A Boys Sex Training Part 2

A Boys Sex Training Part 2

I shoo'd Scott out through the door the next morning around 11 am, I handed him a gift: a personal digital mobile phone with built in GPS I had picked up at a local mobile phone dealer. I had picked up several, given one to Little Jacqueline and stashed the rest in my personal safe.

"Keep this with you at all times, while you belong to me you need to be available to me and at my beck and call." I said this as a deep whisper, directly into his ear.

"Yesss..ss….." he stammered and pretended to be overly interested in the mechanics of the phone. I make certain not to mention the special global positioning feature of this particular model.

"Avoiding me?" I firmly grasped his chin and made him look into my eyes.

When I caught his gaze he let out the cutest little whimper. This made me laugh, I kissed him hard on the lips, turned him around and swatted his ass through the door with my right hand making sure to leave a warm sting for him.

"Now go home to Mommy, I will come and get you when I need you."

"Ok, but…well uh can I have some notice before….." he began to stutter even worse. I grabbed his family's still hardened jewels right there in the open doorway of my room and reminded him that speaking such a way can get a man hurt. Badly.

I made him get on his hands and knees and kiss my feet before shutting the door behind him. I had been pleased with his performance sexually. He seemed to be naturally sexual and most definitely eager to please.

He was also a very good kisser, something I find very stimulating. I love to make out with pretty boys, it's one of my few vices. I had never actually fucked one before tonight though, and I found myself wondering why I had denied myself this carnal pleasure before.

As I packed my things and prepared to leave I found myself singing, apparently kinky sex appeals to my moral. Good, this is healthy. My life is unique in a destructive kind of way, knowing something that feels so good is also psychologically healthy pleases me.

I got into my wheels and hopped on the interstate back home, taking time to put Faith No More into the CD player.

A few hours later…….

I threw my bedroom doors open and started stripping completely nude. I kept walking while wriggling out of my clothes and headed straight for my master bath. I turned the hot water on all the way and started filling the huge jacuzzi style tub.

Now completely nude, I closed my bedroom doors and turned my stereo system on. A mixed cd of some arsty fartsy Sade kind of stuff, I get zen now and then when I want to relax.

I fiddled with the water knobs some more and found a "mildly too hot – but just hot enough" temperature. Reaching across the tub, I selected a strawberry and vanilla scented bath oil and added a little to my steaming bath water.

After lighting seven or eight candles, I turned the lights off and slid into the hot water. It felt wonderful, my body felt tingly and alive…….

Some time later Little Jacqueline, my head slave, turned the lights on and awakened me from my light doze. Lil' Jaqi is a tall man, heavily feminized.

"Goddess, are you ok?? You have been in here forever and I was starting to worry!".

I grabbed my soaking wet heavy terry cloth washcloth from under the water and whipped it at him, in my very best Donatella Versace impression I bellowed," Get out, you ass burglar!"

My wash cloth hit it's intended target and splat right in the center of his face. He shrieked like a damned banshee and ran from the bathroom like some over dramatic 50's movie Starlette.

"Shut the fucking light back off or I will pull out great chunks of your nostril hair with rusty needle nose pliers……" I loudly snarled as he exited. Stopping dead in his tracks, I saw his knuckly sissy paw sneak around the corner, and after clumsily fumbling for a few seconds successfully flipped the switch into "Off" position. Then I heard the clickity-click of him hurriedly skipping away again in his freakishly huge platform fuck-me heels.

I closed my eyes and giggled to myself, as much as Little Jacqueline annoyed me he was a fantastic personal assistant. He screwed things up on occasion but he always tells me and immediately confesses, many slaves hide their mistakes leaving me to find them later……a SERIOUS mistake as I ALWAYS find the truth.

"Honesty is rewarded, deceit of any kind is a mortal sin here," I had explained to him during his first weeks with me as I was showing him around the Urn Room. Dozens of priceless jewel encrusted urns, each filled with the cremated remains of a servant that stole, lied, or just plain didn't turn out right.

Initially Little Jacqueline had gazed around the lavishly decorated room as though I were showing him a pirate's treasure. I said not a word to him, but let him wander about the room, finding his own way to the white marble plaques. One was placed in front of each urn, reading one single 6 letter word carved into the beautiful stone: SINNER.

