A Busy Redhead Mom

A Busy Redhead Mom

The Busy Redhead Mom
Episode Two
Part One
By: Tom’s Mind

Just for the record this takes place about one month after my adventure with my aunt Chrissie. One cold December day I was shovelling the snow out of my driveway when I saw my friend’s mom Susan driving off to work. She worked at this really big clothing company and she was really high ranked there. She was in charge of all the shipping and all of the production. Susan was a beautiful woman. She had long curly red hair that went up to her shoulders. She had a super sexy face, and a nice pair of tits. They weren’t huge but they we at least C’s. Anyway I’ve been friends with her son Henry for as long as I can remember. After clearing up the drive way I went inside an watched TV.

Later that night a beacon of light shinned through my windows. I quickly got up and pounced at the windows. Susan was back home. For some reason I always wanted to see her naked. The only times that I get to see allot of skin was when I went to her house for a swim. She had this enormous. In-ground pool, with a diving board, and all of the latest gadgets for the pool. She would put on this really hot black bathing suit. And when all the kids were out of the pool she would go in and swim. Sometimes if I got lucky I could see her surfacing from under the water, and all of the water found sprinkle down from her and drip over her chest and cleavage. She would then pull back her hair and squirt some water out of her mouth. And if I really looked closely I could see her tight perky nipples, poking her swimming suit. Then she would get out and pull her swimming suit out of her ass crack. She had on of the hottest, sexiest, bubble asses man ever set eyes upon. She truly was some porn star material. Sometimes I’d dream about her, and the next morning I’d find a massive boner. I starred though my bedroom window. The car door opened. A long leather boot inched its way out of the car, then a second. A long fur coat then appeared which covered a beautiful lady. Nylon stockings cover her bear legs. She had her hair tied up in a rather complex way and had two sticks crossing forming an “X” in her hair at the back. Deep red lip stick covered her smooth full lips that would drive any man crazy. Her glasses steamed up as the cold winter air touched the glass. Behind the fog were two deep blue eyes fit for a queen. She closed the car door, and opened her purse. She pulled out a pack of high quality cigarettes (not the kind you buy at the local liquor store but like twenty bucks the pack good) she pulled one cigarette out and slightly opened her mouth. A rush of warm vapour came out of her mouth. She gently held the cigarette between her lips and lit it with her Zippo. She puffed on it hard because she made it a strong rule not to smoke in the house. After a long inhale she grabbed the cigarette between her index and her mid-finger and exhaled in a steady all the smoke from her lungs appreciating all of its goodness. After a couple more puffs she threw it on the ground and crushed it with her boot. She fixed her coat and walked in to her house. I closed the blinds and lay flat on my bed for a couple of minutes. Why? Was I getting so goddamn interested into her? This never happened before. Millions of thoughts ran through my head at the same time. This started happening about a month ago when I had the fucking fuck fest with my aunt Chrissie. Now I’m getting turned on by what ever walks. An eerie feeling over came me. Was there something wrong with me? Was this only a twisted effect of puberty? For god sake I’m only 16! I looked at my hands they were trembling. And all of a sudden my vision starred to blur. The room started shaking. My heart rate started climbing. My pants started getting tighter. I glanced down and I had a massive boner. Then all of a sudden the room stopped shaking. I got up and everything was normal.

It’s been a few days that I haven’t experienced that weird earthquake experience. But everyday I got more and more attracted to Susan. I started to grow on to her. In the past days I have been spending more time at her place, play videogames with Henry. I started to notice more and more things about her. Like what brand her thong is. I could achieve this by looking at her ass when she bent down to pick up something. I was so turned on to her. A few days past. It was now the weekend and my friend Henry went to the cottage with his dad. Henry was an only child. Susan stayed home because she had lots on for to do. For some strange reason I still went to her place and knocked on the door.

“Umm, hi Susan. Is Henry home?” I said stuttering and I had a hard time looking at her in her deep blue eyes.
“Oh no you just missed him he went to the country house with his dad. You only missed them by like five minutes.” She said. Looking at me dead in the eyes.

