A ride home 3

A ride home 3

Chapter 3

“Moooom, may I use your Chloe?” Jo-Ann calls out from the bathroom attached to her bedroom, stretching out the word ‘mom’ in a voice loud enough to be heard anywhere in the condo.

“Sure Hon’. Are you going out?” her mother shouts back from downstairs.

“Yes,” Jo-Ann replies

And the exchange that follows is typical of a sixteen year-old’s attempting to communicate with her mother without actually passing along any information that might restrict her plan.

“Where are you going?”

“Just out, no place special.”

“Who are you going with?”

“Some friends are coming by to get me.”

In this case, Jo-Ann’s ploy was further helped by the fact that her mother was herself anxious to leave for a planned evening out.

A horn sounded and her Mother called back, just as Jo-Ann turned the hair dryer back on for the finishing touches to her blond, shoulder length hair.

“Jack’s here, I have to go. Have fun tonight and don’t stay out too late. ‘Bye, love you.”

Jo-Ann turned off the hair dryer and was able to catch the last phrase of the exchange.

“Love you too, Moooom,” she shouted, again dragging out the word ‘mom’ until she heard the front door slam shut.

Jo-Ann had showered, dried her hair and was now standing naked in front of the mirror applying body lotion. The window was open at the bottom a few inches and a warm summer breeze entered, wrapped around her body and caressed her hardening nipples.

Turning her body sideways while still looking at the mirror she applied two hands-full of lotion to her firm, high ass cheeks. The fragrance imbedded in the lotion rose on the light breeze to fill her nostrils. Sweeping the lotion around to her hips she proceeded to rub her thighs, bending to do her calves and feet. Straightening, she squirted more lotion on her willing hands and worked her stomach, ribs shoulders and lastly her breasts. She lingered on her rock hard nipples longer than necessary, letting one hand drift down to her wet pussy lips and swollen clit. A rush shivered through her body when her hand made contact with the super sensitive organ.

Jo-Ann snapped out of her reverie and pulled her hand quickly away from her love bud.

“No,” she said aloud. “I’ll save myself for Tyrone,” knowing he’ll soon be here to pick her up.

She stared at her swollen nipples a moment longer and thought how the clinging red silk blouse she would be wearing braless tonight would keep them erect and proudly displayed , the way her man likes them.

She finished her make-up, having spent most of the time working around her deep blue eyes to accentuate them to their best, and slipped a pair of black thong panties over her full, sensuous hips.

In her bedroom she pulled on a sheer pair of black thigh-high stockings over her long shapely legs, added the plunging neckline red silk blouse, leaving the top button open to better show off her full, c-cup breasts, pulled on and zipped up her short, pleated black skirt and slipped her feet into a pair of sling-back three-inch heels. For the final touch she dabbed some of her mother’s Chloe perfume between her breasts, behind her ears and on the bare flesh of her inner thighs above her stockings.

Waiting by the door for her, handsome, muscular black stud she checked out her reflection in the nearby mirror. She was pleased with what she saw. Tyrone had told her to wear something sexy and she certainly had complied. She reached up and rubbed her nipples, pleased to see them respond and push further against her clinging blouse. She wouldn’t have to do that with Tyrone around, just being with him kept her constantly aroused.

She heard a truck pull into the complex and opened the door. She was surprised to see her man pull-up driving a New Ford F-150 truck. Slamming the door shut behind her, she ran to greet him, catching him just as he rounded the front of the truck.

“Wow, a new truck,” Jo-Ann said, smiling and giving her man a big hug.

“It was delivered today. You don’t think I’d take out the prettiest girl in town in an old, beat-up truck. And don’t you look sexy tonight,” he added.

“Actually, I tried more for the slut look,” she said, turning and heading for the truck’s passenger door while wiggling her heart-shaped ass provocatively.

He caught up and opened the door for her, leaned against it and unabashedly watched her well tanned thighs part and her skirt ride-up higher as she climbed in. He got a nice view, all the way to the top of her thigh-highs. Immediately an erotic vision flashed into his mind: Jo-Ann bent low over a pool table, wearing only her stockings and heels, her arms extended and holding on to the edge of the table, her legs spread wide and her tits bouncing violently as he pounded his 9-inch, black cock into her tight, white, teen pussy. Fantasy? Most likely not he thinks, as he smiles and closes the door.

Tyrone climbs into the driver’s seat, turns the ignition key and the large super-charged engine rumbles to life. Before driving away he takes a hand from the wheel, turns and looks into the teen-beauty’s deep blue eyes.

“How about one minor adjustment,” he says.

Then he reaches out to undo one more button on her blouse, exposing most of the rounded tops of her c-cup breasts. Tyrone spreads his hand wide and lightly brushes against her hard nipples before returning his beefy hand to the steering wheel. Sighing softly and smiling broadly, Jo-Ann wiggles her butt and squeezes closer to her man, enjoying the feeling of his muscular arm rubbing against her left breast as he maneuvers the big truck out of the complex and onto the interstate.

“I didn’t know you smoked cigarettes.” she said, spying a cigarette sitting in the center ashtray

“It’s not a cigarette. It’s a fat, machine rolled, joint,” he says laughing. “I have a friend who has a hand cranked cigarette roller that packs them tight, three to four times the pleasure of the loosely hand-rolled ones. I brought it for you, Babe.”

Jo-Ann pushed in the lighter and stuck the joint between her lips, nervously waiting the few seconds it took for the lighter to heat up. Her hand was shaking as she grabbed the lighter as soon as it popped out and quickly lit the joint.