Little Jacqueline had actually fainted and remained out cold for nearly two hours after that.

Since then he has been in a constant state of low level panic, which was the whole reason of showing him the room to begin with. He works harder to be perfect, and he pushes other slaves harder to help keep the peace and moral up.

For his efforts I allow him the great privilege of dressing in finer women's clothing, as well as letting him be picky about which male slaves he is to sexually please.

Usually, I play Chinese Fire Drill (go ahead and bitch about PC, that's what we call them here) and mix and match different slaves together. The ritual is to assign two male slaves together for 2 full nights and three days. At the end of the third day the slaves return alone to their private rooms for one night alone to clean up and relax.

Of course, not everyone likes the partner I choose for them……..otherwise known as The Fun Part. Arguments are not permitted but they always happen, this prompted me to install camera's in all slaves' quarters and gathering areas.

It is very easy for me to keep an eye on them, I can access their feeds through any of my home systems or my portable LCD units via encrypted wireless networking I had installed, the range covers my entire land plot.

All of these thought lazily swam through my head for some time as I lay in the hot steamy water. I reminded myself to peek in on Jake and Erik, two ex-sex slaves that I paired up together. Jake has a reputation for being quite a sexual predator with the other slaves and always gives me a good "show" on the surveillance cameras.

I rinsed off with the hand-held faucet and dried completely with a huge buttercup yellow terry bath sheet. I found something skimpy and silky and slipped into bed for a nap.

A few days later….

Wearing a simple pair of low hung (Levi's faded hip huggers with a button fly and straight leg….and a flirty rip under the right rear pocket that I simply adored) jeans and a black shirt that had long sleeves but was clingy and showed my belly button, I buckled on some chunky black leather boots. "Tres cute!" I thought to myself. "The boy won't know what to do…." I wickedly chuckled.

I grabbed my mobile phone and told it to, "Dial Scott.", two seconds later I hear it ringing. And ringing. I let it ring for a full 25 seconds before I hung up.

A flash of hot annoyance burned my cheeks, but only briefly. "I'll just see where he is…..", I logged into my GPS mobile account and located the remote unit. I logged it's exact position and wait 5 whole minutes and re-triangulate, the unit had moved 17 feet. Eureka! He actually had it with him but had the phone's power shut off. Most likely because I had let several days pass since our encounter and he was not actually expecting me to call him back since I had waited so long to do so.

An error in judgement I would shortly be bringing to his attention.

I summoned Little Jacqueline and informed him I would be out all night tonight as well, that I had some hunting and tracking to do.

"Oh Goddess, your favorite! I know how much you love The Hunt." he squealed and clasped his hands together under his chin. "Indeed, and when I track him down I won't be leaving anything for the buzzards!" I laughed very loudly and danced around the room playfully tossing clothes into my overnight bag.

I triangulated his position a few more times and uplinked the data into my mobile computer. I made sure the digital modem card is connecting properly so that I can use my mobile computer to track him while I am in transit to his location.

Course plotted I remind Little Jaqueline that he's in charge and to announce my return to be tomorrow should any of my servants inquire, and that I will most likely be bringing home a new house guest.

I made a last quick bathroom potty break, 45 seconds later I peeled out of my driveway warming up my Z-rated stickies for the mini road trip ahead.

With no major hitches in digital service signal I was able to track Scott's general location with no wrong turns in just under 2 hours and 35 minutes. When I got within 3 miles of his signal I stopped at a fancy looking Holiday Inn and acquired the Bridal Suite.

Any room with a hot-tub/Jacuzzi is called a Bridal Suite, they are not always super fancy like they sound. I am pleased to find this particular room suited me, with Victorian furnishings and a beautiful four poster bed. I ordered room service and have a few bottles of champagne brought up and some fine milk chocolates.

I freshened up in the bathroom and touched up my lipstick and hair. "I can't wait to see the look on his face." I chuckled to myself.

I logged into my GPS account and after a few minutes of calculations and comparisons with a little local map on a brochure the hotel was nice enough to leave by the phone, I discovered he is at a local tavern only one block away.

A bar. The kid hangs out at meat markets, a habit I frown upon. I will have to break him of that as well.