She was wearing a white tank top and a pair of jeans. Her hair was wet signifying she just washed her hair.

“Umm I Susan I lent Henry a videogame and I would like to have it back.” I said the truth is I did lend Henry a game and I really did want it back.

“You go right ahead I don’t know anything about computers and videogames I don’t know what game your talking about anyways” she said still looking at me dead in the eyes.

“Ok” I mumbled I bowed my head and walked in. I took off my shoes and my winter coat. I heard a really heavy “thump” and “click” sound behind me. I turned around. Susan had locked the door.

The Busy Redhead Mom
Episode Two
Part II
By: Tom’s Mind

I turned around quickly and heard Susan say
“What I’m not allowed locking my door?” She said it in a very offensive manner. She really was in a pissed of mood. So I went downstairs and grabbed my game and then I turned around to find Susan was standing right there.

“Did you honestly think I have noticed you spying on me from you bedroom window every fucking night for the past week? Did you think I was that stupid to not notice you starring at my ass almost every fucking time you come here?” She said. Susan was royally pissed. I nervously glanced around to see I there was something I could do.

“Your one perverted kid you know that? She yelled. Her face started to become pink. Blood flowed rapidly from her heart to her face. Millions of blood cells colliding onto each other. Its amazing that deep down we all look alike but on the outside shell we are all different. From the beginning we start of as a sperm cell and an egg. Thousands of chemical reactions happen all at once over a time span of nine months, to create one of the universes greatest masterpieces life itself. Susan inhaled a huge load of air. She was going to blast me.

“If you want to star at my fucking ass the go ahead!” In a blink of an eye she twirled around and pulled down her jeans and her black thong. Her ass looked even better then I could ever dream. Between her legs I could see her pussy. Its lips were majestic and it had a thin line of red hair going down towards it. I just stared. Susan turned around and looked at me and got even madder. She pulled up he pants and zipped them. She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me up stairs. She threw me on her king size bed and started to undue my pants.
“ I’m going to teach you to star at my fucking ass perv” She said through her teeth.
She completely took off my pants and threw them in a corner. She then removed my shirt. I was completely naked except for my socks. She then got up and opened the Closet and moved some stuff aside. Actually she moved a lot of stuff. Two minutes later she pulled out a long piece of leather, some handcuffs, a really big candle, a weird apparatus. I was amazed at to what was happening to me. She grabbed the handcuffs and locks them to the head of the bed. I was trapped. She then took of her jeans and tank top, but kept her bra on and thong. She then proceeded to locking my feet. She then climbed on to my body. I was so fucking erected she had to move my cock so she could sit comfortably.

“Are you having funny mother fucker?” She said placing her hair out of her face.
Mother fucker? What the hell was she talking about. Susan then started licking my chest and then my nipples. My cock started throbbing. She then got off of my body and reached for the candle. She then opened her purse which was under a black wooden chair, and pulled out her Zippo, and a cigarette. She lit the cigarette and then the candle. With one swift move of the hand she closed the Zippo. She set the candle on the night table just to be left and climbed back on to me. She deeply inhaled from her cigarette and exhaled in a steady stream in my face. I inhaled most of the smoke, and since im not a smoker at all I started coughing. She smiled and bent down a bit. I had a perfect shot of her breasts. Well actually her cleavage her nipples were still covered by the bra. She then straightened herself and said
“You fucking perv” and puffed hard on her cigarette. She then blew it all on my face again. This time I did not cough. She then got off of me, and walked around the room. After a few minutes she grabbed the candle and poured slowly all of the hot wax on my chest. I quivered and tried to move but the handcuffs had me anchored. The siring wax burned like hell. I managed to mumble fuck but she did not stop. She quickly placed the candle on the table and started playing with the hot liquid wax. She dipped her fingers in it and then placed it directly on top of her breasts and the hot wax dripped down her cleavage. She closed her eyes in enjoyment.
“You wuss” She said starring me straight in the eyes.

