a new Mistress

a new Mistress

I had been married a month when she IM'd me. My fiancée and I had lived together for five years before we married and I had never considered cheating on her. I’m a “retired” sub/switch—I guess you never really retire—the yearning and desire is always there, just waiting for the chance to come out and play.

I’m a social alpha-male that loves being sexually submissive. Oh, I’ve been a Dom and thoroughly enjoyed it, but my first love is being subservient to a Domme.

I had forgotten all the different ads I had placed, even forgotten what my profile said and all the shemale pictures in the profile photo album. I had a shemale lover before meeting my wife. She was a switch—we were incompatible, but the sex was great! Anyway, her message said: saw your ad and checked you’re profile. I live in Richmond and need a new pet. Mistress Natasha.

I was stunned. All of my pent-up desires burst free. After a few moments I replied that I was flattered but now married and just couldn’t possibly become her pet.

She sent me a picture and her message said: You cannot resist me. Your wife will never know but will love you for it.

She was gorgeous. Shoulder-length, raven hair; green eyes; skin about two shades lighter than coffee ice cream. She was standing sideways and slightly bent showing her hot, big plump ass. (I love big butts!). She wasn’t fat nor was she anorexic (thank God!). She was naked except for a black thong. Great pedicured feet and a face that would launch ships. She was right, I couldn’t resist her.

I replied that my wife had class on Thursday night and I could be all hers from about 6:30-9:30. We set all the rules: no scat, no blood, no marks, safe word, etc. I was to be at her house Thursday, promptly at 6:30 and ready for her pleasure.

I nearly shot a load without touching myself. Of course, now that was forbidden. I was now only allowed to cum for her and my wife and only with permission.

* * *

At 6:30 I walked into her house, as ordered, locked the door behind me, stripped naked, and left my folded clothes in the foyer. I walked into her living room. She was more beautiful in person than her picture could possibly capture, firm bit not muscular. She sat, naked except for a black thong, on the couch. Her toe next to the grand toe was nearly a half-inch longer than the big toe, I thought I would melt. “Oh my God Mistress! You’re fucking gorgeous!” blurted from my mouth.

She smiled at me, “Come, and worship me pet.”

I fell to my hands and knees and crawled to her feet. “You’re my pet, my panty-boy, my sissy, my bitch, my plaything….”
I pressed my lips to the top of her feet and began kissing them, “Good girl, sit and worship your Mistress Natasha.”

She raised her foot to my mouth and I moaned as her big toe disappeared into my mouth. She had beautiful feet—long unblemished toes. I sucked it a few minutes and opened my mouth for another toe. My cock was rock hard, pre-cum oozed from my slit as she added the big toe from her right foot. My mouth was stretching with four toes wiggling inside it. I drooled all over my chin and her sweet feet.

“Good girl! No hands or cumming unless I command it.” I moaned yes and she removed her left foot from my mouth.

“Open.” I opened my mouth wide. She moved her right foot a bit, “Suck it bitch! Suck my foot like you suck cock!”

I moaned as her toes disappeared in my mouth and banged against my throat. My eyes watered as I felt the ball of her hot size 11 foot against my tongue, “Suck my foot-cock girl! Suck it!”

I sucked until my jaws ached, first one foot then the other then I lost count of the toes that came and went into my mouth. I was nearly ready to beg for mercy when she commanded me to lie on my back.

She stood above me facing my feet. She had to be at least six feet tall. Her fine hot ass just a short distance from my face. She stepped from view and a second later her thong landed across my eyes. I could faintly smell her ass from the panties draped across my face. I felt her move and she yanked the thong from my eyes. She was squatting over my face, her hot, ample ass just inches away. I thought I would shoot my load and die happy.

Worship me.”

She dropped her ass-cheeks to my mouth and I began to kiss and lick her luscious ass all over. She slowly rocked and swayed her hips so that my mouth covered every inch of her ass.

“Stick your tongue out, bitch”

I stuck my tongue out as far as I could. Mistress Natasha maneuvered her ass-crack to my mouth and began a rhythm that had me licking her ass-crack all the way up and back. I could feel my cock glisten with pre-cum.

She stopped and positioned herself so that her ass-cheeks were spread wide and her asshole hovered at my nose. My cock stung from the slap of her hand.
“Don’t you dare cum without permission you sissy bitch!”

