A Quick Divorce

A Quick Divorce

Copyright 2002
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Seated before the TV screen, Bob played away with the video game, the thing plugged into the livingroom’s consul, giving him the best possible view of the score as he held on to the plastic control, a wire going from the object to a computer box set into the room’s entertainment center.

Just sitting there on the sofa, his eyes on the game, Bob heard a car pull into the drive. A second later, an individual got out and entered the home through the side door. In less than a minute, the guy heard a horrific yell, “ You fuck…, you asshole…I thought I told you to clean up this place today on your day off…and what are you doing, playing with that shit like a stupid kid!”

Startled by his wife’s voice, twenty seven year old Bob looked up at the sexy brunette dressed in a black skirt suit and knee high stiletto boots of the same color as her outfit, holding a briefcase.

“ This new game’s cool.”, said the man as the lady got a little closer.

Shaking her attractive head, her long fluffy dark mane bouncing back and forth for a second, Jane, his dominant and assertive wife, moved even closer to the guy and tore the control from his hand, throwing it to the floor afterward. Raising her boot, the angry woman crushed the plastic thing, screaming, “ You didn’t do crap all day…look at this fucken place, it ain’t vacuumed, dishes are probably in the sink, and the fucken lawn ain’t mowed…do I gotta wait till the damn neighbors complain!”

“ Jane…, c’mon, why’d you do that…that thing cost money.”

“ You cost me money…you lazy good for nothing piece of shit…why can’t you find a better job…you ain’t making an effort at improving yourself…with that crap income of yours, I gotta pay most of the bills!”

“ I was just playing with this game.”

“ Why don’t you play with your dick…, dick head…now get busy and make me something to eat…you know…something edible.”

Despite the fact that she was making more money than he did, Bob nevertheless got angry at her for her constant domination and aggression, yelling back at her, “Jane…, you’re such a cunt…why can’t you get off my fucken back for once!”

“ Don’t you yell at me…, fuck head!”

“ Well…, you’re yelling at me.”

“ I got good reason…you should’ve done something today…I hate coming home to a messy place.”

“ Then why don’t you clean it up yourself…, bitch!”

“ This marriage was a fucken mistake…you ain’t worth shit…!”

“ And you’re a bitch…a pain in the neck.”

“ Oh yea…!”

“ Yea!”

Infuriated, Jane reached down to the livingroom table and picked up a large glass ashtray, the object weighing at least two if not more pounds. Putting all her strength into it, the brunette threw the thing, striking her husband right on the forehead. Dazed, the guy fell to the floor when his wife quickly went up to him and began kicking at him with her fantastic footwear.

All confused and incoherent from the impact, bob simply laid there as Jane rushed over to the other side of the room and took up a lamp sitting on the end table. The thing in hand, she returned to her husband and brought the object’s base down upon his skull as hard as she could, this time knocking him out all together.

While he laid unconscious, Jane began tearing away at his clothes, removing everything until he was completely naked. Finished with that, she removed the cord from the lamp and spliced it in two, using one wire to tie his ankles together and the other one to tie his wrists together behind his back.

Content with her work thus far, sexy Jane dragged the guy down into the basement where she left him and returned upstairs, throwing his clothes into the kitchen wastebasket.

Next, she made herself some dinner and ate the meal, washing the dishes and the rest of the plates and utensils he left in the sink from the afternoon and the previous day.

With her dark jacket off, having only her skirt, blouse, and boots on, Jane went out to the livingroom and sat down on the sofa, lowering her nice ass atop the cushion.

“ Look at all this fucken stupid shit.”, mentioned the lady to herself as she gazed at the computer setup containing all his video games.

Angry, Jane got up and forcefully removed all the electronics in connection with the games, leaving only the original television and stereo equipment. The computer box, controls, and wires in hand, the brunette took everything out the back door and dumped it into the garbage, returning to the house a few moments later.

“ Good…that takes care of all that shit.”

As she stood there in the kitchen, she realized her husband was coming back to consciousness when the lady heard from the basement below, “ Jane…, help!”

A frustrated look on her face, the woman went over to the cellar door, pulled it open, and screamed down into the darkness, “ Shut the fuck up!”

“ Jane…C’mon, untie me, please…, my head hurts real bad!”

“ I said shut up!”

“ Jane, please…!”

Mad as hell, the lady went down the stairs, flicked on the simple light, and finally stood next to him, right next to his head as he helplessly laid there in the dimly lit chamber.

“ I thought I told you to shut up.”

“ Jane…, what’s this, have you lost your mind?”

“ I’m sick of you…you’re nothing but a big disappointment.”

“ Then let’s get divorced.”

“ Oh…, I’m gonna divorce you all right…but I’ll do it my way.”

“ What…, what are you talking about?”

“ Shut up!”, yelled the woman in response, kicking the side of his head.

“ Jane…don’t do that!”

Raising her left boot, she brought its sole against his mouth and pressed down on it, forcing his lips into his teeth.

