A neighborhood j/o club for boys

A neighborhood j/o club for boys

The W.S.A (Wad Shooters of America) – A private boys club

My family moved to a new city when I was 11-years old and it took some time to make new friends. I met a pair of twin brothers my age named Myron and Chuckie. They had a 13-year old step brother named Jason who was the coolest kid on our street. I did know a few other boys, but I stayed closer to Myron, Chuckie, and Jason because hanging out with them was fun. Plus, Jason was the Leader of the W.S.A. a club that only had 6 members when I first heard of it. I asked the twins what WSA stood for and they said that it was a secret and that I would eventually find out, or not? You couldn't ask to join the club, they said. You'll become a member without even knowing it, or not? It was the "Or not" part that confused me, but I just decided to be glad to hang out with them, even if I had to leave when they held a club meeting. And, because these brothers where cool and different form any other guy's that I knew. I had no idea that this cool stuff that we started to do was a gradual initiation into the club. I never made the connection.

The first time I was actually invited into their house, I was watching T.V. in a back bedroom with the twins and another kid that I didn't know. The twins where messing with a Rubic's Cube, and cussing up a storm over not being able to match up the colors. I did notice that they mentioned several times that Jason was taking a shower. I wasn't sure why they kept saying it, but they did.

About 15 minutes had passed since we went into the room when the boys mother poked her head in and said that she was off to work, and that Jason was in charge. A few minutes after their mother had left for work, Jason came bursting into the room wrapped in a towel.

"Are there any girls in here?" He said loudly.

Myron told him that there wasn't any girls. "It just us, Keith, and the new kid." He said. I was the new kid and Keith was the kid I didn't know. Jason walked up to me and shook my hand. He seemed to already know Keith. I watched Jason walk over to a dresser in the corner of the room, and drop his towel. You could totally see his butt yet nobody seemed to care. I was focused on getting the look of shock off of my face, and trying not to stare. Myron called out to his big brother Jason.

"Jason, show us how to do this fucking pubic cube." Myron said.

I thought that Jason would put some pants on first, but he didn't. He turned and I think it was the first time that I had seen a dick with hair on it. I was surprised because my own brother was 13-years old and he didn't have any hair on his dick, and it wasn't as big as Jason's dick either. Jason put his hands on his hips and stood totally naked, looking sternly at his younger brother Myron. It got real serious for a minute, but we ended up in hysterics.

"Did you just say the "F" word Myron? What has mom told you about that?" Jason said. It was wierd to watch my friend get scolded by his 14-year old, naked brother.

"What?" Myron said looking scared. But then Jason went on a long run of the "F" word.

"Did I fucking stutter?" Jason said. "You fucking heard me you fucking naughty little boy. What in the fuck has our fucking mother said about fucking saying fuck. Fuck is a bad fucking word and you shouldn't fucking say it. Do you want me to wash your fucking mouth out with fucking soap? And by the fucking way, it's not a fucking pubic cube, it's a fucking Rubic's Cube. You fucking jackass. You want to see pubic's you have to fucking look here. These are my fucking pubic hairs, not my fucking Rubic hairs!" Jason said as the rubbed his brother hand on the curly bush of hair around his dick.

We where all busting up laughing when Jason jumped up and shouted "Last fucker in the fucking pool is a fucking pussy licker!" and he ran naked from the room. The twins jumped up and Keith and I followed. We ran through the house and Jason was just jumping in the water as the twins where stripping off their clothes. It was just Keith and I and he was just kicking off his shoes. The twins shouted at me as they jumped naked into the pool.

"Hurry! New Kid. you can win! you dont have any shoes or socks!" Chuckie said to me. I didn't even think about it and did something I had never done before. I stripped naked in front of a bunch of guys, ran to the egde of the pool and jumped just as Keith was pulling down his briefs.

They cheered for my and splashed me. Jason started calling Keith a pussy licker, but they didn't tease him more then that. We all got in and out of the pool a bunch of times and jumped in exposing our naked dicks for all to see. It was the coolest thing that I had ever done. We even went back into the room and sat around naked until it was time for me to go home.