Being only a block away the balmy temperature convinced me to walk the single block to the bar, and along the way I planned what unspeakable acts I might force the manchild to perform for me this eve.

The bar itself was better than I had expected, classy but a younger crowd. Techno style music mixed with some trance, lots of bright lights and sexy people dancing around.

"Hmmmm…..not too shabby I suppose, a place like this could be fun as long as people stay out of my way." my inner bitch whispers.

I stayed to the perimeter of the room while I lightly scanned the jumping and dancing crowd. A few moments later I finally spotted him partially hidden by a support beam.

He is standing there with two guys and three girls. Three evenly matched couples. This thought at first infuriated me but after watching them for a few seconds it becomes apparent that the girls are together and the guys are together, but not as couples.

The guys were obviously trolling the bar trying to pick up a few chicks, and I happen to be catching them in the process of trying to "score".

The support beam is near the bar, the bar is a giant round counter in the center of the room. I made my way to the bar but stayed out of Scott's line of site, I wanted to see how close I could get without being noticed.

I ordered a spiced rum and Coke and continued to study Scott and his group of friends. Lots of nervous laughter, stuttering, macho male stuff, girls twirling their hair……ugh. I was becoming bored watching this grand display of inexperience.

Two of the girls broke away from the group and walk directly towards me, and then pass right next to me and order drinks at the bar. The last girl left with the group seem enamored with Scott's blonde friend and the tall skinny kid to his right. Scott himself was standing almost alone.

I decided I would make my move now, and I walked up behind him.

As I walk up to his back I reached around to his front and placed my hand lightly around his throat. I put my mouth very close to his ear, and I squeezed him hard from behind.

He started to speak but I cut him off and deeply whispered into his ear, "Manchild, have you missed me?".

I felt his entire body stiffen at the sound of my voice. I slowly turned him around to face me and watched as his eyes widened and his deliciously pouty lips start to twitch.

"How did you find…..I…I….didn't think you were going to call me back…." Scott struggled to say as I moved closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed him deeply and firmly, sliding my tongue into his mouth reminding myself again how much pleasure this boy is capable of giving me.

As we stood passionately embracing I realized his friends had fallen silent. I end the kiss and glance at them, the two girls were back and one looked very unhappy to see me standing there sucking Scott's lips. I gave them a very wicked smirk and turned my back to them. I looked up into Scott's scared puppy-dog eyes and instructed him to say GoodBye to his friends as he is now leaving.

Still in deep shock Scott simply turned and weakly waved to his friends, the angry girl stomped off and her friends followed her trying to console her anger. His male friends waved back, unable to take their eyes from my face or body.

"Come along now manchild, we have much to do and I grow impatient."

"How did you find me?" he again asked. "I always know where you are, you will never be able to hide from me. You belong to me, manchild, and I will take you when I want you." I explained in a matter-of-fact tone.

He simply stared at me, the look of deep fear now hard to separate from the obvious passion and desire his face now showed. I could not clearly understand his next inaudible choke but I understood it to be "I love you."

"I know, my sweet. After tonight your life will be very different. Very different indeed." I vaguely respond as I lead him to and through the tavern's exit.

The look of fear reappeared on his face and I stopped him in his tracks and placed both hands on his cheeks, forcing him again to look deeply into my eyes. Very firmly and just a bit too loudly I questioned him, "What makes you happy, Scott?!". As he opens his mouth to answer I cut him off, "What have you been thinking about the last few days?"

"Yyy….youuu…nothing but you" he croaks.

"Of course, night and day. Dreaming and awake, masturbating and watching T.V. Everything. Fucking me, marrying me. Brushing my hair and sucking my toes….." I firmly state, he closed his eyes and physically started shaking as I spoke.

"Then stop being such a chicken shit and trust me. (Loudly) *I* am what completes you, and you give me pleasure and make me happy. I am taking you away and you will never leave my side. Deceive me and the penalty is severe…" I say this last bit with a very grave undertone. "You will never need or want for anything, I will take care of your living condition as you will be staying with me. You have no choice in this, I have chosen you. Refuse to come and I will force you, you belong to me."

