A Teacher's Fantasy: Pt IV

A Teacher's Fantasy: Pt IV

I got Sara’s e-mail with more details on the pool party, along with more explicit photo’s of my cock ravaging Morgan’s virgin pussy. One shot, of my face in an orgasmic grimace and Morgan looking up at me with obvious worship in her innocent eyes, was especially hot.

As instructed, I called Sara’s mother to assure her that there would be none of the three B’s at the party: booze, bongs, and boys. Since she was going to be out of town for the weekend, between myself and the girl’s tennis coach, she felt that nothing awful would happen. The last thing she wanted was a surprise when she got home. I admit, that I was both disappointed and relieved that there was going to be another teacher present at the party.

The afternoon of the party arrived and I decided to go over early to make sure that there were no hidden beer bottles or drug stashes. To my surprise, when I reached the pool fence, I saw Sara and her coach sitting on the pool deck, both naked. Coach Seymour was fishing in a large gym bag and pulled out a two foot long, purple double ended dildo which she inserted in the teens wide-open gash. She stuffed the other end in her own pussy and the two women started humping the rubber monster, shoving it deeper inside

each other with each hip movement. Not wanting to disturb them, I watched quietly as they brought each other off. After pulling the rubber penis from her coaches wet snatch, Sara sucked on the end of it, relishing her coaches love juice.

Looking up, she saw me staring at them. “Don’t just stand there! Get in here and get naked!”

“What else have you got in there beside that monster?” I asked as I removed my shirt.

Sara rifled through the bag, pulling out several vibrators of different shapes and sizes, a strap-on dildo and a pair of short acrylic handled plungers. Removing my shorts, I asked what they were for. Sara smiled and said, “Let me show you!” She proceeded to wet the plunger and stick it to the deck, squatted over the handle and impaled herself on it. After a couple of minutes she brought herself off, stood up, leaving the plunger attached to the deck, handle glistening with her honey in the afternoon sun.

Removing my boxers, I showed off my semi-erect member. Elaine Seymour, leered at it, asking for a closer look. I walked up to her, putting it close to her lips. She kissed the head, running her tongue up and down my piss slit, then pulled the head inside her mouth.
One hand stroked my shaft, the other cupped my balls as she bobbed up and down, swallowing more with each stroke. My hands cradled her head as Sara got into position to suck on her coaches twat.

Coach Seymour was a tall blonde who wore her hair in a French braid. Looking down at her as she expertly sucked my now rock hard cock, I saw that she had a magnificent chest and a clean shaven pussy. I had seen her at faculty meetings but never took the time to get to know her. She was just out of college, young enough to be my daughter. I had thought, at one time to ask her out, but the age difference scared me off.

She was proving to be an expert cock sucker! She had sucked on each of my balls, washed my cockhead thoroughly with her tongue, deep throated me until she gagged. I felt that all too familiar twitch and warned Elaine that I was about to cum. She stopped briefly, bringing me down from my near orgasm. Sara, hearing that I was about to squirt, pulled her face from Elaine’s wet gash grabbed me, pulling me to the deck so she could taste my man meat. Elaine stood over me, watching as the eager teen slurped and bobbed on my pole. I invited her to have a seat, so we could, “get to know each other better.”

She settled slowly on my face, pulling apart her pussy lips, rubbing her pre-moistened flesh on my face.

All too soon, I let loose with my cum, listening as the brunette sucked my balls dry. I moaned into the coaches muff as my tongue slid in and out of the depths of her pussy.
I heard the two girls kissing and moaning as they shared my seed. My ministrations to the woman’s sex began to have a positive effect. Elaine began squirming on my face as she moaned into Sara’s mouth, the two still sharing my cock juice. She shuddered, ground her pussy into my face and injected a dose of girl cum directly into my mouth.

Noises by the pool gate alerted us to the arrival of more team members. Three girls stepped through the gate and immediately began stripping off their clothes. They started fondling and kissing each other as they rummaged through the goody bag for some toys to play with. Seeing these hot tight bodies had a positive effect on my semi-flaccid tool. I was introduced to Rose a petite strawberry blonde; Melanie a tall, athletic blonde; and Tiffany a black girl with a terrific looking ass. Noticing me admiring her booty, Tiffany asked if I wanted to experience some dark meat. “To eat or to fuck?” I answered.

“Both” she said as she sat down on my face, rubbing her black bush all over my nose and lips. Melanie wasted no time in burying my cock in her mouth, slurping up and down on it like she hadn’t eaten in a week. Peeking out from under Tiffany’s luscious ass cheeks, I watched as Rose plunged a vibrator between her near hairless cuntlips.