She then removed her bra. Her boobs were perfect. A little small but perfect. Her nipples were perfectly aligned with the boobs. Its usually something you take for granted, a thing you have or don’t have in a matter of speaking. I so wanted to touch them but I was locked to the head of the bed. She was free of doing anything she wanted to me. She took another good puff of her fancy cigarette and then looked at me. She grabbed my jaw and started kissing me. At first that’s what I thought she was doing but I was wrong. She was exhaling all of the smoke straight into my lungs. She then backed off. I started cough like crazy. A crooked smile popped on her face. She got off the bed and rummaged through her purse. She pulled out her pack of smokes and pulled out a brand new one. She climbed back on to the bed and forced it in to my mouth. She then lit it. I was inhaling all of the smoke. And breathed it out from my nose. My nose felt weird but it didn’t last very long. After a few minutes of puffing on the cigarette like a deprived junky, it was finished. She pulled the butt out of my mouth and slapped my chest. My was already very sensitive from the candle thing. She smiled.

“Oh did that hurt, BITCH!!” she yelled. All of a sudden it was like a drum fest on my chest. She started slapping the hell out of my chest. Slap after slap. My chest was all red. She then bent down and started licking my nipples. It felt good but it did not last very long. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the licking until. The pain. She started biting down on my nipples like a crazy whore. I clenched my teeth. This really hurted. She stopped biting my nipples and sat back straight.
“Now you try fucker bite down as hard as you want.” She said grabbing her tit and she brought it closer to my mouth. I was still under a massive shock. Tears started crawling at the corner of my eyes. I was scared.
“Bite! Fucker!” she screamed. She slapped my across the face. She was royally pissed now. She brought her tit closer to my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth and clamped shut. I wasn’t really biting hard but I could feel all of the different layers and all of the different thicknesses of her nipple. I started biting harder. But the harder I bitted the more she enjoyed it. At this point she was rubbing her pussy. I looked down to get a better look. Her hand had moved away her thong, and she was rubbing the good spot. I then looked up pulling the nipple along. And noticed she had her eyes shut. This was one crazy bitch. But I had now idea it would get worse.

After relentlessly biting her nipple she ordered me to stop I stopped at once fearing what she was going to do to me. She got off the bed and looked at her nipple. My teeth impression was on it I was biting it for a long time so I would be surprised if there wasn’t any. She then looked at me. She looked as if she was Satan’s worse nightmare. Her jugular vein popped out like mad. At this point I was semi-hard and semi-relax. My body had no fucking idea what to think of the situation. Susan started scream like an insane person in an asylum.
“You bit my nipple TO hard.” She screamed.” Oh my god. She truly lost! She grabbed the long leather strap that I finally realized it was a whip. She carefully uncuffed my hands and loosed the ones at my feet. She made me lye down on my stomach. She then handcuffed me again. She passed her finger through my ass crack. And then slowly inserted it in my ass. It didn’t go in easily she had to push. I was so goddamn humiliated. She quickly removed her finger and said “what you don’t like that? That’s how some women feel when perverts like you star at them from across the street, almost stocking them. She cupped her hand slapped my ass. It did more sound then pain. Next she tried with a classic slap. It stung for a few seconds then she slapped me again. She puffed on her cigarette, it was almost out. Then I heard the air crack, and again. She placed the whip over my ass. And then cranked her arm back and whipped me not with her full force or else it would break the skin and create a deep laceration. It still hurt like bloody hell. I started crying.
“Oh stop crying you big baby” and she then whipped my ass again. Then again. Minutes pasted I was so fucking scared. Then she picked up the candle and opened my ass crack, but not my asshole. And slowly poured the hot wax in to my crack. It fucking hurted, she then poured the rest on my back. I shrugged my shoulders to compensate some pain. But it was too much. I started shaking. I was exhausted. I had been strapped to this bed for more then and hour. But Susan was just getting started. She had plenty of other fucking twisted games she could play with my body. This was total female domination. She fudged through her purse again and pulled out another cigarette. She then flipped me on to my back again. This time she didn’t have anything in her hands. She sat on my chest near my face and took off her thong. I then noticed for the first time that her pussy was pierced. I metal rod with a nice looking sphere at both ends. With a little chain connecting both spheres. She started to masturbate right in front of my face less then 5 inches away. She puffed on her new cigarette and exhaled forming nice circular smoke rings. I started to get a boner. She started to masturbate faster and faster. She then grabbed my cock and started to rub it. Her hands were so smooth despite all the slapping. Once I had a full erection she quickly got of and fetched the weird apparatus. Which was already plugged into the wall. She must have plugged it in when I was lying on my stomach. She took this transparent tube and placed my cock in it. She then turned on the machine. A great suction power met with my cock. It started sucking my cock non-stop. At first it felt good but it did not last. She placed the machine on max. And the machine’s fan started humming louder and louder. The head of my cock was extremely red. All the blood was rushing to the tube. She then went in to the closet and got a gag-ball. It was all black. She forced my mouth open and strapped it around my head. I bit down on it really hard. After 5 minutes she stopped the machine and grabbed some lube. She pour the oil all over my crotch. She then took out her Zippo. My heart started beating furiously fast. She flicked the Zippo and a blue flame flickered.

