A longing lust of mine for thomas 3

A longing lust of mine for thomas 3

"No ones there ma!" Thomas said to his mom as she was coming into the room. She looked around and walked to check the room. "All right no ones here. but i want to call Autumn just in case to see if shes home." When I heard her say that my heart started to beat faster. She went to the phone by Thomas' bed and picked it up. "Don't you trust me!" Thomas shouted as he came in the room to attemp to stop his mom. "Your a 17 year old teenager, of course i dont trust you with this kind of thing." She snapped back at him, then glanced over at the closet and hung the phone up. She walked to the closet looked at thomas and opened it up to reveal nothing but his shirts. i dont know who had the more shocked face Dorthy(Thomas' mom) or Thomas himself. "I told you no one is here." He said trying to get his act together. "Fine, Im going to Mary's house down the street. you dont go any where and no one comes over. got it?" She said "Yea fine whatever." As she walked out and left the house Thomas went for his closet. "Autumn?" he poked his head in and looked around and he couldn't find me. "Uh huh?" i said jumping down from his top shelf. "Holy shit! how did you get up there?" he said quite shocked to see me. " You of all people should know that im flexible. And im very light so im quiet." I said as i put my hands on my hips. "Very nice, you fooled my ma." He said smiling. "Well its late and i dont wan to get into any trouble so im gonnna go home. love ya" I said then i walked out of the room "See ya tomorrow!" Thomas yelled back.

Thomas and i had no classes together but we did have our free hour at the same time, right after each of our 3rd period class.

We were in the library playing truth or dare, but of course when we talked we got yelled at by the old librarian so we were wrighting everything down on a peice of paper."T or D?" i wrote down. "…T…" Thomas wrote back. "WHIMP!! OK….umm…."I just couldnt think of any questions to ask him. "COME ON" he wrote down waiting. "k..k..are you in love with me?"of course i knew the answer because hes told me so many times, but it was the only one i could even think of."yes" he said outloud, and very loud. "Thats it! you two get out, you making too much noise! Spend you free period somewhere else!" our librarian yelled.

"god shes a fucking spaz!" Thomas said as we left the building. "well she is like 70, and shes worked there forever,of course shes a spaz." We walked outside and he leaned against the wall and i leaned up against him. "you have the most beautiful eyes…lips….and by god woman, your nose is so adorable."Thomas said smiling. "your not so bad looking yourself.."I said mocking him. "hey! be nice…" he said as he pulled me closer. "and if i dont…what will you do to me?" i said raising an eyebrow. " Well first i would.." "Dont tell me," i said putting a finger to his lips.".. show me.." i said before i ran off down the hill and to the spare soccar feild. i stopped for just a moment and turnrd around and the next thing i know im pinned to the ground by thomas. We first just stare into eachothers eyes for about 30 seconds and i just couldnt handle it any longer. "God why do you torchure me in school like this?" i blurted out "What?" Thomas asked incrediously. "You know i want you constantaly, and then you just go and get on top of me in the middle of class. your just cruel is what you are!" I said with a certain lust in my voice. "oh sorry then." and he started to get up and leave when i pulled him back down and began to kiss his neck.(thats his weak spot). He hesitantly pulled away and began sucking on my lower lip before sliding his tounge into my mouth exploring ever inch of it.. As we continued kissing his hand trailed down my neck past my chest and he pulled my blouse and my skirt up.(We go to a private school so i wear the schoolgirl outfit.) He started to tickle my thigh which threw me into a complete laughing rampage.