This being my first black pussy, I did my best to give her a screaming orgasm, chewing on her tasty clit and playing with her ample ass. “Ohhh Fuck! You sure know your way around a pussyhole” she said after cumming on my face. “Be sure and save some of that grade ‘A’ white meat for me” she said as she dismounted.

Rose removed the vibrator from her leaking hole, crawled over to me and in a near whisper asked if I’d like to smell a Rose. “Of course, I would! I replied, wiping some of Tiffanies juices from my chin and licking my fingers. Stretching her cunt open she sat on my open mouth and began rocking her hips, smearing her essence on my face. Breathing deeply, I took in her scent, and thrust my tongue into the folds of her sweet cooze.
Rocking back and forth on my face, she grabbed my hands and placed them on her small tits. “You like?” she asked.

“MmmHmm” I hummed into her warm wet flesh as I stabbed my tongue deep into her young pliable snatch. She ground her hips into my chin, rocking and groaning, groaning and rocking, squeezing my hands to make me pinch her tits. “OhhMyGod!…Feels sooo…fucking good…I think I’m gonna cum!…Ooooh Yeahh! Ahh Rub my clit! Please! Ohyess! That’s it” I latched on to her burgeoning clit, sucking and rasping it with my tongue “OhMyFuckingGod ! Ahh!Ahhh!Ahh! Yeaaaahhh!” she screamed as I felt a

stream of sticky liquid squirt from her hole. Rolling off me, clutching her cooze with both hands she rolled around and moaned as she came down from her orgasm.

As she recovered she said, “I’ll bet you never ate a Rose before.”

“You’re right! And so delicious too.” I answered still licking the honey from my lips.
“I’ve never fucked a Rose, either.”

Standing over me, her pussy glistening with her juices, she ran a finger through her puffy lips, offered me a taste and said, “What are you waiting for.”

Grabbing her hips, I pulled her down onto my lap, my cock poking its head out from between her juicy lips. She rocked back and forth, lubricating my fuckpole.

Before we got started, I heard a lot of moaning and humming, looked around and saw a saddle-like object that Elaine had produced and was demonstrating to the other girls.
It had a round black dildo in its center surrounded by a rubber stimulator. She was

bouncing up and down on it playing with the controls, making it hum and vibrate faster .
She came with a loud groan and slid off, leaving the dildo wet with her juices. She offered it to Tory who jumped at the chance turning it way up as she screamed in delight.

Rose leaned over, whispering in my ear, “ You gonna fuck me or what?” Lifting off me, I repositioned my cock and slid it slowly inside her. “ God! What a cock! Soo Big! SooTight! Fuck me with that baby maker! Rip me apart!” She bounced up and down grunting each time our hips met. Leaning up I caught her right nipple in my mouth and sucked hard. I switched to the other one, then back again She reached down and started rubbing her clit as I continued to massage her nipples with my lips, teeth and tongue.
“Mmmm! Goddd! Feels…soooo…. Goood!…..Aaaaahhhhmmm!….Gonna…..cummm!
….Ohfuck!….OhYesss! Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!” she screamed as I felt the muscles of her tight young snatch try to squeeze the sperm from my cock. She slid off me, totally sated, but disappointed that I didn’t cum inside her. Watching as she lay there panting, I noticed that the lips of her cunt were so stretched that it wouldn’t close. I thought briefly of mounting her but was interrupted by the screams of another orgasm brought on by Elaine’s sybian machine. Tiffany had just pulled off it leaving a copious amount of honey all over the seat. I went over and sucked the juice from the leather saddle and started to suck on the dildo, enjoying her flavor. Once cleaned of the sticky honey, my lips were replaced by one of the girls, who, once seated, turned the control up, moaning and rocking as the vibrations stimulated her clit.

Elaine suggested a game of musical cocks, having the girls line up and sit on either me or ‘the Syb’ as she called it. Anyone caught on either of us when the music stopped, was out. The last one left got to take my load. She turned on the tunes and sat on her toy for a few seconds, got up and impaled herself on me for a few seconds, inviting the girls to give it a try. Sara followed, sitting on my meat for a half minute. Next up was Tiffany who warmed up on the Sybian before spreading her pussy apart and swallowing my cock into its wet heat. Tory followed, then Rose, then Melanie, who got caught by the music stopping. Pouting, she rose off my pole, mumbling, “Unfair! I just sat down”

I suggested that, as a consolation, the loser sat on my face until the next break. Smiling she squatted over my face, spread her lips and sat, cooing as my tongue caressed her swollen clit.

