A Teenager's Revenge Part 1

A Teenager's Revenge Part 1

Kelly Willis checked herself out in the mirror behind the door, in the apartment she and her mom lived in together. She slowly turned around and peered over her shoulder. She was wearing the tightest and shortest of cut-off jeans imaginable, cut way up on her hips, and providing a glimpse of her hot pink thong above the denim. A pink baby-T that showed off her budding breasts completed the outfit. She wore no bra, and she knew her nipples would show through the thin material if they became erect, as they tended to do. Her body was slim, befitting a 13-year-old, but she was beginning to fill out in all the right places, and had learned how to show herself off and make herself look sexy, including bright, cherry-red lipstick and eye-shadow. Perfect, she thought to herself, admiring her pert ass.

Born out of wedlock when her mother was only 16, Kelly had grown up in an upper-class, affluent neighborhood, due to her mother’s subsequent marriage to a wealthy attorney who had met her in a titty bar where she had worked nights. Gerard Willis was a member of an elite social set, which his new trophy wife had done her best to adapt to and become a member of, despite her poverty-stricken upbringing. Kelly had gone to good schools, purchased designer clothes, took piano and gymnastics lessons – she had had the best of everything, and seemed to everyone she knew to have the perfect life. And then it had all abruptly collapsed around her.

Kelly’s step-father had arrived home early one day to find his young wife in bed with another man. Kelly had been at school, staying late for gymnastics practice. For years, she knew, her mom had been subject to almost constant mental abuse by her controlling, domineering dad. He had never let her forget that he had rescued her from the slums. What she hadn’t known was that her dad had also neglected her mom’s voracious sexual needs. She suspected him of having affairs, since he was very often away on business. Whatever he was doing, he wasn’t having sex with his wife.

On the day in question, the frustration her 31 year-old mother had endured for so many years had finally driven her to masturbate with a vibrator in her upstairs bedroom, fantasizing about the pool boy, at work in the back yard. Enrique, an 18-year-old Latino, had finished his work and come in the house to receive his check from the lady of the house. Wearing only his shorts, he had called out to her but received no reply. Hearing a noise upstairs, he had climbed the stairs and peered cautiously into the master bedroom.

Mrs. Willis was on the bed, naked, her legs apart and bent at the knees. He had often admired the blonde woman her as she sunbathed in her bikini by the pool, feeling his cock lurch in his pants as he imagined sinking it into her tight, wet cunt. He worked for several women who were home during the daytime, and he had fucked more than a few of them, but Mrs. Willis was the ultimate prize. Not the skinny runway model type so common in the neighborhood, Samantha Willis was a voluptuous blonde goddess with large, firm breasts and a luscious, full ass. She was moaning softly, gripping the end of the vibrator with her hand and slowly sliding it in and out of her glistening wet pussy. Her hips rose and fell as she imagined herself being fucked by her imaginary lover. “Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss….” she murmured, thinking for the umpteenth time that she should just go ahead and take a lover with a stiff cock and who knew how to use it, instead of relying on battery-powered imitations. She was close to coming, completely oblivious to Enrique’s presence in the room, or anything else, as her body neared its crest.

Enrique stood at the doorway, all too aware of the insistent throbbing of his youthful cock in his shorts. Quietly, he reached down, undid the button on his shorts, and slid them down to his ankles, grabbing his aching cock in his fist. He was stroking it slowly, watching the gorgeous, writhing woman on the king-sized bed, when he inadvertently hit a floor lamp with his elbow. He grabbed at it to keep it from falling, but he couldn’t prevent it from making a sound as he caught it.

Samantha’s eyes flew open, and her breath caught in her chest as she saw the handsome pool boy. “Enrique!!!! Ohhhh, goddd…!!” she gasped, desperately trying to cover her exposed pussy with her hands. Despite her embarrassment, though, she couldn’t help but stare at the teenager’s thick, erect cock. Oh my god, thought Samantha, her mind racing. He was watching me, and stroking his cock! He wants me! And I was so close! So very close!

Enrique quickly recovered himself, and with surprising bravado, moved his hand back to his cock, closing his fingers around it. “I’m really sorry, Mrs. Willis,” he said, calmly, staring at her big tits. “I came in to tell you I was done with the pool, so I could get paid.”

“Enrique, you need to go downstairs! Right now! God, this is so embarrassing! I’m sorry you saw me like this. I’ll be down in a minute to give you your check.”

Enrique didn’t budge, except for the slow movement of his fingers on his aching cock. She was still staring at it. “Mrs. Willis,” he said quietly. “You don’t want me to leave.”

Samantha moaned, the sound of the humming vibrator filling the room. She knew he was right, but how could she say it?

“You want a real, flesh-and-blood cock inside you, not that fake one,” continued Enrique.

“No!” she protested, her voice a whisper. “We can’t!” Her mind was filled with the mental image of them fucking, once a week, like clockwork, every time he cleaned the pool.