She took a deep drag, held it and slowly let her breath out as the familiar feeling of numbing lightness started low in her chest and spread outward to her extremities and her head. She took a second deep hit and the shaking stopped. She relaxed, thinking about her handsome man sitting beside her, her thoughts getting more and more erotic as she smoked the joint down and snuffed out the roach in the ashtray before it could burn her finger tips.

Light headed but fully aroused now she rose to her knees, turned toward Tyrone and kissed his neck, nibbled on his ear lobe and rubbed her hand along his crotch, feeling his cock twitch in response. She opened her legs willingly when he slipped his strong hand between her thighs, fondled and squeezed her firm, velvety ass cheeks and slipped two fingers up, to the first knuckle into her soaking wet pussy, easily navigating around her skimpy thong panties. She ground slowly against his hand seeking deeper penetration and contact with her swollen clit.

“Do you want me to practice my blow job? I think I did pretty well yesterday, but I can always improve,” Jo-Ann said softly in his ear as she continued her slow grinding.

“You did great yesterday, Babe, but let’s save it ‘til later. You’ll have plenty of time to practice your blow jobs later,” he said removing his fingers from her sloshing love hole.

“Here, clean these,” Tyrone ordered holding his fingers in front of her lips. “We don’t want to get the new truck all messy, do we?”

Jo-Ann obeyed instantly, sucking her juices off his fingers and blowing them dry with her warm breath as they pulled into the club parking lot, her face flushed and her body barely containing the built-up sexual pressure.

The club was a low building at the back of a poorly lit parking lot in a part of the city she had never visited. She felt perfectly safe however, with her man beside her. She knew he would watch out for her and protect her.

Tyrone moved around the front of the truck, through the light from the delayed shut-off head lamps and helped his teen lovely step down. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, cupping her right breast in his large hand and lightly rolling its nipple in his fingers – an action that was quickly becoming a habit that Jo-Ann was not discouraging – and walked his girl toward the club entrance.

A large, overweight black man, obviously the club bouncer and ID checker, was standing just outside the club entrance. ‘Tiny’ was embroidered on the left breast pocket of his knit club shirt. He was anything but tiny, thought Jo-Ann. A full head shorter than Tyrone, with a roll of fat overhanging his wide, studded leather belt, he looked as if he could hardly fit through the club door.

“Yo, Ty, was’ up,” he said in a deep wheezing voice as they got closer

“Tiny, this is my slut, Jo-Ann,” said Tyrone, giving her nipple a soft pinch.

“She’s a real little spinner, ain’t she” Tiny replied with a voice seeming to struggle for air.

Tyrone gets a puzzled look from Jo-Ann and laughs, picturing Jo-Ann impaled on Tiny’s fat, black cock while he spins her around like one of those wind driven children’s toys. As they pass by Tiny, Tyrone leans in and whispers something in his ear. They continue through the door and enter the club with Tiny’s deep, resonant laugh trailing behind them.

Jo-Ann is impressed with her first view of the inside of the club. It’s a fairly large room, softly lit with multicolored spots. A low, one-step stage and good-sized dance floor occupy one end of the room and a highly polished, mirror backed bar stretches along most of one wall. Twenty or so tables are spread throughout the room center and about a dozen booths with high padded backs and cushioned seats line the back wall and the wall across from the bar.

Recorded hip hop music is playing softly from the speaker system. It’s early still and only one couple is on the dance floor, with about 25 other people, singles and couples, scattered about the room. She does notice is that she is the only white person in the room. She presses closer to Tyrone, knowing that her man will watch over her.

They move into the room and Jo-Ann notices a handsome black man leave the bar and stride purposely toward them with a wide grin on his face that reminds her of Tyrone’s 1,000-watt smile. Tyrone drops his arm from around her and greets this man with a full brother hug. They could be real brothers, thinks Jo-Ann as she watches the two handsome men go through their male greeting ritual.

“Jackson, this is Jo-Ann. Jo-Ann this is my oldest and closest friend, Jackson,” Tyrone says, making the introduction.

Jackson’s smile seems to brighten even more as he spreads his arms wide and steps toward Jo-Ann. As if drawn by a powerful magnet, Jo-Ann moves forward without hesitation and gets quickly wrapped into a strong, warm hug.

“Let’s hang at the bar and have a drink while you two get to know each other,” Tyrone says and they move off toward the bar with Jo-Ann squeezed happily between them.

While Jackson talks with Jo-Ann, Tyrone orders a rum and coke double for her and two plain cokes for Jackson and himself. The drinks arrive, Jo-Ann takes a sip and with drink in hand, rests her back against the bar rail. She giggles to herself and wonders if it’s the rum, the pot or the two hunks leaning against her that’s making her warm all over. She takes a second, bigger sip and rubs her free hand along Tyrone’s muscular thigh and leaves it resting there lightly. She just can’t keep her hands off her man.

Tyrone wraps his arm around her shoulder in that familiar position, cradling her breast and lightly rolling her hard nipple between his fingers. Both men are close enough to feel the rush that shudders through her body. Jackson reaches his hand behind her, beneath the bar rail and starts rubbing her lower back, simultaneously moving closer, pressing his crotch against her outer thigh. Jo-Ann can feel his cock. God, she sighs, do all Ty’s friends have big cocks.

A slow dance song comes on and a few couples drift out onto the dance floor.

“Do you mind if I dance with your hot slut?” Jackson asks Tyrone.

“Not at all,” Tyrone replies. “Dance with Jackson, Babe, show him a good time,” Tyrone says to her, removing his hand from her shoulder and breast and pushing her lightly toward the dance floor.