The Busy Redhead Mom
Episode Two
Part III
By: Tom’s Mind

She brought the flame closer and closer to my oil drenched crotch. Was this girl out of her mind? I mean to burn a guys crotch! She brought the flame closer and closer to my crotch. A flame caught. FUCK my crotch was on fucking fire! She started to laugh a demonic laugh. She then immediately put the flame out. I was panicking. A bad smell filled the air. She then started to suck my cock. Her teeth scraped my shaft and my head. She tried gagging herself so much she almost threw up on me. She removed the cock from her mouth and climbed on to the bed once again. She spreaded her legs apart and inserts my cock in her pussy. She started fucking like a mad woman. Everything went to a slow motion daze. Her body bounced up and down. Everything was slow motion. She moved her arms up as if she was dancing. I could no longer see the monster I had come to know this past hour. No I said a goddess. A woman in total harmony with her inner being. This was a time of peace. A fragrance filled the air. It smelled like vanilla. Her pussy was red and extremely wet. I could no longer withstand the need to cum. I yelled “I’m going to cum I’m going to cum.” She didn’t stop like I thought she was. No she fucked faster. I cummed a huge load inside of her. Really a huge load. After my orgasm stopped. She got off and my cock just flopped out of her pussy. The sight was incredible. She removed my from the shackles that kept me immobile for an hour and a half. She then placed a Wine glass on the floor and positioned herself directly on top. She started forced and pushing the cum out. The cum just flopped in huge loads out. After no more cum was coming out she got up and then picked up the glass and gorged it down. In one swift gulp it was all gone. She wiped her mouth with her arm.
“At least your good at Cumming perv.” She said. The slow motion daze disappeared. Susan was back to her own self. She told me I could go take a shower if I wanted to. I went in the bathroom. The bathroom was marvellous. Chrome everywhere. Scented candles were lit all over the bathtub. The water was already in. I jumped in. After a good half hour I was able to get all of the hard wax out of my ass crack, and off my chest and back.

Someone knocked on the door. Susan came in. She was completely dress. She was wearing the same clothes as before. Her white tank top and her black pair of jeans.
“Tom, are you ok?” She asked in angelic voice. I replied that I was and that she was a bit crazy during sex. She replied by saying yeah and that she was holding back a lot. She said that she usually handcuffs her husband to the bed for hours and not feed him at all. She even said that one time she strapped him in the bed and didn’t let him go to work for the whole day!. She started laughing, But then stopped.

“If I see you starring at my ass or you tell a soul about what happened to day I swear I will rip your balls off!” she said through her teeth. I was expecting a laugh after she said this but she didn’t.

I got dressed grabbed my game and walked home. My mom asked me where I was and before I could answer her the phone rang. She picked it up and started talking to much mainly answering.

“Oh hi!…….ok……..really!……..ok……..thank you.” She hung up.
Tom Susan called she wanted to Thank You for fixing her computer. Oh my god what a good call. Literally. I grabbed the game and limped to the living room. Where I played Henry’s game…. I never lent him one…..

****All Events in this story are fictional and never happened.****

By: Tom’s Mind

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