry in the field, but then no one was at home waiting for us today.

Turn around the older boy said, all the way. I hung my head and put one hand over my crotch and the other arm across my chest to try to hide myself. Now now, hold your hands out at your side so we can see you. Yeah, ok, well she isn't too bad. That made me feel a little better. I like the bald pussy and the tits aren't bad even though she's kinda fat. Wow! What a put down. My face was so red when he said that, even redder than it was from having to show myself naked to them. Geez, I was pudgy but I had a waist and I had baby fat but I wasn't fat. I dunno why but this was even worse than last year when Danny brought me naked into his kitchen in front of his classmates who had paid him to each spend 10 minutes alone with me. You swear she's no virgin, this kid? Danny said oh yeah she hasn't been a virgin for awhile. Again I felt mortified and humiliated like I was some kind of slut.

Danny said ok, let's go? And the older boy said Josh you go on now. Josh said I dunno she's not too old she's like my little sister, and the older boy said, yeah good practice for you, now move. Josh sort of lazily stood up and said look Randall you said you had a girl for me to fuck for my first time but this is a kid. I thought I was gettin' at least someone my age. Randall said fuck you Josh, you heard Danny, Britney wasn't available. I said I'd get you laid and here's a girl you can fuck right now. Ugly and dumb as you are you're lucky to have anyone to fuck now shut up and do it. Unless you think you can't. So Josh shut up and walked over to me and proceeded to reach out and feel my breasts then he put an arm around my bare shoulders and leaned down and sucked on my nipples and made them stand up. As he did this he started fondling my ass with one hand and then probing my pussy with his other hand. He started slow but got braver once he started feeling me and sucking my tits and sticking his fingers into me he worked himself into it and I could hear Randall kinda laughing and I was reminded to my shame and humiliation that not only was I an arranged fuck for this ugly virgin nerd who was poking and prodding me but that other boys were watching this boy do it to me.

He stepped back and opened his fly and took out his cock and jerked himself a few times but it was already kind of hard and he took me by the back of my head and said ok, get on it. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him a little and he took it out of my mouth and looked over at Danny and said I'm bout ready now what and Danny said bend her over and fuck her from behind and he said ah shit I ain't fucking this kid and Randall said Josh just do it will ya? And Josh said this ain't right and Randall said look what you already done to her is bad enough so fuckin' 'er ain't gonna make it any worse than it already is and we both saw you. You molested this little girl Josh, so you may as well fuck her too so you won't die a virgin. She may be the only girl to never tell you no and he and Danny both laughed. I'd already told them no but no one was listening to me.

So Josh turned back to me and said almost apologetically suck me somemore I got kinda limp and I took his cock in my hand and put it in my mouth and sucked it like a lolly pop till he got hard again and he said ok, ok, bend over and I turned around and bent down with my ass in the air but he was too tall and said I can't get in her from here so Danny said lay down Eileen and I said I'll get dirty and Danny said Eileen! Do it! So I layed down forward in the dirt and Josh said no, turn over on your back and so I turned over now all dirty and Josh layed on me and tried to guide his cock to my pussy lips. Danny whispered something to Randall and Randall came near us and said pull her legs up and it'll be easier to get in her. And Randall grabbed me behind my knee and jerked my leg back towards my head while Josh took that leg and my other pressing them back and raising my torso so I was easier for him to enter. Almost as soon as the head of his cock entered my little pussy it started to quiver and Josh said oh shit and leaned it into me pushing down on me as his cock went inside my little 10 year old pussy. He only had to thrust a few times to get the hang of it. I was kinda wet from being probed by his fingers so once he shoved it all the way in me it moved pretty easy. He wasn't very big. He seemed to forget that he was fucking a little kid now as he moved his cock in and out of me grunting each time he thrust forward jostling me along the ground. He humped me a few minutes in and out holding my legs and leaning into me and he seemed to have it down pretty good and seemed to be enjoying himself. He was getting ready to cum and he let go of my legs to brace himself and I kept them raised and squeezed round him so I wouldn't lose him and have to go through this again. He made a funny noise when he shot his load into me and he kinda collapsed on top of me. He was a big boy despite his little dick and he kinda suffocated me. Randall and Danny began to applaud and whistle. Josh ain't no virgin anymore Randall howled. He got off me and stood up and quickly pulled his jeans up sort of embarrassed now. How was it Randall asked with mock seriousness and Josh said, good, yeah, it was ok and Randall slapped him on the back. Now maybe you can get your sister to do it with you and Josh slapped Randall's arm away and said not funny. I started to get up and Randall shot Danny a look. Danny said don't move and he brought Dukie over as the boys surrounded me with the dog hopping around on his leash anxious for his treat.

Dukie knew right what to do and sniffed between my legs with his wet snout and started licking my pussy right off. This was too much and I tried to pull my legs up and move away but the 3 of them were on me almost at once holding my legs open and pinning my arms over my head so the dog could lick between my legs and eat the little bit of cum out of my pussy. I squirmed as much as I could, which wasn't much with 3 much older bigger boys pinning me down, and they laughed and Randall said, yeah, this is awesome as Dukie moved around licking my little pussy as I squirmed in the dirt while these 3 held me down in the dirt. This is so cool Randall kept saying. Hold her legs up now Danny said and my legs were pinned over me exposing my bottom so Dukie could lick my asshole which he did sticking his snout between my cheeks. When Dukie wouldn't lick me anymore Randall said ok get him off her before I lose it in my shorts that was incredibly hot. He looked around and took his shorts off. Let 'er go, don't you move little girl.

He had a skinny longer dick that was straight out bending left and oozing precum and bobbing up and down and as I started to get up again he pushed me down again and said don't move and straddled my chest sticking his cock in my face. Suck it, sweetie and took my head from behind and pulled it forward onto his cock. Hold still he said and holding my head between his hands started to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth fucking my mouth. Just relax, yeah, yeah, now you got it, yeah, and he shot a load of cum into my mouth as I lay in the dirt with him straddling my chest. Whew he said when he was done and he stood up, his dick hanging down in front of him, his hands on his hips, a smile on his face. He reached for his shorts and put them on as I lay naked and stil in the dirtl. Common Josh we better get goin'. This been a big day for you. Danny, you done good. We'll see you again. Maybe we can get the dog more on her, you know, next time, you know? Danny kind of nodded and Randall said you have her up the ass and Danny shook his head and Randall smiled. See ya, Danny. No one said a word to me as a lay in the dirt sweaty and used, waiting to be told what to do next. No thank yous, no good job Eileen. Nothing to me.

They climbed over the ridge and were gone and Danny said get up, you're filthy and I gotta get you cleaned up before anyone gets home. I thought, yeah I sure am filthy, but you can't get me clean anymore.

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