My next trip to the twins house was a little different, but ironically similar. This time it was just the twins and I in the room watching T.V. until their mother left for work. Except we had been taking about popping boners and jacking-off. I went as far as admitting to popping boners but didn't realy admit or deny playing with my stiffy. Right after their mom left for work, Jason came in on cue wrapped in a towel and took it off as soon as he saw that it was just me and his brothers. Then Jason made another one of his loud statements.

"If there are any little boys in here, cover your eyes because I'm in the mood." Jason said.

Then he looked at me and said to his brothers. "He's not going to mind, is he?" referring to me.

Myron replied to Jason "I don't think so. He gets boners and he knows what jacking off is." then Myron turned to me and says.

"Jason's gonna jack-off, you don't mind, do you?" I just shook my head no and the 3 of us watched as Jason slowly started to rub his cock. We where like a mini cheering section.

"Dang Jason! Your sure know how to make that thing get big." Chuckie said.

"Gather around men and I'll give you a show!" Jason said.

We all scrambled and took up a position on the floor where his hard dick was less then 2 feet away from any of us. We all watched as he explained how to hold it, and what feels the best.

"Man! It's so hard looking and just watching is making mine get hard." Myron said.

I was glad that he said that because my dick wasn't getting hard, it had already been hard from the second I found out that Jason was going to jack-off.

"Feel how hard it is." Jason said letting go of his boner. Chuckie reached over and grabbed on to it and gave it a few pulls and squeezes. Then Myron took ahold of it and really inspected it. He was practically jacking Jason off when Jason stopped him.

"Hey you dick-hog! Give the new kid a turn to touch it. You almost made me cum!" Jason said to Myron.

The twins told me to go ahead and I did. "Wow! it is hard, and hot!" I said. Then I let it go because I didn't want to be a dick-hog.

"Okay! someone make me cum!" Jason said and Chuckie was the first to grab the 5-inch hard cock. He sat on Jason's legs and started to jack him off. Myron looked at me and smiled. "Watch this! you ever seen a guy squirt sperm?" He asked. I said no.

"Its cool to see. Jason will give us all orgasm after he cums. You've had dry cums before, havn't you?" Chuckie asked, and again I answered no.

Myron was excited to hear that I hadn't "Hey Jason! New kid has never had a dry cum!" He said.

"Well, I'll fix that!" Jason said.

Jason started coaching Chuckie. He was telling him that he was real close to cumming. We watched closely as Jason began bucking and heaving. "Here I go!" he shouted. "I gonna cum" came the final shout.

Then white cum just blew out of his dick and It was going all over then place. Most of it on him and Chuckie, but still some of it got on me and Myron.

Chuckie was the first to pull down his pants and present his stiffy to Jason. Jason got a nice 3 finger grip on the 3 1/2 inch woodie and in less then a minute he had Chuckie going nuts. He was jacking that little hard cock so fast, that his hand was a blur. Chuckie's butt came up off the carpet and he bucked with his back arched and mouth wide open for about 10 seconds before collapsing back on the carpet.

Then Myron got the same treatment but it took Jason about twice as long to make myron have a dry cum. But it also lasted longer and seemed more powerful that what Chuckie had.

Next it was my turn and Ididn't have any real major expectations. But that changed about 30 seconds into the 3 finger magic that Jason was working on my 4-inches of stiff dick. I just kept saying "Oh crap! Oh Crap! Oh! Crap! finishing off with a long Ahhhgggghhhhh Fucking Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! as my butt lifted up off of the floor, my dick was tingling like crazy and I was sure that I was about to pee all over my self, and then I felt warm water splash on my stomach. but knew that it wasn't pee.

"He's really cummimg!" Jason shouted. "Look at that! He shot cum!"

I was gasping for air as I looked at my stomach and saw water droplets all over the place and a few pearly white gobs here and there.

The twins where clapping and chanting "He's a Wad Shooter, He's a Wad Shooter!" and that's when I became a eligable to be a member of the Wad Shooters of America. A few days later I was introduced to all of the members and I became a member after I recieved what was known as a "Circle-Jerk Baptism" by the entire WSA which, at that time consisted of Jason-14, Myron-12, Chuckie-12, myself-12,Cory-13, Sean-15, Mike-14,Josh-13, and Julio-16, and Jake-13.

But the Circle Jerk Baptism is a whole other story.

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