A Room for Rent
Chapter 1

I lived in an old Victorian type home that resembled a Castile in some of its architecture. They used cut stones for the foundation and basement walls. I had got the house at a bargain price at a estate auction. There were only 3 bidders on and it went cheap because of its condition. Me being a ex-contractor it would be a perfect project. It came with a large wood shop and a 4-car carriage house. With a small apartment over it. I lived in that until I finished the repairs on the main house.

What intrigued me about the house were the 12-foot ceilings through out the house. Even in the basement. The basement had an old English castle look about it and it remained cool even when the temps out side went over 100 degrees. It had 2 entrances one off the carriage house via a tunnel the other behind a hidden bookcase in the main hallway. In the back yard was a hot spring feed soaking bath covered by a gazebo. It stayed a even 106 degrees year around. The hot springs also heated the house.
It took me over a year to re-furbish the house to its original glory. I furnished with period correct furniture from England. I found a dealer that imported stuff from England. The basement I left it bare and empty accept for a large wooden table.

It was late summer in this sleepy Oregon collage town. The temp was hitting 90 degrees. I decided to rent some of my rooms in my home for some added income to collage students. So I put together an ad to put in the local fish wrapper (newspaper). It went as follow.

Room’s for Rent,
Looking for female grad student’s to rent rooms and share expenses. $325 per month covers elect, water & DSL. Call Jay at @#$ *&^ ((*&

It went to the paper that day. Then on the next Tuesday I got numinous calls from different people and after screening them a bit I inveighed a few over to see the rooms. First one was a Goth zipper head. She had so much black on that the light in the room seamed to be sucked in. She said the room was to bright and wanted me to board up the windows. Next were a couple of hottey bisexuals that wanted to trade the room for sex. They even gave a taste for a deposit. I went to my office to get an application and returned to find them buck-naked and at each other. Then me. I rented the carriage house to Ashley and Sue.

Next was Celeste. She was about 29 years old. Average in looks but had a hidden beauty about her. She was studying to be a therapist with a side major of human sexuality I found out later. She was very interested in my wood shop and said she knew how to use all the tools. And that woodworking relaxed her from the pressures of school
I said my shop is your shop. Then there was Gwynn .She was 32 and was on a 2-year fellowship in healing arts. She also had masters in business. Gwynn was a very demure red head Very Pale and looked as if she had not seen daylight in years.

School started on August 23rd that year and they all moved in 5 days before it started. The first night I figured that I would do a dinner so we all could get acquainted. I cooked Italian and made sure there was plenty of wine chilled. We all talked and got to know each other and I did lay down the house rules. I told then the whole house was theirs to use. And that included the soaking tub and the work out room. The only restrictions were my cars, my office and the entire 3rd floor where I set up my living quarters. They would have to buy their own food or they could pool their food money and I would do the shopping. They all agreed to that idea.

We all ended up in the hot tub and got quite smashed that night but nothing happened. Every thing went along smoothly for the next month as they got into the swing of classes when Celeste knocked on my door and asked to come in to my office. She then started to tell me about her human sexuality classes and that she had a project for her thesis that she had to build and wanted to know if she could use the basement and my wood shop. I said go ahead and offered my help if she needed it. Celeste said that she use my help later in project. I said ok just say when. The next day an order of Oak lumber was delivered. I figured that she was just going to build something to relive stress. Little did know? I was called away on a business trip that lasted 3 ½ weeks. When I returned home I found my shop perfectly clean and all the wood gone. When I checked the rest of the house it was in perfect order and all the Girls were in their respective rooms studying.

It was about 9 PM when the inner house phone rang and it was Celeste. She politely asked if I could come down to the basement. She wanted to show me what she had built. So I got my robe on and went down there. Boy was I amazed at what I found. First was Celeste on her knees in a black leather half-bra and garter belt. She said here master and handed me a leash that was connected to a collar on her neck. She asked if she could speak I said yes
Then she said might I give you a tour Master. Yes said and what do I call you. Celeste replied. Slave, slut or any name you see fit Master. I was starting to get into this so I said rise cunt. And she did show me what you have done here. And do it in the order you built it.

First was this tall saw horse with a padded top and shackles on each leg. It also had straps attached in different spots for body ties. I said show me how this is used slut. She went over to it and bent over in different ways to show how it could be used.
I then said which one is next. She pointed to a large wooded X leaning against the wall. It had ankle ties and hand straps that were attached to ratchet straps that could be used to stretch the extended arms and legs. It also had a attachment so a peg could be placed between the legs to be used for attaching dildos or butt plugs. I told Celeste to show me how she fit on it and she did. As I inserted a 2-inch round peg in the device I then pulled her feet off the steps and the peg and her pussy were now supporting her whole body weight. She started to scream and then looked at me and stopped. I let her stay that way for 2 minutes and picked her off the peg. I then said how do you repay your master for his kindness. She went right down to her knees and opened my robe and sucked. Me good.

Next were the stocks. They were made in such a way that any person that was locked in them would be open for most any kind of penetration you could want to do. The ass would be at a good height. The feet were spread far enough to have enough room for nipple weights to hang. As Celeste put her head and hands into the upper stock to show me. I quickly lowered the top half I locked I and then went around to the back of her and shoved 2 fingers on her cunt and to get them wet and slippery and then pulled them out and stuck them in her ass. She squirmed and winced in discomfort but did not resist. I still had a raging hard on and first inserted my cock in her cunt and stroked her a few time just enough for her to start moaning then pulled out and shoved it hard and fast in her virgin ass. She screamed for the first 4 strokes and then started to grunt. After about 30 strokes I felt the rush of orgasm come and reached around and gave her nipples a hard pinch and with that she had the first of 5 orgasms that night. After unlocking the stock I had her wash me and lick me dry.

We then went to a sitting area that she had set up and had some wine and regrouped a bit. While there we talked a bit and she informed me that it was her first anal penetration. And that she always wondered what it was like but coming from a strict religious back ground that she never been exposed to any thing but straight sex. She also informed that tonight was the first time she had ever tasted cumm. Then she showed me the rack and the table where a subject could be tied in any way one might desire. Then she showed me the cabinet, which there was a vast assortment of devices that were designed to give both pain and pleasure. Finally were the suspendtion cables. Those were attached to a winch. With having 12-foot ceilings this room was perfect for such things. The basement was transformed in to a midi-evil dungeon. I had never done any of this bondage stuff before but I must admit that it did turn me on and I would play along to see where it would lead. Celeste told me that she always wanted to be a sex slave and to be dominated by a man and this was a dream come true. She also told me that she saw the master in me when we first met.

I then asked if the other tenants have seen any of this yet she said no but they will all be your willing sex slave.

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