A Boys Sex Training Part 1

A Boys Sex Training Part 1

Charlie thinks he can get away from me, that I am easily escaped. Yet he listened to my fabulous "Vagina" recording on my website how many times? A total of four now…..he tries to deny his obsession with me when I confront him about it.

Charlie is a 67 year old, impotent, white male from my home state. He called me out of the clear blue one night sounding as if he might have a heart attack any minute. Babbling on about how powerful I am, and this and that about my thighs. He was utterly obsessed with my legs and thighs, stuttering so badly I had a very hard time understanding what he was saying.

Most men are quite scared when they call me (I post my phone number on my personal Bitch Goddess Home Page on the internet), as well they should be, but Charlie was in a near state of panic. I had to tell him to calm down, take a deep breath, and to let me do the talking.

I explained to him about my expectations for every level of slave that serves me. I asked him many questions and in turn communicated what I wanted and would demand of him. I talked for quite a while, I analyzed him deeply. I took on a corporal tone that I could tell was giving him mild seizures as he was breathing like a freight train.

No, he wasn't masturbating. He's impotent and hasn't been able to gain an erection in ten years. We discussed this to great detail, as I am very intelligent and well versed in the ways of sexual dysfunction. I studied this to some degree in college and still do side research as a hobby. I asked just the right questions to, indeed, prove this to be true.

He emails me the next day with something near post traumatic stress dis-order, explaining how sick he felt and that he was so scared he would lose all his self control and could never go to my site again. He further explains he is terrified of me.

I decide, while reading his further whinings, that I want to make him suffer. Typically "normal" males are given a degree of pity because they are slaves to their sexual organs. They are still punished, as should be, but it is understood their cock is their center of being and this is how they are controlled……like the handle it is.

But this guy isn't "normal", he has no throbbing boner to blame his actions of stupidity on. I realize he is just *that* stupid, he actually thinks he can just let me slip from his mind. This guy thinks about me constantly yet he he tries to deny it.

This is where it gets interesting: I have a new slave applicant that just happens to work for Charlie's internet service provider. This particular applicant does not make much money, but sacrifices most of it to me and is always begging for other things to do to benefit me. I contact him and tell him if he wants to kiss my ass like a good little boy that he can find me some information on this old fart Charlie.

Within minutes I had his address, phone, and his computer access information. I logged into his system and placed an "asshole program" to start reporting any outgoing packets of info to me (no password and no firewall on a dedi connection, what a moron) and sniffed his internet data transfers. I happened upon some live chatting going on, it was registered to this profile: "18 yr old male-Scott". It was his Grandson, same last name, same address.

Intrigued I decide to see what this little Scott-manchild is up too.

I watch Scott's chatting, he bounced to a few different rooms and had private conversations with very flirty girls. I watched his actions for several days, finally what I was waiting for happened. He emailed his picture to a girl he had been chatting with. I snagged it, copied it, and sent it back on it's way to her within nano-seconds.

Not bad, a total smooth babyface. No facial hair, and an overall "cute" appearance. I had been watching his conversations enough to know he had a very normal sex drive…..and from the amount of porn that I watched him download he must masturbate quite a bit.

Every night around 11:00 PM to be exact, haha.

I decide I want to play. I want to seduce this younger version of Grampa to show him how weak his seed is, how easily I can control and manipulate any of his male family tree. Besides, this manchild was beginning to grow on me. I had never allowed a younger man into my life before, this could prove to be a valuable learning experience for me, a great learning experience for dear old Grampa when I break the shocking news.

I log into the chatroom Scott is in and blend right into the open conversation. The discussion was of sex, something I know my way around. Within minutes I had him openly talking to me, and within an hour we were deep into a private conversation.

I let my dominant nature show through without being too cruel. My point was to get this kid in my clutches, not have him run away, screaming into into the night. He was putty in my hands, talking about any subject I started, relaying past relationships and their difficulties, everything and anything I wanted to know without hesitation.