Jackson lowers his hand to her firm ass and keeps up the light pressure as they move onto the dance floor. When she spins into his arms he reaches to grab her other cheek and pulls her in close with both hands pressing their crotches firmly together. She stretches up, wraps her arms around his neck and rests her head against his powerful chest. She looks at Tyrone leaning against the bar. He smiles and nods his approval.

A gap opens slightly between their chests, relieving the pressure on her engorged nipples, as Jackson relaxes the pressure on her butt. His hands slide forward to her hips, up her rib cage and against the sides of her breasts. She sighs softly, presses her damp pussy in tight against his crotch and feels his cock grow hard against her. As the dance comes to an end, he bends down, kisses her passionately, attacking her tongue with his and twists her nipples in his strong fingers.

She leans against him and holds on to his waist, knowing that her wobbly legs wouldn’t support her alone as they make their way back to the bar and Tyrone.

Well, do you think he’s hot,” Tyrone says grinning.

“Yes, but you know I only want you.” She replies in a soft, erotic voice.

“You’re all I want, too Babe,” he affirms.

“She’s a hot kisser, too,” Tyrone asserts and duplicates the passionate kiss she has just received from Jackson. This time he reaches inside her loose blouse to fondle her bare breast and nipple.

“And, she’s really a great cock sucker, too,” Tyrone adds.

Jo-Ann blushes. But then smiles shyly and nods her head, yes.

“Maybe later you can show Jackson how good you are, Babe.”

Jo-Ann blushes again, saying nothing but thinking that it might be fun to give Tyrone a blow job while his friend watches if that’s what he wants. It actually sounds pretty hot to her.

More people have been arriving and a barmaid has appeared, working the service bar, freeing up her partner to handle the increased demand along the main bar. A young man is setting up equipment on the small stage. A few couples have moved onto the dance floor, writhing to the hip-hop recording now playing, not at all concerned with the onlookers as they rub sensuously against each other.

The room noise has increased with the arrival of more people and more drinks served. She watches the young man adjust the amps and kick-up the music another couple of notches. It’s loud enough now that occasionally the pressure waves from the low bass tones can be felt against her eardrums.

Tyrone has his arm around her shoulder and his hand inside her blouse rubbing her bare breast and squeezing her stiff nipple with his strong fingers. Jackson leans across so they can both hear him over the loud music.

“Come on Jo-Ann, let’s join them,” Jackson says.

Jo-Ann glances at Tyrone and he nods his approval.

They join the couples on the floor, Jackson holding her hips in close and Jo-Ann rubbing, bumping and sliding up and down Jackson’s body.

“Hey Tony. W’a’s up bro’,” Jackson says looking over Jo-Ann’s right shoulder. Jo-Ann turns her head and sees a long haired, lanky but athletic built young man behind her.

“Mind if I join you?” Tony asks and presses against her backside to join their grinding without waiting for an answer, neatly sandwiching her between their gyrating, writhing bodies.

She glances to the side and sees Tyrone leaning against the bar. When she catches his eye he nods his approval again. If she hadn’t been already turned-on by the rum, pot and heady sexual atmosphere of the club, she was now. She can’t help but respond to their thrusts with her own pressure.

The two dance partners lock her in tight and begin slowly rubbing against her. She feels both their cocks now. Tony, the man behind her is sliding up and down her ass crack. Her thin short skirt and sheer thong do little to mask the contours of his cock. He reaches up and starts fondling her breast, while keeping his hard cock moving along the crack in her butt cheeks, bending his knees low to get the full benefit of long, intimate contact.

She leans her head back on Tony’s shoulder and he starts licking and nibbling at her ear. She moans softly. Jackson is not letting up either. He is holding her hips tightly against his erection and performing the same, slow knee-bend motion that carries his thick cock along her now wet crotch. The skirt and thong panties again offer little interference. She moves and repositions herself with Jackson’s motion so she can maximize contact between his swollen cock and her swollen clit.

She shudders as a small clitoral orgasm sweeps through her body. It does little, however, to release the sexual pressure that has been building all evening to unbelievable heights within her. Her mind drifts back to yesterday when Tyrone held her naked on the couch, his strong muscular hands holding her legs spread wide above her head, with his rock-hard, black cock stretching her tight pussy to its limits, driving into her relentlessly, pounding her pussy with all his power and fury. That’s what she needed now to relieve the pressure. But she doesn’t worry. She knows her man will take care of her. He always does. He always knows what she wants, what she needs.

Through the sex, drug and liquor induced haze she searches for Tyrone with her narrowed eyes. She sees him in the same spot, facing her with his elbows on top of the bar, grinning and nodding his approval. Her eyes wander down to his crotch where she saw the familiar tenting bulge and feels good that she is exciting her man.

The music stops but her two partners keep her squeezed between them for a few seconds longer as they slowly cease their erotic motions and separate, not caring to try to hide their arousal from the neighboring couples. Jackson puts his arm around her shoulder, pressing his broad palm against the side of her breast. With his friend Tony trailing slightly behind them they head back to join Tyrone at the bar

As soon as she gets to Tyrone she reached up and hugs him, pressing her breasts against his side and her lips against his ear.

“I am so horny I can’t wait ‘til we’re alone,“ she whispers” She slides her hand along his rock hard cock as she blows her hot breath softly in his ear.

“Soon, Babe” he says, “Soon.”

She senses someone hovering close by her shoulder and turns her head, flipping her shoulder length blond hair aside while continuing to press her breasts against her powerful black lover.

It’s Tony, standing close.

