A Simple Beginning

A Simple Beginning

It must have been later than I had expected, the sun was down but during this time of year it usually went down close to 7 or 8pm anyway, but tonite I had the distict hunch that this was later than expected, a sort of gut feeling. This meant I may be late for my nightly raids, but I was going to attempt it anyway. See, there had been this girl I had seen every once and a while in the park. I always stayed seated on the bench beneath a large tree, shade was always my favourite thing, even if there was barely any light at all. She had noticed me I'm sure, I always sat there and glanced at her, in fact, I was pretty sure I made definant eye contact with her a few times. This girl was simply beautiful, I have seen better looking but for such a small suburbian area she was undoubtedly exceptional to most girls. She was young, no more than 15 or 16. She had long strawberry blonde hair, a sort of blonde with a red twist, but from a distance it mostly just looked red, on her it did anyhow. I never got close enough to see what colour her eyes were but I could tell they were beautiful, her body was summed up in the same word, beautiful. She was maybe 5'2", a short little girl and had a nice build to her, not to thin nor was she too thick. She had a nice, pale skin tone, letting you know that she was probably irish. She had a nice, firm chest that wasn't too large but very well developed.

I didn't know her name, and we had never spoken before but I could definantly tell she was something magnificent indeed, truly someone who could get me excited with just one look, althought becoming excited was not too difficult for me, being a sex-hungry 19 year old at that current time. Evemtually though the park was not enough, I got curious of exactly what the "rest" of her looked like, the parts I had not seen but I had no idea of a way to get to see her beautiful curves unclothed. Then it hit me, one day while I was sitting in the shade, my eyes glancing to her as always I was struck with the idea that I could follow her home, perhaps I could get a peek through one of her windows, but this was going to take a fair deal of work if I wasn't going to be spotted, afterall, this town was small and quiet so crime was low. These people weren't use to things like that and something like a sneaky, shadow leaping sex-fiend going around their neighborhood was not something that would work to my advantage. I spent the rest of the day thinking of a way to stay hidden rather than going through with following her home, at least for today.

The next day at the park I had already conjured up my plans for how I was going to act on my dark ideals, I hadn't come up with a good plan until that night getting ready for bed. I sat down in the shadows and sure enough there she was, sitting out on a bench a good distance away, bathing in the sun with her dog tied to the bench and a book in her hand, she was very into the story as it would seem seeing as how see couldn't take her eyes off the pages. I smiled and sat back in the shade, getting comfortable and this time, I acted as if I had fallen asleep, which I had done in the park before. This time I was just sitting there with one eye half open, keeping my mind on her and waiting patiently. Just when I started to really fall victim to the serenity of the shady, quiet area of the park she stood, it getting late I could tell from the dawning sun she put away her book and untied the dog leash from the bench, gripping it gently she began to exit the park.

Now was my chance, I stayed still a while to insure she didn't notice me and waited for her to just barely come out of view. When she did this was my key to act. With a smile on my face I stood and smmothed out my shirt, and accended into the wide open field of the park, nearing where she had left. Finally, my plans and wishes would work, or at least I would know if they were possible anyway. One way or another, I'd have some satisfaction. I began to go her path, exitting the park until I could see her again. She was a good distance ahead of me so I knew I was safe, at least for now. It was also dark as I had mentioned and that could only play on my side, seeing as how I wear mostly black anyhow I was free to roam the dark streets.

I stayed close on her trail, trying to keep quiet and stay low so that I wasn't too obvious, this way, even if she spotted me I might be able to play it off as a passing stranger, it would be impossible for her to distinguish my face in this dim street light. She turned the corner and I wasn't sure if I had lost her, but I was pretty confident I hadn't. A few moments later I turned the same corner and quickly leaped back, having seen her just a little bit down the street entering a small, white house. I smiled, this really was all working out too well for me and that's when I began down the walk, her being in her house I knew she wasn't going to escape me now. I kept my pace slow and silent, a small grin on my face as I snuck around the side of her house and concealed myself in the dark shadows.

I began moving around her house and peeking briefly into the windows, this house was one-floor so this was easy to do, although I had to stand up on the edge of her garden (on the wooden fencing around the soil) to be able to peek into one of them. Finally, toward the back of the house I found a window that peered directly into the bathroom. The window faced a shadowy area that was only met by the side of another house, the other house not having a window on that side so I felt completely safe. I stayed by this window a while, knowing that if anywhere this was the perfect window to see exactly what I wanted, and although I had to wait a while, sure enough I was right. I saw the young vixen enter the room in a small, white noodle-strap tank top that exposed her sexy little belly and short, short shorts that revealed her sexy, young thighs. I stayed low in the window and my grin grew a bit more, I knew this was what I had wanted for such a long while, and I could feel myself already somewhat satisfied, I was victorious.

A smile played on my face as the young girl of my lustful affection began to slowly slide down her tight, short shorts revealing her fine hips in a girly, sky blue pair of panties which covered just enough to be considered decent exposure, even though less would be more than decent for me. She stretched out as she laid her shorts to the floor and arched her back briefly before going over to the shower, moving aside the curtain and began to turn both knobs. She ran her hand under the rushing water to help her set it to her satisfaction and when she seemed to find a comfortable tempeture she began to raise her top. As the thin, white tank top came off her naked, perk breasts were revealed. She dropped the shirt to the floor and I could tell it was cold in there because of her erect, small pink nipples. She smiled a casual smile and I grinned a devilish grin, only one of us having knowledge of the other's presence. This is about when she reached in to turn the switch which changed the running bath water to the spray of the showerhead and with a simple, slow motion she slid down her sky blue panties.

Sweet satisfaction, I could now see her bare, perfect pale ass just a few feet away from me in plain, open view. My smile grew and as she stepped into the shower I noticed I could see her sweet, supple lips between her legs just a moment. This was too perfect, she looked more amazing than I could have possibly imagined and I couldn't wait to see more, but for now I had seen more than I had even planned, and took that as my cue to return home before my greed got my luck turned against me and I was caught. So I began to walk home, a smile of satisfaction and joy on my face as I ventured through the shadows. I kept doing this night by night, and that's where my introduction came from, but you'll have to read my next part of the story to get in on the more… detailed moments.

~Before you surfers get angry with me I swear that you can expect a nice continuation to this story, and more stories by me. This first one was just to get started, and although it was boring, the next few I assure you will not be. Don't flake and judge me on just this one. At least read one more, and see if you enjoy it.

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