I ask for his number, "I would like to call and hear your voice", I purr. He gives me his mobile phone number and I call him. Just like Grampa the nervousness is very apparent, but expected. We talk for a while, I take the conversation in the direction of going out. I start this with a request to exchange photo's, I knew once he saw me he would not be able to resist anything I asked of him. We emailed them to each other while talking on the phone, I made my move. "We live three hours apart, there is no reason why I can't see for myself if you are the little hottie guy in this photo. You really want to see if I look like that, don't you?, I explain to him.

He knew I was older, though by only a couple of years, and he knew I was extremely aggressive. Not that I could hide that side of me even if I tried. After admitting he was dying to see me in person Scott agreed and I made a set time of two weekends away, I would get a room and stay the night as I did not feel like driving 6-7 hours in one day. Upon hearing this he made a small choking sound and acted like it was a sneeze. This made me smile ear to ear, he was scared.

Over the next two weeks I chat with him quite a bit, making sure to give him just enough to keep him begging. Never really having cyber sex but teasing him and making very dominant sexual metaphors. It is through this ball blue-ing torture I discover he is into legs and stomachs, just like Gramps.

Finally the weekend arrives, I could tell this poor kid's cock must have nearly been choked to death during the two weeks I sexily-yet-not-quite-sex chatted with him by the way he sounded on the phone. "I can't wait to see you, I found a nice cozy coffee house just like you said." he stammered into the phone.

"Great, I should be ready to see you at 8 o'clock tonight. I will phone you when I am ready" and I hung up.

I got to my hotel, settled in and took a very hot bath. I shaved my legs and pubic hair completely, and used a loofah to make my skin petal soft.

I towel dried and smoothed vanilla scented lotion into my skin and sprinkled a little baby powder across my shoulders.

I pinned my hair up but let a few dark brown ringlets fall upon my shoulders. I slid into a floor length black dress with a thigh high slit on one side. It wasn't too elegant, but very classy. I laid my closed toe black suede heels and pure silk black thigh highs with garter across the chair in my suite's living area. Making it appear innocent, all the while knowing they will grab his attention as soon he see's them.

I love seeing a beautiful leg in an expensive stocking, I can see how some men would love seeing that to the point of obsession.

I phone Scott, "Are you ready now? Why don't you go ahead and come to my room, we can talk a bit while I finish getting ready."

"Sure, on my way. Can I bring anything?" he sounds really nervous now, I can barely stifle my giggles. "Ummm….I have wine here, just bring you." I closed that statement with a very exacting tone, and hung the phone up before he could say more.

Ten minutes later I see shadows moving under my door, I peek through the little peephole and see Scott pacing at my hotel room door. I can't hear what he is saying but his mouth is moving as if he is arguing aggressively with someone.

I watch him, simply studying his movements, watching him spin circles and piston his fists in the air. Suddenly he stops and turns to face the door. He steps forward and raises his hand. He knocks.

I wait a few seconds and open the door widely, his eyes crawl over my body in a flash. I tell him to come in and his eyes meet mine in a kind of dazed stupor. I repeat myself with the slightest inflection of annoyance in my tone and he snaps awake, blushes and walks into the room.

As expected I see his eyes settle on my stockings and heels for several moments. I handed him a glass of wine and told him to sit down while gesturing to the couch.

I was still bare footed, I had waited till this moment to finish with my beauty ritual. I grabbed my Loreal' Red toenail polish and sat next to him and began to polish my toes resting my feet on the coffee table.

I was pleased to see his eyes nearly glued to my toes, ankles, and any leg I let show.

I slowly sipped on my glass of wine, while his nervousness prompted him to drink much faster. Within 15 minutes (one and a half coats of polish) he had drank 4 glasses. By the time I finished another 15 minutes later he was becoming very inebriated.

I had told him not to eat dinner, that we would eat when we went out as I wanted him to drink on an empty stomach. My evil plan was working.

I gave him another two drinks, then he was officially drunk. Slurring his words a bit and stumbling he actually missed setting his glass on the table and dropped it to the floor, smearing my fresh polish with his sleeve as he bent down to pick it up.

An opportunity too perfect to pass up, I decided to sidetrack from my original plans and use this accident to my advantage. "Ugh! You clumsy toad! Look what you did!" I scolded him. His facial expression looked like I just told him he tested positive for cancer.

I quickly got up and left the room without saying a word. He instantly started pleading with me not to go, that he was sorry and felt drunk and didn't mean any harm.