Now my thigh is the most tickelish part of me so when i get tickeled there my back arches and my chest pops out. "Oh..i torture you look what your doing.." Thomas teased after he stoped tickeling my thigh. it took me a minute to regain my composure and tears were still coming down my checks."im….doing…what exac..taly to torture you.." i said completly out of breath. he leaned down and kissed away the two tears that were still on my cheeks. and kissed along my jawline, then both my cheeks, then back to my mouth. this time when his hand trailed down he didnt tickel my thigh he just went for my panties and he slipped his hand inside of them pulling them off and started to massage my throbing pussy. he continued playing with my outer lips, teasing and rubbing. i moaned through our kisses as he continued to play with my lips.. he slid his hand up my stomach and i whimpered lightly. he left, my now throbbing and neglected, pussy. his kisses trailed down my mouth to the nape in my neck. he nipped and bit it, then kissed and licked. my head fell back and my eyes closed. He brought his hand to my blouse, and pulled on it. He got through 4 buttons then just tore it off. a smirk streached his features when he saw my half cupped bra. "you like?" i asked in a seductive tone. "id like it more on the grass.." he mummered. i raised my eyebrows, i could just feel him itching to rip it off. i glanced up the hill toward the school. And in one quick motion i flipped him over so i was straddling his hips. I looked past his head to the woods about 20 feet from us.
I got up and ran toward them. not short after thomas was on my heels. I ducked under a branch and ran further into the woods. i slowed down for a second, bad idea, then i was pinned to a large tree with my wrists held up above my head. I was breathing heavily, my chest rising and fallind desperataly trying to get back on a pattern again. Thomas leaned in close, i felt his sweet hot breath against my ear. he ran his hand against my jaw. "bad girl" He whispered very lightly into my ear. his hot breath tickled my neck and it sent shivers down my spine. he held my arms firmly above my head as he placed passionate kisses along my jaw. He continued lower to my breasts. his hands dropped mine before he unclasped the back of my bra, professionaly. It dropped to the ground and he wasted no time. First he took my right breast and cupped it causing me to gasp a little. He ascended foward lightly kissing my left breast around my nipple while lightly massaging my other. his tongue flicked over my nipple before he brought his mouth down and sucked on it fiercley. I felt him softly bit down on it, which caused me to moan out his name in a low rumble. He slightly pulled away blowing light air on my breast chilling my nipple incredibly. he kissed and licked over my breast as i squirmmed in pleasure. my head tilted back as he repeated the same treatment to my next breast, massaging the other. my fingers laced through his hair as he taunted my breasts. "god these are marvelous.." he breathed out kissing the valley between my breasts. Trailing his feather-light kisses back up my throat slightly biting my nape. I looked down at him with half lidded eyes as he ascended onto my lips lustfuly. My lips barly parted before his tongue darted in fighting for dominance over mine. His hands traveling up and down my sides before resting on my hips as he pulled me closer to his body. through my skirt and his pants i could feel his rock hard member against my thigh as he rocked his hips ever so lightly. I moaned into our kisses and i could feel him smiling a little. God, how did he make me melt into his embrace? His thumbs hooked around the rim of my skirt and he pushed it down, letting it drop around my ankels. i slightly pushed us away from the tree, stepping out of my skirt, and ran my hands down his chest. Pulling his shirt up slowly so i could gaze at his toned body longer. I lifted the shirt over his head and discarded it along with the my skirt. I took a step back admiring my lovers body, to which he didnt deny. His hand traveled down to his pants and unbottoned them, letting them drop to the ground as well he stepped out of them and grabbed a hold of my waist pulling my down onto the ground. He placed a gentle kiss on my lips and before he could retreat i deppened it holding the back of his head pulling it closer. I rolled over so i was laying against his manhood and gently swayed my hips making him let out a low rumble of aproval. My lips ran down his throat pausing to kiss his adams apple then continued venturing down. I kissed along his collarbone and shoulders. Going down planting soft but firm kisses along his chest down to his abs. With a delicite finger I traced his muscels, completly intranced. I looked up seeing a smile grace thomas' face. I pulled my self lower and straddled his thighs placing my fingers under the band of his boxers befor inching them down slowly to his member. As i pulled them all the way down i watched hungrily licking my lips as his cock sprung free from its cloth restraint. Along his slit precum slid down. I looked up to see him looking back intentivly. "and what is it wou would like thomas?" i asked almost dazed. "what ever you please, beautiful."he said almost noncoherently in antisipation. I lowered my head towards his member placing a soft kiss on his head receiving the sweet taste of his precum on my lips and his soft gasp escaping his lips. His hips moved slightly closer to my lips eagerly. Gently, almost not even, i kissed his head again and lightly licked his slit. Lowering even more i kissed up his entire length getting nods and groans of aproval. Eagerly i placed the head in my mouth savoring his taste before lowing my head and bringing it back up. he groaned my name softly as i continued this rhythm. After a little bit i started moving faster and sucking and licking more, wanting all of him. God, he tasted good! i could hear his breath become short and i felt his muscels tightening. I pulled back up one more time before removing him from my mouth. he whimpered slightly at how i had stopped right before he had a chance to come. He looked to me with pleading eyes, almost like a child. I smirked and slinked closer to him placing a firm kiss on his throat.
I could feel his heart race under my hand and was a bit proud that i had done this to him. i looked to him and he looked back with a glint in his eyes that made me shiver on the spot. He pulled me close breathing hot air on my ear as he whispered to me. "ride me." in an almost unaudible tone. I smile and pulled up kissing his earlobe and tugging on it gently before sliding down his body positioning myself above his proud erection. he held on to my hips firmly helping me lower myself onto him. When i felt his head hit the end of my tunnel i was sitting comfortably on his lap. I bit my lip as i rocked my hips finding a rhythm. he moaned my name squezing my hips. slowly i pulled up causing him to slightly shiver. I went up to his head then dropped back down gasping and breathing heavily. i rocked against hip again before pulling up then pushing down again. Our hips met everytime I pushed myself down, going faster as time elapsed. We grinded and rocked against eachother filling the woods with our soft and loud moans of pleasure. i wasnt to sure how long i had rode hime but i was in such a hot-white bliss of pleasure it didnt matter. As i dropped down once again a new wave of pleasure filled my body. I gently rocked as his head pressed mt G-spot sending waves of sensations through my body."Tho-oh…" I moaned "I- Im gonna…." i muttered not able to finish my sentence as he hit my G-spot again. i looked down to him, his face contorted with pleasure as he grunted my name softly as i rode him harder needing completion. I pulled up and droped down faster and harder litteraly riding him like a bull. I threw my head back as i clenched around him hard still riding him hard. "Tom-i-im gonna come. now! i said as the tingeling between my legs intensified driving me insane. "no. wait for me." he said between gasps. I held as long as i could as i rode him, but couldnt take it, i needed release NOW! as my walls clamped around his member he had enough. Both of our screams and moans filled the air as we both climaxed with intensity. I shivered as i felt his warm seed fill my insides, coating me with, what felt like liquid fire. I clolapsed ontop of thomas as he wrapped his arms around my back whispering little nothings into my ear.
We layed there in each otheres embraces for what seemed like forever. in the distant we heard the bell ring but ignored it and just bathed in each otheres presence. I carfully slid from his embrace shivering as his member slid out of me. We both gathered tour clothes and dressed, checking to make sure we looked proper. Thomas easily picked me up off the ground and carried me toward the school. Neither of us cared that we'd be in trouble. We just had some amazing sex. That was enough for me, well for now….

okay, i think its short but oh well, again please dont be a fucking bitch and call me a dyke cause you dont like my stoy or writing. okay. if you dont like it, then just go read more and ignore mine. thank you. please comment, but be nice. i havnt spell checked but i will soon. so deal wiith it for now. sorry if theres mistakes. -love always~aumi

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