I brought Melanie off twice before she was replaced by Rachel, another red-head who squirted her juices down my throat before sitting on the sidelines.

The ultimate winner was Tiffany, who got on her hands and knee and crawled over me, inviting me to fuck her hard and deep. I aimed my purple-red capped penis at her pink and chocolate pussy. I watched as my cock head disappeared into the pink folds of her puss, slowly feeding her my pole, inch by inch, until my balls rubbed her puffy lips. “Ahhhhh!” We both exclaimed, almost as one, as I reached up and massaged her nipples between thumbs and forefingers, establishing a slow, deep rhythm as my cock slid in and out of her tight, wet cooze. “Ohh Yeah! Fuck my black pussy! Make me cum!” she ordered as I picked up the pace, my balls gently slapping her puss lips. My right hand was now grabbing and pulling at her hanging tit as my left wandered down her belly and began rubbing her clit. “Harder, faster! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Yess!”

Obliging, I rammed into her harder, enjoying the feel of her tight pussy flesh as it rubbed the length of my cock. Our thighs slapped together sharply with each thrust. I looked down, enjoying the sight of my thick white pecker stretching her rich brown twat..
She started babbling incoherently as I fucked in and out, harder and harder. Releasing her breast, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled back each time I pushed forward with my hips. I could tell she was near cumming. “Ohh Fuck! Ohh Yess! Ahhh! Ahh! Ahh! AAAAhhh!” she screamed as the muscles of her cunt spasmed on my invading prick, warming me with her cum as it dripped from her swollen slit. Reaching down and massaging my balls, she begged me to fill her with my “spooge”. The feel of her fingernails on my sac was enough. With a grunt, I felt the first surge of sperm as it coursed through my cock and spit into her cloying cunt. Grunting again, I let another gob of sperm wash the walls of her tight cooze. The third, and final spew of the sticky white stuff was deposited just inside the young black girl. I pulled out, asking her to flip over so I could eat her as Morgan wrapped her lips around my still stiff cock, sucking the honey from the shaft and slit.
Tiffany, now laying on her back, legs splayed, a drop of semen dripping slowly from her still stretched pussy invited me to suck her cunt. I obliged, sucking the combination of pearly white cum and crystal clear honey, bringing her off again playing with her clit.

From behind me I heard, “I want some of that legendary cock I’ve heard so much about.”
Turning I saw her laying on the picnic table, knees to her chest, her perfect camel toe pussy inviting me in. “Show me what you’re made of!” she taunted.

Walking over to her, my cock bobbing before me, I planted a wet kiss on her bald puss lips before rubbing the length of my shaft along the cleft of her cunny.
“Stop teasing and fuck me!” she ordered. Pausing for a moment, positioning myself at the entry to her birth canal, I grabbed her hips, thrust hard, and began churning in and out of her moist fuck hole.

Thrusting in and out, rolling her clit between thumb and forefinger I felt the warmth of her pussy all along my cock shaft. The air was filled with the scent of pussy and the sound of us slapping thighs, and squishing as my cock pummeled the insides of this young, vigorous woman.

I felt a warm wetness on my balls. Looking down, I saw Morgan massaging my nut sac with her tongue as I furiously fucked her coach. It took a while to reach the point where I was ready to cum, having caused Elaine to have three intense orgasms in the process.
“Pull out and cum on my pussy” she asked panting, a sheen of sweat covering her belly and tits.

Groaning with pleasure, I complied, grunting as the first jet of cum bubbled out of my piss slit and dripping on her engorged clit. The second gob landed on her hairless puss lips. My balls were surely empty, but my cock still did not deflate, as I stepped back to look at my handiwork. Sara dove for her coaches creampied gash. Then everything faded out.

I opened my eyes to totally unfamiliar surroundings. Strange bed. Strange tubes up my nose and in my mouth. IV lines in my arms. Monitor lines attached everywhere. My arms strapped down. I must be in a hospital! But why? Where? How did I get here? What happened?

Just then a nurse came into the room. “Oh, your finally awake.” She rang for morte personnel.

“Why am I here?” I asked.

“Your chart says you had a major heart attack. But there‘s no name on the chart. You want me to fill it in?”

“I, I, I, I don’t know! I can’t remember” I said, panicking.
“I’m sure its only temporary..”

I thought about the last things I remembered. The party. The girls. The sex.
Was it all in my mind? Was it a dream? How could I find out? Turning to the nurse to ask, I noticed the nameplate on her uniform. She was a petite strawberry blonde. Her name was ‘Rose’.

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