“Thanks for the dance. I’ll see you later,” he says to her. She watches as his eyes shift and lock onto her lovers. Some hidden message seems to pass briefly between them before Tony pivots and disappears into the gathering crowd. Jo-Ann finishes her drink in one long chug and places the drained glass on the bar.

“Let’s find a seat,” Tyrone says, looking at the watch stretched around his thick wrist.

Jo-Ann is still pressed between the two black studs as they prepare to move away from the bar. Tyrone is solid against one hip with his arm around her shoulder, casually letting it cup her left breast again. Jackson is tightly joined to her other hip with his hand now under her skirt, making skin-to-skin contact with her firm, pliable ass cheeks that are left bare by her silky-smooth thong panties.

Jo-Ann sees that all of the booths along the walls are occupied and the only seats remaining are a hand-full of tables removed somewhat from the bandstand and the dance floor. They by-pass these however and move along the bar heading further away from the dance floor. At the end of the bar they turn and continue straight toward a wide doorway, with the two doors propped open, and enter into a backroom.

Jo-Ann looks around the room she has just entered, the one she hadn’t even realized was there. A pool table sits in the center with a low-hanging light illuminating its green felt surface. The rest of the room is softly illuminated with a few well placed ceiling spots.

The left wall space is partitioned in two with a small bar at the near end and a small dance floor at the far end. Standing guard at the dance floor are two sets of large speaker systems, with several smaller speakers high on the surrounding room walls. The speaker volume is turned low, playing the recorded music piped in from the other room.

Three tables are situated along the right side of the room and a wrap-around booth with an extra wide seat and room for at least six is in the far corner with a low cocktail table in front. This corner is hardly illuminated at all.

An elderly, thin, white-haired bartender, with a white shirt, black pants and a bar apron tied around his waist is standing behind the bar watching as they enter. Two customers are standing at the bar, one leaning with his back against the bar also watching their entrance, the other with his elbows on the bar, leaning forward, nursing a drink.

The one facing them is tall, taller than Tyrone, but every bit as muscular, with very broad shoulders, a shaved head, a single hammered silver earring and sporting small soul patch of hair beneath his lower lip. He’s dressed in black: open collared black silk shirt, black linen trousers and jacket and highly polished, black snake skin boots. The other man is shorter, muscular, with a large snake tattoo that runs around his right arm over his large bicep and disappears under the sleeve of his black mesh t-shirt. A scary twosome that made her glad she had her man to protect her.

Two players are at the pool table. She recognizes Tony, her recent dance partner, as the one bending over the table lining up a shot. The other is sitting in a tall arm chair, his cue between his knees, smoking and trying to distract Tony with trash talk. Then she smells it, the familiar sweet, acrid smell of marijuana. Tony’s opponent is smoking one of those machine rolled joints Tyrone had let her enjoy during the ride to the club.

She looked up at Tyrone, back to the smoker and finally back to Tyrone with pleading eyes, ready to ask him for another joint.

I know what you want, Babe,” Tyrone said before she could open her mouth to ask. “I’ll get it for you.” He then turns his head to Jackson.

“Jackson, why don’t you get my slut a rum and Coke special while we grab the booth in the corner, “ he says. He pushes into the room with Jo-Ann tucked in close under his arm.

“That the bitch,” says the tall man to Jackson when he arrives at the bar.

“Yeah, what do you think, Bo? Interested?” Jackson asks.

“Let’s wait and see how she performs,” the man with the shaved head responds and turns back to the bar to nurse his drink with his partner

“I’ll need a rum and Coke special, Pops, “ Jackson says to the white haired bartender with a wink.

“Coming right up, Jackson,” the old man replies, filling a tall glass with ice and placing it on the counter below the bar. Reaching into his pocket, he extracts a key ring and selects a small brass key. He kneels down and uses the key to open a cabinet partially concealed below the register. He finds and removes a medicine bottle filled with clear liquid. He reaches up, retrieves the glass of ice and places it on the floor beside him. He then unscrews the bottle cap with its attached dropper and adds six drops to the glass of ice. Pausing, he thinks, what he hell, and adds another three drops.

He closes and locks the cabinet, stands up and finishes mixing the ‘special’, adding a shot of rum and topping it off with Coke and a slice of lime.

“Any chance I can have some of that when your done?” he asks Jackson, nodding toward Jo-Ann while placing the drink in front of Jackson.

“Absolutely Pops. You can count on it. That’s going to be your tip”, Jackson says with a grin.

While Jackson is at the bar dealing with Pops, Tyrone leads Jo-Ann toward the pool table. Jo-Ann notices that Tony has stopped concentrating on the shot and is focused on her as she approaches.

Hey Marcus, how’s it goin’,” Tyrone says when they reach the seated player smoking the joint. Tyrone gives him a brief, loose one-arm brother hug as he continues to hold Jo-Ann tight in his other arm. “How about one of those smokes for my slut here?” he says nodding his head to the side where Jo-Ann is.

“Sure thing Tyrone,” Marcus replies, pulling an antique gold cigarette case from his pocket, popping it open and holding it out to Jo-Ann.

As soon as Jo-Ann takes one from the row of perfectly rolled joints laying in the case Marcus snaps the case closed, whips out a matching gold lighter with his other hand and offers to light it for her.

“Thank you Marcus,” Jo-Ann smiles at him and places the joint between her lips.

The joint is lit and the couple moves off toward the corner booth with Jo-Ann taking hits on the way. Marcus points the butt of his cue stack at the shapely ass sliding away form him and makes a simulated fucking gesture by jacking the butt of his cue stick back and forth through the circle formed by his thumb and fingers, causing Tony to laugh and scratch his shot.