I returned with some tissue and polish remover, and the ice bowl filled with warm water. "Your going to have to fix what you fouled." I commanded. With a quick yet firm push I shoved him onto the floor and sat on the couch before him, placing everything into his lap.

"Remove the smeared polish, rinse my feet and dry them, then repaint them."

Still in complete shock he blurts out, "No, I ….no…..I can't…no". "Do it now, don't make me have to tell you twice." I half purred half growled cutting off his plea's to stop.

I reached down and forcefully grabbed his face with one hand and pulled it very close to mine "You will do what I say without question.".

And nothing more. I said it very very deeply, I could hear his breathing stop when I spoke. His face was pure white, but he finally started to move his hands. He made a very dry "gulp" sound deep in his throat.

He moistened the tissue with polish remover and went about the task of removing the polish he had smeared across the top of my foot and toes. Then he carefully placed my foot into the bucket of warm water and rinsed the horrible smelling polish remover from them.

As he was drying them I questioned his thoroughness, "Did you rinse all that icky acetone off? I hate the way that smells and don't want it drying my delicate skin".

"Yes ma'am, I did." he wimpered in response.

Ma'am. Unaware, he addressed me as a slave addresses a Mistress. This manchild may have training potential. I grin.

"No, I don't think you did. You've done poorly, now lick them clean" I crisply stated.

"Wha!….Not…." he started, "Now." I said cutting him off. I lifted my foot to his mouth and put my toes to his lips. "Suck them clean." I said smiling from ear to ear.

His breathing was very short and labored and I just had to look: yes, his cock was rock hard poking through his black cotton cargo pants. He opened his mouth and I slid my toes inside, feeling his warm wet tongue instantly start licking around and sucking at my little tootsies.

His eyes closed and he looked like a hooker sucking cock for a very large amount of money. It felt great, but I did not let on.

I let him suck my feet and lick around my toes for several minutes, making sure my feelings of pleasure were being met. I told him to stop, and pulled my toes from his mouth.

"Kiss my body. Do not use your tongue, but kiss all over my body from the legs up." I growled, my vagina becoming more than a little aroused.

"Yesssss Goddess" he half whispered, half moaned. I placed my feet together and set them in his lap.

He lifted them and began kissing my ankles, rapid little rabbit-like kisses. "Slowly!" I reprimanded him. He instantly slowed down, then began to kiss the fronts of my calves, slightly moaning as he worked his way up my shins.

His hands began working on their own, massaging my leg muscles as he passionately began kissing my knees and lower thighs.

As he began on my thighs I noticed a definite tremble in his hands, I began to wonder if this inexperienced little boy was going to cum in his own pants.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his pouty lips to my flesh, feeling him slow to an almost stop as he kissed the tops of my thighs. Very slowly I let my knees fall apart, giving him just enough reach to start kissing the insides of my thighs.

His breathing could not be missed, nor could his engorged penis.

With my eyes closed to slits I pulled the thigh high slit in my dress around to the front, my black sheer panties just barely visible. My slightly swollen clitoris just peeking behind the see through material.

When I shifted the dress and my panties came into view he tried to dive for it, I had anticipated this and stopped him cold by putting my palm against his forehead and shoving back, "Slowly, do it exactly how I tell you too." I hissed at him.

His response was a feral grunt.

I pushed his face down against my thighs again, making him pick up where he had left off. A little moan escaped me as he began to kiss and smother my naked thighs with harder kisses, yet still soft and very pleasurable.

"Kiss my upper hips, but not on my panties." I whispered, knowing I was going to make this boy give me an orgasm very soon.

Instantly he was kissing around the borders of my panty line, trying to get as close to my vulva as he could without angering me. I reached up and slid both dress straps down my shoulders. I stopped him and slid my dress down and off of my body.

I lay there on my back wearing only my very expensive sheer black g-string. My nipples were very hard, and his eyes were very wide.

"Kiss my belly and chest." I coo'd in a very husky voice. I was really beginning to enjoy this little man-toy. He was still sitting on the floor, he got up on his knees between my legs. Scott covered my torso with kisses, and smooched all around my breasts but avoided my nipples.