With that I let go of his face and jammed both of my index fingers into the pressure points under his ears and behind his jawbones. He cried and whimpered and I released him, knowing my point was made. I grabbed his right wrist and walked him back to my hotel suite as if he were 3 years old.

I ordered two steaks and various appetizers, and opened a bottle of champagne. I turned and faced him, "We've got an hour before the steaks are here, I am washing you up you dirty dogboy!" I boldly yell as I race toward him.

He let out a startled high pitched squeal and turned to run like a zebra just having spotted a lioness. He jumped the corner of the coffee table and tried to cross the room, headed in the direction of the door.

I chased him, laughing wildly and making growling sounds to further his panic. I tackled him, knocking him down and smashing both of us into one of the deep mauve recliners on the other side of the coffee table.

Squeezing him very very hard around the ribs from behind I warned him to lay still, "Behave, silly boy! Behave and you will be rewarded, punishment usually only happens when you have done something to deserve it" we both lay panting heavily, my strong bear hug leaving him straining to breathe.

"Usually?" I heard his weak whisper from buried deep within the chairs seat cushion. "Sometimes I just feel bitchy, you will learn to be on your very best behavior on these days, dirty dogboy." I sweetly explained as I begin to pull him into a standing position.

He obeyed and I told him to stand perfectly still. I went into the bathroom and turned the tub on preparing a very hot bath for him.

I put on a pair of elbow length opaque latex surgical gloves, undressed and slid into my robe, and then returned to Scott. "So, my little dirty boy, tell me what you have been up to the last few days." I said and smiled warmly at him.

As he tells me of school tests and social activities with friends I began to disrobe him. He pretended to be comfortable with this but I could feel him tense a bit as I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down.

"Wha..why do you have those gloves on?" he stopped talking about his friends and nervously asked.

"Because you are a dirty boy and I feel like cleaning you up." I explained, giving him a stern direct look. He understood this look and picks up his initial conversation with a story about his newest Playstation 2 video game.

After a few moments I had undressed him down to his boxers. I led him into the bathroom and told him to stand near the tub. The room is steamy and he looks fearfully at the water. I make a mental note that though he is obviously afraid the water is too hot he does not question my choice in water tempurature.

I added organic oils and soaps to the water and soon the Jacuzzi tub was overflowing with bubbles. "Remove your boxers and get in, I am going to wash you."

He bashfully removed his boxers and used both hands to cover his genitalia. "Stop being such a baby and get in!" I bark. He jumped in and splashed soap bubbles all over the floor.

"You are such a spaz! Now get over here and straighten up, you are in dire need of a good scrubbing. I won't touch you until I have cleaned you thoroughly.".

With this realization verbalized Scott visualizes the sexual pleasures that might await him tonight. He scooted closer and sat at attention as instructed.

"Dunk under and get your hair wet, good. Now hand me the washcloth and tell me how many times you have masturbated since I last saw you."

As he bashfully described his fantasies and how many times he made himself cum while thinking of me and the way that I had tasted, I scrubbed his back and lathered his hair. I scrubbed him firmly and noticed that when I scrubbed him too hard he squeezed his eyes shut yet did not complain.

This pleased me.

"Stand up, I have to make sure your naughty bits are extra extra clean." I say, cutting him off. He quickly stands up with his butt to me. I grab the soap and the wash cloth and work up a thick lather, I violently scrubbed his entire buttocks, the valley between the cheeks as well as his anus. I lightly inserted one tiny finger tip into his anus and then repeated the washcloth scrubbing.

I turned him to the side and firmly washed under his testicles, spreading his legs apart while doing so. I noticed his erection was very stiff and very erect. I smiled and scrubbed his testicles even harder with the wash cloth.

By now he was beginning to squirm, I lightened up and turned him to face me. His hard cock was now staring me directly in the face. I couldn't help but laugh as it lightly bobbed up and down as I washed his testicles.

I rinsed the washcloth and lathered it up again, and began working on his cock. "Put your hands behind your back and do not move." I deeply and firmly command him.

"Yes ma…" he started to say ma'am and I cut him off. "You may call me: Goddess."

"Mmmm…..yes Goddess…." he moaned as I firmly washed his erect penis with the wash cloth.