Jackson arrives with the rum and Coke special just as Tyrone is settling in next to Jo-Ann. Jackson slides in on the other side of the white slut and places her drink on the table.

“Let me have some of that, Babe,” Jackson says.

She passes the joint to Jackson and takes a gulp of her drink. Jackson takes a hit and passes the joint back to her. She takes a deep hit, followed by another gulp of her drink to quench the dryness in her mouth and throat caused by the pot.

Tyrone shakes his head no when Jo-Ann offers him the nearly finished joint. He needs to stay clear headed, he says to himself, so he can control the action that will soon follow. He also needs to be sharp for the negotiations with Bo later on.

Jo-Ann finishes the pot and gulps down the remaining drink. She leans back, her head against the padded back rest with her feet splayed and dangling over the edge of the wide seat not touching the floor. The sexual frustration and pressure she has been feeling feels even stronger now. She looks at her two black studs, pressed tightly against her, sighs deeply and reaches out with her hand to rub their large muscular thighs.

Tyrone smiles at her, leans over and gives her one of his trade mark passionate kisses. She sucks his tongue into her mouth and squeezes his thigh. He holds her lips tight against his with one of his hands behind her head, his mouth open and his tongue dueling with hers, and with the other hand unbuttons the remaining buttons on her flimsy blouse. Using both he peels the blouse off her shoulders and arms and throws it on the floor. Tyrone returns to holding her head and attacking her mouth with passionate kisses while massaging her swollen, aching nipples with his free hand. She feel him slide a hand along her thigh, slip two finger into her wet slit, start sucking and nibbling on one of her nipples while he continues to kiss her passionately, pinching and tweaking her other nipple with his strong fingers.

Wait, she thinks as a bit of reason and logic slips past the drug, sex and liquor induced fog swirling around her. He can’t be doing all this himself. She opens her eyes and sees Jackson’s lips against her right breast. It’s Jackson who has his fingers in her soaking pussy, rubbing her engorged clit. She realizes that both of her black studs are trying to pleasure her as the body shattering orgasm that she has been begging for finally arrives and releases the pent-up sexual pressures that have tortured her since Tyrone picked her up at home. The orgasm subsides but doesn’t stop. Instead it continues with a series of rolling peaks and valleys like waves crashing on shore pushed by a storm far at sea. When the crashing stops, she doesn’t feel satiated. She feels as excited and as sexually driven as before. What’s happening, she wonders.

“Get me hard, “says Tyrone. “I want to fuck you, now”

From her training she knows exactly what to do. She spins away from Jackson, tearing her tit free leaving a shocked expression on his face. Rising on her knees she unzips Tyrone’s pants, she pauses, giving Tyrone time to rise off the seat making it easy for her to slip his pants and boxers off his thighs. She can’t imagine that the thick, black cock she was now staring at could get any harder. But she dutifully opens her bright red lips, slips them over her man’s hot piece, and drives her mouth down to rest against his curly black pubic hair, taking the cock head deep into her throat. Sucking hard, with concave lips she pulls back to the top and begins rapidly repeating the sequence while her tongue works feverously laving and licking her man’s powerful tool. She is driven to please her man, to please both of her men. To do whatever it takes to satisfy these two who are bent on pleasuring her.

“Turn around slut. Jackson needs you,” Tyrone growls. ‘And back-up so I can stand and fuck that sloppy cunt of yours,” he adds as he gets of the bench seat.

Before Jo-Ann can turn to face Jackson she sees the bouncer, Tiny enter the room, stare momentarily at the action going on in their corner booth, reach his arms out to slam both doors closed and turns to lock them.

Jo-Ann completes her spin around, still on her knees and is pulled back along the seat by Tyrone’s muscular arms until her magnificent ass and soaking wet pussy hang suspended in space over the booth end. That’s when she spies the black cock that Jackson has been teasing her with all evening, standing erect, rock-hard waiting for her. He could be Tyrone’s real brother; their cocks are nearly identical, she thinks. She leans one hand on his massive thigh, opens her lips and starts pleasing him, her other man, her other lover, with a series of slow sucking and licking trips around his large mushroom-shaped dick head. She moves her other hand beneath his heavy balls and starts rubbing and fondling them, listening to the moans of pleasure escaping his lips.

“Suck it Slut, Jackson calls out. “You know what to do with it bitch, suck it,” he says.

Jackson reaches out and pinches Jo-Ann’s nipples with such force that she lets out a muffled scream and tears well up in her eyes. She ignores the brief pain, focusing on pleasing her man number two. She opens her mouth wide, takes a deep breath and plunges to the root of the black monster she is trying to tame, forcing the head deep in her throat. She sucks hard, collapsing her cheeks tightly against Jackson’s steel hard cock and slowly retreats to the top of the stroke working her tongue around and along his now throbbing member. The intimate contact of her her lips and cheeks both dragging along his tightly stretched, sensitive skin drives Jackson to thrust his hips off the cushioned seat, driving hard into Jo-Ann’s throat.

“That’s it slut, suck it, suck it,” he shouts. “Faster, deeper, fuck me with those red hot lips of yours. Show me how a real teen slut sucks cock,” he adds. Tyrone is right, this bitch is a great cock-sucker.

Tyrone watches Jo-Ann the slut use her magic mouth on his best friend. When Jackson finishes shouting out his taunts and she stands poised to do the stomach turning plunge down his shaft for the second time, Tyrone lets loose and drives his steel hard cock to the hilt into the wet, dripping cunt positioned so conveniently in front of his massive tool.