“ No, no…!”, mumbled the man, trying to free his mouth, struggling to move his head back and forth.

After she removed the boot from his face, the psycho-lady heard, “ Jane…, you’re nuts…!” Then, at the top of his lungs, he yelled out, “ Help…, someone help!”

Quickly, the lady grinned and unzipped her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor. After that, she removed her blouse and bra, exposing her tits. When her panties were off as well, the woman had only her boots and stockings on, giving her the appearance of some diabolical, yet erotic, she-devil.

“ Help…!”, yelled the guy again.

However, his screams were to no effect when she turned around and squatted, lowering her ass right into this face, sitting on his head afterward.

From beneath her perfectly shaped posterior, all she heard were muffed up sounds as he struggled to work his face free from beneath her curvaceous butt, trying to also get some air.

“ There…, you fuck, how’s that?”

For the next ten minutes, she just sat there, preventing him from saying anything. The time up, she ask down to her prisoner, “ Ok…, if I get up, are you gonna yell?”

Looking down behind her ass, she saw the guy shake his head as best he could.

“ Good…now be quiet.”

Nevertheless, as soon as her ass went up off his face, he yelled out, “ Help…, please…, someone help!”

“ You jerk…I told you to shut up!”

Like lightening, Jane went upstairs, grabbed a sharp fish knife from the kitchen, and returned to the basement. There, she again squatted before her husband and reached for his mouth with her free hand. Quickly, she pulled at his tongue and stretched it out. With her other hand, the sick lady moved the knife closer and finally cut the fleshy thing off, blood flowing all over her hands and down the side of his mouth!

All she now heard from him were incomprehensible sounds as he wiggled around, pain obviously working itself through every fiber of his being.

Realizing what her anger just made her do, crazy Jane now knew she had to get rid of him, her fury getting the better of her judgment. Looking at his detached tongue in her hand, Jane decided the best way to dispose of the man would be to sever his body piece by piece. In this way, she could throw the parts away one by one, making it harder for anyone else to notice anything suspicious.

Consequently, she threw his tongue down to the floor next to him and went over to a cabinet holding some tools. From there, she removed an ax and came back to the guy. While his head shook back and forth, pleading for his life, fear in his eyes, Jane brought the thing down hard atop his chest, splitting open his breast plate, inserting the sharp blade into his heart!

Pulling the ax from his frame, Jane again brought it down hard, this time on his neck. Over and over, the naked lady swung away at him until his head fell off. Seeing it lay there, she dropped the ax to the floor and squatted, taking up his detached head by the hairs. A smile on her face, the woman stood up again and said, “ Well…, jerk, looks like this is it for you, ha, ha…!” Slowly, she moved his bloody head behind her frame and lowered it to her ass, saying with perverted humor, “ Here you go…kiss it…kiss my ass, asshole.” For two and a half minutes, she pressed his dead face to her butt, getting some twisted satisfaction from the action. At last, she dropped the thing and headed upstairs.

There, Jane got some garbage bags together and went back down to the cellar where she took up the ax again and hacked away at the rest of his obviously immobilized corpse, cutting off his arms and legs, making it easier for her to dispose of him.

When she had him all packaged up in separate bags, the bloody lady cleaned up the floor and returned the ax after she also cleaned it all off.

Upstairs, Jane entered the bathroom, removed her spectacular leather boots and stockings, and stepped into the shower, washing her frame of all the blood and residue. That done, she put a fresh pair of clothes on, attire similar to what she came home in, and finally put the boots back on.

In the cellar again, Jane took up one of the five black plastic bags and went with it to her car, throwing it into the trunk, doing the same with the other four. When his remains were all in place, she lowered her ass behind the wheel and drove around town, dropping one bag here and another there, usually in some dumpster behind a store or restaurant, knowing that within a day’s time the garbage would be picked up and the evidence lost forever. Finally, with everything thrown away, she returned home.

A number of hours passed since she came home form work, therefore it was already dark out, time for her to turn in. Going up to her bedroom, the lady undressed and went to bed with nothing on, laying there in the semi-darkness. As the moonlight lit up the place a little, Jane just continued to lay there and stare up into nothing, thinking about what she had just done, seeing images of his mutilated corpse flow in and out of her twisted brain.

To her surprise, the lady felt something, a sensation between her legs, a warm and stimulating feeling, causing her to get wet. Slowly, she moved her hand to her crotch and massaged herself, getting wetter and wetter. As she did this, Jane realized that the macabre actions of the day really turned her on. Over and over, she replayed the events of the afternoon and evening, beginning with the moment she walked through the side door and saw Bob sitting there, screwing around with the electronic game. On and on her fingers did there thing, giving her pleasure, a twisted euphoria, a delight only the most perverse know. At last, after fifteen minutes, she came, exploding forth, getting off at another’s demise, his life now nothing but a memory drifting about within the confines of her warped mind.

The End

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