I put the wash cloth down and use my gloved hands to continue working a lather up around the head of his cock. He swayed a little and I looked up to see his eyes closed and his nostrils slightly flared.

His rock hard cock felt wonderful beneath my latex covered hands, I noticed a nice little warmth spreading through my own loins.

I abruptly pulled away from him, "Now use the hand held shower attachment on the tub faucet and rinse yourself off."

I pulled the gloves off with a sharp snapping sound and stood up. I slyly watched as he rinsed himself off. His skin was now very red, the water had been very hot, the scrubbing intense, and the thought of this made me giggle. He overheard me and shot me a nervous glance but continued to rinse.

After he had rinsed to my satisfaction I threw him a towel and returned to the living room. I quickly drank the rest of my champagne and poured us both fresh glasses.

I loudly informed him I would be in the master bedroom and that he'd better hurry up.

He immediately came out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around his waist. I handed him his champagne glass and told him to drink.

I headed into the bedroom with Scott faithfully at my heels. I sat down on the rich tapestry couch next to the bed and told Scott to sit next to my legs on the floor. He sat down and I put my feet up on his shoulders, leaning over I grab the remote and flip the T.V. on.

"Drink." I commanded as I flipped through the hotel's bland television programming. Finally I find what I had been looking for, a hardcore adult porn channel featuring a very attractive 20's couple having sex. She was riding him and loving every minute of it.

"Mmmmm…….that looks nice, doesn't it Scott?" I purred as I watch the porn actor's cock slide in and out of the woman's vagina. "Yes, Goddess." Scott whispered and took a rather large drink from his glass.

I quickly downed the rest of mine and refill our glasses again. I flipped through the surprisingly large selection of porn channels as we drained our glasses yet again. Now feeling quite buzzed I poured the last tiny bit of champagne into my glass and threw his empty glass across the room shattering it against the wall.

"You have had enough!" I giggle as I drink the last swallow from my glass. I put my empty glass on the table and spread my legs apart so that my right leg was on the coffee table and my left leg was over Scott's shoulder. "Rub my feet."

As Scott rubbed my left foot I switched through the channels a bit more until I come across two younger women engaged in passionate lesbian sex. As I watched them I felt Scott's hand tremble now and again. I loved having my feet massaged, and he was doing a very good job.

The two women were engaged in simultaneous oral sex, commonly known as a "sixty-nine" and it aroused me greatly to watch them.

I pulled Scott up onto the couch next to me and made him sit directly on my left. I drapped my left leg over his, keeping my right leg on the coffee table.

I felt his rock hard cock through the towel with my leg over his lap, "Did I tell you to stop massaging my feet?" I asked with a voice somewhere near a snarl but mostly consisting of a deeply sexual growl.

Immediately Scott began massaging my left foot again, and I returned my attentions to the electric sex happening on the television. As I watched the gorgeous young women lick and suck each other I began to rub myself through my silk robe, brazenly in Scott's plain view.

I closed my eyes and listened to them moan with pleasure, and rubbed my clitoris through my clothes with my palm. I felt Scott's penis twitch under the towel and the trembling in his hands returned.

I opened my eyes and continued to pretend not to notice him, I focused on the television and slowly pulled the waist tie on my robe. It pulled open easily and my bra and panty were quickly revealed.

I reached up and massaged my breasts, pulling the lacy cup of my bra down to reveal my nipples, already stiffened and aroused. As I let my hands travel down my stomach towards my panties I realized Scott had stopped breathing, and when I slid my left hand directly into my panties making my left leg twitch Scott's whole body spasmed.

I pulled my robe open even wider revealing everything, by now I was quite excited and very near breaking point. I pulled my expensive black lace thong to the side to gain direct contact to my clit and began rubbing it in a circular motion, "Get down, on your knees and suck me off, manchild." I hoarsely whisper.

In a flash Scott was between my legs, licking and sucking my swollen clitoris with his warm wet tongue. It felt so good, I erotically gave him various directions, cooing and growling at him as I instructed him where to suck me, and where to lick me. I began pulling his hair, in effect pulling his face deeper into me, grinding his face against me.

I was going to cum, it felt so fucking good to just fuck this beautiful face and feel his perfect mouth doing all it could to make me climax. I pushed his head down and forced him to lick my anus, which he did very eagerly.