He can tell that the sudden action by him from behind and her self initiated plunge down Jackson’s shaft has released another series of orgasmic waves. Damn, he thought that shit that Pop stores behind the bar really works. He fucks her pussy slowly, not trying to keep up with the pace that Jackson has the white slut maintaining on his engorged cock. This pussy banging is but a brief prelude to the ass fucking to follow.

He reaches on top of the seat back, picks up and opens the small jar of Vaseline Pop had left there for him earlier, digs out a large gob with his fingers and smears it around her pink pucker hole. Tyrone begins his slow assault on the on his main objective, sliding his thick middle finger back and forth along her ass crack, through the gob of Vaseline, and dropping down into her tightly protected asshole with each pass. His ministrations are causing this love slut to moan continuously. Tyrone is certain that this is creating immense pleasure for his buddy Jackson, as the moaning must be causing Jo-Ann’s lips to vibrate at high frequency as they travel along Jackson big cock.

Man, she has a tight ass. He is in though and begins to expand his probing. He rotates his finger while plunging in and out of her asshole in synchronisms with his slowly driving cock. The heavy lubrication makes it easy for his thick, knuckled finger to quickly penetrate to its full length. He removes his finger temporarily, scoops another gob of lube, pushes it through her loosening anal ring and restarts the probing cycle using two of his massive fingers. Her moaning increases and he’s not sure if it is an effect of what he is doing, to her asshole, what Jackson is to her breasts or something deep in her psyche trying to get out. Thoughtfully someone has increased the music volume significantly to mask the building noise from the corner.

Now he has two large fingers pistoning freely in and out of her asshole with no resistance. He removes both fingers at the top of the next stroke and sees that her sphincter relaxed pucker hole stays well dilated. Maintaining his slow, deep pussy fuck, he repeats the lubing process one more time, using three of his large-knuckled fingers. He soon has her anal ring fully dilated. His strategy has worked and he prepares for the final push to achieve his objective.

Jackson feels his balls begin to tighten and he knows he is close to releasing what he’s sure will be a ton of his pent-up spunk down this white slut’s throat. As Tyrone told him, this bitch is full of surprises. It appears she can’t seem to get enough stimulation; she’s been frigging her own clit frantically for a while now even though he has seen her shake and shudder from wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Her moaning is continuous and has morphed into more of a high pitched scream.

Jackson feels his balls tighten further, ready to dump his load, so he grabs her head to control the terminal pleasure. He clamps down tight, lets out a scream himself and shoots one, two, three, four violent shots of cum, much of it going directly down her throat, some ricocheting against her tongue, coating her mouth and leaking out around his fat cock. A small string even manages to shoot up her nose, dribble out her left nostril and hang suspended above her upper lip.

Jo-Ann feels Jackson ejaculate in her mouth more times than she can count and beams with pride at knowing she can satisfy her new lover. He slips his sated now shrinking cock from her mouth and as she gasps for breath, she tries to figure out why her body is prolonging this continuous craving for sexual gratification. No sooner has an orgasm left her pleasured beyond belief, than the cravings return even stronger.

Tyrone slips his cock from Jo-Ann’s sopping pussy when he sees Jackson withdraw and Jo-Ann starts gasping, trying to refill her lungs with much needed oxygen. Then, without warning he drives his steel-hard spike into her virgin ass, slamming his cum loaded ball against her swollen outer pussy lips and burying his dick over eight inches deep in her back hole. Her scream was barely covered by the music.

Tyrone grabs her hair holding it like a horse’s reins and pounds her ass with abandon. Despite the lubrication, the heat builds with the friction of his thick cock invading this tight space. The pleasure of punishing this white slut is driving Tyrone wild. He knows he could be hurting her, tearing her asshole apart, but he doesn’t relent. The screaming bitch is getting what she deserves.

“You’re my fuck ass slut now, bitch,” he screams. “You’re my black cock slut.”

“Yes, yes , yes, “ she screeches at the top of her lungs with her eyes screwed shut.

The pain is there but so is the pleasure. Her sexual craving has not diminished and she still cannot understand why. Something is making her body seek pleasure from this relentless, painful, tearing, ass pounding that continues to rip her body apart. Thoughts of this strange need for more and more fulfillment are quickly put aside as a small series of orgasms ripples through her. Her thoughts now shift back to pleasing her man who has done so much for her. Jo-Ann starts pushing back to meet every violent thrust from her lover, squeezing and milking his steel hard member with what little muscle control she had left around her asshole.

Suddenly her eyes snap wide open when she feels two large, calloused hands grab her breasts and start squeezing painfully. Her eyes cross as she tries to focus on what is the thickest, blackest cock she could ever imagine, poised inches from her screaming mouth.

Jackson is no longer sitting in front of her. He has been replaced by Tiny, the bouncer who is mauling her breasts, digging his sharp, thick, filthy nails into her.

“Come on Bitch,” he screams at her to be heard above the music and her own screeching cries. “I’ve been waiting two days for this and you’d better make my wait worth it,” he yells breathlessly. With that he moves his hands to her head and forces her lips down on his cock

His cock is thick, thicker than Tyrone’s, but not as long. If she can just handle the girth, she thinks, she could give him his blow job and get rid of him. Her mouth is stretched painfully and she is in fear of hearing the sound and feeling the pain of her jaw cracking, when her lips finally slip over his grossly large mushroom-shaped head. Her jaw starts to cramp as Tiny applies more pressure to the back of her head. The pain in her jaw is immense, as her lips bottom out against his foul smelling pubic hair, and he reverses direction, dragging back her swollen lips to repeat the process. Without her realizing it her tongue has begun its magic, wrapping around and around his cock, licking the rough skinned head, picking-up and moving the fluid leaking from the monster slit back to her throat to be swallowed. Her saliva is running out of her mouth and down her chin but it has done its lubricating job, allowing her lips to slide more easily over his throbbing pole.