I held one of my breasts and forced a nipple into his mouth, "Suck, but not too hard or I will hurt you." I whispered close to his ear. He began to suck my nipple very gently but very noisily. He was still between my legs, positioned just perfectly for missionary sex. I could feel him trying not to let his erect cock rub against me.

I pushed his head down from my nipples, "Kiss me over my panties." I barely whispered, I was starting to run out of breath. In an instant his lips were all over the front of my panties, I pushed his head down further so that his kisses began landing directly on my now engorged clitoris.

"Harder…suck me through….." I moaned, losing the breath to finish the command. Scott began sucking my clit through my panties, and it felt so good. I felt my hips start rocking against him, grinding my flesh against his face.

I shot up and slammed him backwards, making him land flat on his back on the floor. I ripped my panties off and straddled his face, looking down directly into his eyes as I placed my soaking labia onto his mouth.

"Listen to me very carefully, do not disobey me or you will never see me again, and I will cause you such pain you won't ever want to have sex with another woman. Understand? Nod if you do". He nodded, providing me with delicious friction against his mouth and nose.

"I'm going to cum on your face. I want you to stroke your cock while I do this, so I can study how you cum. If I like the way you ejaculate I will explore that further the next time I allow you to see me."

"Take your cock out, and start stroking it. Keep your mouth closed until I tell you differently", the sound of my voice had him entranced. I heard his zipper and turned my head around to see he was following my order. His cock was straight and deep purple, the end seemed to be leaking already.

"You're going to cum very quickly, aren't you?" I questioned. He nodded, again making my orgasm ache to be released. "You have to wait for me, you do not cum before me. If you do I will cut off your oxygen until you pass out, and once you are out cold you are very very vulnerable, understand?" I squeezed my legs together, squishing his face and cutting off his air supply.

His head started nodding furiously as his face started to turn red. I relaxed and massaged my breasts, slowly beginning to move my pelvis against his closed mouth. I turned to check if he was jerking his cock and was surprised to see him holding it perfectly still, but in a near fist like grip.

"Open your mouth, slide your tongue inside me." I panted, I was going to cum soon. My vagina filled with his warm tongue and I felt him trying to drive it in as deep as he could. I positioned my clit against his top lip and instantly he was sucking it with violent passion.

I realized and understood he was trying to make me cum, because his orgasm was almost here.

As he began to create constant suction on my clitoris I felt my orgasm start to come. I was breathing fast and making noises I could not recognize as my own, I ground my vagina against his chin while his tongue and lips worked on my clit.

It started, my legs clenched hard as I began to cum. I squealed and grunted as my body was hit with wave after wave. I was bucking up and down against his face and I could not stop. I threw my head back and relished every spazm and contraction…..it was a very strong orgasm. Slowly it started to end, it wasn't until then I realized he was trying to scream.

I look down and his face is beat red, and his eyes bulging. I relaxed my legs, I was literally smothering him between them during my orgasm! As soon as I relaxed my legs I felt a drop of cum shoot out and splash on my back. I turned around to see him using both hands to roughly jerk his cock, and a little of his cum on his stomach. I felt a little more hit my bum crack and dribbled down to my ass.

I jumped up, "Bad! Get up NOW!" I bellowed very very loudly. I kicked him in the side with cum still half shooting and half dribbling out if his cock hole. He got to his knees very quickly and with a pained yelp, I might add.

Cock no longer dribbling but still hard and still in his hands I barked, "Lick it off, lick your fucking cum off me! I did not tell you to soil me!" I was livid!

Instantly, tongue down my back and all over my ass, as he licked and sucked every drop of his sticky cum from my white skin. I looked down between my knees to see his hands forcing yet another batch of cum from his cock, he was cuming again and all over the nice carpeting. I decided to let this slide, I couldn't blame him for cuming while sucking and licking my anus clean.

I allowed him to give me this pleasure, I liked very much to feel his tongue probe my folds of skin, I felt another orgasm building, "Slide a single finger into my vagina while you lick my ass clean…" I commanded him.

I decided I would not tell his Grandfather of this yet, that I would keep this valuable bit of information to myself until I felt I needed to use it. Scott was a whole separate problem that needed to be dealt with while there was still hope for him………..

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