I began pulling up and down on his hair, making him lick me literally everywhere, from my ass all the way up to my clit, all the way back down to my ass again. As I did this I was soaking his face, and I think he liked this as he made no attempt to pull away or resist.

I began to cum, and I snarled at him to suck my clit, to not stop, to suck harder. I thrust my hips against him, creating as much force against his mouth as possible. I shuddered with each contraction while yelling and moaning uncontrollably.

His muffled grunts and noises only stimulated me more. Hearing him struggle to breathe while sucking my swollen labia made me convulse with pleasure involuntarily.

Slowly my intense orgasm came to an end, and I pushed Scott away and stood up. "Manchild, I am going to take more pleasure from you, but I need to restrain you to ensure my safety. I will not deny that securing your hands will make you very vulnerable…..but I do not yet trust you enough to leave your hands free. Do you understand?"

Scott nodded his head quickly, true fear in his eyes but a deep purple hard on over-riding his urge to flee. "You didn't cum?" I questioned, having expected a repeat of his carpet soaking problem.

"Nnno…no Goddess, I just barely kept it in…" he said seemingly relieved that I noticed his little act of decency.

I led Scott to the bed and told him to lay down directly in the center. "Spread eagle, legs too." I commanded as I pulled out a pair of stockings from my vanity bag.

Scott's breathing hitched up a notch as I bound each of his wrists to a separate poster on the Bridal Suite's lavish Queen sized bed. I double checked each slip knot carefully making sure to graze against him casually as I leaned across him.

"Am I going to need to strap your legs down too or are you going to behave? I would rather they be left free, so that I can move them around some…" I trail off as if in deep thought about hardcore sexual gymnastics, or humiliating auto-facial-ejaculatory acts.

"I won't move them, Godddess." he whimpered in reply, still breathing more heavily than he should be.

I straddled him and sat on his stomach. Leaning down I snarled into his ear, "Very good. Now, my perfect little manchild, I am going to suck you to within an inch of your life. The pleasure you are going to feel is only a byproduct of MY lust and MY gratification. Anger me and your cock will be cleanly excised by my teeth. Is this understood?"

Shaking his head in compliance I hear something close to a grunt happen deep in his chest.

I unexpectedly kissed him hard, making him flinch and stay stone frozen for nearly two whole seconds before responding to my mouth. I forced my tongue into his mouth and as far down his throat as I could reach.

"Mmmmm… I am so happy that this manchild kisses me exactly how I like to be kissed.", I thought to myself as I explored every inch of his mouth with my tongue. I moved my lips around and sucked his lips and tongue for a bit, then went back to deep tongue kissing.

I pulled away and placed my breasts directly over his face, and he quickly began sucking my stiffened nipples. As he did this I reached down and massaged my clitoris, savoring the sensations his tongue and mouth were giving me.

Pulling my right nipple from his mouth I slid down his torso until I was between his legs, sitting on the bed. "Mmmmm……manchild…… such a big hard cock you have…….." I coo'd as I playfully unwrapped the towel from around his waist.

I pulled open the towel and his throbbing erection lay, slightly oozing, against his stomach. I leaned forward and lightly drug my nails across his chest and stomach, and I kissed his belly and hips.

I continued to lightly claw his body as I licked and tasted his midsection while purposely avoiding his cock. I started digging with my nails a little more, loving the way his flesh tasted, and my licks and kisses became sucking and light biting.

By this time I was purposely making contact with his cock, letting my hair drag over it and my breasts and arms rub against it. He behaved very well, moaning and mumbling slightly under his breath.

I finally took his surprisingly stiff penis into my right hand and very slowly dry pumped it, relishing the feel of his hot, smooth, tight, skin. I took the towel flap and pinch-wiped the cock head dry, making him flinch yet again. Then I leaned down and slowly licked the head, and I listened to him intently.

His breathing had stopped again, and all of the muscles in his legs were straining. With no warning at all I slid his entire cock into my mouth deeply, easily controlling my gag reflex, in one swift movement.

Scott yelled in ecstasy and pulled hard against his restraints, "Unnnh….". With his visibly throbbing cock still deep in my throat I massaged the length of the shaft with my tongue, and applied pressure by faux swallowing. Instantly his entire body locked up, every muscle strained to the max.