I thought my balls would draw up to my head as I did all I could not to spew my cum everywhere.

“Make sure my Queenly ass is clean, pet. Sniff it.”

She dropped down and her asshole rested against my nose. I slowly inhaled, then exhaled through my mouth. I sniffed her brown asshole; I pressed my nose to her asshole, sniffing all over her puckered hole. The tip of my nose slid up her ass and I kept sniffing.

“Is it clean?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Now, kiss it. Kiss my clean asshole.”

I pursed my lips and kissed her asshole. I thought I would explode! I kissed her ass-opening; I kissed every inch of her puckered hole. I pressed the tip of my tongue against her asshole and my cock immediately stung again from her slap. I jerked my tongue back into my mouth and kissed her asshole until I thought my lips would fall off.

“Clean? You’re sure my ass is clean?”

“Yes Mistress Natasha. Your ass is clean.”

“Make sure it’s clean. Be a good girl and lick mommy’s ass!”

Lick mommy’s ass! Don’t cum! DON’T CUM!!

I did as commanded. I truly could not resist. I slowly licked her asshole, lapped it lick a dog lapping water. I foolishly poked her opening with the tip of my tongue. She slapped my cock several times. I could feel it bounce like a metronome and I knew pre-cum was sailing from it. I licked and lapped her asshole.

“You sure it’s clean?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Suck it. Suck my asshole!”

I did exactly that. I sucked her asshole like I was sucking one of her bullet nipples. It swelled and puffed up in my mouth. My mouth was long ago filled with that slight metallic taste of her ass and I sucked and licked her asshole like a baby sucking for milk.

Her moans filled the room and she would sometimes coo what a good girl I was; good girl…worship mommy’s ass…m-m-m-m-m yeah, eat Mistress’s ass…

“Eat it. Stick your tongue up my ass. Tongue-fuck my ass…”

I shoved my tongue deep up her ass and began to move it in and out of her ass.

In and out and in and out and swirled it and sucked her asshole and nibbled it. She squeezed my balls and I jammed my face between her ass-cheeks and shoved my tongue up her butt. I wiggled my tongue and felt her brown hole open and her bowels widen. I prayed she was empty and thank God she was!

She slapped my sore cock several times and I tried to shove my tongue to her throat via her sweet ass. I wiggled my tongue some more and now my face was covered with my saliva and her ass juice.

All I could smell was her ass.

All I could taste was her ass.

Yess my pet…eat it…eat my ass…yess, that’s it…suck my ass bitch! M-m-m-m-m yes! Worship mommy’s ass!

I don’t know how long I ate her ass—seemed like days. She finally sat down on my mouth for a moment. She stood and walked to the couch.

“That was good, girl. Now, come here and get your reward before you leave. And before you even think of asking—no, you may not cum.”

I rolled to my hands and knees and crawled to her feet. I had not dared to look up, my cock was still sore and I wanted no more slaps.

“Up here sissy. Kneel, your reward is here.”

I sat up to a kneel and was staring at the biggest, fattest, most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Mistress Natasha! A shemale! Don’t cum! Her cock was fat and I thought it must be 12” long! The beautifully tapered head was just a little thinner than the shaft and her balls seemed enormous!

“Tonight you get just the head. Later I will break you in. you will learn to suck all of me, take all of me up your ass. Now, lick my slit.”

I stuck out my tongue licked the pre-cum from her pee-slit. Sweet/salty, she must love sweets. I opened my mouth wide and suck just the fat head of her cock into my mouth. Her huge cock made my 8” seem like a penis. I worked her cockhead, licking it and slurping it and sucking it. I ran my tongue up and down her cock-slit and sucked her head like a straw. Her load slammed into my throat, then ropes of her cum shot into my mouth. I sucked like a kid sharing a soda trying to get it all for myself. Her cum ran down my chin and I could no longer hold back.

I shot my load all over her feet and legs and still she came! Filling my mouth again and again with her salty-sweet cum. Her moans and groans I thought could be heard for blocks. She grabbed my hair but only her cock-head remained in my mouth and I drained her of every drop of her she-cum.

I kept her fat cock-head in my mouth until at last she commanded me to lick clean the nasty pet-cum I had let get on her. I licked all my cum off her and then she commanded me to all fours with my ass in the air. She spanked me for cumming without permission. My ass was hot and red. Then she sent me home until next week.

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