“Umph, umph,” Tiny snorts as he works Jo-Ann’s mouth along his cock at a numbing speed.

Even under this severe distress and jaw numbing pain, she is still aroused. How can this be, her inner voice screams to her as her body gives in to another rumbling orgasm.

Tyrone is enjoying this immensely. The hot, tight asshole on the white slut is giving his dick the workout of a lifetime. Watching Tiny’s fat, coal-black cock slip in and out of her fully stretched, red-coated lips and hearing her stifled moans and screams is driving him unceasingly to his release. With one final, bone jarring thrust that almost knocks Jo-Ann off Tiny’s fat cock, Tyrone explodes, spewing shot after shot of his boiling hot seed deep in to her rectum.

Jo-Ann feels the hot semen splash and splash against the tortured walls of her ravaged anus. She knows her lover has finished and unexpectedly, the satisfaction she gets from pleasing him rises in her chest.

Tyrone withdraws his cum covered dick and notices only a few traces of blood. Not much damage, he concludes, but a whole fucking lot of pleasure. Or is it ‘A whole lot of fucking pleasure’?

Pops, the elderly bartender is standing in front of the coffee table holding out a wet and a dry bar towel. Tyrone takes the towels, cleans of his dick, slips on his pants and heads back to the bar with Pops for a well needed cold beer.

Jo-Ann is still kneeling with her ass hanging out in space over the end of the booth seat and leaning over Tiny, trying to survive while he stuffs his doubly thick prick down her throat over and over again. Suddenly, to her total amazement, Tiny releases her head and withdraws his fat cock from her mouth. The relief she feels, as she gasps for breath is almost orgasmic.

The relief doesn’t last long, however. Tiny easily picks her up and slides under her. He holds her straddling him with his legs hanging off the end of the bench and his angry, black dick at the entrance to her tight teen pussy. Tiny pulls her flat against his chest in a massive bear-hug, trapping her, and starts slowly advancing his cock.

“Noooooo!” She screams. As he pushes his enormous black cock head against her swollen outer lips.

Tiny knows that she’ll be able to take his cock, the vagina is amazing that way. But he also knows that he has to proceed slowly to keep from doing serious damage to the young slut. Doing real damage to her would piss off Tyrone and Bo and he doesn’t want to be on Bo’s shit lists. People that end up n that list sometimes disappear.

For some reason, Tiny is moving slowly but despite this small break, Jo-Ann senses she is fighting a losing battle, as his cock-head continues it’s glacial progress into her honey hole She’s trying to relax and let her vagina do its thing, when she hears the coffee table legs scrape the tile floor as it is kicked aside.

Jo-Ann screams as a cock, slams into her recently ravaged, raw, slightly-bleeding nether hole. When the scream triggered by this new abuse fades she hears Tony say, “I told you I’d see you again, Bitch!”

The sudden attack to her anus drives Jo-Ann’s already stretched pussy further down Tiny’s thick shaft. Tiny now starts a slow piston motion, while Tony doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of his position and begins pounding cock into her asshole with vigor. Both hard cocks are now working in tandem and the feeling they are creating within her beaten body is satisfying the strange cravings she still can’t explain. They must be able to feel each other, she thinks. She can certainly feel them rubbing against the thin membrane separating her two cavities. They are now in synch pounding relentlessly. Her body betrays her again as another series of orgasmic waves ripples through her.

It’s as if her being had split into two parts, each reacting differently to the onslaught. She is willingly humping, squeezing and milking the two black cocks working the double penetration while experiencing separately, the pain in her breasts and legs from the onslaught
Her mind is floating above, watching this innocent, young, white, teen being violated and abused in a most violent horrible way imaginable. Her brain is numb with trying to understand and resolve the conflict, created by the pain and the pleasure surging along her nerve pathways and entering her brain.

She drifts out of consciousness, but not for long, only for a few seconds, in and out of reality, her body not letting her collapse and completely shut out the pain and humiliation. She experiences another orgasm. Why does it go on? What is driving my body to derive pleasure from this abuse, she cries inside her head.

“Don’t stop! Fuck me harder, harder,” she screams and gives in the carnal needs of her body.

And they do! They fuck her harder and harder, exploding stream after stream of black seed into her violated openings. And when they stop she is dragged to her feet and sandwiched between two others fresh bodies who repeat the double penetration.

Breaking through the drug and lust induced fog she sees that this one in front of her is different. There is no hint of compassion in his evil smile. He is frightening to look at. She sees the tattoo snake wrapping around his bicep and disappearing under his sleeve. His face with the evil leering grin also has a jagged scar slashing from one ear, down the cheek and across one lip. But mostly the fear she senses comes from his cold, empty, dead eyes. He is hurting her. He grabs her hair and pulls, his foul breath saturates her nostrils, and he twists and pulls her tortured nipples. He bites down hard on her lip until she tastes blood.

“You are a whore and a white slut, bitch,“ he yells in her ear. “You won’t laugh at me now,” he screams. “What would your rich, white cunt mommy think about her little angel now?” All of this verbal abuse is followed-up with the scariest, most chilling high pitched laugh,

Tyrone’s face floats around the edges of her consciousness now. Bobbing and weaving, like a referee in a boxing match.