I tortured him with my mouth, bringing him close and stopping, bringing him close and stopping again. Finally, he could take no more.

"Goddess! Ssssstop! I'm going to cum and I can't st…st…stoppp.."

I ignored his cries and used my free hand to squeeze his balls, I pulled his cock slowly out of my mouth, paused to take a few breaths, and slowly slid it back in, all the way in, and began swallowing it again. I grinned to myself, "I am going to make him cum now. I wonder if he will pass out…".

Within seconds he was nearly squealing, thrashing all over yet visibly trying to control his movements. I noticed his hands were turning a deep red and found this to be rather amusing.

Quickly I provided him with more friction around the head of his cock, and used my tongue and lips to suck him faster and harder. One hand squeezed and massaged his testicles, the other jerked his shaft while using my saliva as lubricant.

As he uttered a primal shout I felt hot manchild cum shoot into my mouth and throat. The taste was sweet and salty together, and I squeezed and sucked every drop from his penis. He came quite a bit, I had him on the edge for a long time and was pleased at the large quantity of sperm he produced.

His thrashing finally stopped, the only sound was his freight train breathing.

"Deeeeelicious, I will take more of your manjuice from you later as well…..when I begin your anal penetration training." I giggled as I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom to wash my face and hands.

"Mmm..may I please be untied now, Goddess? My hands are burning…" I heard him meekly plead as I cleaned myself up.

"I am not done with you yet, I have something to tell you." I say, after rinsing my mouth. I finished freshening up, and returned to him.

"You understand that you belong to me, you are now my property? You will be trained with a skill by other slaves I own. You will be a special slave though, as you are the only male I desire to copulate with, and you will gratify me whenever I desire it. You are not allowed to go back home. I will allow you to call your Mother periodically to let her know you are ok, and if you behave I will allow you "shore leave" to visit your family. "

"Other slaves….?" he looked genuinely confused and I laughed heartily.

"Yes, I own many. Most are slave laborers but there are house servants as well. You will be taught by my personal assistant, Jacqueline, but all you ever need to know is that pleasing me is your only concern. Deceive me and you will die by my hand." I end this flatly, staring directly into his eyes.

He looked away sharply, and whispers his promise to never disobey me.

The steaks finally arrived, I allowed Scott to eat at the dinette with me. We further discussed his new living arrangement and the nights festivities continued with only minor wounds resulting…..

The next morning………

"All packed up?" I cheerfully inquire as I make a final inspection of the hotel room, ensuring nothing was being left behind.

"Yes, Goddess, I packed everything as you asked." Scott replied.

"I did not ask, I commanded!" I laughed and slapped his ass more than hard enough to sting.

"YES Goddess!" he yelped, and limped off rubbing his right ass cheek.

A few hours later we pull up to my driveway and turn in. I had phoned ahead and had Little Jacqueline prepare a few things for my new guest.

"This is your house?" Scott asked, gawking at my castle like main house and surrounding barns and outbuildings.

"Yes Scott, all of this is mine. I will show you around my property later, right now I want to get you settled in and acclimated."

As we pulled up to the massive main doors Little Jacqueline ran out, dressed is a sharp black business suite with fine white pinstripes and a shiny jet black bob wig. The classy skirt just short enough to show the top of his thigh high stockings.

"Classy as ever, Little Jay." commenting on the pinstriped suit. I smile as Scott realizes "Little Jay" is obviously a man, a very tall man at that.

"You like it Goddess? I thought it was fabulous! Ooooh he IS beautiful!" Little Jacqueline squeals and spins Scott around to get a better look at him.

I playfully swat at Little Jacqueline's hands, "Oh stop pawing at him you old pervert, haha!". With that I grab Scott's hand and lead him into the house, leaving Little Jacqueline to unpack my bags.

"Are you ready, my little sex puppy? Today is the first day of your new life…….."

……Have you been a good boy? Did you obey my wishes and wait until I came first? Do you honestly think you deserve to read another chapter of My life? Leave a comment and I may respond, I am always looking for good servants as they are so hard to find….. – Fantasy Goddess

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