“Nobody has to know,” said Enrique. “Not your husband. Not your daughter. Just you and me.” He walked slowly over to the bed and climbed up on it, straddling her chest. She raised her hands and tried to fight him off, but he gripped her wrists with his powerful hands, and forced them back on the pillow, moving upward until his rigid cock was within an inch of his lips.

“Enrique, please!” she whispered, her resolve steadily weakening. “I….”

“Suck it, Mrs. Willis,” said Enrique, moving up so that the tip of his cock touched her full, soft lips. She did not turn her head to the side. “Suck on my cock.”

Finally, the vibrator still humming inside her wet pussy, Samantha gave in to her aching arousal. Her lips slowly parted, and her tongue slipped forward, tasting the head of his cock, slowly exploring it.

Enrique knew she was his. He moved his hips forward, sliding his cock slowly between her lips as her tongue slid under the head. She pursed her lips as she took the head of his cock into her waiting mouth, and Enrique slowly thrust his cock into her wet sanctuary.

Samantha sucked hungrily on his cock, lost in her fantasy come to life, loving the texture and supple stiffness of it in her mouth, in complete surrender to her body’s demands now. Her head swam with her arousal. My god, a real man, with a real cock, and he’s mine for the afternoon! She moaned as he held the headboard of the bed and began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, and then raised her hands and began to lightly caress his taut balls with her fingers. She slurped on his cock as her mouth flooded with saliva, bathing his cock as he drove it against the back of her throat. She struggled to take it all down her perfectly aligned throat.

Enrique groaned as he fucked her mouth for several more minutes, imagining his hot, thick come jetting into the back of her mouth, filling it with his pent-up semen. For Samantha, thought, as much as she looked forward to gulping down a huge load of the pool boy’s syrupy semen, she was too much in need of her own orgasm to let it end this way just now. There would be plenty of opportunities to taste his come later. With her hands, she pushed him back until his cock slipped from between her lips, trailing strands of saliva. She looked up at him breathlessly.

“Enrique…please….fuck me now. I need it so bad!”

Enrique grinned down at her, and began to slide down her body, his cock moving down between her lush breasts, tracing wetly across her tummy. He ached to bury his cock deep in her cunt right now, and he knew she wanted that desperately. But he wanted to make her wait just a little bit longer. He continued down her body until his head was between her legs, confronted with the vision of her pussy, the vibrator still buzzing inside her. He reached up and eased it out slowly, moving the tip of it up to her clit, nudging it and caressing it.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!” gasped Samantha, intense pleasure jolting her body. Once again, she felt her orgasm seething just beneath the surface, waiting to explode.

Enrique teased her clit lightly with the vibe for a few moments, then set it to the side, bent down, and began to lap gently at Samantha’s cleft, licking her in long, lazy strokes of his flat tongue. She tasted and smelled heavenly! He slowly increased the pressure of his tongue against her clit, driving her ever closer to her climax.

“Oh, god, Enrique, I’m gonna come!” she moaned breathlessly, grasping the bedspread with her fingernails and pulling it up. Suddenly, she felt her orgasm welling up inexorably, taking possession of her body. Her hips jackknifed upward against his mouth, and she trembled violently as she convulsed. “UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

Enrique’s lips clung to her clit as her hips drove off the bed, hovering there as her body shook with the powerful waves of orgasm. Finally she collapsed downward, still shaking and mewling with pleasure. Enrique didn’t wait for her to come down from the crest of her climax. He slid up and positioned his throbbing cock at the entrance to her vagina, and with one powerful lunge, buried his cock all the way in her dripping-wet cunt.

“OHHHHHGODDDDDDDYESSSSSSSS!!!” shrieked Samantha as she felt him filling her yearning pussy at last. “FUCK me, Enrique!! Do it hard and fast!” Her legs slid up and she wrapped her arms around him as he began to fuck her in.

“Ohhhhh, Mrs. Willis, your pussy is soooo fucking wet!” moaned Enrique into her ear as he plunged in and out of her tightly-clasping cunt. “I’ve dreamed about fucking you for months!”

“And your cock is soooo fucking big!” she gasped breathlessly, her voice quickly rising in pitch as she imagined the teenager jerking off while thinking of fucking her, pumping out huge loads of come. What a waste! “Don’t stop! I’m gonna come again!!!”

Enrique pounded into her relentlessly, her muscles gripping his cock tightly each time he withdrew, sensing her quickly approaching another climax. “Do it!! Come all over my prick!”

Samantha bit her lip as he fucked her hard, meeting his hard thrusts with answering ones of her own, their flesh smacking together with growing abandon, driving hard toward their mutual climax, until Samantha’s body erupted in a glorious orgasm, much more powerful than the first. AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! She screamed as ecstasy engulfed her, and she lost herself in the delicious fury of her come. Her orgasm drove Enrique over the top as well, and he threw his head back and groaned out loud, unleashing a torrent of semen into her wildly-spasming pussy. Again and again his balls contracted, sending pulse after pulse of hot, thick come into her depths, while her vaginal muscles clenched around his spurting cock and milked the rest of the semen from his balls.