“Hey man, take it easy on her. Don’t hurt her bro’. Don’t damage her, man she’s my slut. Treat her nice,“ Tyrone seems to be saying in an unnaturally calming voice that she somehow knows cannot be real, that she knows she could never hear above the music and her own screaming. Protecting her? Maybe, but also reaching in to twist her nipple, pinch and squeeze her clit and smile as she screams.

Her emotions send one set of signals but her reason, what little she has left, says something else. What is happening to her is bad she reasons, as yet another orgasm wracks her body with pleasure.

Tyrone is sitting at the bar relaxing and finishing his beer.

“What do you think? You ready to deal?” Tyrone says to Bo, sitting beside him.

“Let her go a bit longer,“ comes the reply.

Tyrone turns and sees Jo-Ann in his fantasy position at the pool table. It’s not him driving into her though, its Marcus. She’s bent low over the pool table, wearing only her stockings and heels, her arms extended fully holding on to the edge of the table, her legs spread wide and her tits bouncing violently as Marcus pounds his black cock into her tight, white, teen pussy. The scene sends a jolt through his loins. She is one hot slut. He’s going to miss her.

“Time to collect your tip, Pops” Tyrone turns and says to the man behind the bar. “You’r up when Marcus finishes. When you’re done take her back to the booth, puts some clothes on her and let her have this,” he says and hands Pops a machine rolled joint.

Pops approaches the pool table with a chair in one hand a glass of ice water in the other just as Marcus grunts loudly, throws one last violent thrust at the bitch and shoots his pent-up load.

“All yours, Pops,” he says, giving Jo-Ann a loud smack on her abused ass with the butt end his pool cue as he walks away.

Jo-Ann screams with this final insult and collapses her chest on the table edge with her head down in an attempt to relieve the pressure on her sore arms and shaking legs.

“You ok, Miss,” said a soothing voice as a thin arm reached across her shoulder to help support her. She looks up and sees the old bartender smiling down at her.

“I brought you something,” Pops says, helps her sit in the chair and hands her the glass of ice water. She sits, takes the ice cold drink and finishes it in three big gulps. “This too,” he says, showing her the joint he pulls from his shirt pocket. Jo-Ann’s eyes widen and she reaches for the joint with her shaking hand but he pulls it back.

“I know you must be real tired and sore, Miss, but Ty and Jackson said you’d be giving me my tip. So, I’ll need my tip before you can have this,” he says, holding the joint out of her reach.

The old man unzips his pants and pulls out a half-hard, long, thin, black cock.

“You’ve got the most beautiful mouth and luscious full lips of any one they’ve brought in here,” he says while slowly jacking his cock.

“Sure, Pops,” Jo-Ann says, smiling as she looks at the joint high above her head and leans to take this sweet old man’s cock in her mouth.

Jo-Ann makes quick work of the old bartender, taking him down her throat and swallowing his surprisingly copious cum-shot.

“Thanks, Miss,” he says with a big grin on his flushed face, helps her stand, hands her the joint and lights it for her. “Let me help you get dressed and relax, ok?”

Pop waits while Jo-Ann takes several deep hits and starts to relax before leading her back to the darkened booth in the corner. While she continues to absorb the relaxing chemicals from the solidly packed joint, he manages to stuff her into her skirt, blouse and high heels.

“Thanks again, Miss,” he says buttoning the last button on her blouse, making sure the buttons and holes are aligned properly.

Jo-Ann exhales, and looks up at the old man in front of her. What a nice old guy, she thinks. I wonder what he’s thanking me for.

The party is over, at least for a while, and the room has nearly emptied out. The music continues to play, but with no sounds to mask, it’s set at a low volume. The doors are still closed.

Not only did Jo-Ann’s hands stop shaking when the soothing, relaxing effects of the marijuana spread throughout her ravaged body, but much of the remembered pain disappeared, replaced by universal soreness and near total exhaustion. She tokes two more deep hits as the bad memories slip into the background and the residual pain diminishes further. She still can feel a heightened sexual desire deep in the pit of her stomach. It’s as if it were coiled, waiting to break out. Two more hits and a thick haze descends over her consciousness. She finishes the roach and is totally relaxed, leaning against the high, cushioned back of the booth.

Through the new haze and building feelings of euphoria she sees Tyrone, her lover, talking with the large, neatly dressed, black man with the shaved head and earring she vaguely remembered having seen earlier. The shorter, creepy, scar-faced one with the snake tattoo is beside them. They occasionally look at her as they talk. The tall black man pulls what looks like a money clip from his pocket, peels off several bills and hands them to Tyrone. Tyrone slips the money into his pocket and they start moving toward her.

” I’m busy the rest of the night, Babe, Tyrone says. “Bo will take you home.”

“But Ty, I want to stay here with you,” Jo-Ann pleads.

Tyrone squats down and moves his face in close to hers. The cold, steely-eyed look has returned. He stares and says nothing, but she knows to obey and lowers her head silently conceding to his instructions.

Scar-face grabs her under her arm, his fingers wrap so tightly around her bicep that it will leave a bruise. She stands, held from toppling over, and immediately feels liquid running from her sore ass and pussy and traveling down her inner thighs toward the floor. Tyrone notices this as she passes.

“Hey Bo, you probably should clean-up the bitch a little before you turn her out,” he says.

Bo looks back and smiles as he continues walking away. He raises his middle finger in the universal salute.

“My problem now, Bro’,” he shouts over his shoulder, “not yours.”


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