Finally, they collapsed back against the bed, gasping for breath, as come continued to ooze from his cock into her sperm-drenched pussy.

“YOU FUCKING WHORE!!” said a loud, angry voice from the doorway.

Enrique jumped up, come still drooling from his cock, and backed toward the side of the bedroom. Samantha Willis gasped, her eyes wide as she beheld her husband. “GERALD!!” she exclaimed, fearful now of her husband’s terrible temper. She started to say something, anything, but quickly realized that she was caught and there was nothing she could possibly say that would change anything. She was all too conscious of the semen flowing right this moment from her well-fucked pussy.

“SHUT UP!” said Gerald. He turned to Enrique. “Now, get the fuck out of here before I kill you, you little bastard!”

Enrique quickly grabbed for his shorts and ran for it, relieved that he was escaping with his life.

Gerald turned back to his wife. Suddenly, his voice became strangely quiet, almost casual, while losing none of its smoldering anger. “You know, Samantha, I would have thought if you were going to cheat on me, you’d have better taste than to fuck the pool boy. It’s a good thing I came home early from my trip, so that I could see for myself what a cheap little slut you are, deep down. I guess you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but…”

“Gerald, I’m sorry,” moaned Samantha, lashed by Gerald’s words. “It was just….”

“Don’t even bother to explain, Samantha,” said Gerald, in the same ominous tone. “You probably showed off those big tits of yours to the hired help one too many times, and one of them decided to take you up on it. Well, this is the last time you do it on my dime, Samantha. I’m throwing your ass out of here, you and that little cock-teasing daughter of yours. When I get done with you, you’ll both be back in that trailer I saved you from, without a fucking pot to piss in! You’ll be peddling your ass on Sunset Boulevard to pay the rent!” He turned, and stomped out of the bedroom.

Gerald had made good on his threat. The pre-nuptial agreement she had signed left Samantha and Kelly with nothing but the clothes on their back. Their friends had all sided with Gerald, convinced that Samantha was nothing but a whore. She had been ostracized by people she had socialized with for years, people who had watched her daughter grow up. The only concession they made was that they still hired Kelly as a babysitter and occasional housekeeper, paying her as little as they could get away with, because it served their own purposes to do it.

Samantha had found them a home in a cheap, run-down slum of an apartment building, and had obtained work as a receptionist at hardly more than minimum wage. She had no qualifications for the job, but it was clear her boss wasn’t interested in her typing speed. He just wanted a girl with big tits to greet his clients. Even with the job, Samantha and Kelly had barely been able to make ends meet. Samantha had even contemplated going back to work as a stripper, or even as a prostitute.

That had been three months ago. Kelly had quietly nurtured a growing anger over her mother’s treatment at the hands of her father and their so-called friends, and the abrupt change in her own lifestyle. She had long since absolved her mother of blame, reasoning that she had been driven into Enrique’s arms by an abusive and controlling husband. But she longed for payback against the people who had acted as judge and jury in a situation they knew nothing about.

The matter had come to a head one day a month later, when Kelly was dusting the furniture at the home of Margaret Sinclair. Margaret was hosting a morning coffee-klatch and gossip session with a group of her friends. Her mom had been a member in good standing of this group. All of the women were well known to Kelly, although they now studiously pretended they barely knew her.

“Kelly, why don’t you work upstairs for awhile, okay?” said Margaret.

“Sure, Mrs. Sinclair,” said Kelly, turning to depart. Something, however, made her pause just outside the doorway, hidden from view. She strained to hear the hushed conversation, picking up only snippets.

“….just like that mother of hers, dressing like some kind of cheap slut…”

“…always showing off her boobs…”

“…poor girl, only thirteen, and a mother like that…”

“…heard she worked as a stripper in some sleazy dive….”

“…probably turned tricks on the side…”

“…fucking in back alleys….”

“Well, you know, the acorn never falls far from the tree…”

“…wouldn’t let my husband anywhere near her…”

“Can you believe Samantha? Fucking that Mexican kid right there in…”

“….good riddance to her….”

“…right in Gerald’s own bed!…”

“…what a fucking whore….”

“…he did the right thing, throwing her out…”

“….he works for me too…can’t say I wouldn’t…if I had the chance….”

“….seen him in just a speedo…”

“….nice big dick….”

At this point, a cascade of giggles filled the room.

“…and I’d have sense enough to meet him at a motel….”

“I’d love to feel that monster inside me!”

“…haven’t had a good hard fuck in so long!”

“Fucking hypocritical bitches!” said Kelly, under her breath. “They’d all do the same thing if they thought they could get away with it!”

It was at that moment that she had begun to formulate her plan. She would get revenge against these treacherous women, and their equally treachorous husbands, for her mom’s sake, if it was the last thing she ever did. She smiled as the pieces of it began to fit together in her mind.

Now, as she stood before the full length mirror, she was about to put her plan into action. “I can do this…” she thought to herself. She took a last look at herself, and then walked out of the apartment to catch the bus.

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